Baddy Bogey

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Species: Ogre, Chimera

Habitat: Cities and major metropolitan areas

Disposition: Submissive, loyal

Diet: Omnivorous but has a taste for their master’s praise


Baddy Bogeys are those who have been captured by Evildoer Bogeys and zipped into dastardly baddy suits. Evildoer Bogeys can be studied in the attached document below, as this document will focus on the Baddy Bogeys.

To understand the Baddy Bogey, one must understand the baddy suit. Baddy Suits are large plush suits with a zipper on the front or back, made of the same patchwork plush as bogeys. Once a person is inside and zipped in, the zipper will fall off and the seam will disappear as the person inside fuses with the suit, becoming their new body. Even though anyone wearing these suits is considered a monster, it doesn’t matter if males or females wear them, as anatomy will shift to match, though not rare even when someone becomes a futa. It should be noted that baddy suits only change people from the neck below, meaning the head stays completely untouched outside of mascots, animal ears, and punishment suits. Once fusion is complete the suit will begin to shift, puffing up and changing to fit the aesthetics of the Evildoer bogey the baddy is subservient to. The baddy suit will not only grant strength and size to the baddy, but they will also gain powers based on the aesthetic. Those with rabbit aesthetics will find their thighs thick and powerful, allowing them to leap over tall buildings, while those with a gorilla theme will find themselves walking around with their arms, arms powerful enough to rip vault doors clean off.

Of course, there is one final change that these suits cause to wearers, and that is an overwhelming pleasure that shoots through their bodies whenever they follow their master’s orders. A mix of pheromones and magic stimulate the wearer’s body in its entirety, clearing the mind of any wearing of all but subservience. Many times during an Evildoers plot, a baddy might be seen cumming all over themselves, and the baddy suit itself might change how the baddies masturbate or have sex. A well-documented case was when a jinko and her husband were baddified by an Evildoer with a chicken aesthetic, and before they had sex, one of them would have to lay an egg that would crack upon hitting the floor, filling the room with an incredibly strong aphrodisiacal gas. If both didn’t do this regularly, they would feel pent up and full to the point of discomfort, but luckily the egg laying didn’t have to be for pleasure purposes and they could instead lay ones that acted as normal eggs (as normal as a giant edible plush egg can get anyway).

It’s not all pleasure and playtime as a baddy, however. Baddy Bogeys are the goons of Evildoer Bogeys and must work their keep. Those who do well are rewarded and promoted. A promotion means a baddy bogey will don another baddy suit over the one they are currently wearing. This will double any effects that were already in place, making them even bigger and stronger, but it has the downside of making their body thicker and more unwieldy. This can cause things besides sex, like eating or driving, to become difficult or uncomfortable, so often baddies up the food chain will bully those below them into helping them with these needs.
On the opposite of promotions, however, we have punishment suits. Those who fail to meet the demands of the Evildoer or baddies above them, or simply those with the will to resist the pleasure of the normal suits, will find themselves forced into these humiliating suits, and are only let out at the behest of the baddy who put them in, or the Evildoer themselves. The punishment suit is sealed on all sides including the head, anonymizing those wearing them. The part of the suit covered by the head often resembles a cartoonish version of the Evildoer’s style and gives anyone the ability to mess with the wearer by controlling their hearing, vision, sense of taste, and smell. It’s not uncommon for a wearer to be blasted with hypnotic chants and visuals for the amusement of others, with the effects lasting long after the suit comes off.

The suits are magically enchanted so the wearing doesn’t need to eat, drink, or use the bathroom, but it will also constantly pleasure them with no way to achieve release, constantly edging them. Punishment suits are also larger and more unwieldy than even the normal suits, making any attempt to pleasure oneself is as effective as humping a giant pillow. This also makes getting out of them harder, as being sealed inside usually comes with a task that the punished must do in order to be released from the suit. This might be wiping down the entire lair spotless, acting as a toy for others to tease for a certain amount of time, or possibly even being forced to complete a mission in the thing. It should be noted at this point that punishment suits don’t fit just one person, and often when a married baddy is punished, their lover is often locked in the suit with them making the suit even larger and more wieldy as they must fight the urge to kiss and edge long enough to complete their task. Even when the punished are released from the suit, their own baddy suits will often be changed by it for a time, as a reminder of what they just went through so they don’t forget after finally being allowed to cum their brains out.

The final type of baddy suit is exclusively for those who are married to Evildoer Bogeys. These types of baddy suits are called mascot suits and resemble punishment suits in a lot of ways. They’re big and unwieldy, making the wearer more helpless, but they don’t even have the added bonus of giving the wearer strength. It will often make the wearer weaker and possibly even mitt their hands so they can’t hold anything. It even thickens up the wearer’s sensitive areas so they can only edge themselves like a punishment suit. A difference however is that the suits will always be large and bear the Evildoers logo for all to see. Another difference is the fact that the head is covered except for the face, so everyone can see the wearer’s humiliated face. Like the punishment suit, this also gives the Evildoer the ability to force the wearer to hear whatever they please, and if she should put a mask on them, taste, hear, and smell whatever they want as well. It should be noted that this suit unlike the others does not force the wearer to experience mind-breaking pleasure, and instead lets their true feeling come through to further the Evildoer’s sense of domination.

Remember, being a baddy is likely a non-consensual lifetime commitment, and a dangerous one at that. Knowledge is power, so if someone wishes to become stronger they should learn all they can. Learn about Evildoer Bogeys, the creators of these dastardly goons HEAR!

To learn about the Heros that fight these ner-do-wells, read these documents HERE.

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