Aviators Chapter 11.5

Nell’s place was maybe twenty minutes away by the time Stella couldn’t keep herself off me. We could have taken a taxi, but I didn’t want to be left alone with her in the back of someone’s car during a full moon. The very thought of the damages we’d incur if we stayed in one place too long made me feel sick. Without missing a beat, I picked her up and carried her down the sidewalk in my arms. She giggled and kissed my neck and drunkenly carried on all the way back to the apartment. With so many kisses and whispers in my ears, I couldn’t keep from tenting my pants by the time we got back.

The moans and yelps of couples mid-coitus echoed through the concrete walls, so at least I wasn’t the only one having this problem. With her hanging off my neck I turned the number wheels for the little lock box next to Nell’s door, fished the key out from an unbalanced angle, and somehow got through the door.

“Okay, Stella, nice and easy,” I said as I let her down from carrying her. I could only turn on the kitchen light before getting her into the bedroom. Though there were a few thumping noises from the unit above, the only other sound was the jingling of beads as we passed through the curtain into the bedroom.

The instant I moved to take her wing off my shoulder, an amount of force I never expected from her threw me onto the floor by the arm. My back rolled over something hard. Was that the metronome Nell used? Either way it felt like a corner dug into my back. I scarcely saw where I was in the bedroom by the time Stella pounced on top of me.

“Stella, hey!” I called out, putting my arms on her shoulders. They were bare. In the few seconds it took for me to get on my back, she took off the cape and top layer of her outfit? What’s more, her skin was piping hot under my fingers.

She leaned over me on all fours and pressed her wet lips into mine so hard she ground my head against the carpet. When she stopped, she raised her head so painfully slow that our lips stuck together for a moment. Stretching ever so slightly to stay together before parting.

I tried to sit up to continue the kiss, but was stopped when she placed a claw on my chest. “Shh.” Her wings lowered to her groin, and I hear the sound of tearing fabric. Despite myself, the only thought I had was that I didn’t get to see what she wore under that short skirt before she tore it. Then she used her claws to pop my pants button out and cut my zipper apart. It took me a while to process, but the cool air washing over my semi-erect dick was more than enough of a wake-up call.

As she grinded against me she said, “It’s been more’n two weeks. Hope you’re ready,” and licked up a stream of drool at the corner of her mouth.

I would have mentioned our bet, but I think we both were a bit beyond that petty little thing.

Without any warning, much less any foreplay, she positioned me under her and lowered onto me with a long sigh. My hips unconsciously raised in surprise and my head threw back, letting her envelope me to the hilt in one fast motion that left me breathless. The nostalgic smell of the act filled my head with a pleasant warmth. Flashes of our cabin shot through my sight, and in an instant she dispelled the cold of the young night.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, burying my face in her chest. She gladly held my head close and panted heated breaths into my hair. At some point we sped up. And boy did we speed up. The fabric of my pants slapped against the bare skin of her legs and backside, hidden under her short dress. I think the bedside table near my head shook every time she came down onto my pelvis. Doing it with almost all of our clothes on somehow turned me on even more than usual. Was it because I didn’t get my dick wet since last year? Our grunts and shouts mixed in the otherwise still room until we heedlessly built up to climax. I barely had the chance to breathe before it happened.

A guttural shout escaped me as shivers drove through my body. Stella bit her lip in ecstasy and held my face against her modest chest. Locks of my hair got yanked around in her uncontrolled, joyful spasms.

Shooting into her for the first time in weeks, relief washed over me like jumping into a hot tub of water. It wasn’t the most satisfying orgasm I’d experienced with her, but by far the quickest shot. My back straightened so I could lay on the floor. Already I was breathing hard. To be fair, it was probably the most rigorous exercise I had so far in the new year.

Stella pulled herself off of me and stood up, slick liquids sliding down her thighs, before wrapping a talon around my shoulder. She lifted me a few feet off the floor with it and shoved me onto the bed, standing on one leg. It was like I was nothing but a ragdoll to her. The mattress bounced and shifted with my weight as she crawled onto me once more. Her mouth hanged open ever so slightly as she leaned in and slipped my blazer off my shoulders.

No words were required; I knew there was a long, long night ahead of me.  Finally given the chance, I pulled my turtleneck off over my head. Might as well make the best of a night of rigorous sex, right? Before it could even pull my arms out of my sleeves, Stella started yanking my pants down in her impatience. I helped by kicking my shoes off. We weren’t exactly doing things in our usual order.

I pulled her to me by the shoulders the instant my pants and shirt were off. Though she probably didn’t agree, I needed time before we went at it again. With her straddling my legs I kissed her. Both our lips were wet with saliva. I gave her repeated pecks that traveled down her neck and back up again to her lips. She wasn’t nearly as controlled. With her wings resting on my shoulders, as if to keep me from getting away, she held me in place and stuck her tongue down my throat.

In a way, it was exactly the way I fantasized kissing her back at the restaurant. I grasped at the pins in her hair and gently removed them as we savored each other’s lips. All her concentration was on me, but I wanted to grab a handful of her hair so bad it hurt. With the final pin I palmed the back of her head and closed my fingers.

With a handful of her hair I pulled her head back. With a yelp of laughter she reeled back. With her neck and collarbones exposed once more I began pecking and licking all the spots I knew she loved. The control and aggression put into it gave me some kind of primal thrill. I probably should have noticed before, but she even wore perfume for our date. Something forest-y. Something that made me kiss her harder and hold her tighter.

“Turn over,” I ordered her, still not releasing her hair. She responded with a gasp and a twist to get on her stomach. The speed at which she did it made it seem almost reflexive.

Sitting up and tossing my clothes onto the floor, I lifted her ruffled skirt up off of her butt. Her panties were lacey black things. There was barely a single thick strand of it left next to her twitching sex. Before I knew it I was hard again, and probably able to last much longer for round two.

Still with my fingers yanking her hair, she stayed on all fours while I positioned behind her. The dress tickled my abdomen as I sank into her again. It was much easier than the last time thanks to her being so wet and full of my last ejaculation. So slick were her walls that I met with no resistance despite her grip on me tightening from all sides with every errant twitch. In a way it was like getting sloppy seconds from myself.

I still wasn’t able to climax again for a few more minutes. My resistance to it let me please her all the more. Stella called out my name and pushed against my groin in tandem with me. I couldn’t take it anymore. Like something unchained for the first time, I let go of her hair and put both hands on her thighs, pulling myself into her over and over with heavy wet slaps of skin. Her legs straddled to either wide of me until only her wings held her up from the distorted sheets, leaving me in full control. The sight of her heart-shaped behind against my groin, half-hidden by her dress, drove me further into this frenzy. I couldn’t stop myself from slapping it until her skin turned pink in the half light.

When I pushed in with an upward angle and didn’t pull out, she cried a muffled cry into the sheets. Her talons clenched along with her vaginal walls as she shrieked my name through the bedroom. As her orgasm went on I reached around and teased her clit between my fingers. Her repeated shouts urged me to keep going.

I learned this next part from a friendly neighborhood succubus.

Still inside her, I wrapped my arms around her middle and steadily lifted her, falling backwards onto the bed. Her legs split apart over my groin, she let out a shout as I pushed into her hard from below. Her light weight let her rise upward very time I pumped myself into her. Already I was close to the end, the familiar rising feeling forcing me into her again and again. A slave to her pleasure, she could do nothing but clutch her wings to her chest and cry out as I bridged my back and came for the second time that night.

Very little of my seed stayed in, there being a good amount inside her already. At the same time, I didn’t ejaculate quite as much as before. Her once rabid cries turned into weak, wistful sighs as I let her down from my bridged position. I slipped out of her as she fell backwards onto me, drenching my pubic hair and the sheets beneath us in the fluids leaking from her loins.

* * *

My flaccid dick stung as I wiped it clean with some toilet paper, a sheen of wet reflecting in the fluorescent light. I never came in such quick succession like that during previous full moons with her. Usually it was one big romp before she fell asleep on top of me. Although, to be fair, this was only the fourth full moon since we started actively making love. At the very least, it seemed over. I left her to sleep on the bed while I cleaned up. A silly smile never left her lips. To be honest, I didn’t want to disturb her.

In hindsight, I might have been able to keep her from forcing herself on me that first time, but I guess you can’t rape the willing. Taking a deep breath and blowing the air out in a heavy sigh, I flushed the rags of paper down the toilet. After more than two weeks of cock blocking myself over some stupid bet, the release was more than welcome. It was like taking off a heavy winter jacket after wearing it indoors for an hour. And then fucking your girlfriend.

As I washed my hands in the mirror I heard a scraping footstep behind me. I froze, watching a pair of wings slide under my arms from behind. A pair of clawed thumbs felt up my stomach and chest while a dress scratched against my back. For a moment she swayed back and forth humming a song to herself.

“No way,” I said with a smirk. “You’re awake already?”

“Hush,” she whispered.

Gently this time, she pulled me away from the sink and led me with her wings. Then, as if to punctuate the urgency of her needs, she turned me around and shoved me against the wall. I let myself sink to the floor.

She wasn’t done with me.

My refractory period was long over, and she knew it. In fact, we timed it a few months ago. When we made it to three times in one night, we found it took me a minimum of fifteen minutes to get going again. It took me about that long to get out of the bed and clean up.

A wave of adrenaline and a bolt of pain shot through my penis as blood pumped into it. She was much too impatient to wait for it, though. She sat in my lap, pressing me against the wall and cold linoleum floor, and took my dick in her alula. My breath caught in my throat as she traced a pointed claw alone the bottom. The thought of her accidentally maiming me somehow brought me to a full erection regardless of the soreness I still had from before.

With my legs splayed out across the floor she planted her knees to either side of me. Our nethers were covered by her dress as I penetrated her once more. Sticky semen that didn’t drop out of her on the way to me pulled on my dick inside her like a second layer of friction. Hugging me under my arms with her wings, she rested her head on my shoulder and whispered sweetly warm words of lust into my ear. I grunted at the pain and pleasure as her body undulated with a rhythm I couldn’t describe in words. Every time she bounced off my crotch, her dress flipped up just enough for me to see a bit of her pink handprint-ridden rear.

It still hurt, but damn if I didn’t want her enough to keep going.

Almost as fast as the first round, she milked a third orgasm out of me on the bathroom floor among her and Nell’s underwear.

The rest of the night was mostly a blur. I remember her leading me back into the bedroom, urging me toward her with a sly smile. We wrestled atop the mattress, I fucked her sideways with all my might, and she finally removed her dress. I wasn’t as into it was she was. Until she finally removed her dress. The sight of her nearly glowing with heat reminded me why I agreed to “help” her with full moons in the first place.

Despite the pain my cock and balls were experiencing, I pushed her down and entered her again. Just the vanilla Missionary position. But she did not complain. All of her favorite spots were there at my disposal. The only way to please a woman like her during a full moon was to go after them relentlessly. From her ears, to her thighs, to her lovely petite breasts, I knew them all.

I said it was a blur, but it was a happy blur. All I remember are all the smiles and loving looks she gave me as she climaxed time and time again. My equipment was already weary from the first three times, but watching her enjoy herself so thoroughly was all I required to keep going. Her voice whimpered in my ears, her legs wrapped around my middle, and her gentle vaginal walls held me fast. She knew what she was doing, and got me to come one last time.

Naturally, the sheets did not survive the fourth round.

* * *

A pin-prick of a claw slid down my cheek. The wall of black before my eyes took some effort to remove. When it was gone, all I could see was Stella’s face, mere inches from mine. Smiling. I must not have been out for very long, given the cooled moisture I felt around my crotch. She rested on my chest, her legs kicking in the air behind her.

A line of kisses trailed up my neck to my jaw before she whispered in my ear, “Mm. Four. Times.”

I lazily put an arm around her waist. My mouth could no longer form words. Just a tired, “Ugh.”

“Aw, you okay?” Her kisses trailed across my cheek and to my lips. I could hardly react with half of a pucker every time she pecked and licked them. Although, she was slowing down a little. I guess she was trying to “taper off,” in a way.

“I’m.” Another kiss. “Doing great.” Luckily, she moved to lick the other ear, letting me talk. “Just so you know. I probably won’t be good to go for a few days.” I took a deep breath, my chest raising her up a little and eliciting a girlish giggle.

As I closed my eyes, a series of feathers brushed against my cheeks. “I’ll get you a bag of ice in the morning, Tiger.” Another peck on the lips. Followed by a few more. Slower than before, but each one accompanied by a little sigh of happiness.

I turned my head to look at the rest of the room. My pants ended up on the nightstand. The lamp was on the floor. After fishing around the pockets for my phone, I checked the time while she planted kisses across my chest. If I wasn’t careful I might have gotten another hard-on. My balls were scrambling to fix the deficit already; they wouldn’t survive a fifth orgasm.

The screen glowed in my hand next to the pillow. I let out a low laugh. “Stella?”

“Hmm?” She’d taken to nuzzling my sweat-slick chest.

I let the phone fall onto what was left of the sheets and brought my hands around her back. “It’s ten after eight.”

A puff of hot laughs escaped her and warmed my left nipple. “Then we got the whole night ahead of us, don’t we?”

I adjusted and firmly secured her to my front with my arms. “Could it just be a whole night of sleep?”

“Aw~.” She shimmied up my torso and stretched her wings over my shoulders.

The downy feathers on her upper arms, soft and warm, rested against my ears. One of my hands stroked her tail feathers, a few fingers lingering between the tips before petting them again. Stella’s legs twitched and wriggled around my left leg as little gasps of laughter escaped her lips.

“Careful there,” she said, resting her chin on my sternum. “You really wanna turn me on again?”

I looked at her. She looked at me. Her eyes, once more aglow with full moon frenzy, slyly glanced down my torso by the time I took my hand from her feathers. Whether I wanted it or not, I was already growing another painful erection at the sight of her sitting up and sliding onto my crotch.

As I painfully grew between her thighs, she leaned in and sang into my lips. “Too late~.”

Mistakes were made.

Beautiful mistakes, all over the apartment and long into the cold Alaskan night.

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