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Chapter 17

Babysitting Kerfuckle

“Yoohoo! Mister Faulkner!” Waving to Faulkner as he was about to make his way to his car, Cheryl greets him with a smile.

“Cheryl, what is it?”

“I have a question regarding next week’s test. You want us to write down an essay on the specialties of our homeland, right?”

“Correct. Write down a twenty-five hundred-word essay covering the origins of whatever specialty your homeland is known for and how it impacts the culture there and the rest of the world. It should be a fairly easy test.”

“You say that, but Switzerland isn’t all that interesting to me.” Dismissive with her tone, Chery’s hometown, Grindelwald, didn’t offer her the exciting life of city living she’d always dreamed about. “Compared to Grindelwald, California’s a much more exciting place…”

“I don’t know about that. California’s not what it’s cracked up to be.”

“What’re you talking about?! Hollywood got its start here, didn’t it?! Cali is where movies come to life!” It was evident by the sparkle in Cheryl’s eyes that she admires Hollywood. “Man, I want to be a great actress one day and make my scene on the big screen!”

“Ah, so that’s your end goal, eh? If that’s the case, you should work all the harder on this essay.”

“Ugh…you’re such an ass! At least give me a hint on what I should cover.” Disbelief washed over Faulkner with Cheryl missing the whole point of her assignment.

“A big part of your test is finding out those points of interest on your own, Cheryl. You shouldn’t even have to do that much research.”

“Tsk! Fine! Sheesh. Relying on your students to teach about their homeland is a pretty convenient way to cover up your ignorance of the world.

“Ah-what did you say?!” Switching gears, Cheryl figured her best chance at getting a hint from Faulkner was to goad him into taking her taunt. Unfortunately, Faulkner was too focused on the insult hurled at him to notice. “You’re the ignorant one here! I know next to nothing about Switzerland, let alone Grindelwald. But even I know it’s a famous tourist spot for skiers and snowboarders! If I know that much despite being so ignorant, what does that make you, huh?!”

“Ehehe…thanks, teach! I owe you one.” Unaware of what he had just given her, Cheryl gives Faulkner a peace sign before walking away. It took a few seconds for Faulkner to realize what he just did.

“Ah! Fuck!”

“You’re an idiot…”

“Huh?” Having finished sorting paperwork in her office, Trisha came to greet Faulkner while carrying binders filled with documents in her arms.

“If you were thinking calmly, you would’ve seen that’s what she was after all along.”

“I…uh…shut up!” Turning red to the point where he’d put a Red Oni to shame, Trisha decided to change topics to take Faulkner’s mind out of it.

“Nevermind. Look, I have a favor to ask you.”

“Hmm, a favor?” Faulkner turned back to his usual self after hearing Trisha’s serious tone.

“I’m taking the next week off. You know that, right?”

“Yeah. You plan to go on a honeymoon with Markus.”

“Right. I was wondering if you can babysit Vey?” Crossing his arms with his eyes closed, it didn’t take much contemplation on Faulkner’s part to accept her favor.

“I don’t mind myself. But I can’t make that decision alone. I need to ask if Karika and Reiza are fine with it. Especially Reiza since she’ll likely be the one who looks after Vey the most.”

“I know. That’s why I asked you first. It’s more convenient since you’re leaving to pick up Karika and heading home to where Reiza is. You can ask them then.”

“Sure. I’ll call you when I get answers, alright?”

“Gotcha. I’ll see you later, Faulkner.”

“See you later.” Leaving TMRC, Faulkner picks up an exhausted Karika after she had gone from multiple sites to carry heavy loads and help with staff shortages. When they made it home, their nostrils picked up the scent of beef as the dinner Reiza cooked for them for the night consisted of mashed potatoes with sauteed asparagus and garlic butter-fried steak.

“Reiza, give your big sis a big ole kiss! The lunch you packed for me today was delicious, so I want to reward you!”

“Ack, don’t touch me, Porky! You’re all sweaty from work!” Karika was more playful than forceful, so it didn’t take much effort for Reiza to keep Karika away with her arms.

“Reiza’s right. Go and take a shower first.”

“Ugh…fiiiiine!” Faking annoyance, Karika went to get herself cleaned up.

“Sheesh, what a pain. She does that EVERY time I make her lunch.”

“Haha. It’s just Karika’s way of showing appreciation for what you do for her. She loves your cooking so much that she’s starting to favor your cooking over mine.”

“Don’t beat yourself up over it. You’re still a great cook. A handful of dishes you make are still better than mine.”

“Yeah, and you eclipse the number of dishes YOU do better three times over.” Rather than argue, Reiza walked up to Faulkner before she put her arms around his neck.

“Uh-huh. I haven’t gotten my kiss yet, Faulkner.” Swaying her hips with her wings flapping and tail moving from left to right, Faulkner knew Reiza wanted to be spoiled.

“I know. I’m back, Reiza. Thanks for cooking dinner for us, as always.” Grabbing her hips, he pulls her in for a kiss on the lips.

“How was work?”

“The same as always. There is something I need to discuss with you and Karika.”

“Oh? And what would that be?”

“I’ll tell you during dinner.”

“Ugh. Fine. You should get changed in the meantime. I’ll have the dining table ready by then.” Going to their bedroom to get changed, Faulkner waited until they were halfway through their meal before bringing up Trisha’s favor to Reiza and Karika.

“Eh, Trisha wants us to babysit Vey?!” Karika puts both of her hands on the dining table. Her smile suggests she was brimming with enthusiasm.

“You seem awfully excited about this, porky…” Reiza, on the other hand, seemed more apprehensive. But not because she didn’t want to do it.

“Aren’t you?! We hardly spent much time with Vey when we visited Trisha in the hospital the day after she was born! Vey’s so damn cute! Don’t you think that’ll be a great chance for us to get some experience raising a baby? I know I want kids someday!” Recalling what Illina told him, Faulkner wouldn’t be surprised if Karika wanted more than two kids. Reiza has just as much desire to have a kid. The thought of the chaos that would ensue from such a large family made him chuckle nervously.

“True…but we’re all busy doing our own things too. You and Faulkner work around the same time, and I do my online studies at night.”

“What’s the problem? You’re here at home the whole day, every day! You can watch over her while Faulkner and I are at work, right?”

“You realize I do the house chores while you two are at work, right? I clean the house and wash your clothes almost every day.” Like always, Karika and Reiza got into an argument. Reiza wasn’t outright opposing the idea of babysitting Vey, but she brought up convincing arguments that Faulkner also agrees with.

“Ah…fair point. I got so excited about babysitting Vey that I forgot about that. Sorry, Reiza…”

“It’s fine. To be clear, I’d love to babysit Vey just as much as you do. As long as you two give your fair share, I don’t mind taking on Trisha’s request.”

“At least one of us is at home at any given point. We can divide the workload so none of us feels drained by the end of the day. We’ll split the chores Reiza normally does during the night between you and me, Karika.”

“Got it.”

“Alright, it’s decided then. I’ll call Trisha right now.” Pulling out his phone, Faulkner dials Trisha’s number before putting it on speaker.


“Hey, It’s Faulkner.”

“Hey, Mrs. Trisha!”

“Hello, Mrs. Trisha.”

“Ah! Karika and Reiza’s there too? Hey girls! Are you all doing alright?” It was faint, but they could hear Vey cooing over the phone.

“Yeah, we’re having dinner right now. But anyway, we discussed the matter in regards to babysitting Vey.”

“Oh, and what’s your verdict?”

“We’ll happily accept!” Answering for Faulkner, Trisha wasn’t at all surprised at Karika’s response.

“I see. I’m grateful, you three. I promise to bring back souvenirs when Markus and I get back. Oh, and I’ll pay you guys too, of course!”

“Don’t stress out about paying us, Trisha. I do-”

“Anyways, I’ll be sure to bring everything you’ll need for the week to take care of Vey in the morning at seven. See yah!”

“H-hey, wait!” Hanging up before he could have a say, Faulkner was left stuttering in disbelief.

“Heh. Trisha won’t take no for an answer there, Faulkner.” Having already finished her plate, Karika was the first to stand from the dining table with her empty plate.

“Hey, if she’s offering to pay, I don’t see why we shouldn’t take it.”

“Ugh…because as her friend, I feel like I’m extorting her if she’s paying us…” From a logical standpoint, Faulkner’s argument didn’t make sense to Karika and Reiza. He simply felt guilty from his perspective. Taking care of Vey wasn’t a big deal to him.

“That doesn’t make any sense at all, Faulkner. Trisha was the one who asked you for the favor, and she’s willing to pay you since she knows it’s unreasonable to watch over Vey for a whole week for free. Just take it. And finish your dinner before it gets cold.” Reiza was already halfway done with her plate. Faulkner had only finished the asparagus on his plate.

“I…geez. I’m gonna give Trisha a piece of my mind when she gets here tomorrow…” They spent the rest of dinner time talking about how their day went. The three of them went to bed early afterward to prepare for tomorrow.


“Thanks again for doing me this favor, you three!” It was just a little past seven in the morning when Trisha arrived as intended. While Markus was unloading bag upon bag of baby supplies from their car, with Faulkner helping him carry it to his house, Trisha was holding the sleeping Vey in her arms.

“Aww…she’s so cute…” It took all of Karika’s willpower to resist poking Vey’s cheeks.

“She’s only a little over three months old, but the disparity in her horns is pretty prominent…” To keep Vey nice and warm during the early January month, Trisha had Vey swaddled in a pink fleece towel.

“It’s not uncommon for Oni’s to have one horn bigger than the other. I just hope it doesn’t get any bigger than that. It gets in the way when I’m breastfeeding her. You might want to put a tennis ball on the tip of her horn when you’re carrying her.”

“Speaking of breastfeeding, what formula do you use?” Handing Vey to Karika, Karika’s ears wiggled in delight as she held Vey in her arms.

“Formula? No. I have enough breastmilk saved up for a whole week.” While Trisha went to grab two coolers filled with breast milk bags she’d saved up, Markus gave Faulkner a written list of Vey’s habits.

“So…Vey typically likes to be awake at night since that’s when Trisha gets home. She gets vocal when she’s hungry. I’m trying to keep her diet consistent, but Trisha keeps feeding her.”

“Doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. Trisha becomes gullible when Vey is involved.” Faulkner was all too right as Markus sighed in agreement.

“Hehe. Oh. And…” Beckoning Faulkner to come closer, Markus whispers in his left ear. “Trisha seems convinced she made enough breastmilk to last the whole trip, but I know better since I’m bottle feeding her more often at home. If you guys run out of breastmilk, I have a brand in mind that I know she’ll drink.”

“How’d you figure that out?”

“I bought several brands and had Vey try them when Trisha was at work…”

“Heh, that was sneaky of you.”

“Trisha knows already. I’m just letting you know. Just in case.” Watching Karika hold Vey in her arms, Faulkner felt warmth swell from his chest. “Planning on having kids yourself, Mr. Faulkner?”

“Yeah. I’m in no rush, personally. I know Karika’s eager to have kids. And deep down, I know Reiza does.” As if proving his point, Reiza was gently poking Vey’s cheeks. Her soft, delicate cheeks were nearly impossible to leave alone. Only through Vey’s consideration did she manage to stop herself.

“Okay. We’d better get going. We’ll miss our flight if we dawdle.” Leaving Vey in their capable hands, Trisha and Markus went to their car before waving goodbye to Faulkner, Karika, and Reiza.

“Where did you say you two were going again, Trisha?”

“Japan. Specifically Okinawa.”

“Oh? Going there for the beaches, eh?”

“Yeah, among other places. We’ll let you know what it’s like once we get there. Till then, take care.” Taking their leave, the piercing chill of the morning winter air nearly made Karika shiver. She managed to stop herself from waking Vey.

“Sh-shit…let’s get inside. It’s freezing out here…”

“Right. Reiza, help me unpack the supplies in the house. Karika. Make sure to keep Vey nice and warm.”

“Got it.” Responding in unison, they went into their house, where Faulkner and Reiza spent the next thirty minutes unpacking everything Markus and Trisha gave them. They also put Vey’s bassinet in the living room, where Karika sets her down.

After a light breakfast, Faulkner and Karika get dressed for work before Reiza sees them off at their front door.

“Okay. Karika and I have to go to work now. Are you sure you’ll be fine on your own?”

“I’ll be fine, Faulkner. I’ve read most of Markus’s notes about Vey already.”

“Alright. Take it easy, Reiza.”

“Yeah. And make sure to take pictures of Vey when she does something cute!”

“Uh-huh. Get going, you two.” Watching them drive away, Reiza waves goodbye to them before she hears Vey whining. “Oh shit…already, huh?”

*First Day*

“WAAAHHH!!!” Only two hours after Faulkner and Karika left, Reiza already had Vey cradled in her arms to calm her down.

“Calm down, Vey, it’s okay…” Trying her best not to cradle Vey too roughly in her panic to calm her down, Reiza had already fed Vey a bottle of Trisha’s breast milk. ‘What else could Vey possibly want? I can’t give her any more milk!’ Heading toward the living room where Reiza left the notepad Trisha gave them, Reiza flipped through the pages to see if there was anything Trisha wrote on how to calm Vey down.

“Okay, let’s see here…already fed her. I don’t smell anything on her. Oh!” Finding a possible solution, Reiza had Vey lay on her right shoulder before she started gently patting Vey on her back. After a few more pats, Vey let out a small wet burp, staining Reiza’s right shoulder sleeve.

“Ugh…I forgot babies can’t control their burps…” It took a few more gentle pats before Vey had calmed down. “Phew…” Putting her hands under Vey’s little arms, Reiza cradles Vey back into her right arm. “You had me scared there for a moment, Vey.” Staring into Vey’s vivid green eyes, Reiza felt her heart skip a beat at how adorable she was. Vey stretched her little arms out toward Reiza while cooing softly.

“Ehehe…so fucking cute. Let’s wipe that milk off your lips and chin…” Heading to the kitchen, Reiza wipes Vey’s chin and lips clean before setting Vey down on her rolling bassinet. “I should put a towel over my shoulder the next time I burp you.” Eager to change her shirt, Reiza rolled Vey’s bassinet to the living room before bolting to their bedroom to change her shirt. As soon as she finished, she walked halfway down the stairs to check on Vey. “I should go grab her pacifier while I have the chance.” Rummaging through Vey’s things, Reiza found Vey’s pacifier.

“Alright, here you go, Vey.” Putting the pacifier in her mouth, Vey suckled on it for a few seconds before spitting it out. “Huh? What’s wrong? Should I clean the pacifier first?” Like before, Vey stretched her arms out toward Reiza. “You…want me to pick you up?” Picking Vey up again, Vey starts to giggle. “Aww…” Reiza couldn’t help but bury her face on Vey’s chest. Tickling her, Vey starts to laugh.

“Eh?!” Just as Reiza was about to pull Vey away, she felt Vey grab onto her horns. Despite being three months old, Vey had a surprising amount of strength. “Ah…Vey? You can let go of my horns now…” Try as she might, Vey’s grip was firm. Reiza didn’t want to pull any harder since she didn’t want to hurt Vey. However, considering Vey’s grip, it wasn’t out of Reiza’s mind that Vey might rip off her horns instead.

“Shit…how should I convince her to let go?” Of the solutions coming to mind, there was one thing Reiza wanted to do to Vey. Gulping in anticipation, Reiza pushes her face on Vey’s tummy before she pulls a ‘raspberry’ on her. Getting a giggle out of Vey, Reiza saw her chance to pull away once Vey had let go of her horns. “There! Man, you sure are strong for a three-month-old baby.” Laying Vey on her back down on her bassinet, Reiza quickly went to the kitchen to clean Vey’s pacifier before putting it in Vey’s mouth. This time, Vey didn’t spit the pacifier out.

“Okay…I know Trisha had notes somewhere on what to do after feeding…” Reading more of Trisha’s notes, the next step was to help stimulate Vey’s vision by having her stare at black and white cards. “Will these things really help?” Holding the cards in her hand, Reiza held one of the cards in front of Vey with her left hand while holding the notebook Trisha had in her right hand. ‘Vey’s neck has developed significantly after a month and a half. Still, it’s a good idea to encourage her to move her neck by moving the black and white picture cards slowly from left to right and vice versa.’

“I guess it’s getting her attention well enough…” Watching Vey stare at the pictures with her hands stretched out, Reiza took this moment of peace to turn the TV on and watch tutorial videos on how to raise babies.

[“So, for babies, it isn’t just visual stimuli. Physical stimuli vary from species to species, so it’s hard to narrow down the correct method for each specific species. So, for this video, I’ll categorize how to go about it based on a simplified species list.”]

“Of course, they have an Echidna explaining how to care for Monster babies…shouldn’t be surprised.” Reiza skipped ahead to the part where they covered the humanoid species.

[“For humanoids, their level of development mostly mirrors humans. Monster species known for their ridiculous physical strength are an exception, as some can develop muscles strong enough to allow them to walk as early as a month-and-a-half of their life. That is if taught to do so.”]

“Hmm…Trisha never mentioned if Vey could walk or not. It’s a bit early for her to walk tho…” Getting bored with the pictures, Vey stopped paying attention to them. “Vey, can you walk with those itty bitty legs of yours?” Staring at her tiny feet, Reiza gently grabs hold of them. It seemed to have tickled Vey as she giggled and kicked her feet around. “Wah!” To Reiza’s surprise, Vey did have considerable strength in her legs. It wasn’t enough to push Reiza’s hands away, but there was certainly more power behind her legs than one would anticipate a baby to have.

“Ahaha!” Reiza didn’t understand why, but Vey seemed to enjoy it.

“Hmm…” Watching the tutorial video some more, it shows the Echidna lady moving a baby minotaur’s legs in a pedaling motion.

[“A great way to jumpstart a baby’s first steps is through gentle leg exercises like this. If this is their first time, they may not like having their feet handled. However, it helps to smile and encourage your baby by talking to them.”] It didn’t seem necessary, given Vey’s laughter. But she wanted to try it anyway.

“Uh…do you like this, Vey?” Following the Echidna’s instructions, Reiza gently coaxes Vey to move her legs in a pedaling motion. While Vey couldn’t understand what Reiza was saying, she learned to recognize her name and the different tones that came with it. With her name called out with a smile, Vey happily played along and started pedaling her legs.

At least at first, anyway. It didn’t take long before Vey went from pedaling her legs to straight-up kicking. Despite getting carried away, the sight of Vey giggling while kicking her legs around was too adorable for Reiza.

“…so cute! You’re such a cutie, Vey!” Calling her name out over and over, Vey giggled and giggled some more until…


“Ah…” With all the excitement getting to her, Vey had lost control of her bowels and suddenly poops herself.

“WAAAHH!!!” With their fun times’ abrupt end, along with the smell of her soiled diaper, Reiza sighs before slapping her cheeks. “Okay, let’s get you changed.”


“…” Staring at her bento, Karika couldn’t help but worry for Reiza and Vey.

“Hey, Karika. Are you alright? You’ve been staring at your lunch for two minutes now.”

“Uwah..what? Oh, sorry, Bria. I was just thinking about sis back home…” An oddity in her group, Bria is a Baphomet who chooses to appear more adult-like given her height and muscular physique.

“Your sis…Reiza, right? It must be something big considering how quickly you’d devour your lunch…” While Bria had a bowl of grilled chicken salad for lunch, Reiza made Karika pork bowl bento with edamame.

“It’s just a friend of ours on a honeymoon trip. She asked us to look after her three-month-old baby while on vaca. Sis is looking after her since she’s home twenty-four-seven.”

“Ah, I see. Yeah, babies can be a pain in the ass the first few months…”

“I take it you’ve babysat before?” Munching on her salad, Bria shook her head before swallowing.

“I’ve just recently had my third kid. My oldest is already attending middle school. Trust me, I know the woes of parenting…” Karika was about to take her first bite before she stopped upon learning Bria was already well-versed in child-rearing.

“I…uh…no offense, but you don’t look like someone with three kids. Unless…right, you’re a Baphomet. So at some point, you must’ve…” While it’s only those two eating together, other coworkers are eating within earshot next to them.

“Heyheyheyheyhey! Don’t get any funny ideas! I look young, but trust me. I didn’t have my first kid until I was twenty-four!”

“Oh, ehehe. Sorry for the wrong assumption there…”

“You should be. It’s already hard enough for us Baphomets here since Humans on Earth think we’re pedo-baits. It took me a while to get used to looking like this, but it’s better than the image of a typical Baphomet breastfeeding their baby…”

“Yeah…that would be weird. Though, can’t you always just go for the oppai-loli route?”

“That’d make things worse, you idiot! Geez! Let’s drop that for now and get back to the main topic, alright?”

“R-right. Sorry…” Karika scratches the back of her head while bowing in apology. After finishing their lunch, they had ten minutes left on their break. “So, how often would you say your baby wakes you up in the morning?”

“Ugh…you’d honestly be lucky with two hours of sleep. Babies don’t have a set sleep schedule. They’ll cry when they soil their diapers. They’ll cry if they’re too cold or too hot. They’ll cry when they’re hungry. Fuck, they’ll sometimes cry for no reason. You’d better prepare yourself for a sleepless night. How long are you babysitting your friend’s baby anyway?”

“A whole week. Dropped off this morning.”

“Oh, you poor, poor soul. I wish you luck…”

“Gee, you don’t sound too empathetic…”


“Hey, come on now. No matter how many times you push your hands there, no milk’s gonna come out…” Having finished most of tonight’s dishes for dinner, all Reiza had to do was wait for the chicken she left in the oven to cook. While waiting, Reiza held Vey as she started to prod and grasp Reiza’s chest with her little hands.

*Ring, Ring!*

“Hmm?” Hearing her phone going off, Reiza saw that it was Trisha calling her. “Hello, Trisha?”

“Ah, hey there Reiza. How’re you doing?”

“I’m doing fine. Are you and Markus already in Japan?”

“We just got off the plane. How’s Vey behaving? Is she a good girl?”

“Yup. Right here, laying on my lap.” Switching to video call, Reiza points her phone’s selfie camera toward Vey.

“Ah! There’s my cute little Vey! You’ve been a good girl?” It was hard for Vey to focus on Reiza’s phone screen. That said, she did recognize Trisha’s voice before Vey started giggling when Trisha called her name out.

“Can she even recognize us from the phone’s screen?” Hearing Markus’s voice next, Vey’s giggling got louder. She even stretched her arms out as if wanting to be carried by him. “Aww, I’m sorry, Vey. But daddy’s not there right now.”

“Tsk! And you say Vey doesn’t play favorites! She’s always begging for your attention, Markus!”

“Now, don’t be like that, Trisha. Vey calls out to you just as much as she does for me…” Listening to their banter, Reiza remembers the times she bantered with Karika for similar reasons, making her chuckle aloud.

“Ah, sorry about that, Reiza. Anyway, I’m glad to hear Vey’s doing alright. She hasn’t caused any trouble, has she?”

“No. Aside from Vey’s ridiculous strength, she acts just like any other baby. Though, I was wondering if Vey’s capable of walking already?”

“Ah, right. So, we think Vey should be able to walk at this point. The idea of a three-month-old baby crawling seems absurd. And that does apply to some monster babies. However, those with highly developed legs, like Centaurs can walk almost immediately after birth. Given Vey’s a Blue Orc like me, I’m sure she can crawl if taught how to.” Reiza didn’t want to ask since she felt like stepping out of line, but she wondered if she could teach Vey how to crawl.

“Hmm…I see. I was just curious since I was following an instructional video on how to keep monster babies occupied. Aside from what you wrote in your notes, I had Vey do some bicycle kicks to exercise her legs. That’s when I noticed her legs were much tougher than I initially thought. She also has a hell of a grip when grabbing my horns…”

“Sorry about that. Vey does that to me all the time. How did you get her to let go of your horns?”

“Ah, I…” Reiza’s cheeks had turned red. How could she tell Trisha that she blew a raspberry on Vey’s belly to get her to let go? “Um…I blew a raspberry on her belly…”

“Oh? I never thought of that! I always went for her feet and tickled her there to get her to let go. I’ll have to try that when we get back!” Trisha didn’t seem to notice Reiza’s hesitance to answer. Either that or she simply didn’t care. “Reiza…is there something else on your mind? You seem hesitant on something.”

“Ah, yes, well…” Even through her phone’s selfie camera, Markus and Trisha could tell Reiza wanted to ask them something.

“It’s alright, Reiza. If you have an idea, we’d be happy to hear it.” Along with Trisha nodding in approval, Markus’s encouragement helped Reiza come to a decision.

“Y-you two wouldn’t mind if I help her learn how to crawl, do you?”

“I don’t see why not?” Without hesitation, Trisha answered Reiza’s question, shocking her.

“Ah…don’t you two want to be the ones to teach her how to crawl?! Vey’s your baby, you know. She’s your special bundle of joy and a living proof of your love for each other.”

“I appreciate your consideration, Reiza. It’s sweet of you to ask for our permission. That said. We want what’s best for Vey. If you believe this is important for her development, then you have our permission to do so. We wouldn’t have trusted you with her if we didn’t think about that possibility, you know?” This was Reiza’s opportunity to learn ahead for when she gives birth someday. So Reiza was eager to practice caring for Vey as if she were her own baby. But she didn’t want to take away a precious moment from Trisha and Markus, so she didn’t think she had the right to take that away from Vey’s parents.

“We already had plenty of precious moments with Vey. Believe me. Trisha has all the photos and videos on her phone to prove it. We know first-hand how precious and important those moments are. And we’re happy to share them with friends we trust.”

“Yup. Although, if Vey learns how to crawl, you have to record it and the process that led up to it so Markus and I can see it happen, okay?” Feeling relieved knowing Trisha and Markus saw nothing wrong with Reiza’s suggestion, she agrees to Trisha’s condition.

“Absolutely. In fact, I could just call you two again and make a video call when it happens.”

“Sounds great! We’ll call you again tomorrow once we get settled in.”

“Alright. Take care, Trisha, Markus.”

“Bye, Vey! Mommy will see you again tomorrow!” When their video call ended, the timing synched perfectly with the oven as the chicken had just finished. Setting it on top of the stove to cool, Reiza spent the last twenty minutes before Faulkner and Karika’s usual arrival studying for tonight’s class.

“Hey, we’re home!” Coming through the front door first was Karika. Kicking her shoes off, she made a bee-line right for Vey before Reiza stopped her by grabbing her tail. “Yeowch! What was that for?!”

“First, keep your voice down. Vey’s napping.” Pointing at Vey, she was indeed fast asleep. “Second, do I have to remind you to bathe first thing after coming home from work?”

“Ugh. Fine…” In an act of spite, Karika threw her safety vest right at Reiza’s face. “Here, do me a favor and get this cleaned.”

“Ah! You bitch. It’s all wet from your sweat.”

“Uh…that’s why I’m asking you to clean them. Hahaha…” Walking away before Reiza could retort, she simply clenches Karika’s safety vest before almost throwing it straight to the ground. Before she could make the throw, Faulkner grabbed her arm to stop her.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get her back for you. Just do as she asks for now. Then, when we’re all settled, we’ll look after Vey so you can focus on your studies for your class tonight.”


“So, how was it looking after Vey the whole day? It wasn’t too stressful, was it?”

“No. Vey’s no different from any other baby. You know, aside from her ridiculous strength…”

“Right. Well, I’ll get changed real quick. I’ll help you set the dinner table when I get back.” While Faulkner and Karika were getting changed and cleaned up in the master bedroom, Vey had woken from her nap. Hungry for another bottle of Trisha’s milk, she spat her pacifier out before crying aloud.

“Ah, crap! Hold on, Vey. I’ll get your milk real quick.” Moving as fast as she could, Reiza’s control over her tail had improved as she used it to grab a clean bottle while using her hands to grab a bag of Trisha’s milk in the refrigerator. Using flame magic, Reiza warms the milk to the proper body temperature before pouring some into Vey’s baby bottle. Then, picking Vey up, Reiza cradles Vey in her right arm before giving Vey her bottle.

“It’s not too hot, right?” Gulping down Trisha’s milk, Vey calmed down before holding onto the bottle with a serene look in her eyes. “Good…” Coming down first after getting changed, Faulkner rushed downstairs after hearing Vey crying.

“Hey, did something happen just now?”

“Oh, that was quick, Faulkner. No, Vey was just hungry.”

“Ah. Heh. Pretty convenient timing for Vey then since we’re about to eat soon. I’ll get the table set since you have your hands full with her…” Giving Vey a poke on her left cheek, she briefly stares at Faulkner before closing her eyes again.

By the time Karika finished showering and dressed, Reiza had put Vey back in her bassinet with her pacifier in her mouth.

“Aww! Such a cutie! You’ve been a good girl, Vey?” For once, Karika ignores the scent of freshly cooked dinner set on the dining table to greet Vey.

“Hmm?” Seeing Karika, Vey’s eyes lit up at two familiar sights. Recognizing their size and shape, she lets go of her half-emptied bottle and stretches her arms out while curling her fingers.

“Oh? You want up?” From Karika’s point of view, it seemed all Vey wanted was to be up. In doing so, Vey went straight for Karika’s chest once she was in Karika’s arms. “Ah. Hey now, I don’t have milk, you know?” Unlike Reiza, Vey seemed more persistent in trying to drink from Karika’s chest. She even tries to put her mouth on them. Perhaps Vey was convinced Karika had milk in her chest since they were roughly the same size as Trisha’s.

“You idiot, stop encouraging her. If Vey keeps trying to drink milk from you, she’ll think it’s okay to do that with every woman who holds her.” Reiza was more responsible compared to Karika, who wanted to spoil Vey.

“Ah, quit your griping! It’s not like it’s hurting anyone. Or maybe…ehehe…you must be jealous. I bet Vey didn’t do this to you since she’d starve trying to drink milk from your itty bitty titties…” Pissing Reiza off, red flames erupted from the tips of her horns.

“Sh-she did that to me earlier, you stupid pig. Must be sad knowing the only reason Vey tolerates your smelly ass is because of your fat tits.” Despite lacking evidence Vey found Karika smelly, it was enough to set Karika off. Since she was holding onto Vey, the best she could do was butt heads with Reiza.

“I just took a shower, small tits! Maybe you should get your nose checked?!”

“You could take a dozen showers. You’d still smell like a pig pen!” Usually, Faulkner doesn’t intervene when Karika and Reiza get into an argument. No matter how often, the two would always go at it, then make up later when having sex with him.

This time, however.

“WAAAAHH!!!” Vey didn’t have to understand what Reiza and Karika were saying to know they were mad. All Vey knew was they weren’t happy. And that scares her before she naturally cries out in fear.

“Ah?!” Snapping out of their anger, Karika and Reiza instantaneously panicked as they tried to find ways to calm Vey down.

“Tsk. Karika, give Vey to me.” Feeling guilty for making Vey cry, Karika handed Vey to Faulkner before he cradled her in his arms.

“There, there. Reiza, hand me Vey’s rattle, would yah?”

“Ah, right!” While Reiza went to the living room to grab Vey’s rattle, Karika was pacing back and forth in front of Faulkner.

“I’m so sorry, Vey! I didn’t mean to scare you!”

“I know you’re sorry, Karika. But keep your voice down. You screaming an apology to her isn’t helping.” Doing what he can to calm her down, Faulkner gently rocks Vey in his arms while stroking her back gently. “You’re okay, Vey.” Coming back with Vey’s oni club-shaped rattle, Reiza handed it over to Faulkner before he shook it in front of Vey. “Oh, what’s this? It’s your favorite club.” While shaking her rattler in front of her, Faulkner’s smile and calm voice helped to curb Vey’s cries as the sound of the rattle got her attention.

“There, see? It’s your rattle. Don’t you want to smack bad guys with it?” Shaking her rattle as if he were smacking something with it, Vey stopped crying altogether. Her attention diverted to her rattle, she stretched her arms out to grab it. “Ah, here you go, Vey.” Giving it to her, Vey swings the rattle a few times. The feeling of the rattle in her arm made her giddy before she started laughing.

“O-oh…thank god…” Seeing Vey laughing and smiling, Karika and Reiza sigh in relief.

“Ahem.” Their short reprieve was cut short when they saw the look Faulkner was giving them. It wasn’t so much that he was angry as he was disappointed. “Reiza, pick up Vey’s bottle and clean the nipple nozzle. Then, heat it up again so Vey can finish the rest of her milk.

“Okay.” Reiza went back to the kitchen to clean Vey’s bottle.

“Karika. Watch me.”

“O-okay.” Watching diligently, Faulkner instructs Karika on how to calm Vey down when she’s crying.

“Vey tends to get bored really easily, so you have to keep her visually and physically stimulated when Vey’s awake. Vey is most awake during this time since it’s the time Trisha and Markus are together.”

“What about during the day when she’s with sis?” Coming back with Vey’s bottle, Faulkner shakes the bottle in front of Vey to entice her. Seeing the milk bottle in front of her, Vey tosses her rattle aside before reaching out for her bottle.

“Vey was awake when I was taking care of her too. Granted, she spent more time napping. When she was awake, I kept her occupied by following some simple leg exercises and having her stare at the color books Trisha left for us.” Having tuckered herself out from crying earlier, it didn’t take long for Vey to finish the rest of the bottle.

“Reiza, where’s Vey’s pacifier?”

“Right here.” After cleaning Vey’s pacifier, Reiza popped it into Vey’s mouth. With Faulkner gently swaying her back and forth, Vey eventually fell asleep in his arms. Gently putting Vey on her bassinet, it was Faulkner’s turn to let out a sigh of relief as the three of them could finally eat.

“Shit…the food got a little cold…” Reiza didn’t like to eat her food if it wasn’t hot, so she nuked her plate to reheat it. Karika didn’t care as she started eating right away.

“I swear. You two shouldn’t argue when you’re around Vey. I don’t care who starts it. For now.” Pointing his fork at Karika, he glares at her since she’s the one who started it this time around. “Apologize to Reiza, Karika.”

“…” Waiting for Reiza to join them on the table, Karika was genuinely apologetic, evident by her folded ears. “Sorry, Reiza. I shouldn’t have teased you earlier.”

“It’s fine. I called you names you didn’t deserve either. Sorry about that.” After apologizing to each other, the rest of dinner time went smoothly.

When they finished eating, it was Karika’s turn to look after Vey while Faulkner was helping Reiza clean the dishes.

“Did Trisha call you at all today?”

“Yeah. Trisha called roughly an hour and a half ago. They had made it to Japan, so they’re going to their air BNB site next. They said they’ll call again once settled in, so they’ll probably call again tomorrow.”

“That’s good.”

“Also, I asked them if it was okay for me to teach Vey how to crawl.”

“Teaching Vey how to crawl? Any particular reason why?” When thinking of a reason, a scene came to mind. Encouraging Vey to crawl to them, Karika would hold the camera to record it happening while Faulkner and Reiza were on the floor clapping to Vey for her to come to them.

“Why not? I got Trisha and Markus’s permission to do it. Vey’s legs are strong already, so teaching her to talk sooner shouldn’t be a problem. Besides…” Staring at the bubbly brew of dirty dishes and dish soap, Reiza’s blushing cheeks and whittling flames told Faulkner all he needed to know what she was imagining.

“Okay…I don’t see why not. But this is literally our first day. The worst part is yet to come. I hope you realize this…” Looking back at Karika, she gently tosses Vey up into the air. Judging from Vey’s giggling, she seemed to enjoy what Karika was doing. And Karika seemed just as, if not happier than Vey. “Heh. At least for now, we’re in the calm before the storm.” Dreading what comes later tonight, Reiza nervously sighed before she and Faulkner eventually finished cleaning the dishes.

Reiza spent the rest of the night on her online classes and studies. Karika kept Vey plenty occupied with the toys Trisha left behind for them. Faulkner was grading papers in the living room rather than their bedroom so he could keep an eye on Karika and Vey.

When Reiza finished her classes, she decided to take a small, personal break and asked Faulkner to come to the bedroom…

“Right, I keep forgetting you need more than just normal food to get by…” Sitting in their bed with his pants already taken off by Reiza, she was already rubbing his semi-hard dick in her right hand.

“We can’t exactly do the nasty as openly as we want to for this week. So, we’ll have to take turns getting you off during the weekdays. An hour at the most, so I’m gonna make sure I get my fill…” Starting from his scrotum, Reiza gently licks his balls before dragging her tongue over the length of his shaft. Feeling Faulkner tremble after a couple of licks, Reiza’s eyes narrowed with glee. His face scrunching in pleasure.

“Sho…howwshhh wrrrkkk?” Closing her lips on Faulkner’s dick, Reiza drags her lips next while asking him how his work day went.

“Ah, don’t talk while you’re sucking me off…” To Faulkner, every word she uttered sent vibrations through his waist. Added to the soft, unnatural warmth of her lips, the wetness of her tongue, and her incredible technique, Faulkner was already bucking his hips. Precum starts to leak from the tip of his dick.

“Come on now, I haven’t squeezed it between my tits yet…” Experience tells Reiza that Faulkner was on the verge of exploding. That’s when she presses her lips against the tip, swallows it halfway, and rolls her tongue around the head.

“AAHHH! R-Reiza!” Using her right hand to stroke his shaft, Reiza kept his bucking hips pinned down with her left hand. Unable to hold it in, Faulkner cums in Reiza’s mouth.

“Hmmm…” Calmly drinking it down, Reiza deepthroats him once to milk Faulkner dry. When he finished, Reiza pulled her lips away from the length of his dick before letting go with a pop.

“Fuwahh…pretty thick.” Having adapted to Reiza and Karika’s libido, Faulkner’s dick stood tall despite cumming once. “You didn’t answer my question. How was work, Faulkner?”

“F-fine. I had the students in English class write an essay about their home country.” Taking off her clothes, Reiza tossed her wet panties on the bed before leaning back against the wall. With a flap of her wings and a twirl of her tail, she playfully smacks her butt in front of Faulkner.

“What about the other class?” Distracted by her ‘assets,’ Faulkner stood up to grab her butt. “H-hey now. Did you hear me?”

“Don’t play coy, Reiza. You expect me to think when you have your ass right in front of me like this?” Getting on his knees, Faulkner spreads her pussy open. With her wetness leaking down to his hands and arms, he sticks his tongue out before giving her wet lips a lick.

“Aahh…I guess not…” After some more licking, Reiza was ready for Faulkner’s dick. Wrapping her tail around his waist, she licks her lips in anticipation. Watching anxiously as his throbbing dick got closer to her eager pussy, the door to their bedroom suddenly opened.

“WAH! Faulkner, help!” Barging in without knocking, Karika froze when she saw Faulkner and Reiza. “Uh…I know I said I wouldn’t interrupt…but I need help from one of you guys…” Completely ruining the mood, Faulkner and Reiza stared at Karika with contempt. “I’m sorry, okay! Please, I just need one of you!” Despite being on the second floor, they can hear Vey crying as clear as day.

“Ugh…I’ll go.” Letting go of her asscheeks, Reiza reluctantly unwinds her tail before Faulkner puts his boxers and pants on. “Alright, Karika. What’s the problem?” Explaining on their way downstairs, Reiza hears Faulkner groan in annoyance as the problem Karika was having involves changing Vey’s diaper. He had already taught her how to do it earlier this morning, but she panicked and forgot the steps.

In the meantime, Reiza used this time to brush her teeth. When she finished, Faulkner was still downstairs helping Karika. It took another five minutes before Faulkner came back to the bedroom.

“Ugh…I love that idiot, but that doesn’t change the fact that she is one…”

“What happened?”

“Karika forgot the proper steps to changing a diaper. Or so she says. She probably just doesn’t want to since it grosses her out.” Washing his hands thoroughly in the bathroom, Faulkner sat with Reiza on the bed with her. They only had ten minutes left before Reiza’s self-appointed study time. Contemplating whether or not to go on, Faulkner reassured her by kissing her.

“Still wanna go at it?”

“Yeah…” Starting off with some light kissing, they lost themselves to the feeling of one another’s lips as Faulkner took the initiative. Happily reciprocating his squirming tongue, Reiza sucks on it lovingly while moaning out his name. Stripping without a single word, Reiza gets on her knees and grabs onto the headboard.

Like before, Faulkner grabs hold of her asscheeks while Reiza wraps her tail around his waist. This time, Faulkner pushed his dick deep inside her, causing Reiza to tilt her head upward.

“Yes! It feels great!”

“In the mood for doggystyle this time around, huh?”

“Yeah, I can feel you hitting me real deep like this. If we had more time, I’d prefer missionary so we can kiss while fucking…” Starting off strong, Reiza was quickly left moaning as the bedframe creaked with every thrust of his hips. Grabbing onto her tits halfway, Faulkner pinches her nipples while biting the tip of Reiza’s left ear.

“You always tighten up whenever I do this to you. I wonder what sets you off more?” Planning on finishing quickly but spectacularly, Faulkner pinches Reiza’s nipples harder first.

“Aaahhh….haaahh…” While it did cause her to moan and buck her hips more frantically, Reiza’s pussy didn’t tighten much. Then, when he gently blows into her ears and sucks on the tips, her back stiffens while her pussy’s grip on his dick tightened even more.

“So it’s the ear teasing that sets you off?”

“D-dummy! Both of those things set me off! It’s just that my ears are a bit more sensitive since I’m ticklish there!”

“Ah, my bad. I just wanted to hear you moan since you’re cuter and more desperate sounding than when Karika moans…” Clicking her tongue in frustration, Reiza was only slightly frustrated at being teased by Faulkner.

“Tch! You fucking asshole. Just kiss me already…” Making out one last time, Faulkner pumps Reiza full of cum. They finished with a minute to spare.

“Ah…I’ll be downstairs with Karika. If you need something else, just let me know…”

“Ye-yeah…I will…” Basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, Reiza stayed on their bed for a few more minutes before cleaning up. After that, it was study time for Reiza while Karika took her shower to get ready for bed. Faulkner looked after Vey in the meantime, blissfully asleep in his arms.

“…” Staring at Vey, it took all of Faulkner’s willpower to stop himself from poking her cheeks on the off chance it’d wake her up. ‘The future. When I eventually get Karika and Reiza pregnant, what will I do? What school do I take them to? How should I raise them?’ In the back of his mind, Faulkner avoided one obvious fact about his life that he’ll have to tell his kids at some point.

“I wonder what Mom and Dad are up to…” Getting lost in thought, Faulkner didn’t even notice Karika standing there.

“Faulkner?” Calling his name out, Faulkner jumped before he recognized Karika was in front of him. The sudden jolt woke Vey up.

“Ah. Oh, Karika. Sorry about that.” Again, Vey coos and stretches her little arms at Karika’s chest. It didn’t help that the only thing she was wearing at the time was pajama shorts and a towel over her neck to cover her chest.

“Aww, you these! Well, not this time, kiddo. I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. Just like what Reiza said.” Poking Vey on her nose, Vey grabs Karika’s right pointing finger. “Whoa. You’re quick, Vey. And…” Of course, Karika could easily pull her finger away from Vey. But the reluctance in Vey’s eyes was too much for Karika to handle. “And so strong.” Faulkner chuckles before standing up and handing Vey over to her.

“Alright, I’ll go take my shower next.”

“Wha-” Practically pushing Vey to her, Karika already had to wrestle Vey away from her chest before Faulkner had even made it upstairs to their bathroom. “Hey! Did you really have to do that?!”

“Yup. I need to shower too, so keep an eye on her till then.” Leaving the two behind, Karika held Vey under her arms. Staring at one another, Vey cooed as her eyes locked onto Karika’s chest.

“Believe me, kiddo, if I could, I would…” Figuring she was hungry, Karika went to look for Vey’s bottle. Setting Vey down in her bassinet, Karika took the freshly cleaned baby bottle in the kitchen and poured Trisha’s milk into it. “Uh…how long should I nuke it in the microwave again?” Looking at the notes Trisha left behind, it said to heat the bottle of milk at body temperature. “Uh…what does she mean by ‘body temperature?'” Using her phone, Karika looked up the proper temperature the milk should be at for feeding. “Oh…okay. I guess I’ll have to do it by feel.”

Carefully nuking the milk, Karika would occasionally stop it so she could pour droplets of milk onto her hand to check if they felt too cold or too hot.

“Hmm…” Letting her curiosity get the better of her, Karika licks her hand clean to taste the milk. “It’s…sweeter than cow’s milk…” Staring at the bottle, Karika thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a sip. Pursing her lips, she tilts the bottle up close to her mouth.

“Uh…what’re you doing?” Surprising her, Karika twitched before turning around and seeing Reiza.

“Wah! D-don’t scare me like that, sis! I almost spilled the bottle!”

“Right. Look, we need to make the supply of milk Trisha gave us last. I’ll forgive you this time since it’s the first day, but I already bottle-fed her. We don’t want to overfeed her.”

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.”

“It’s alright. You were taking a shower when I was feeding Vey, so it’s no big deal.”

“So, we can reheat this again later?”

“No. The milk loses its nutrition if you nuke it again. Just pour it down the sink…” Seeing the hesitation from Karika’s ears going limp, Reiza raised an eyebrow at her before putting her hands on her hips. “Really?”

“What?! You’re curious too. I know you are!”


“Hey, it’s time for bed, you two. Trust me, you’ll want to sleep while…” Walking into the kitchen at an awkward time, Faulkner stumbled upon Karika handing over the half-empty bottle of Trisha’s breast milk. Evident by the milk clinging to their lips, they giggled softly before setting the bottle on the kitchen counter. “Really?”

“What?! You can’t tell me you’re NOT curious?” Saying nothing, Faulkner picks Vey up from her bassinet and cradles her in his arms.

“Come on, you two. The sooner we get to bed, the better. And make sure one of you brings Vey’s bassinet to the bedroom.” Heading back upstairs, Karika and Reiza look at each other before sighing in unison.

Joining him shortly after, Karika was the one who brought the bassinet before setting it down next to their bed.

“Alright Vey. Be a good girl and get a nice, long sleep.” Setting her down in her bassinet, Faulkner plays with her to lull her into sleep. Once asleep, Faulkner wastes no time jumping in bed with Karika and Reiza to try and get as much sleep as possible.



“Ugh…fuck…” Waking all three up, Faulkner was the first to rouse out of bed to calm Vey down. Karika only glanced at the clock and saw that only an hour and a half had passed since they fell asleep. “there…there. It’s okay, Vey…” Gently rocking her in his arms, Faulkner’s attempts at calming Vey down were working. Only after smelling something foul did he notice what it was. “Oh, you need to get changed. Reiza, do me a favor and bring me a fresh diaper…”

“Got it…” While groggy, Reiza goes downstairs to grab two pairs of diapers while Faulkner cleans Vey up.

“Karika, toss this out in the garbage can outside, will yah?”

“Dammit…fine…” Reluctantly throwing the soiled diaper out, they finished in less than five minutes. Once Vey was changed, a pacifier to her mouth rendered her sleepy before falling back asleep.

“Shit, it hasn’t even been two hours…”

“Get used to it, Karika. Vey will probably wake up again in two hours, maybe one…” Heading back to bed as soon as possible, Vey would wake them up again in an hour. And another hour after that.

In the end, Faulkner and Karika only managed three and a half hours of sleep.

Day one. Complete.


“My goodness lad, are you alright?” Hardly getting any chance to sleep, Faulkner’s droopy eyes were all Missus Butters needed to see how his night went.

“Tired. Taking care of Vey isn’t as hard as I initially thought, but the fact she kept us awake more often than not was a problem. Trisha must’ve dealt with that when, yet she didn’t seem any less tired.” Rather than wake her up, Faulkner lets Reiza sleep in before he takes Karika, who is even more hesitant to work with him.

“Well, that’s to be expected, hun. Mothers are quite powerful.”

“Clearly…” Joining her for lunch, Faulkner brought yesterday’s dinner as leftovers while Missus Butters had shepherd’s pie she made for lunch in TMRC’s cafeteria room. “Missus Butters. As an experienced mother of…” Trying to recall how many children Missus Butters has, she giggles as she watches him count with his fingers.


“Right, seven. How did you manage your kids?”

“Well…it’s pretty easy now since the second oldest of my kids is twenty. She’s looking after the other rugrats in the house. But, when I had my first kiddo…it was a struggle and a half trying to find a babysitter willing to look after her. She was quite the glutton. She’d drink so much that she’d end up draining both tits at once…” Missus Butters cups her G cup breasts when recalling how sore they got after each feeding, making Faulkner’s cheeks turn red before turning his head away.

“TMI, Missus Butters.” Amused by his reaction, Missus Butters feigns ignorance and continues.

“It’s hard at first. In fact. I’d argue it’s easier the first year-round.”

“Really? How so?”

“When she was still a baby, guessing what Anisa’s needs were easy. Whether it was a diaper change or more milk, you can tell what your baby needs when you spend enough time with them. But as they age, kids start to want things or see things differently from what you do. They start learning how to talk at age two. So you have to teach them what they can and can’t say. At age three, they’ll become more aware of what’s around them and ask you what things are. The real struggle comes into their adolescence when they start thinking more independently. Depending on who taught them, they can be irritable at times.” Pondering the obstacles ahead, Faulkner wonders how long he should wait before having kids. He’s already thirty and reaching thirty-one a few months from now.

“Faulkner, are you planning on having little ones of your own?”

“Eventually. I’m just not sure when…”

“Considering how…*ahem* often you do it with Karika and Reiza, it’s only a matter of time before one gets pregnant.” The thought of either of them getting pregnant in the near future made Faulkner shudder before he continued eating.

“Heh. I’ll take responsibility when the time comes…”


“Oh god, Karika, are you alright?!” Two hours before the end of Karika’s shift, she suddenly collapsed while carrying four fifteen steel beams on her back. In a hurry to help her coworker, Bria effortlessly chucks the steel beams off Karika’s back before turning her around to look at her face. “Eh?”

“…zzz…” Feeling almost stupid for worrying, Karika didn’t seem hurt at all. Instead, she had passed out from exhaustion due to being sleep-deprived. “It’s only her first day…and she’s already like this?” Pulling one of many items out of her construction utility belt, Bria pops the lid of her thermos filled with cold water before pouring some directly on Karika’s face. ”

“WAH! COLD!!!” Getting up so fast that she jumped three feet into the air, Karika shook her head vigorously to shake the water off her face and hair.

“Rise and shine, sleepy head. Seriously. How do you go from lifting heavy steel beams to falling asleep? Are you hurt at all?” Tossing a clean towel for Karika to dry herself with, she wipes herself dry before feeling around her body for any injuries.

“My back’s a little sore. But other than that, I’m fine.”

“That’s good. Your first day babysitting your friend’s baby that bad?” With a nervous smile and shrunken pupils, Bria knew Karika’s first day of babysitting was an exhausting ordeal.

“D-don’t get me wrong. Vey’s one hell of a cute baby! But dear god. She’s so needy! People typically need eight or so hours of sleep. Right? So how can a baby sleep soundly for one hour, then cry as if its life depends on it the second?!”

“Because, in a way, it does. Babies are fragile little things, Karika. A slight inconvenience for us can be deadly to them. What if your baby chokes in her sleep? What if she rolls flat on her face and can’t roll back? It’s your duty as a parent to make sure they’re fine. Or, in your case, babysitter.”

“Yeah, I know. Just let me vent a little…”

“We got roughly two hours left. Just hang in there for a little bit longer.” Patting Karika on the back, she got pushed forward by Bria’s ‘gentle’ pat.

“Gah! I got it! Sheesh. Your pats of encouragement hurt more than the steel beams falling on my back.”

“You’re about the only person I can do that to.” Laughing it off, Bria carries all four steel beams in one arm like they weigh nothing. “I got these. I want to see if you can lift the forty-foot steel beam. Unless the pain you felt from my light smack just now was too much for yah?” Stirring Karika’s competitive spirit to wake her up, Bria eggs her on by taunting her.

“Tch! Yeah, right! I’m right as rain!” Falling for Bria’s taunt, Karika deadlifts the forty-foot steel beam before slinging it upward onto her right shoulder. “Let’s go!”


Back home, Reiza had caught up with most of the day’s daily chores. Now, she’s resting on the living room couch with Vey sitting on her lap as they watch cartoons together.

“Is this really the cartoons Trisha shows Vey?” The cartoon on their TV was about a Werecat and a Werewolf trying to win the affection of a human man. The scene, in particular, shows the Werecat kissing the man while the Werewolf gives chase. That went on twice before the Werewolf had an idea and pushed the man aside to take his place. With the Werecat lost in the rhythm of their chase, she grabs the Werewolf and holds her tenderly while stroking her hair.

[ “I love you.” *Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss.* “You yet set my soul on fire…” *KIIIIIIIISSSSS!!!* “It isn’t just a simple, eh spark. It is a flame.” *Smooch* “A big, roaring flame. I can feel it now…”]

Realizing something was amiss after the man she meant to kiss was staring back at her, the Werecat looked back and forth between him and the Werewolf, who unrealistically was waiting for her to stop. Once the Werecat realized who she was smooching, she covered the Werewolf’s eyes, slowly repositioned herself, and then slammed the Werewolf’s head on the ground before running away.

“Pfft!” Imagining herself, Faulkner, and Karika as the characters in the show, it was obvious who Faulkner would be. The bigger question was who would be the Werecat and the Werewolf in that situation. Regardless of who would play what, the idea itself made Reiza laugh. In turn, watching Reiza laugh made Vey laugh. The sound of Vey’s cute laughter shook Reiza out of her fantasy before picking Vey up under her arms.

“Aww, you think it’s funny too?” Blowing raspberries on her belly, Vey giggles louder as she waves her tiny arms around. “You’re such an adorable blueberry baby! Yes, you are, oh, yes you are!” Making Vey laugh even harder, she loses control before a wet sound echoes in the rooms.


“Eh…WAAAHHH!!!!” Regret immediately sets in as the foul smell of Vey’s soiled diaper nearly makes Reiza gag.

“I guess that was my dumbass fault. Time to get you changed…” Once Vey got changed, it was time to feed her again. During that time, Trisha calls again to check up on them.

“Oh, she kept you all up, huh?”

“Yeah. Thankfully, Vey stayed asleep four hours after Faulkner and Karika left, so I’m sufficiently rested. Those two are probably exhausted by now…”

“Ah, I feel bad for those two. Yeah, Vey sleeps the longest between six and ten in the morning. Not sure why, but she does.”

“So, where are you two now?”

“We’re in a resort in Furuzamami Beach. It’s still about thirty minutes before eight in the morning for us. So Markus and I are having breakfast right now.” Sitting on an outside patio with a gorgeous beachside view, Trisha and Markus soak in the scenery while eating steamed white rice, grilled fish, tamagoyaki, and side dishes like tofu and nori.

“Wow, sounds nice. I’m happy for you two.”

“Alright. We’ll call again, same time tomorrow.”

“Gotcha. Take care, Trisha, Markus.” Hanging up shortly after, Reiza looked down on Vey, who had just finished drinking her milk. “Welp, time for some brain exercises.” Setting Vey back in her bassinet, Reiza plays with her for the rest of the day until Faulkner and Karika get home. Reiza was in for a surprise when she saw Faulkner carrying the already sleeping Karika on his back.

“Was she really that tired?” Waiting until Faulkner got to the living room, he gently laid Karika on her back on the couch.

“Hnngaah…oh…back home…” Completely lost in her quest for comfort, Karika paid no mind to Faulkner and Reiza as she stripped her work clothes off until all she had left were her sports bra and boy shorts. Lazily putting her sweaty work clothes beside her, Karika laid back on the couch before falling asleep again. Faulkner and Reiza simply stared at each other in disbelief.

“What a fucking slob…” Picking up after Karika, Reiza throws Karika’s work clothes into a hamper with the rest of the dirty clothes this week.”

“Hehe…sorry about that. Karika was wide awake when I picked her up from work. I guess the drive back home must’ve relaxed her enough to put her to sleep.” Karika rarely snores, but when she does, like what she’s doing now, it usually means she’s exhausted. Faulkner wasn’t much better. His eyelids felt heavy. If he let his guard down, he’d surely fall asleep just as quickly. Feeling bad for the both of them, Reiza walks to Faulkner and kisses him on his forehead.

“Tell you what? I got some sleep shortly after you two left for work. You can snooze for an hour or two. I’ll make dinner in the meantime. When it’s ready, I’ll wake you two up.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. You guys can get some sleep after dinner too, if you want.” Reiza’s online classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since today’s Tuesday, Reiza’s extended study day, she figured she could give Faulkner and Karika some slack. However, as much as he appreciates her offer, Faulkner shook his head in protest.

“I’ll take you up on the nap before dinner. But after, I’ll stay up and look after Vey. Depending on her mood, I might be able to get Karika to look after Vey for a bit. Your studies are important, and you need adequate rest to study at a hundred percent.” After stretching his arms out, Faulkner picks Karika up bridal style before heading to their bedroom.

“Fine. Tonight’s dinner will be oven-baked salmon, alright?”

“Yum, can’t wait.” Snoring away without a care, Karika subconsciously wraps her arms around Faulkner’s chest. “Geez…you’d better not be pretending to be asleep…” Watching Faulkner walk off with Karika, she looked back at Vey. With her pacifier in her mouth, Vey grabs her feet and kicks her legs around for fun.

“Alright, let’s turn your mobile on so I can start on dinner.” The electronic mobile Trisha bought for Vey had hanging toys depicting Oni’s, Clubs, and generic-looking monsters on it. When turned on, the mobile began to spin the toy ornaments. Vey stares at them with wonder in her green eyes before reaching out for them. “Now that you’re adequately distracted…” Reiza was starting to feel tired herself. She got more sleep compared to Faulkner and Karika, but looking after Vey was fairly exhausting. She slaps her cheeks to amp herself up before heading to the kitchen.


Sleeping soundly in their bed together, Karika had not once let go of Faulkner after she wrapped her arms around him. While she did stop snoring as she got comfortable, her constant need for skinship made it near impossible for Faulkner to get any sleep himself. Worst yet, Karika’s intoxicatingly sweet-smelling sweat permeated throughout Faulkner’s body. Trapped in the confines of their bedsheets, it took all of Faulkner’s willpower to keep himself from jerking one out.

‘Dammit, I should’ve slept in the guest bedroom. I forgot Karika typically takes a shower when she gets home from work. Shit…’ Laying down on the bed with an erection, Faulkner helplessly awaits as he seriously ponders jerking himself off under the bed.

“Faulkner, Karika…” Opening the door gently, the scent of baked salmon wafts into the room, snapping Faulkner out of his thoughts.

“Reiza?” Seeing Reiza cradling Vey in her arms, she smiles back at him.

“Dinner’s ready. I’ll be feeding Vey again. You don’t have to hurry out of bed, okay?”

“Sure, we’ll be there in five.” Nodding in response, Reiza closes the bedroom door.

“…alright. I should wake Karika up now…” As if on cue, Karika suddenly shifts positions in her sleep. Now, she’s hugging Faulkner on his side. Her legs wrapped around his from the right.

“Hhnngggaaanggg…” Groaning in her sleep, the corners of her lips begin to rise. “…ah…na…naughty boy…” Speaking softly in her sleep, Faulkner shook his head in disbelief.

“Unbelievable. Come on, Karika, it’s time to-” Cutting him off midsentence, a chill ran up his spine when he felt something wet rubbing against his thigh. “H-hey. Don’t rub yourself off on my leg.” Responding to Faulkner’s flailing, Karika tightens her leg’s grip on his right thigh.

“Fuwaahh…no…” Karika moans softly into his ear. Faulkner’s struggles only served to arouse her more. It happens rarely, but Karika sometimes enters a dreamlike state when exhausted. She fails to differentiate between her dreams and what’s happening outside. It wasn’t exactly sleep fucking perse, but rather she was half-awake while thinking she was still dreaming. “…no…don’t run…” Switching positions, Karika drags herself on top of Faulkner. With their crotches aligned, Faulkner could already feel her wetness seeping into his pajama pants. “Nnggaaa…hard…so hard…” Biting onto his shoulder, Karika starts to rub herself against Faulkner’s crotch.

“Y-you idiot! Wake up already!” Though his words spoke defiance, his lack of action spoke the truth. The groggy movements of her hips felt good. Real good. Faulkner couldn’t bring himself to stop her. Breathing in her sweat earlier chipped away at his ability to think rationally.

“Hnnng…” Embracing the situation he was in, Faulkner began to rub his hips in rhythm with Karika. Soon, he reached the precipice of climax before Karika suddenly stopped.

“Ah…wh-why…” Letting go of his shoulder, he looks to Karika for answers as she stares vacantly into his eyes.

“You know why…can’t let you cum outside. You gotta do it inside…” Even though she was moving and speaking like she was awake, Karika still thought she was dreaming. From her perspective, her vision was hazy, with pink mist obscuring most of her vision. Right now, the only thing on her mind was to please Faulkner. “So cute…” Taking off her boy shorts, a trail of vaginal juices stretches as she pulls them down. His eyes fixated on the stretching juices, Faulkner licked his lips unconsciously in anticipation.

“…” Waiting for Faulkner and Karika, Reiza had just finished feeding Vey. Now, she was at the dinner table waiting for the two to show up. “Hmm…what’s taking them so long? Dinner’s gonna get cold…”

“Okay…they’re off. It’s your turn now…” Wasting no time, Faulkner eagerly pulls his pants and boxers off. Dripping with precum, Karika holds his dick steady with her right hand before swallowing it deep into pussy. Having already been on the edge of climax, Faulkner cums inside her.

“Ah!” His cheeks turning red in embarrassment, Karika giggles as she sways her hips from left to right.

“Don’t be embarrassed…we’re just getting started.” Grinding her hips, Karika made sure to keep Faulkner nice and hard before she started pistoning up and down on him. She starts off slow at first.

“Ah! Wait, I just came!” Still sensitive from cumming earlier, Faulkner starts to drool from the pleasure. He reaches out to her in an attempt to stop her from moving her hips, but Karika misinterprets him and laces her fingers around his.

“So romantic…I appreciate you giving me something to hold onto…”

“No! That’s not-” Cutting him off, Karika pumps her hips faster. The lewd noises of her cum drenched pussy echo in the bedroom. Only drowned out by the creaking noises coming from the bedframe. Karika was completely lost in her dream-like state, slamming her hips repeatedly against Faulkners as he struggled to keep his vision straight. “Dammit…you…” Losing his rationale, Faulkner grits his teeth. Tightening his fingers grip on hers, Faulkner starts to thrust in synch with Karika.

“That’s the spirit! I haven’t cum yet, so you’d better give it your all!” Driven by pure desire, Faulkner’s body acclimates to the pleasure bombarding him as he soon outpaces Karika. Taken by surprise, Karika’s knees give out as she drops her weight on him. With the tip of his dick hitting her deepest spot, Karika’s vaginal walls tighten before cumming. Twitching in place, Karika basked in the afterglow before looking down at Faulkner. “Th-there we go. But not yet. One more, just…just one more!”

“…” Caving into her hunger, Reiza mostly finished her plate. “Don’t tell me…” Right on cue, Reiza’s ears picked up the sound of their bed creaking from upstairs.

“Ah! You’re staring so intently at my chest! Here!” Faulkner’s eyes widened as he watched Karika’s luscious breasts bounce after taking her sports bra off. The urge to grope and suck on them gave him strength to pull his upper body upward before hugging her while burying his face onto her chest. Going right for her right nipple, he sucks it into his mouth while squeezing her left breast hard. “Kyah! Th-they’re not going anywhere y-you know?!” Hugging him back to keep him from falling, Karika alters her hip movements between grinding them forward and rotating them side to side. Regardless of how she moved, her vaginal walls choked Faulkner’s dick at the base while the tip jostled deep inside her.

Reading each other’s desires, they kiss each other one last time before cumming in unison. Pumping her full of cum, Faulkner pushed Karika down into her back while sucking on her loose tongue.

“Fahh…fuck…” Staring down at Karika, Faulkner regained his sanity while staring at Karika’s euphoric smile. “…shit…” Before he had a chance to pull out, the bedroom door opened. “Uh…” Saying nothing, Reiza simply stares coldly at Faulkner.

“…oh…h-hey sis…” Now that Karika was fucked senseless, she snapped out of her dream-like state feeling awake and oddly refreshed despite how roughly she was fucking Faulkner just a few moments ago. “Uh…Faulkner…why do I feel something growing inside me?”

“Uh…” Struggling between answering Karika and responding to Reiza’s abrupt entry, Reiza decided for him as she closed the door on them.

Before they could go downstairs to eat dinner, Faulkner and Karika had to shower and change the bedsheets. For the rest of the night, Reiza ignores Faulkner and Karika while she looks after Vey.

Day two. Complete.

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