Beast Tamer Bogey

Species: Ogre, Beastman

Habitat: N/A

Disposition: Strict, Attentive, Caring

Diet: Omnivorous, Spirit Energy


What is the difference between a man and a dog? One walks on two legs, the other on four. One is mostly hairless, while the other is covered in the stuff. One speaks in barks and yaps, and the other in many languages. To the Beast Tamer Bogey, however, they both have something in common, and that is their ability to be well-trained.

The Beast Tamer Bogey, a tamer and trainer of beast and man alike. Everything from the smallest mouse to the biggest tigers, even fish, there is no beast these bogeys cannot train. Their bodies coincidentally, take traits from their favorite animals, be it those they’ve trained, or simply just ones they like. As such they tend to match their choice of clothing with their preferred animals. It’s not uncommon to see Beast Tamer Bogey dressed in circus master garb sporting a lion main and elephant feet, or perhaps one with Doberman ears and tail dressed like they’re ready for war. They may even mimic traits of these animals as well, such as preferring to eat mostly meat if they take care of a lot of carnivores. When asked why, most will answer that it helps them understand who they are training better, allowing them to better care for their wants and needs. A common trait across all of these bogeys however are the stars denoted somewhere on their body, be it arms, legs, tummy, back, forehead, or even just on their clothes, that denote how many beasts they have both fully trained, cared for, and are currently caring for. The other common trait all Beast Tamer bogeys have, is the slots on their hands where they both store tools for training and grooming, and more importantly, where they seem able to pull a seemingly endless amount of leashes from. These leashes can be easily attached to the same slots they come from, meaning anything that wears a collar for these bogeys is never truly out of her grip.

These leashes are not just for animals, however. Should the bogey find someone who suits her fancy, normally someone unruly or brutish, she will gladly dedicate herself to taming them. This doesn’t mean she will pull people randomly off the street, however, at least, not unless she plans to marry. Often times when a Beast Tamer is training other people, it’s usually by the request of that person themselves or a spouse. Even prison systems will often give over prisoners to these bogey for training, as they will always come back obedient and upstanding, to the point they are often released as if having served their full sentence. Of course, if someone does happen to anger these bogeys, then the Beast Tamer won’t hesitate to take them under her wing for training as well.

Training is always under a strict regimen, and even though man, monster, and beast are equal under the Beast Tamer, the regimens and diets of all of them are carefully organized and more importantly, personalized. Even two dogs of the same litter might be given radically different training if she feels it is required. People are no different, and everything to schedule, to tools, to treats, are all handcrafted by the Beast Tamer, and in the case of the tools, that may be taken literally as she pulls them from her hand slots. A hellhound whose coat is matted may find herself shaved with custom sheers built for her exact fur length, while a particularly vocal man brought by a centaur might find himself silenced with a gag shaped like a carrot.


All this is in service to the training, all of which follows a plan from the moment the new pet wakes up from the moment they sleep. Depending on their status, most pets might awaken each morning not on a proper bed, but on a body pillow of their partner or a petbed. These beds and body pillows are always kept warm and comfortable and always come with blankets however, abuse does not equal training, and all pets should be given their proper love and due. They are then fed according to their needed diets, with special vitamins and additives to keep all of the bogey pets in peak condition, though the food is always brought in bowls. The Beast Tamer is not savage, however, and if the pets have properly behaved, they are given utensils and are allowed to request condiments or even dietary changes as a reward. Some of these pets may have come in or have been brought to the Beast Tamer with special requests, such as learning to walk in a special type of boot or to be given a certain speech quirk, and as such will always have these special requirements during every training.

The training starts with obedience training, where the pets will not only learn to be loyal but learn to follow orders as well. There are the usual tricks, sit, stay, beg, but the Beast Tamer never stops with just that. Some may need to learn to ask for permission before doing something, and others may need to unlearn behaviors, as the bogey will train for hours every day with the pets, giving them strange and mind-boggling tasks that help the pets both internalize their new position in life and go with their new training naturally and instinctually. Some examples of these tasks might be to turn right when told to turn left or to not begin eating their meals until given the go-ahead. Those who do well are given treats, such as their favorite snack, or head rubs, while those who fail to follow directions or simply try to resist might find themselves punished. Punishments while some might consider cruel, never directly harm the pets. These punishments might be edging sessions, some might be given more training sessions, and others might simply be given a time-out in the corner. Whatever it is, it will always be tailored to make the pet reflect upon their actions deeply and properly.


As the obedience training progresses, the pet’s body, especially those that are human, starts to change. Every change is always towards the specific training the pet receives, and always progresses at the same rate of their training, only completing fully when every course is finished. As such each change from here will only be listed as it is relevant. Once obedience training finishes, those who are human will find themselves having grown animal ears, which are both sensitive and finely tuned to all the commands the pets have learned. When the Beast Tamer or the pet partner gives them a command, they’ll be able to clearly hear it and act upon it, even if it’s been said through a thick concrete wall. For monsters who already had animal ears, theirs will always be perked up, as if standing at attention, though they might also naturally take a different shape, such as a jinko’s ears becoming floppy like a kobolds.  The pets also gain a special mark in their ear’s fur coloring, denoting each type of obedience training they’ve undergone.

After obedience training comes behavioral training. Every pet that has reached this stage may be obedient, but that doesn’t mean they behave like a pet yet. Some pets must learn to trot like a horse, while others must learn to present their stomach for rubs. Whatever it is, the bogey will make sure that the pets will learn their new instincts thoroughly. To do this the Beast Tamer will begin to create associations for the pets. For example, there was a man who had to be taught to receive pleasure from petting, so every time he was rewarded for a task, he was not only given a piece of candy but a head rub as well. Over time the bogey stopped giving the piece of candy but continued to give the rubs, and eventually brought in the man’s partner to make love while rubbing his head, cementing the thought that head rubs themselves are pleasurable, finishing the second part of his training. It should be mentioned that as behavioral training progresses, those without tails will grow one which will move with the pet’s mood, making it incredibly easy to tell what a pet is feeling. Pets who already had tails will find their tails more active than they already were, constantly swaying as if begging to be played with. Of course, all training during this time will appear as marks on the tail fur for clarity, and for scaled or fleshy tails, the marks will appear on the tail itself.

The final training is that of the body. With both of the mental training being finished, the pet’s body will begin to follow suit, becoming covered in fur, gaining or losing weight, and some gaining features such as claws or shells, as if to mimic the animal whose type of training they’re receiving. As such the Beast Tamer teaches the pets how to properly care for their new changing bodies. Of course, the changes will never be so fast as to outpace the training and will always match the rate the pets learn at best. The Beast Tamer Bogey will also always be sure to provide the pets with the tools they need. Should the tools accidentally break, the pets will not be punished for it, and instead be encouraged as a learning experience as the tool is replaced without stress or worry. The bogey will even make sure to send any needed replacement tools to the pets long after they leave her care. It should be noted that even as hands change to hand paws and shells grow over bodies, their original form is not completely erased. For a human fur will never completely cover their body, and just because a hellhound has grown harpy wings it doesn’t mean her hands have disappeared. Once their changes have fully finished the pets are released back to either the world, their partners, or the prison they came from to set the paperwork in order, as they have finally been fully trained. There is one more change for the completed training, and that is the fact that the bogey will endow each fully trained pet with a custom collar which the pet will wear always, denoting not just their name a cutely customized tag, but who trained them as well, and how many times they’ve been back since.

There is one caveat to this, however, and that is if the Beast Tamer is training someone she intends to marry. This person’s training is always far more extensive, and even more attentive than even the bogey’s usual training. This is not because the spouse of the Beast Tamer is just being trained as a pet, but because they are being trained to be their partner as well. The spouse’s changes are also not as uniform as the other pets, instead, their body changes to match the same animal parts as the Beast Tamer herself. As such, the spouse’s body may continue to change even long after their training has been completed. Once the spouse’s training is finished, they will take their partner’s side, not just as a loyal companion and lover, but as second in command, training the Beast Tamer’s pets alongside them, showing all the same care and attentiveness as their partner, for if there is one thing a Beast Tamer will train into their pets, it is to not be just a pet, but a companion to their partner as well.

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