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Chapter 19

Next stop, DMV.

“Alright, everyone. Next, we’ll watch a video on societal norms expected of you from various countries. I expect you all to pay close attention. I’ll be quizzing all of you after the video.” After getting trained and approved by Faulkner, Dorephine had the reins to teach in his class during the summer semester. Typically, Societal Norms classes would be suspended during summer so he could focus on teaching his Core English Class. But, with some students lagging on this year’s Societal Norms class, having Dorephine teach remedial classes in his stead was the perfect opportunity to test her.

“Aww… can’t we just watch the video, teach?”

“Nope! How am I supposed to know you’ve learned anything or paid attention if I don’t quiz you?” Unlike Faulkner, Dorephine had more pep and was not as stern. She was less likely to correct the students right away. Instead, she’d nudge them along to figure out the correct answer. Because she was familiar with how Monsters think, she could coerce her students in ways Faulkner couldn’t.

While the students were watching the video she had on the classroom’s projector, Faulkner had Dorephine stand outside the hallway to discuss how she was doing so far.

“Honestly, not a bad start. I didn’t expect the girls to take well to your lessons.” Looking over the assignments Dorephine had graded so far, her hands-off approach to teaching surprised Faulkner. While it took longer for specific lessons to stick, the students, on average, could remember said lessons more consistently than when he taught them.

“Thank you. I find a bit of modern touch helps keep students focused.”

“It also helps you relate to some of their struggles, Mrs. Dorephine. I’m not very good at empathizing. It’s not for the lack of trying, mind you.”

“Oh, it’s not just that, Faulkner. Your lessons are definitely effective, but they tend to put off new students since you take the time to get to know them first. It’s a grand idea. But not all students have the patience to stick around long enough for you to know them. I know generalizing lessons isn’t your style, but a balance between that and personalized lessons can do wonders for them.” It was certainly worth thinking about. As Dorephine surmised, Faulkner had a more personal approach to his teachings. They’re more effective but require more time spent with the individual student.

“Yeah, I get your point. I’ll look into streamlining my lessons when I take over again.”

“I’m always happy to help. And I’m glad you find my methods effective.”

“Heh. Compared to the other applicants, you were the obvious choice.” After their brief discussion, Faulkner and Dorephine head back inside the classroom. With an annoyed sigh from both, roughly half of the students were on their phones. Caught in the act, Dorephine stretched her tentacles out to the students, knowing they had to hand their phones over to her.

“Of course, my methods are far from flawless, as you saw just now…”

“We’ll work on it.” After class, it was time for Faulkner to give Reiss a progress update during their lunch break.

[“Well, I’m glad Dorephine’s passing and even exceeding your expectations.”

“To be fair, my expectations aren’t that high. I will say Dorephine’s streamlined approach to teaching is more effective for the newer students. They catch on quicker than when I taught them.”

“Well, being streamlined is beneficial in terms of time constraints. But, it also means less time for the lessons to stick.”

“Right. I’ll have a plan of action discussion with Mrs. Dorephine when the classes are over. Anyway, how’s the construction going in Guatemala?” Reiss did not attempt to hide her exacerbation over the phone.

“It’s not going as smoothly as I thought.”

“What’s the issue? It can’t be the infrastructure. Is it?”

“No. Building the damn thing isn’t the problem. It’s finding people willing to work.”

“Hold on, I thought you found plenty of eager employees to work there?”

“I did. But I was so overeager that I made the mistake of quantity over quality. It has more or less to do with the local norms and language barriers.”

“Ah. Spanish is the most common language there, isn’t it? A lot of the employees you found come from America. I thought Spanish speakers would be abundant?”

“I thought so. But, the applicants who know how to speak Spanish aren’t as good as the locals in Guatemala. So, I have a new task for you. I’ve already relayed this information to Nakoto. I want you to review the applicants Nakoto brings with her. Naturally, you’ll review those who’ll become Societal Norms teachers. And maybe some English teachers too. Both for the core subjects and teaching the language itself. Naturally, I’ll have Trisha look over them first since she’s the superintendent now.”

“Hmm…so this is more or less the same thing I’ve been doing over the weekends, but longer?”

“Yeah. Realistically, it’ll add another three to four hours on your weekend shift. Though. We can also move those review days to your weekday shifts.”

“Weekdays? I stay late in TMRC as is. I wouldn’t normally have an issue with that. But Karika needs a ride home from work…”

“Right, you did mention that. That said, it’ll be a few weeks before I have you do that for me. There have been some delays with the construction due to a small earthquake that recently hit Guatemala. It’s pushed back the estimated construction completion.”

“Ah, are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m not hurt or anything. Sorry for lumping all this work on you. I’ll find locals here to interview as well. But, since you two have a better idea of what makes a good teacher, I’d prefer hiring those you and Trisha approve of.”

“It’s fine. You can’t be good at everything.”

“Anyway, Karika’s what, twenty-three? She still doesn’t have her license yet?”

“She has her permit. When she has to take the driver’s test to get her license, she panics and makes mistakes that lead to her failing.”

“Ah. I hope Karika can get over that soon. Anyway, I got to go. I’ll text you for any updates.”

“Sure. I’ll talk to you later. Take care.”]

Hanging up, Faulkner finishes the rest of his lunch before heading back to talk with Mrs. Dorephine.


Back at Faulkner’s house, Reiza got started with dinner. Tonight’s dinner consists of charbroiled grilled burgers and hotdogs with grilled seasoned asparagus, seasoned french fries, and mac and cheese. Reiza figured it’d be appropriate, given it’s summer.

“Okay. Eight burger patties and six franks should be enough. Karika will eat lots of burgers, so making her two double patty burgers should suffice.” Staring at the ingredients on the kitchen counter, she started seasoning the burger patties.

[“So, about that trial? I didn’t expect her to be so quiet.”

“Yeah, but did you see how she looked? She was only in prison for about three months.”

“News spreads fast, even in prisons. I’m sure she’s gotten a rough reception from the other prisoners.]

Before she went out to cook, Reiza watched the result of Meredith’s trial during a news broadcast on the living room TV. As she mentioned, she had no intention of participating in Meredith’s secondary trial, but she did watch the live broadcast.

“Another forty in addition to her thirty-five…heh, she’ll be in her doddering age by then…” The average lifespan of a Pyrow sits between a hundred ninety to three hundred years. Genetics, how often they feed on spiritual energy, and their compatibility with spiritual energy are the key factors that determine their lifespan. Meredith is already in her early sixties. With a total sentence of seventy-five years, Meredith would’ve lived three-fourths of her life by the time she was out.

While recalling the news on the TV, Reiza remembered what Trisha said to her a few months ago.

“Forgive her…huh? It’s too damn soon for me to be thinking about that crap. Good riddance, I say! Let that bitch rot in prison for all I care…” Shaking her head, Reiza puts those thoughts away and focuses on finishing prep so dinner’s ready when Faulkner and Karika get home.


“…” Standing outside her work site, Karika leans against a utility pole while waiting for Faulkner. To kill time, she calls Tera to see how she’s doing.

[“Hey, Tera. How’s work been treating yah?”

“Ah, hey. Work’s been busy. My apprenticeship with Mrs. Nakoto is going great.”

“You sure threw me for a loop when you asked to do the kind of job Mrs. Nakoto does.”

“A secretary? Yeah. I didn’t think I’d do so either. But do you remember when she was interviewing us on graduation night? I wanted her to enjoy the party like the rest of us, so I had some small talk with her. She was more than happy to unload her burdens.”

“Hold on. Nakoto told you all the negatives of her job, and you still want to be a secretary?”

“Not everything she had to say was complaints, Karika. The benefits that came with it are worth it. Mainly, the pay…”

“Ah, it all comes down to money, eh?”

“Shut up. Secretary jobs typically cover health AND dental insurance. You’d be dumb not to take it. However, the question is, which industry do I want to be a secretary in? I can’t imagine being an office secretary like Mrs. Nakoto.”

“Nah. Secretaries cover a wide range of industries. I can see you working as a secretary for an electrician company. Or maybe a secretary at a prison?” Weighing her options, both sounded enticing to Tera.

“Huh…those are some good suggestions. Thanks for that.”

“Sure, no problem. Though, now you owe me…” Overhearing Karika’s sinister chuckle, Tera shook her head, knowing her help was coincidental rather than planned.

“Right. I’ll treat you to a meal the next time we get the time to hang out, alright?”

“Sounds good.” Looking out in the distance, Karika saw Faulkner’s car. “My ride’s here. Just text or call the next time you’re open.”

“Sure. See you.”]

“Sorry for being late. My discussion with Mrs. Dorephine lasted longer than I would’ve liked.”

“It’s fine. It was only waiting here for fifteen minutes.” Getting in the passenger seat, Karika straps herself in before stretching her arms out. “Man…today’s work was pretty chill. We didn’t get to lift much. It was mostly cementing and nailing…”

“I can tell. You don’t smell as much as you usually do.” Referring to how sweaty Karika usually is by the end of her shift, the scent of her sweat might as well have been an aphrodisiac gas from Faulkner’s perspective.

“Heh, don’t let that stop you. I want to have a rough fuck session tonight. We could use the exercise.”

“Right…” Though he gave off a dismissive tone, Karika knows Faulkner’s looking forward to it.

“So, how was work on your end?”

“It went well. But I’ll have a lot on my plate pretty soon.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’ll tell you when we get home. It concerns Reiza as well.”

“Ugh…fine…” Feigning annoyance, Karika kept to herself for the rest of the ride.


“Whoa! It smells fan-fucking-tastic here!” With a prior text from Reiza telling Karika and Faulkner to meet her in the backyard after getting home, Karika picks up the scent of grilled meat as soon as she steps out of the car.

“You’re right. Something does smell good. I think Reiza’s grilling.” Heading straight to the backyard, Reiza had already finished grilling the hotdogs and asparagus when they arrived.

“Hey, welcome home, sis.” Without saying anything, Karika ran up to Reiza and kissed her on the cheeks. “Ah, Hey! I’m trying to cook here!”

“Aww, don’t be such a prude! Are those the burger patties?” Nearly drooling at the sight of the seasoned beef patties Reiza prepared for them, Reiza pushed Karika’s face away from the grill so she could start cooking the beef patties.

“Yes. Four are yours, and the others are for Faulkner and me. You can start with the hot dogs if you’re that hungry.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” While Karika assembles her perfect hot dog, Faulkner walks up to Reiza and gives her a quick smooch on the lips.

“Hey. You have quite the feast for the first day of summer.”

“Thematically appropriate, isn’t it? Besides, who’s gonna say no to grilled burgers and hot dogs? Now get out of the way so I can finish these burgers.”

“Heh, alright. I’ll clean any dishes and utensils you don’t need while you’re doing that.” The sun had set by the time Reiza finished cooking the burger patties. Since it was nice and cool outside at night, they decided to have dinner there.

“Hmm…so, now that we’re here eating. What’s going on with your work?” Stuffing her mouth with burgers and fries mid-sentence, Karika wastes no time quelling her rumbling stomach.

“Did something happen?” Reiza, on the other hand, had better table manners. A habit she formed to avoid looking like a slob when she was still dating others.

“It’s nothing serious. Ms. Reiss hired staff members to work at the TMRC institute in Guatemala. But there’s a problem. The ones she initially hired underestimated the requirements to work there and left. So she wants me to review fluent Spanish speakers. Then, send them to her. She also wants me to review Core English teachers and English speakers.”

“Wait a minute, wouldn’t that mean you’d have to stay behind at TMRC for longer.” With a light nod, Faulkner chews his meal carefully before swallowing to answer Reiza.

“Yes. Ms. Reiss gave me two suggestions for that. I can either stay an extra two hours during my weekday shifts. Or, I could work for eight hours on Saturday.” With how busy all three of them were on the weekdays, Saturday and Sunday were the only times they had all day together. Their time together was already short during the weekdays. They’ll have even less time together, which didn’t sit well with Karika and Reiza.

“Uh…I know you agreed to work these shifts. But isn’t that a bit much?” Reiza was naturally upset hearing he’d have more work piled on him. But Karika had a more pressing issue.

“Yeah! And there’s a bigger issue with one of your suggestions. If you work longer shifts during the weekdays, doesn’t that mean you won’t be able to pick me up from work? That sounds pretty serious to me.”

“I figured you’d say that. But it’s something I have to do. I’d rather work longer shifts on the weekdays rather than work an extra day. Karika, you could pick up where you left off with your driver’s test.” Remembering the times she screwed up, Karika lost her appetite for once and started sweating.

“Uh…a-about that. Why don’t we get Reiza to drive? Surely you know how to drive, right sis?” Shifting the responsibility over to Reiza, she rolls her eyes, aware of what Karika is doing.

“I do know how to drive. But I never took a driver’s permit test, let alone a license. It’s one of the few things I did illegally. Prostitution and underage drinking are the other two things I’m guilty of…” Faulkner never asked if Reiza could drive. So, knowing she could was a good sign.

“Alright then. It wouldn’t hurt for both of you to learn to drive then. Karika, you have to get over your anxiety at some point. And Reiza, I know you can fly. But a driver’s license could be useful. For example, when we have kids someday. I won’t always be around to drive our future kids to school.” She could argue it all she wants, but Karika knows Faulkner has a point. He can’t always drive her and Reiza around forever.

“I…I know. But! If I’m doing this, I want someone competent to teach me! You and Dad suck at tutoring.” With Bergeese, he had very little patience for the mistakes Karika made. So, the two would often argue with Illina having to act as the mediator. Illina told Faulkner having Bergeese teach Karika to drive was impossible due to the two’s short tempers. As for Faulkner, he would explain the rules of the road like one would read in a rulebook. So, while his tutoring methods were calmer than Bergeese’s, they were stiffer and harder for Karika to follow.

“O…okay. But I don’t know anyone else who could tutor you. Trisha’s even busier than I am, so we can’t ask her. Tera’s also busy with Nakoto…” Trying to think of others who could teach her, Reiza clears her throat to get the two’s attention.

“Uh…you know. Just because I don’t have a driver’s permit doesn’t mean I can’t teach Porky to drive.”

“Tch! Yeah, right! With your attitude, I think we’ll do more arguing than learning…” While Karika and Reiza glare at one another, Faulkner considers Reiza’s suggestion. Karika and Reiza argue a lot, but Karika’s tendency to prove people wrong could benefit her.

“No. That’s actually a good idea. Of course, I’ll still have to be in the car for Karika to drive legally with her permit. I’ll even chime in if I need to.” Finishing his burger, Faulkner pats Reiza on her right shoulder. “I’m counting on you, Reiza.” Turning to Karika next, he gently pats her on her head instead. “And Karika. I want you to listen to Reiza without arguing, okay? I don’t have to tell you two how important this is, do I?” Faulkner was right. Considering their plans for the future, they put their quarrel aside and nodded in agreement.

“Fine.” Smiling at one another, Faulkner could put his mind at ease.

“It’s settled then. I don’t have to do that extra work for a couple of weeks, according to Ms. Reiss, since the earthquake that hit Guatemala slowed construction there. That should give us plenty of time for you to get your license, Karika.”

“Ah. Is Ms. Reiss okay?”

“Yeah. Reiss’s fine. We’ll start with your driving lessons on Saturday and Sunday morning.”

“Got it.” While determined to get her license, Karika’s somewhat dreading having Reiza coach her. Hunger thankfully struck before she could think about it as the three of them finished dinner.



*Ring! Ring! Ring!*

“…” Flailing her right hand desperately to shut her phone alarm off, Karika shuts it off before briefly looking at the time. ‘Seven in the morning…fuck that…’ Rolling away from her phone, Karika tries to sleep again. Unfortunately for her, Faulkner and Reiza were ready and well-rested.

“Uh…what are you doing? Get up.” Stretching his arms, Faulkner leans down and gently kisses Karika around her neck. “Come on. We agreed to get up early for this…” While Faulkner worked on coaxing Karika up, Reiza went downstairs to cook them up a quick, hearty breakfast.

“…hhnnngg…no…just five more minutes…”

“Come on…don’t make this any harder than it has to be…” To assert his point, Faulkner lightly scratches Karika behind her left ear. Eliciting an immediate response, it forced Karika to sit straight up. “There you go.”

“Ah! Y-you asshole! You know how sensitive I am behind my ears!”

“Like I said, you agreed to wake up early in the morning with us. It’s hard enough waking you up at a decent time, let alone this.” Looking to get even, Karika spots a weakness for her to exploit.

“Oh yeah? Well, I spot something equally as hard…” Right away, Faulkner knew what Karika was referring to. Despite that, he was too slow to react as Karika pinned him down. “Oh yeah…it’s nice and hard, alright…”

“Tch! It’s only natural, stupid. It’s called Morning Wood.” Faulkner was only speaking half the truth. There was another, more pressing reason for his erection.

“Is it? It’s starting to throb, you know?” With a snarky smile, Karika dragged her lips against his shaft buried beneath his boxer. Faulkner’s purposefully weak attempts at pushing Karika’s face off his groin only egged her on further. Swatting his hands away, she grabs the waistband of his boxers and pulls them straight down. Standing proud and tall, the sight of Faulkner’s throbbing cock woke Karika up more effectively than what he was doing earlier. “Wow! It’s so hard and big…”

“Knock it off…w-we don’t have time…” Seeing right through his bullshit, Karika smirks before kissing the tip lightly.

“Ah…don’t play dumb…I know you want this…” Grabbing the shaft with her right hand, Karika firmly strokes his cock while licking the back neck of the tip. “And quite frankly…so do I…” Karika’s scent sends his mind into a haze, causing Faulkner to falter before putting his right hand on her head.

“F-fine…just make it quick…”

“Hah! Yeah…no.” Starting slow, Karika sucks the tip of his cock in her mouth. Rolling her tongue around the head like she would to a lollipop, she alternates between stroking his shaft and massaging his sack while sucking him off.

“Ah…” Karika had just started, yet Faulkner was already in bliss. He would’ve bucked his hips upward if Karika wasn’t holding him down with her left hand.

“Hmmm…mlaahh…” Milking his reactions for all it’s worth, Karika ups the ante and sucks half of his cock in her mouth.

“K-Karika…” Faulkner’s moans were music to her ears. He could feel her throat vibrating in glee as she quickened her pace. “Karika…I’m…” Picking up on Faulkner’s impending orgasm, Karika narrows her eyes and swallows his dick whole. Feeling the back of her tight throat, Faulkner cums directly into it.

“Hnnngg…” Swallowing shot after shot without gagging, Karika slowly pulls her lips away while sucking hard on his cock. When her lips got to the tip, she sucked even harder to get the last strands of cum lingering in his cock. “Ah…that was quite a load…”

“O…okay…we should get going now…” Although Faulkner tries to get up, Karika pins him on the bed again.

“Nuh-uh. Not until you give me a ride…” In a not-so-subtle gesture, Karika pulls down her panties and rubs her wet pussy lips against his cock. In no time at all, his cock regained its rigidity. “There we go…”

Back in the kitchen downstairs, Reiza had finished cooking five minutes ago. Alone in the dining area with their plates set, a fake smile forms on her face as the flames on her horns and tail turn red and grow in irritation.

“…that bitch…” Stabbing the crispy bacon on her plate, Reiza took her frustration out by eating her breakfast before Faulkner and Karika, knowing full well she’d be waiting an hour or more for them to finish.

Back in the main bedroom upstairs, Karika gleefully moans in ecstasy as Faulkner asserts his dominance by grabbing hold of her asscheeks.

“Ahahaha! You can do better than that, Faulkner!” Swinging her hips front and back, Karika leaned toward Faulkner, burying his face between her chest. “Go on, suck on momma’s titties.” Faulkner pulls his face up just enough for his nose to poke out between her cleavage before glaring at her.

“Shfff thff fffk pfft…” With his mouth muffled by her breasts, Karika leans and drags her chest upward to cover his nose again.

“Huh?! What was that?! I can’t hear you with my tits covering your mouth and all…” Keeping his mouth shut, Karika reaches down to grab his dick. Guiding the tip to her entrance, she slowly drops her waist down to swallow it.

“Hmmppff!” Breathing in her scent, all Faulkner could think of was to ravage her pussy. He bucked his hips up and down like a madman once he felt her pussy gripping his dick. Much to Karika’s delight.

“Arrggghhh! Yes! That’s it!” Slamming her hips back down in retaliation, their enthusiasm to fuck one another turned into a contest of strength and attrition. Thankfully, their bed was reinforced with metal and dampeners to handle it. “Come on, Faulkner! I’ve just gotten started!” With how Faulkner is now, the win could go to Karika, with her superior strength and stamina.

However, that’s only the case if Faulkner chooses to do so.

“Pwah! Ah…I…I almost suffocated between your chest!” Grabbing the base of her tail, Faulkner pulls up, causing Karika’s body to stiffen. “We don’t have time to fool around for too long. So I’m ending this!” As her partner, Faulkner knows all of Karika’s weak points. While she’s stiff, he firmly grabs her asscheeks and slams his hips against hers.

“N-not fair! Y-you’re cheating!” Whenever Karika showed signs of recovery, Faulkner would exploit another weakness. “H-HEY! D-DON’T FINGER ME THERE!!!” Nearing his limit, Faulkner showed no mercy and plowed into her without rest. It didn’t take long before Karika came first as she convulsed in ecstasy from her orgasm. Faulkner followed shortly after, filling her insides with cum. Feeling weak after her orgasm, Karika nearly falls on Faulkner. Catching her by her shoulders, he sets her down next to him before getting up from their bed.

“Ah…ah…you can sit there and clean up. I’ll take a shower first…” Though Karika was panting in pleasure, the taste of defeat didn’t sit well with her. With a sarcastic smile, she flips him off with her right hand. “Ha. Yeah, yeah, I know…” Karika could get back up for round two. But she knows they don’t have time for it and grumbles for a moment before getting up to clean the mess they made.

Arriving in the kitchen after his shower, Faulkner saw Reiza washing her plate. Upon noticing him, the flames on Reiza’s horns and tail grew in size, indicating her annoyance.


“Stop. I don’t want to hear it. I know you’re not the one who started it. You turn into putty whenever Porky and I mess with you anyway. Just eat your damn breakfast so we can get out of here sooner…” Faulkner felt guilty knowing Reiza put some effort into making his meal.

“I…I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you…” He couldn’t see it, but Reiza smiled upon hearing his apology.

“Heh, you just worry about yourself. I plan on getting back later…” Reiza was already in a better mood from the tone of her voice. Faulkner wonders what Reiza’s planning. But he’ll think about that later.

Reiza wasn’t as welcoming to Karika when she arrived after her shower.

“Hey, sorry about the wait si-” Reiza didn’t bother with words and splashed Karika with the soapy dishwater in the sink.

“Good morning, sleepy head…” As expected, Karika butted heads with Reiza.

“You bitch! I just got out of the shower! Now I have to go back and wash again!”

“Sounds like a you problem! At least it’ll be shorter since you’re not busy fucking Faulkner behind my back this time!” Faulkner thought about interfering, but he knew getting between them like this would only add fuel to the flame.

“Oh, it’ll take just as much time, if not longer…”

“And why’s that?!” Splashing Reiza back, Karika points and laughs at Reiza as the flames on her horns get wet.

“Bwahahaha! Serves you right!” A crude smile forms on Reiza’s face as the flames on her head reignite. At that moment, a flurry of slurs and insults flooded the kitchen. It took two hours to clean and wash up the mess they made. That was on top of the hour Karika and Faulkner spent fucking. It was already half past ten when they finally got to Faulkner’s car to practice.

“Alright, sis. You do know how to start the car, right?”

“Yes, I know how to start the car!” Taking a deep breath, Karika starts by turning the ignition key. The car’s engine revs to life before Reiza goes over the basics.

“First, do you know what’s on your dashboard?”

“Uh…” It’s been over six months since the last time Karika sat back in the driver’s seat. It took Karika a few seconds to remember what the symbols on the dashboard meant. “Well, the important things on it are the tachometer, speedometer, coolant temperature gauge, and fuel gauge, right?” Thankfully, she did remember what the different gauges meant.

“Good. Looks like you remember. What else do you remember?”

“Uh…” That said, Karika doesn’t remember what all the lights on the dashboard mean. Reiza spent five minutes explaining what each light meant. Faulkner occasionally chimes in whenever Reiza makes a mistake or forgets what the lights mean.

“Finally, there’s the engine light. It can mean several things. Generally, it means you should check the engine for anything wrong.”

“Geez. I have to remember ALL that?” For most people, it’s a simple matter of memory retention. Karika was more of a person who remembers by habit and muscle memory.

“Don’t worry, Faulkner and I are here to help you along the way. Why don’t we start by doing some laps around the neighborhood to start you off? Remember to have your foot on the break before changing the position of the stick shift. Faulkner’s car uses an automatic transmission, so move the stick on the reverse to start. Make sure your foot’s on the brake pedal when reversing so you can stop on a dime in case someone doesn’t stop for you from behind.” Using what little she remembered, Karika took things slow and backed out of their driveway without issue. “Good. Now, push the shift stick up to drive while your foot is on the brake pedal.” Watching closely, Faulkner was pleasantly surprised at how well Reiza tutored Karika.

‘Huh…I thought Reiza would be angrier at Karika, considering what happened earlier. Deep down, she probably knows how important this is for all of us. I wonder what I should do for her to show my gratitude?’ Since they were on a neighborhood street, the casual drive with a speed limit of twenty-five miles went smoothly. That wouldn’t last long as Karika soon reached her first obstacle.

“Uh…” They reach a four-way stop as another car arrives on her left before her. Karika remembers she has the right of way and thinks she can go first.

“Hold on, sis. Let the person on the left go first.”

“What, why? I have the right of way, don’t I?”

“Technically, you do. But, you typically want to let the person who comes to a full stop go first.” Watching the left car pass by, Reiza nodded at Karika to let her know she could go. “Not everyone comes to a full stop whenever they cross a four-way stop. That’s why you should always come to a complete stop to prevent crashing into those who don’t follow the rules. If you had to follow a rule in a four-way stop, always look at the person who got to the stop first. If they let you pass when you have the right of way, then go ahead. Otherwise, let them pass. The right of way isn’t an iron-clad rule. It’s just a standard that people should follow. If everyone followed the rules of the road like they’re supposed to, then the right of way rule would always work.”

“Uh…yeah. Sure…” Pretending to understand what Reiza told her, Karika was more impressed with how much Reiza knew. She felt humiliated at how little she knew compared to Reiza. Shaking her head, she pressed on as they did a few more laps around the neighborhood.

“Alright. It’s about time you get some experience out on the main road. We’ll drive to Magicia Mall. We’ll practice on your parking while we’re there. Then, we’ll take a break to eat and shop before heading home. Does that sound good, Karika, Reiza?”

“Yeah. Sounds like a plan. You can do it, sis.” Karika expected Reiza to say something along the lines of ‘Sounds like a plan. Assuming Porky here doesn’t get us killed.’ With Reiza treating Karika more seriously than usual, Karika felt her anxiety wane before smiling.

“Thanks.” Motivated to prove Reiza’s confidence in her, Karika pressed on.

“Wah!” Perhaps Karika pressed on a little too much in a literal sense. Forgetting to control her strength, she accidentally pushed down too hard on the accelerator. Faulkner’s back slammed against the back seat while Reiza instinctively gripped the grab handle on her side.

“Ah, shit! Sorry about that!” A thought crosses Faulkner and Reiza’s minds as Karika slows down.

‘Please, let us get there in one piece!’

While the three seemed confident on the outside, they were all nervous wrecks on the inside. Karika knows that if she looks nervous in front of Faulkner and Reiza, she’ll cause them anxiety. Funnily enough, Reiza and Faulkner feel the same.

“Sis, you’re picking up speed too quickly. Ease up on the accelerator.”

“What? Aren’t I supposed to keep moving with the traffic? Won’t I get slower and get in the other driver’s way?”

“Well…yes and no. When you have more driving experience under your belt, sure. But you don’t. For now, let your speed and momentum carry you. Keep your foot on the accelerator gently. When you feel like speeding up, you can put more pressure on the accelerator to speed up again.”

“I mean…there’s only the accelerator and brake pedal. Can’t I brake a little if I need to slow down?”

“Bad idea. Remember, your brake lights go off when you step on the brake pedal. It lets people behind you know you’re slowing down. If you keep pressing it to slow down, you’ll confuse them and potentially cause an accident. You’ll also wear out the brake pads on the car faster.”

“Oh…right.” Traffic around this time was somewhat forgiving. It helped that they were driving late in the morning during the weekend. The drive to the mall was slow compared to when Faulkner would drive. Thankfully, they made it there without any incidents.

“Sis. Have you done a reverse park before?”

“Uh…no. I’ve only practiced head-in parking. And…” Turning her gaze sideways, Faulkner sighs before finishing Karika’s sentence for her.

“One time, Parallel Park…”

“One time?” Reiza was simultaneously amused and worried after seeing the color on Faulkner and Karika’s faces fade.

“I tried to do a Parallel Park with my dad tutoring me. Faulkner and my mom were in the backseat. Mom tried to tell my dad to use cardboard or buy traffic cones to use as dummy cars to practice with. Dad insisted on using Faulkner’s car and mom’s car…”

“Oh…which car did you crash into?” To answer, Karika nudged her head to Faulkner. “Ah.”

“Karika backed up onto the bumper of my car, to be specific. The damage done was negligible, and it was Karika’s first try. The issue came from Bergeese and Karika arguing. Bergeese blew up the damage done to his car, and Karika yelled back and told him to listen to what Illina suggested. As you can imagine, it turned into a heated argument.” Faulkner saved Karika some humiliation by omitting what Illina did to stop the two from fighting. Karika’s right ear would involuntarily flick whenever she recalls it.

“Nevermind. Let’s just see how well you can reverse park. It’s a bit of a walk to the mall entrance from his lot, but there are no cars for you to bump into. Try to park as close to the middle of those two lines as possible.” Taking deep breaths, Karika checks her rear and side mirrors before backing up. Her first attempt failed. The right side of the vehicle poked out from the lines.

“Don’t get discouraged, Karika. Try again.” Encouraged by Faulkner, Karika tries again. This time, she managed to park between the lines.

“Hmm…you parked too close to the line on your side…”

“Gee…thanks for the praise, sis…”

“Don’t give me attitude. How would you get out if someone had parked next to you?” Thinking about it, Reiza was right. Karika would’ve had to crawl to the passenger side to get out. “Still. The fact you made a mistake only once is pretty great. Good job, sis.” Raising her right hand with a toothy grin, Reiza wanted to give Karika a high-five.

“Uh…th-thanks!” Genuinely happy to receive her sister’s praise, Karika high-fives Reiza..

“Right. Now that we’re here, what do you girls want to do first?”

“Shopping!” Almost predictably, Faulkner knew they were going to say that.

“Heh. Alright. Let’s go then.” Linking arms with him, Faulkner couldn’t help but blush at the attention he garnered with Karika on his left while staring daggers at anyone judging them. On his right, Reiza minded her business and huddled close to him.

“Wow…you three are so adorable together. I can practically see hearts floating above your heads…” Hearing a familiar voice, Karika and Reiza let go of Faulkner to greet Eiko, who was changing the display mannequin’s clothes.

“Eiko!” Getting a hug from them both, Eiko chuckles before waving hello to Faulkner.

“Hey, Eiko. Changing out the outfits on display?”

“Heh. Yeah. A new clothing line of gothic-themed wear by the company ‘Succu-sense’ is out. It’s popular back in Faelinth.”

“I can tell…” The gap in fashion between Earth and Faelinth was pretty big. Compared to modern gothic wear that shows more skin, gothic wear in Faelinth was more comparable to Victorian-era gothic fashion. “It’s a bit of a dated style. Is it popular here?”

“Dunno. I just got a shipment of them today. So far, we have no takers…” Karika wasn’t the type to wear gothic clothing. Reiza, on the other hand, seemed very interested.

“Hmm…if you guys have them, I don’t mind getting one. It could be fun for Halloween parties or some kinky roleplay…” With a sideways grin, Reiza looked right at Faulkner before he turned his face away in denial.

“Be my guest. Xiameign’s putting the clothes in the store as we speak. You can ask her to see the rest of what we have.”

“Thanks. You don’t mind, do you, Faulkner?”

“No, go ahead, Reiza.” Karika followed Reiza inside the store out of curiosity.

“I’m glad to see Reiza in good spirits. She was like that too the last time she came here with her energetic friends…”

“Ahaha…you’re referring to Nala and Mala?”

“The Cheshires, yes.” As Eiko’s friend, Faulkner noticed something different about Eiko since the last time he saw her. She seemed more relaxed than usual.

“So…did something good happen that I’m unaware of?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Your smile. It looks more genuine. You usually have a relaxed smile from taking hits from your vape.”

“Heh. What are you, Faulkner, some kind of creep? Who could notice a difference between someone’s smile like that?” Teasing him, Eiko pretends to be creeped out and takes a sidestep away from Faulkner.

“Don’t act like that. As a friend, I’d notice the difference.”

“…okay…yeah, you’re right. I finally found the one for me…” Unbeknownst to Faulkner, Eiko found her second chance at love when she went to a popular cafe that opened in Magicia Mall called Warm Delights. There, Eiko connected spiritually and physically with one of the servers. The two found they had a lot in common before they started dating.

“Oh? Congrats. I’m happy for you. What’s the lucky lover’s name?”

“Wesley. He’s a waiter at a Warm Delights Cafe that opened here in Magicia Mall.”

“Warm Delights…I’ve heard that name before. If I recall, it’s a cafe that caters to Monsters. They serve mana-infused drinks with a very unique and hands-on service. Are you alright with him working there?” For most, the idea of their lover engaging in sexually intimate activities with someone other than themselves would be unheard of. It’s an unspoken rule to stay committed to one another.

But. Eiko’s a bit different.

“Huh? Faulkner, did you forget what I am? I’m a Nurarihyon. I don’t mind if he ‘services’ other women. If anything, I take pride in it.” Eiko’s tone slowly takes a sultry turn as she explains to Faulkner who she is. “Those women can only indulge in the Decadent Delights he offers for thirty minutes. I get to have him all to myself whenever I desire. Faulkner, do you have any idea how good that feels? They only get to taste Wesley. But I can savor him. We couldn’t be more compatible…” Understandably, Faulkner was at a loss for words. As her friend, he was happy for her. He just couldn’t understand what Eiko found so enjoyable about having other women ‘tasting’ her lover.

“Ah…well…I can’t say I understand certain aspects of your relationship with Wesley, but I’m glad you’re happy.”

“I don’t expect you to understand. I just want you to remember. That way, you won’t come running at me thinking Wesley’s cheating on me.”

“Right…of course.

“Also…to avoid awkwardness between us, you should tell Reiza and Karika about Warm Delights and who I’m dating there. It’d be awkward if Reiza suddenly wanted a mana-infused drink with Wesley as her server…”

“I doubt that…” Holding three different gothic dresses on her right arm, Reiza dragged Karika along with her other arm, hoping to get Karika to try one of them on. “Reiza mentioned she developed a taste for my spirit energy and mine alone. After what Meredith did to her, the idea of taking in another person’s spirit energy she doesn’t like makes her gag.”

“Ah…right. Putting that aside, what brings you three to Magicia Mall?”

“We’re trying to get Karika some practice on the wheel. We hardly practiced because she gets nervous behind the wheel.”

“I see. Karika does seem to be the type to panic behind the wheel…”

“But that was before Reiza was around. Karika drove from our house to here. It’s all thanks to Reiza gently tutoring her.”

“Considering you three are all here in one piece, Reiza must’ve done a great job at that.”

“Yes, yes, she did. I really should do something for her…”

“A reward, hmm?” Seeing her chance to make a sale, Eiko smiles before hitting him with her right shoulder. “You know…Reiza seems pretty set on buying those clothes. I can cut you a special discount if you buy them…”

“Oh…you sly fox. It’s not exactly what I planned on…” With Vixy and Xiameign working their magic to upsell products, Faulkner felt a chill down his spine. The cost was one thing, but he was more concerned with what kind of clothes Reiza would pick to wear. “But I guess it’ll do…” After trying dress after dress, much to Karika’s chagrin, Reiza changed her mind and picked out two dresses for Faulkner to buy. One was for Karika, and the other for herself.

“That’s all you wanted, Reiza?”

“Yeah. What, did you think I’d buy all the dresses I tried on?”

“I kind of did, yeah…”

“I already have a lot in my wardrobe, Faulkner. There was only one dress that I liked. Honestly, I’m more excited for Porky…”

“Shut up. You won’t see me wearing this anytime soon…” Faulkner was too busy chatting with Eiko to know what Reiza picked out for her. Whatever it was, it must’ve been something special to coerce Karika to get it in the first place.

“Well, it’s a little past twelve now. I imagine you’re hungry by now, Reiza.”

“I am a little hungry…”

“What about you, Karika?”

“I could use something to eat, yeah.”

“Alright then. Let’s head to the food court for some eats.” Without talking it over, they all went to a Japanese restaurant called ‘Unagi-Oishi des ne.’ The cashier taking orders was appropriately a Unagi-Joro. The cooks were all different inhabitants of Zipangu. They cook the various meats and vegetables over a Hibachi grill with efficiency and poise.

“Oishi! Welcome. What can I get for you three?” The main course is a three-part platter. For the carbs, they have to choose between fried rice, regular rice, or lo-mein noodles. They can also choose to have mixed veggies or none. Finally, they can pick chicken, pork, beef, or shrimp for the meats.

“Hmm…I’ll have white rice with mixed veggies and spicy pork. And rootbeer for my drink.” Faulkner was the first to order. When it was time for Karika to order, Faulkner and Reiza weren’t surprised at what she got.

“I’ll get mine with fried rice, no veg, but extra pork and beef. I’ll have it with lemonade.”

“And you, miss?” Reiza wasn’t as hungry. Aside from the main dishes, she saw that they also served Sushi.

“I’ll have the Joro-Tastic Roll. I’ll take Ramune with it.”

“I-I see. No problem. Your total is thirty-three dollars forty-seven cents.” They wondered why the cashier blushed after taking their order. But they weren’t the only ones in line, so they had no time to ask. After picking up their order, they sat down before Faulkner and Karika dug into their meal.

Reiza’s meal came with chopsticks and what looked like a typical soy sauce packet tied to the bento with a rubber band. The sushi looked phenomenal, with the eel meat drizzled with sesame seeds and eel sauce. Charred to perfection, it was simple yet tempting to the eyes.

With the eel already seasoned, Reiza figured the soy sauce packet that came with it would be overkill. But it wasn’t soy sauce at all. The back of the packaging was clear, and so was the liquid in it. The front of the packet labeled it as ‘Joro Mucus.’

“Joro…Mucus?” Karika and Faulkner are just as confused as Reiza before she pours the clear liquid on the sushi.

“Uh…why is it pouring out so slowly? Don’t tell me that shit’s lube…” Karika initially wanted a bite of Reiza’s sushi. But after that, she lost interest and focused on her meal.

“Is it okay to eat it now that you poured that stuff on it, Reiza?” Even Faulkner was apprehensive at the sight.

“Shut up! It says to pour it onto the sushi. And no, this isn’t lube. At least I hope it isn’t…” Using her chopsticks, the viscous mucus stuck to it like honey. Watching in anticipation, Karika and Faulkner were not helping as Reiza braced herself to take a bite.

“?!” Reiza expected the mucus to give the sushi a runny flavor. Instead, she was pleasantly shocked to find out how good it tasted. The look of glee on her face took Faulkner and Karika by surprise as Reiza hummed with her left hand on her cheeks. “Wow! I-It’s good!” Reiza couldn’t find the words to describe it. Somehow, the viscous mucus brought out the flavor of the unagi more. Every bite brought a delightful sensation to her taste buds. On top of the taste, Reiza felt a surge of energy swell inside her.

“It is?” Karika was too disgusted to believe Reiza.

“W-well…that’s good.” Faulkner wouldn’t say it out loud, but he feels the same way as Karika.

“I suggest you guys try it next time.” After questioning Reiza’s sense of taste, they do some window shopping. They did find another store to buy clothes in. But not for Karika and Reiza…

“Seriously, Faulkner. You’re a handsome guy, but you lack taste in fashion! We need to get you some modern clothes.”

“What’s wrong with the way I dress?!” Faulkner was the type to care little about how others see him. Unless he’s dressed up for a specific event, he hardly thinks about what to wear and puts on whatever he feels. Being the tomboy she is, Karika hardly noticed any issues with what he wore either.

“You lack cohesion! It’s like you wear whatever’s within your reach! Plus, the way you dress makes you look older than you are. It’s time for me to give you a modern touch. Hopefully, we’ll find something here at Rickies.” There were a couple of clothes that piqued Karika’s eye. Since it’d take a while for Reiza to pick clothes out for Faulkner, she leaves the two alone to look for them.

“You have fun with that, small tits. There are some clothes I saw here earlier I want to try out.”

“Sure, go ahead.” Ignoring Karika’s provocation, Reiza figured she could use this time to have Faulkner to herself. “Alright, come with me, Faulkner. Let’s pick out some clothes and have you try them on.”

“Sure.” Putting his trust in Reiza, she grew frustrated when Faulkner would agree with nearly every piece of clothing she thought would look good on him, showing his utter lack of care for how he presented himself.

“God, Faulkner. I know I said to trust me, but couldn’t you at least speak your mind?”

“What? I trust all the clothes you picked out would look great on me.”

“Really? Even this one?” To prove her point, one of the shirts Reiza picked for Faulkner was a blue shirt with the words ‘biggest drunk, don’t tempt me’ printed in pink.

“Wh-what?! No! There’s no way I’d wear that!”

“SEE?! I knew you weren’t paying attention when I was picking out clothes!” Their bickering caught the attention of other customers around them. Both their cheeks turned red after seeing the attention they garnered before turning to one another. Reiza pushes the clothes on her hands at Faulkner before pointing at one of the changing rooms. “H-here! Just take these and try them on. It’ll be easier for me to tell what looks good on you if I see you wearing them.”

“Okay, okay! You don’t need to push!” While waiting for Faulkner to change into the first set of clothes. Wearing a green shirt with blue vertical stripes on it, Reiza found it didn’t match Faulkner. The light brown shorts he chose to pair it with didn’t help either.

“Oh god, no! Go back and change into something else!” Going back in to try another set of clothes, he came out wearing a white polo with a sports team logo on the front and the number eleven on the back. He paired the red basketball shorts well with them. “Okay, that’s better. Have you played any kind of sports before?”

“I played Basketball when I was in high school. I stopped playing after I graduated.”

“Ah. We’ll keep this pair when we’re out playing sports or exercising. On to the next pair.” Changing to the next set of clothes, Faulkner came out wearing a light brown turtleneck sweater with dull green chino pants. “Huh…that fits well for you too.”

“It’s a bit hot to wear a turtleneck this time of year.”

“Maybe if you’re outside for too long. But when you’re in TMRC, it won’t be a problem. So we’re keeping this pair.”

“True…” Looking at himself in the mirror, Faulkner did like the clothes.

“Come on, on to the next pair.” Going through pair after pair, more than half of the clothes Reiza picked out got rejected. Four pairs of clothes made the cut before Karika rejoined them with clothes she picked out for herself.

“You guys done?”

“Yeah, we’re done here. What clothes did you get, Porky?”

“I got a blue tracksuit for when I’m jogging. Then, I got a pink tank top with the Super Bash Sisters logo and white jean shorts for casual wear.”


Rather than diss Karika for her choices, Reiza was impressed by what she picked out.

“Damn…I’m not surprised by the tracksuit, but that top and jeans combo would look good on you! I honestly want to see you wear it now.

“I mean…I guess I can try it on real quick…” While Karika went to get changed, Faulkner felt his stomach grumble. Knowing what was coming, he had to trust Karika to be alone with Reiza.

“C-crap. I’ll be right back, you two. I gotta go to the bathroom. You two better behave while I’m gone.”

“Don’t treat us like we’re kids. We’ll be here.” Leaving the store to find the nearest bathroom, Reiza holds onto the clothes she picked out for Faulkner. While waiting for Karika, an unfamiliar warmth builds up in Reiza’s chest. ‘What the? My chest. Why does it feel like I have heartburn?’ It couldn’t have been the breakfast she made this morning. And it certainly wasn’t the sushi. The only cause she could think of was the mucus she poured on the sushi.

Using her phone, Reiza looked up what Joro Mucus does. She expected the first half, describing it as a revitalizer that restores vitality and stamina. What she didn’t expect was its aphrodisiac effects, which stimulate one’s desire for intimacy.

‘Oh, crap! I didn’t know that! Okay. Relax. It says the aphrodisiac effects are relatively weak. So if I just take a deep breath and calm do-‘

“Okay…maybe the size I picked for the jeans is too small. It’s riding up my ass…”

“Y-you’re what?!” Unaware of Reiza’s predicament, Karika’s problems would inadvertently exacerbate hers.

“What, are you deaf?! I said these jeans are riding up my ass! I can’t get it off! Come in here and help me!”

“Wha-fuck no. You’re strong.”

“Yeah, too strong! I don’t want to rip it. Just come here and help me!” Reiza should’ve known better than to listen. But if she didn’t, Karika would keep screaming for help, or worse, come out of the changing room.

“Alright, I’m coming!” Walking into the changing room, the first thing Reiza sees is Karika’s ass. “Ah!” Bent halfway down, Karika was gently but firmly trying to pull the jeans off.

“See?! This stupid thing’s clinging onto my thighs and hips too tightly! I don’t know how much force to use without tearing this thing.” Karika did everything she could to loosen the jean’s grip on her thighs. From shaking her hips to jumping, nothing was working.

“Uh…huh…” Staring at Karika’s ass, Reiza unconsciously swallows as she raises her hands to grab the waistband of Karika’s jeans.

However, rather than grab the waistband, Reiza instead grabs Karika’s asscheeks.

“KYAH! What the hell was that for?!”

“Ah, m-my bad!”

“What’s with you?! Hurry up and pull this damn this off!”

“Okay! Stop shouting!” Reaching for Karika’s jeans, Reiza pulls them down slowly. She tried to shimmy the jeans around to loosen their grip on Karika’s waist. But that didn’t work. “God…it’s on their alright. How did you manage to squeeze into these in the first place?!”

“I jumped up and down to build momentum to force it on. I thought it was normal with these kinds of jeans. But I couldn’t move a single inch without the damn thing riding up my ass…”

“Uh…it definitely isn’t normal to have to jump up and down to put booty jeans on. When was the last time you wore booty jeans like this?”

“Uh…like a year ago…”

“That explains it. Your thighs have gotten thicker due to exercise.” Pulling it down slowly and carefully wasn’t working. Reiza decided to switch to brute force. Without warning Karika, Reiza tightened her grip on the jeans and pulled down hard. She managed to get the jeans off, but it wasn’t the only thing she pulled down.

“Ah…sis…did you…” Accidentally pulling down Karika’s panties with it, Reiza didn’t hear a single word Karika said. Her eyes glued to Karika’s bare pussy. “Sis?”

“…” Accented by Karika’s rotund butt, Reiza’s thoughts became clouded. Right now, there was one thing in her mind.


“Hya!” Without hesitation, Reiza dragged her tongue across Karika’s slit. “Wh-what the hell are you trying to-” Reiza noticed Karika’s attempt to push her away before she grabbed onto the base of Karika’s tail, causing her to flinch. “Ah!” Paralyzing her, Reiza took this chance to push her mouth into Karika’s slit as she wriggled her tongue inside Karika. “No…st-sto…st…stop…” Reiza wasn’t aware of it, but she was passively using flame magic to pacify Karika while slowly engulfing her lower half in pleasurable warmth.

“Mlah…keep your voice down, stupid…” Getting more assertive, Reiza brought her left hand to Karika’s stomach before dragging it down to where her clit was. Using her thumb, she gently rubs Karika’s clit while gorging on Karika’s pussy lips.

“Ah…s-sis…” Enflaming Karika’s lust, her focus shifted from stopping Reiza to egging her on by bobbing her hips side to side. In response, Reiza rubs Karika’s clit and wriggles her tongue more vigorously. The increased stimuli nearly made Karika lose her grip on the wall before cumming.

“Mmmm…mmlaahh…” Keeping her mouth attached to Karika’s pussy lips, she laps up Karika’s love juices until Karika’s orgasm stops. Pulling out, a thick trail of saliva and love juices stretches out from Reiza’s mouth before breaking up and falling on Karika’s panties and jeans.

“Wah…why’d you do that?”

“What? You didn’t like it?” Standing straight, Karika pulled her feet away from her jeans and panties before setting them aside.

“Don’t be a smartass. I can’t believe you’d eat me out in public like this…”

“Nothing wrong with playing around for the excitement. Besides, we’re in an enclosed changing room. The only thing to worry about is making too much noise…” Turning the situation around, Karika walked toward Reiza. “Uh…did I take things too far?” Backing away in response, Karika pins Reiza against the wall.

“You did. Now I have to get back at you for what you did…” Karika wasn’t about to stop until she made Reiza cum too. Reading each other’s desires, Reiza closed her eyes before pursing her lips. With a happy hum, Karika kisses Reiza. “Mlaaahhh…your saliva’s stickier than usual…”

“Might’ve been from the Joro mucus I put on my sushi earlier…”

“Maybe…or it’s because you were eating me out a few seconds ago…”

“Heh, that too…” As Reiza’s breathing gets more ragged, Karika makes a move on Reiza’s chest to fondle her right tit.

“Hmm…is it just me, or did your tits get a bit bigger?”

“I’m not sure…”

“Let’s take a closer look then…” Letting Karika do the work, Reiza is stripped of her top, exposing her black lace bra. Before, her bra would fully cover her chest. But now, a bit of Reiza’s chest peeks out from the edges. “Wow…your caramel titties did get bigger. Good thing all that fat when there instead of your gut…” Taking Reiza’s bra off, Karika sucks on Reiza’s left tit while groping the other.

“Ahh…r-right there…” Pulling Karika’s head deeper into her chest, Reiza slips her hands under her skirt and starts fingering herself. Seeing this, Karika switches tactics.

“You know, you could’ve just asked me to finger yah…” Pushing Reiza against the wall, Karika brings her right hand under Reiza’s skirt to finger her. “Oh…you’re so wet…”

“Ha…no thanks to your sloppy techniques…” Karika didn’t take too kindly to Reiza’s insult before using her left hand to pinch Reiza’s nipples. “A-AAHH….”

“What was that?! I couldn’t hear you over the sound of your moaning. And weren’t you the one who said we should keep quiet…” Sticking her tongue out, Reiza opens her mouth to welcome Karika’s tongue before the two kiss.

Unlike Reiza, Karika’s fingering techniques were more aggressive than precise. Still, with how aroused Reiza was, it didn’t take long for her to reach her climax. When Reiza’s vaginal walls tightened around Karika’s fingers, she swirled her fingers faster inside Reiza until she cums. Entrusting herself to Karika, Reiza moans in delight as her tongue gets suckled by Karika before going limp.

“Mmhmmm…puwah..” Pulling away from her lips, Karika wipes her lips clean while Reiza lays against the wall to rest.

“Ah…i…it’s a miracle no one came knocking in here…”

“No kidding. Shit. We should finish up here before Faulkner gets back.” Realizing Faulkner could be back soon, Reiza rushed to put her clothes back on. Karika did the same thing and took off her pink tank top.

“Crap, you’re right!” Karika looked around for her old clothes on the floor before noticing the white booty jeans she had taken off. “Ah…” That’s when she notices a wet stain inside the jeans where her crotch would be. “Re-Reiza…how should I explain this to the cashier?” Picking it up to take a closer look, Reiza clicks her tongue.

“Oh…well…this is going to be awkward. Let’s see. If we fold it, we can hide the stain inside and outside the jeans.”

“Would that really work?”

“I’m not sure, to be honest. For now, let’s get out of the changing room…” Leaving the changing room, they saw that Faulkner was still gone. “Faulkner’s still in the bathroom?”

“He did have spicy chicken. Let’s just be glad he wasn’t here to see us.” Looking at one another, Karika and Reiza sighed in relief. While they still had to get past the cashier, they didn’t have to worry about Faulkner finding out what they did in the changing room.

“Hello! Did you have difficulty finding what you were looking for?” The cashier, a Succubus, smiled as if unaware of what Karika and Reiza were doing in the changing room.


“Glad to hear it…” Checking Karika out first, the Succubus cashier narrowed her eyes when scanning the white booty jeans. “Oh…this seems to be a size too small for someone like you, miss…”

“Is it?! I mean, it’s not for me. It’s for my sis here!” In her panic, Karika made up a story and pointed at Reiza. Deciding to play along, Reiza smiles and nods at the Succubus.

“That’s right. Sis here owes me, so she’s buying it for me.”

“My. You two must be close to consider one another sisters…” Karika slings her left arm around Reiza’s shoulder to convince the cashier of their sisterly bond.

“We sure are!”

“How wonderful! I can definitely tell. After all. Only the closest of siblings could engage in sexual foreplay…” Freezing in place, Karika and Reiza faced the inevitable and stopped playing dumb.


“Oh! Please. No need to explain it. Your case isn’t a unique one. I’ve seen plenty of kinky customers go at it in the changing rooms…” Rather than get upset, the Succubus cashier was smiling. “As a Succubus, I can tell when people go at it. It’s a good thing I used a sound-dampening spell around the changing room you two were playing in…” With how nonchalantly the Succubus said it, she definitely had done that many times before.

“I-is there any way we can convince you to stay quiet about this?” The last thing Reiza needed was another headline about her in the news. She didn’t know what the Succubus cashier would want to keep quiet, but she was ready to do anything to make it happen.

“Oh…there’s no need! I have no right to judge anyone having a good time. Your dirty little secret is safe with me as is with every customer…” Feeling a massive weight lift from their shoulders, Karika and Reiza sighed in relief. “That said…” Freezing in place, they hear the Succubus tapping her fingers on a tip jar. “Satisfied customers often leave a generous gratuity fee out of consideration…” Staring at one another, Karika and Reiza stare back at the grinning Succubus. They were understandably annoyed at the Succubus cashier, who teased them so the Succubus could curb her boredom.

“Ah…sorry I took so long, Karika, Reiza…” On top of the Succubus cashier’s sneaky and coercive tactics, Faulkner had returned at the worst time possible.

Acting as one body and one mind, Karika and Reiza take twenty dollars out of their pockets and put them in the tip jar.

“Oh? You must be their boyfriend. I have to say, you have great taste picking these two generous ladies…” Having no context about what happened, Faulkner was surprised Karika and Reiza tipped the cashier so handsomely.

“Huh? Did this cashier help you two out while I was gone?” Looking at one another, Karika and Reiza laugh and nod in unison.

“Yeah! She was a lot of help.” Karika and Reiza already tipped her. The Succubus cashier could’ve ended it there.

“Aww. You give me too much credit, my dear customer. Though, I have to say you have impeccable taste. I’m sure your boyfriend will love the smell of ‘Odor Amoris’ you picked out earlier.” Taking advantage of the situation, the Succubus cashier found a way to upsell a product to Karika under Faulkner’s nose.

Karika nearly broke their facade before Reiza pinched Karika’s right arm. Karika knew Reiza wanted her to calm down and swallow her pride.

“Y-yup! H-how much will this all cost?” Having succeeded, the Succubus cashier lets them off and tells them the total.

After paying for everything, the Succubus cashier flashes a victorious grin and waves at Karika and Reiza.

“Karika, I’m surprised you’d buy a perfume. I thought you hated the stuff?”

“Well…I wanted to try something new. Besides, it’ll get small tits here to shut up about me smelling bad…” Feeling too annoyed with the Succubus cashier they dealt with earlier, Reiza didn’t even care that Karika mocked her.

“Hey, I said not to take it personally, didn’t I? It was a joke. Still, the perfume does smell good…”

“I see. Do you mind if I take a sniff?” Giving Faulkner the perfume for him to smell, Karika and Reiza made a mental note to give that Succubus cashier a piece of their mind the next time they go to ‘Rickies.’ “Hmm…it has a floral scent to it. I think it’d match Reiza more than it would for you, Karika.”

“She can have it in that case…”

“Uh…did I make you mad? You sound mad…”

“N-no…I’m just tired.” Feeling winded after their close call, Karika just wanted to go home to unwind. And Reiza felt the same way.

“Me too. Let’s head home now, Faulkner.”

“Wow, already? We’ve only been here for two hours.” Blissfully unaware of what happened, Faulkner thought they were tired from lack of sleep and left it at that. “Alright. Karika, do you want to drive us home?”

“Sure, I can do that.” Leaving Magicia Mall, the ride home was quiet. Karika was surprisingly focused and hardly made any mistakes. The ones she did make were pointed out gently by Reiza.


*Ring! Ring! Ring*

“…hhnnngg…” Waking up to the sound of her phone alarm, Karika begrudgingly sat up before stretching her arms up. Today is the day of her driver’s license test. Practicing behind the wheel with Reiza and Faulkner’s help for over a month, Karika felt ready to take the test.

“*Yawn* Mmmm…morning…” Getting up shortly after Karika, Faulkner rubs his eyes before jumping off the bed. “I’ll go make breakfast…”

“Mmkay…” Reiza was the last to get up since she stayed up late studying.

“Hey…wanna shower together to cut the time by half?” Reiza was skeptical of Karika’s proposal at first. But, seeing as Karika had just woken up, she figured it’d be safe.

“Fine…” Heading to the bathroom together, Karika and Reiza showered together. Faulkner was downstairs making waffles, bacon, and eggs.

By the time Karika and Reiza had finished, Faulkner had their plates ready for them.

“Hmm? Did you two take a shower together?”

“Yeah…” The smell of freshly cooked bacon woke Karika right away before rushing to the dinner table. “Man! You should’ve cooked some fried chicken with these waffles, Faulkner.”

“I don’t have time to fry those up for you. We only have an hour and a half before your driver’s test, Karika.”

“And while she’s doing that, I get to take the written test to get my permit…” Reiza was still half asleep, so she went and brewed herself a cup of coffee.

“Alright. I’ll take a shower while you two eat. You two should use the time it takes me to eat to review driving lessons. That goes double for you, Karika.”

“I know. Go take your shower already.” Shooing Faulkner away, he chuckles before taking his shower. After Faulkner had his turn eating and the girls had ample time to review, it was time for their test as Faulkner drove them to the DMV. Usually, it’d take them thirty minutes to an hour to get help. Thankfully, they made a trip there and had set an appointment the week before.

“Hello, the name’s Clyde. I’ll be your instructor. Is this the vehicle you’ll be using to drive today?”

“Yes, sir. I’m Karika, nice to meet yah.” Shaking hands, Faulkner and Reiza waved at Karika and wished her luck on her test.

“Think she’ll be fine? She seemed pretty nervous…” Reiza was the one who taught Karika for the most part. So she couldn’t help but feel a sense of responsibility for her.

“Don’t worry. Once Karika gets into the rhythm, she’ll pass the test just fine. After all, she has a reliable tutor…” Patting Reiza gently on her back, she blushes as her black flames shrink in embarrassment.

“Sh-shut up. I’m gonna go take my written test now.”

“Alright, good luck.” As Reiza made her way to the writer’s test section of the building, Faulkner walked back to the lobby to wait for them. “Well…while I’m waiting for them…” Busy as he is with work, Faulkner figured he could use the time waiting for Karika and Reiza to finish and review the student assessment papers he tasked Dorephine to write for him in TMRC.

Most of the students were learning from their lessons with Dorephine. But as expected, three students were still struggling.

One Dulluhan named Bruhilda found the pacing of the classes to be slow and wanted to advance further. While Dorephine appreciated Bruhilda’s enthusiasm, her outdated speech and mannerisms often conflicted with Dorephine’s lessons, causing her to stagnate.

A Devilbug named Crysy and a Shirohebi named Inoko were the other two. Being the type of monster she is, Crysy has trouble understanding boundaries. Inoko has similar issues when it comes to boundaries. But, it’s not because she saw no problems with boundaries like Crysy, but because Inoko tends to fall ‘In love’ with every person who compliments her. Faulkner’s had his fair share of problems with both before. Compared to Bruhilda, whose issues were relatively tame, he was not looking forward to tackling Crysy and Inoko.

“Hey, I’m done…” Coming back from her test, Reiza had already finished after only ten minutes.

“That was fast. How’d you do?” With a wide grin, Reiza shows her test results. Unsurprisingly, she passed with flying colors. “Nice!”

“Heh. It was easy. I’ll get my permit in the mail in a few days.”

“That’s good. Now we just have to wait for Karika to pass.” Placing his confidence in Karika’s success, he and Reiza waited another ten minutes in the lobby before Karika returned.

“So…did you pass?” Upon her arrival, Karika had her head down as if she had failed. But, as soon as she lifted her head, they saw a wide grin on her face. Rushing toward them, Karika tackles Faulkner and Reiza to the ground.

“I passed!” Making a commotion, people around them were either laughing or staring awkwardly at them.

“Okay! I get that you’re happy. But could you get off us?!” Karika’s cheeks turned red after she noticed the attention she had garnered before getting off them.

“Sorry. I was just excited. And I have you two to thank for that.”

“Miss Karika. Make sure you review your mistakes, okay? While I congratulate you in passing, remember that driving is a big responsibility.” In her excitement, Karika left her instructor, Clyde, behind. He had just finished writing down the demerits in her test before handing them to her.

“Yes, sir.” They had to verify the results with the DMV clerk so they could print a temporary driver’s license for Karika. Still, the three can sigh in relief after the stress of passing the driver’s test that weighed them down is gone.

“Congratulations on passing, Miss Karika. We’ll send you your card license when it’s ready.” Handing over the paper license, Karika could hardly contain her smile.

“Alright. Now that you got your license, why don’t you drive us back home, Karika?”

“Sure! Now that I have my driver’s license, I don’t need you nagging me for every mistake I make!” Getting overzealous, Karika fell back into her habit of teasing Reiza. Just as Reiza was about to talk back, an idea she could only call a stroke of devious genius popped into her head.

“Oh? Even though my nagging is what helped you pass? Fine. I guess I’ll just sit in the back seat with Faulkner if you think you’re ready to drive without my nagging.” Faulkner simply shook his head, seeing the interactions between Karika and Reiza.

Getting into Faulkner’s car, Karika took a deep breath and huffed with confidence as she drove without issue. Five minutes into their drive, Reiza found the perfect chance to enact her plan while Karika was driving.

‘Hmm…Inoko’s gonna be the most difficult to deal with. It took having Trisha with me to hold a conversation with her.’ Faulkner was preoccupied looking over the notes Dorephine left for him. ‘As for Bruhilda, I might have to brush up on my old En-‘ Without uttering a single word, Reiza boldly unzipped Faulkner’s fly. Making eye contact, Reiza held her right pointing finger close to her lips.

“Shh…” Signaling Faulkner to stay quiet, Reiza’s fingers worm their way to his flaccid cock. The natural warmth of her hand gradually led to his cock getting harder and harder until it pushed its way out from the slit of his boxers.

“Reiza, what are you doing?” Whispering to Reiza, Faulkner knew he had to stay quiet. If he didn’t, Karika would’ve noticed. The last thing he needs right now is for Karika to get distracted while she’s driving.

“What does it look like, dumbass? I’m giving you a handjob.” Blissfully unaware of what was happening behind her, Karika kept her eyes straight on the road.

“How’s my driving so far?”

“You’re doing great, sis. It’s a lot smoother compared to when we started.”

“Right?” Reiza’s praise, while genuine, conveniently served to feed Karika’s ego and kept her attention on the road so she could prove her point to Reiza. “I can’t wait to tell Mom and Dad!”

“Oh, they’ll be hella proud of you…”

“You know, something just occurred to me. Faulkner, it’s great that I have my license now. But we only have one car. Yours. Won’t you need it for your work?”

“No. The only reason why I drive there is because it’s more convenient to bring the car with me so I can pi-” With purposeful timing, Reiza switched tactics and swallowed the tip of Faulkner’s cock in her mouth.

“Pi? What?”

“Pi-pick you up. It’s more convenient since I can pick you up right away.” Since Faulkner answered her so quickly, Karika was none the wiser and kept her eyes on the road.

“That’s true. Still. We should probably look into getting another car soon…”

“Wouldn’t be a bad idea…” Chiming in, Reiza pulled her lips off Faulkner’s cock long enough to chime in. If Reiza had stayed quiet for too long, Karika would’ve grown suspicious and looked behind her.

“Hey. Karika will eventually see us from the rearview mirror, you know?” Whispering with urgency in his voice, Faulkner reaches for Reiza’s hand, hoping to pry it off his cock. Reiza noticed what he was trying to do and swallowed it into her mouth again before he could. “!” Holding it deep inside her throat, she was barely able to keep herself from gagging. Once it passed, Reiza bobs her head. Sucking hard as she moves up, she drags her tongue around the tip of Faulkner’s cock before pushing back down.

“…” Looking up at Faulkner’s face, Reiza hums happily. He had his right hand on his mouth to stifle his moans. His left hand, which he intended to stop Reiza from moving her head, aided her movements.

Suddenly, Reiza and Faulkner felt the car slowing down. Reaching a stop light, Karika glances at her rearview mirror to check the cars behind her. That’s when she finally noticed Reiza’s head between Faulkner’s legs. Trying to turn around as quickly as possible, the seatbelt on her chest locks up and pushes against her neck, choking herself in the process.

“ACKKK?!?!?! *Cough* What the fuck do you think you’re doing, small tits?!”

“Puwah. What does it look like, Porky? I’m sucking Faulkner’s dick.” Acting as if what she was doing was nothing strange, Reiza stopped just long enough to answer Karika before going back at it.

“You clever bitch! I should’ve been more suspicious of you the moment you wanted to sit in the back with Faulkner! And speaking of. You planned this with her, didn’t you, Faulkner?!” Pointing right at him, Faulkner shook his head violently.

“N-NO! I swear I didn’t think she’d-ooaaahh!” Bobbing her head furiously, Reiza delighted in cutting Faulkner off as his dick twitches in her throat from the sudden stimuli.

“Damn you, small tits! Let me just get my seatbelt off! I’ll…”


Karika’s ears stood up as drivers behind them honked their cars, causing her to freeze when midway.

“The light’s green, you idiot! Go!” Seeing the driver behind them, he stared directly at Karika before honking again.


“Ah…fuck!” Giving in to avoid a road rage incident, Karika begrudgingly turned her attention back on the road and continued driving.

“Geez. You just got your driver’s license, Porky. I went through the trouble of tutoring you…” The sarcasm in Reiza’s voice shows how much joy she took from pissing Karika off.

Reiza enjoyed every second of this. And she intends to milk this moment.

“I swear, when we get back home, you’re so gonna get-” Ignoring Karika, Reiza had a more pressing matter to focus on.

“Ah! Reiza! I’m gonna…” The feeling of his cock stabbing the back of Reiza’s tight throat brought Faulkner to his limit before cumming into her mouth.

Waiting until his dick stopped twitching, Reiza slowly pulled her mouth up, taking her time dragging her lips against the length of his shaft. Stopping at the neck, she strokes his shaft to milk the last of his cum before sucking hard on the tip.

“Ah…wow. That was a thick load. Thanks for the pick me up, Faulkner.” Reiza didn’t even have to see the look on Karika’s face to know how frustrated she was. “That was close, Porky. You’re lucky there wasn’t a cop near us to see your fuck up.” Saying so with a smug smile and sarcastic tone, It took all of Karika’s self-control not to break the steering wheel.

“And you’re lucky that I’m behind the wheel. Otherwise, I would’ve beaten the shit out of you!”

“Kyah! You’re so abusive. You deserve it for fucking Faulkner behind my back last month. Maybe I should fuck him while I’m at it too. What do you think, Faulkner?”

“D-don’t lump me into this!”

“I thought you already got your payback when you ate me out in the changing room at Rickies earlier?!”

“YOU DID WHAT AT RICKIES?!” With their secret out of the bag, no thanks to Karika blurting it out in her rage, Karika and Reiza spent the rest of the ride home explaining what they did while Faulkner was gone.

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