He wakes up again drenched in sweat. One of those dreams again. The one where your squad and you assault an enemy position and an innocent civilian gets killed. Every time you see her face.

Get out of bed and go to the gym. Its not an actual gym but a extra room with a punching bag, some equipment and a bench/squat rack and weights. Figure it’ll help get your mind off things. And you have to go to work in an hour and a half anyway. Last day of your 7 day shift, then it’s 7 days of whatever.

After hitting it hard, take a quick shower and head to work. Feel like driving the Kodiak today instead of the hog. It is a big 4 door, 4×4 rig that you had fixed up. Some of your former teammates started a big truck/diesel performance shop in Utah, and they tricked it out for you. Its going be a long day.

It’s a 20 minute ride to work at the oil rig. Its already a hot one today in South Texas. Its tough work but you like it and it pays decent. It’s very hazardous work, but that’s never scared you. At 6ft 9in, 280lbs, nothing scares you. Not anymore at least. Now you have a will made of adamantium. Its no joke either. Especially with what these monster girls running around now. You’ve seen a lot of “strong/macho” guys end up putty in their hands.

After a rough 12 hours climbing ladders, swinging a 16 pound sledgehammer that looks like a ball peen in your hands, turning a 60 inch pipe wrench, and getting soaked with oil, its time to go home. “Gotta love it”, some of the guys say. It keeps the bills paid, all you’re worried about. After getting cleaned up in the showers and locker room, you head out before one of the guys stops you. He asks, “Wanna grab a beer with him and some of the other guys?” “Not tonight. Thanks though”. They always offer. Maybe one night you will take them up. Time to head back near the city for your night shift.

Driving back towards the city, turn on the Ipod your wife gave you one birthday a while back. Its crazy how it still works. Mostly rock, but a little of the stuff she liked and a few other songs too. It brings back memories. You slide it on and listen to some rock for now. Some crazy new Japanese rock band called ‘Baby Metal’. Don’t understand a damn word but it’s pretty good. Hopefully tonight is pretty uneventful. Last couple nights weren’t that bad, except for the drunk monster girls that wouldn’t take no for an answer. Good thing they don’t have anything on you. Working helps keep you sharp. Also the music. Thank God for music.

Pull around the back of the bar. Walking in, it’s always the same, catcalls and ‘oohs and ahs’. The owner and bartender Brooke says, “Hey” and “How was your day?” “Great”, you say. She understands you and is always nice to you. She asks, “Beer?” “Jack, straight.” Grab a stool near the end where you can keep an eye on things.

Brooke is this incredibly sexy Manticore. Her red hair falls just past her shoulders, and blue eyes. The short cut-off shorts and tank top she wears gets me every time. And she smells so damn good, like she knows you like it. She could probably take care of things alright but you aren’t just here to keep the peace.

Her bar serves alcohol and a good time like most bars, but that’s where this place is different. Its because YOU are here. The girls that come here, like what they see and even a few are willing to pay. Brooke sets up the “dates” and contracts and you do the “dirty” work. See these girls are looking for a husband, they all are. But what makes these “dates” different, is that you never fall for any of them. It’s just a job. Not a bad one. They really want husbands, but they settle with the contract of the date, to get pregnant. Some want kids so bad it’s crazy. That’s where you come in, with help from Brooke. You split the money with her. You help them by giving them your “precious spirit energy”. Why they call it that , you don’t know. Or care. Some dates could be as long as the weekend, or others, well not long at all. This one Cheshire girl wanted to go back to the truck and after a few releases, and a kiss on the cheek, she said, “Bye hot stuff.” Whatever, they all pay upfront.

After spending the night talking with Brooke and having a relatively fun time, listening to the music, occasionally some girls will come by, dumbstruck at your size and build. Brooke has a guy that plays some pretty good tunes to get the girls going, as if they needed help. He played this one song, called Free by a band or singer named Broods, seems like the girls went crazy during that one. Literally got the juices flowing. The guys that come in know what’s up, heh. Most end up attached to a girl before the night is over. Never seen a familiar guy in here.

The front bouncer, John, is another big dude like me, but he’s already married and the girls seem to know. They can sense that he’s taken, I guess.

Brooke gives you the contract for the date with the holstaur girl. It’s closing time, she gives you her usual hug, kiss on the cheek, and sneaks a pinch on your ass. She wants you bad, but you aren’t ready yet. And she’s someone you’ve known a long time. She was your wife’s best friend. It’s been several years.

Tomorrow night’s date is with a Holstaur. They aren’t too bad, plus they usually give you some extra milk or cream for the great time. She wants to go out and see a movie and dinner date this Saturday night. Thank God it’s Friday. You’re fine with however they want to play. You’ve been the modest sensual boyfriend, and then the aggressive, rough bondage guy. Whatever they want. The only hard part is when they think they can turn you. Not all of them do it, but they knew getting into this with you. Some are unable to believe that you can’t be wooed into marrying them. But eventually they take the hint. Guess it’s probably because of your size, but a lot has to do with the inner strength to not fall for them. You enjoy your time with them, but you aren’t ready. Not yet.

You climb in the truck and toss all the numbers that mysteriously ended up in your pockets, in the floor. If they want a date, they can talk to Brooke. Nice ride back home, besides the diesel rumbling and some older country on the radio, Don Williams.

Wake up early, exercise, take your 120lb doberman down to the beach for a little bit. Katherine loved the beach. The child would have been 3 today. On that fateful day everything changed. Why didn’t the driver of that truck see her? A beautiful, pregnant Hellhound. She was everything. Before she went, all she wanted was for you to be happy and help other girls. Haven’t told anyone “I Love You” since.

After spending time with Rommel, throwing sticks, swimming, running and thinking about things, it’s time to go home and get ready. He loves the beach, riding in the truck, hell anything really. Gotta love dogs.

You get dressed up in a nice button up dress shirt, sport jacket and khaki pants. Boots. Always boot, except for exercise. “Looks alright”, but remember it doesn’t matter because these girls end up tearing all your clothes off anyway. She wants you to pick her up from her place. Park the beast at her address, a small apartment building.

After the first knock on her door, a beautiful little cowgirl answers. You’ve had all types, bigger dragon girls and smaller girls too. She looks up at you and blushes. She looks nice. She’s wearing a low cut yellow sundress that shows a good amount of cleavage. Her hair is brown and white and cut short. She has really pretty green eyes. “You must be Sara? Mam’ you look absolutely gorgeous”, and kiss her hand. “You are too kind”, she replies, blushing. “Pleasure to meet you. My name is Barrett.” She asks if you want to come in for a drink before going to the movie. “Yes mam'”. You can tell by the way she smiles at this, that she likes your manners.

You follow her inside and have a beer with her in the kitchen. She says she never seen such a big man. You tell her you’ve never seen such a beautiful girl. She almost loses it and hugs you. You lean down and kiss her, then sit down on a chair. She straddles your lap and goes wild kissing you. You squeeze her nice round ass and she moans. You break the kiss for a moment and ask, “Still want to go on the date?” She says “Fuck it.” She rips your shirt off and takes in your chest, shoulders and arms.

She asks about the tattoos and scars. She seems subdued for the moment so after a small kiss, then proceed to tell her your tale. The same one all the girls get that want to know. The truth. Some just enjoy it. They can think up whatever they want. You tell her you were a part of a special forces group that hunted terrorists. Terrorists were bad guys. WERE because shortly after the portals opened, monster girls came through, and their activities stopped. “Either we got them all, or the girls had. Either way fighting was mostly a thing of the not too distant past.” You tell her you and your guys were really good at it. The scars on your chest and arms are from an explosion that luckily just grazed you. And the tattoos, well the one on your left arm is an eagle and the one on your right a skull with a bat wing on each side of it. That one is a rock band your really like. “Avenged Sevenfold”. The one across your chest reads REAPER. “That was my nickname”. Sara is about to lose it and you pull her in again.

There is an increasingly damp spot on you crotch where she is sitting. She makes out with you wildly, her tongue wrestling with yours. She is like an animal. You pull her dress over and off her. She takes her bra off before you can blink. Her breasts jiggle and move with her breathing. They barely fit in your big hands. She bites her lip and moans as you massage her big orbs while kissing her. You can feel some wetness on your member through your pants. Upon seeing you look down, she pulls her lace panties off. She helps pull your boots off and snatches your pants off in a flash. Her hands grab your tool and starts to kiss and lick it. Its as big as her forearm.

She then starts to take as much as she can down her throat. Bobbing her head and mouth on you, cupping your balls, it’s not long before you cum. She holds herself against you as she tries to swallow as much as possible. Her moos vibrate against you and the sensation is amazing. Then she gets up and situates her sex on your manhood. It is so wet it’s dripping down past your balls onto the chair. She rams herself down onto you in one motion and with her ass in your hands, you pump her up and down, drawing out gasps, moos, sighs, moans, and all sorts of sounds from this horny little cowgirl. She tells you to suck on her breasts while you fuck her. You oblige her and soon a sweet milk starts coming out, its delicious. You drink from her tits while she’s fucking you and calling your name. She suddenly shouts out “OOOOOH GODDESS!” and her pussy tightens all it can against your rod. She clamps down and you have your orgasm, blowing ropes of hot sticky cum inside of her. Your cock, pushing through her cervix, coats her insides. Her eyes have rolled back and with her arms wrapped around your neck, fingers dug in your back, you kiss her lips and neck. Soon she comes back, her eyes half lidded.

The two of you fuck all over her apartment until around 5 in the morning. That cowgirl milk is great for all-nighters. Around 10 it’s time to go. She’s still asleep and has a big smile on her face from last night. As you sit up and pull the boots on, “I love you.” Sleep talking. You smile, but know its just part of the job. She’s still asleep when you leave. You walk to the truck and throw the pants, shirt, and jacket into the passenger seat. Wearing just boots, your ride home thinking about the note you left. The one that says similar things to all your clients. “Thank you for the amazing time we had, I hope nothing but the best for you and your soon to be family.”

Then your thoughts shift to that part. Family. It’s time to start over and love someone again. Pulling up Brooke’s number in your phone, you hit call. After a few minutes she answers, “Hey Barrett! Everything go alright?”

“Yeah, everything went great. I was wondering about something else though, if you have a minute?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“Would you like to go out tomorrow, ya know see a movie, go to the beach, hell, check out the mall even?” You can hear a loud squeal in the background. When she returns, “Yeah, sure, that would be cool, I guess.”

On the drive to the mall, she asks, “Why now, what’s changed? Was it something to do with a client?”

“No, it’s just, I haven’t been able to move on, and I think I am ready. I have forgiven and am finally ready to start over”.

“Are you saying you want to get married?” Brooke smiles and her eyes are watering a little.

“I’m saying that I want to go on a few more dates with you and do this right. I’m done with running around. I want to try and settle down again.” Your hand rests on hers, she leans over in the truck, and gives you a long kiss.

On the 3rd date, at a nice restaurant, you pop the question. It was obvious Brooke was going to say yes, but it still was amazing. The two of you sharing tears of joy and hugging.

“I love you Barrett”.

“I love you too Brooke”.

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