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Chapter 15

A new place to call Home.

“You two sure got here early.” Blanketed by a layer of hardened snow, Kilala stood next to the local strip mall ‘Magicia Mall.’ Spotting Nala and Mala with matching purple-furred hoodies and booty denim shorts, the twins smiled and waved at Kilala.

“Reiza’s not here yet?” Mala looked around for Reiza while Nala focused on Kilala’s attire.

“I don’t know what I expected you to wear, but a cable knit wool sweater certainly wasn’t it.” Wearing matching chestnut brown flannel pants and brown-furred winter boots with her light brown sweater, the back of which had slits to accommodate her fairy wings, Kilala shrugged before she looked left and right with Mala.

“It’s warm and cozy, so I could care less if I look weird. Also, Reiza sent me a text five minutes ago. She’ll be here soon.” As she squinted her eyes to try and look for Reiza, Kilala smiled when she saw Faulkner driving a rental moving truck. “There she is.” Pointing at Reiza on the passenger window, Faulkner stops briefly at one of the pickup spots in front of the mall.

“Shit. Nala, Mala, did I keep you two waiting?” As Reiza stepped out of the truck, Kilala, Nala, and Mala noticed Karika in the middle before Karika moved to the seat Reiza had occupied.

“Tch, finally! I hate sitting in the middle…” Seemingly grouchy, Karika scowled at Reiza before they stared at one another.

“Don’t give me that look, porky. We agreed to do rock paper scissors for the right passenger seat. I even humored you with a best out of three and still won. Besides, you got to sit next to Faulkner, so what’s the issue?”

“I-I know, dammit! But I don’t like sitting in the middle since it makes me feel small!”

“What kind of reason is that?! Forget about sitting in the middle. Complaining about something that stupid makes you look like a kid, Porky!”

“What was that, small tits?!” Watching Karika and Reiza bicker like always, it’s great to see Reiza in high spirits after Meredith’s trial.


“Karika, you lost, so stop complaining. And Reiza, stop antagonizing Karika.”

“Right, sorry…” While Reiza willingly complied, Karika bore her canines at Faulkner and growled at him.”

“Uh-huh, so scary. Now come here already.” Patting the front passenger seat with his right hand, Karika scoffed at him before sitting in the front passenger seat like she wanted. “Reiza, call me if anything happens, alright? We’ll come right away.”

“Don’t treat me like a kid, Faulkner. I’ll be fine.” Walking around the front of the truck to the driver seat window, Reiza gave Faulkner a quick kiss on the lips. “I’ll text you thirty minutes before we plan on finishing, alright?”

“Sounds good.” Teleporting next to Reiza, Nala and Mala squished Reiza between themselves as they pushed their faces into Faulkner’s truck’s window.

“Faulkner! How dare you ignore us!”

“Yeah, how could you!” Mewling as the twins attempted to climb into the truck, the sisters failed to realize the attention they were garnering as their shapely rears poked out from the truck’s window. Catching the attention of onlookers while the two whined for his attention, men and women alike couldn’t help but stare at their shaking buts and wavy tails.

“GRRRR!!!” Freezing in their tracks, the color on Nala and Mala’s faces fades to white. Seeing Karika seething with jealousy with metaphorical fire in her eyes, the twins laughed nervously before teleporting away. Reappearing behind Kilala, the two poke their heads out with a kitty-lipped smile at Karika.

“Uh…” Not sure what to say next, Reiza and Faulkner stared at one another for a few seconds before Faulkner cleared his throat. “Right! I’ll be with Karika and help pack her things in her apartment. Have fun, Reiza..” With one last wave, Faulkner drives away, leaving Reiza with Kilala. When Karika was out of sight, Nala and Mala moved away from Kilala before the two sighed in relief.

“Karika was pretty scary just then, huh, sis?”

“Yeah, real scary.”

“Don’t be so surprised, you two. We already know how overprotective Karika is with Faulkner.” Despite Kilala saying otherwise, Nala and Mala look at each other with doubt.

“I dunno…I think Karika’s mad at something else entirely.”

“She seemed even madder than usual.” Seeing the flames on Reiza’s horns and tail shrink, the twins smiled before they leaned their faces toward Reiza.

“Reiza…did you do something to upset Karika?” The twins, asking in unison, watched Reiza’s cheeks turn red, confirming their suspicion. Rather than wait for Reiza to answer, Kilala changes the subject and looks at Reiza’s choice of clothing.

“Ahem! Maybe you should’ve worn something more comfortable for our shopping trip?” Showing up wearing a black leather jacket, Reiza unzips the jacket halfway to reveal a red shirt with a magma lollipop design on it. With a matching mini black leather skirt, her black, chunky platform heels finish her mostly black-themed look. To carry her phone, wallet, and other miscellaneous items, she brought a shoulder purse with her, which had gold-colored chains as handles.

Of course, she proudly wears the black ribbon hair tie that Faulkner gave her. She even did a twirl to show it off.

“Oh, this? I like this look. I want to look good with my friends when shopping with them. You, on the other hand, went with something more rustic, Kilala. It fits well, considering how mature you are.” Expecting an insult rather than a compliment, it was now Kilala whose cheeks turned red while her fairy wings fluttered in random intervals.

“Th-thanks. Come on, let’s go inside already. No point in us standing out here in the cold.”

“Right.” Walking side by side, Kilala and Reiza took the front while the twins were in the back.


“…” Occasionally stealing glances at Karika, Faulkner was hesitant to talk to Karika from her earlier outburst. Staring at nothing in particular, she sighs before she turns her head forward, prompting Faulkner to look straight ahead.

“You guys did it again, didn’t you?”

“D-did what again?”

“Don’t play dumb, ass hole. You and Reiza had sex while I was napping, didn’t you? The fact that you both took a shower after waking me up was a dead giveaway.” Aside from them showering, Karika didn’t mention that she also noticed the carpet in the living room having a lemony scent when they woke her up.

“Ah…well, yeah. We had sex…” As they approached a parking spot around Karika’s apartment, Karika remained quiet until she opened the door to her apartment.

“Well, whatever! Stress fucking is a thing, after all. I’ll just give Reiza a piece of my mind later…” Changing back to normal, Karika walked past Faulkner before turning around to face him with a smile.

Since they’ll be moving things around, Karika decided to wear comfortable clothing. Consisting of a short-sleeved white and blue striped button T-shirt with
black long-legged spats and a pair of black and white sneakers.

“Let’s start with the living room. I figured we should take care of the heavy crap I have first.” Pointing at her dumbbells and workout bench, Faulkner was surprised at how quickly she got over the situation.

Faulkner had the same idea as Karika, wearing red fleece shorts with a matching red V-neck button-up shirt for comfort. Rather than wear sneakers, Faulkner opted to wear flip-flops to slip in and out of.

“R-right. Let’s get the weights and dumbbells first. Then, we can work together to…” It’s been a while since Karika last demonstrated her ludicrous strength in front of Faulkner. So it took him by surprise when Karika hefted the fitness bench with her right arm while holding the barbell hanging on the fitness bench rack with her left hand.

“I’ll carry and organize my heavy crap in the storage truck. You can focus on cleaning the living room.” Nudging her head toward the front door, Faulkner understood what Karika wanted before he opened the door for her.

“I can understand her lifting the fitness bench like it was a notebook, but she’s casually carrying four-hundred and eighty-five pounds of weights on her left hand like it’s nothing…” Staring at her left arm, Faulkner was in awe at how toned her biceps and forearms once she started flexing.

He didn’t notice since she was facing away at that point, but Karika smiled when he looked at her arms as intently as he did.

‘Good…I’m glad he still finds my body attractive…’ Even if they spread their task efficiently, Karika and Faulkner knew it’d take two or three hours to clear everything out in the living room.


“So, should we get something to eat or shop first?” Arriving three hours after the mall opened, it was an hour before noon.

“I’d say shop. I ate breakfast this morning, so I’m not hungry.”

“Sounds good to me. What about you two, Nala, Ma-” Stopping mid-sentence when Reiza realized Nala and Mala weren’t next to her, Kilala and Reiza looked around before they saw the twins ordering corndogs at a standalone island food stand.

“I guess those two came here without breakfast…” With corndogs in tow, Nala and Mala rejoined Reiza and Kilala. Upon seeing their faces in disbelief, Mala’s ears twitched and stiffened in defense, while Nala’s ears went limp in embarrassment.

“What? We’re hungry…”

“Didn’t you guys eat before coming here?”

“We did, but we got hungry again.”

“At least you’re eating something portable. Reiza and I were just about to ask what we should do first. Filling your bellies took priority it seems.” Rather than make the twins feel guilty, Reiza chuckled to lighten the mood before she tapped Kilala on her left shoulder.

“We can at least get some drinks. There’s a Boba place here that I’ve been curious about. Let’s go there.” Leading the group, Kilala follows first, with Nala and Mala close behind.

“So, you went shopping at this mall before Christmas with Faulkner, right? What did you guys get for each other?”

“Hmm, he got me this…” Showing off her new phone, Kilala hummed impressively while Nala and Mala’s eyes sparkled in awe and jealousy.

“Oh wow! That’s the latest Android model! I bet it takes crystal clear photos!”

“Ehehe…you’d be right about that.” With a toothy grin, Reiza flips through the image gallery in her phone before showing a picture of her and Faulkner fresh out of the bathroom after showering together.

“Spicy…” Taking note of Reiza’s pose, she had her left hand with a ‘peace’ sign and smiling at the camera. Faulkner, on the other hand, didn’t seem to know she was planning on taking a selfie since he was preoccupied drying his hair with a small towel with another towel wrapped around his waist.

“WAH! We’ve never seen him shirtless before!” Even though Reiza was the focal point of the picture, the twins ignored her in favor of Faulkner. “I imagined Faulkner would have a bit of chub around his stomach. But damn, he’s got some abs.” Of the two, Mala liked her men on the lean, muscular side. Nala wasn’t so peculiar as long as they looked healthy.

“A little bit of chub would’ve been nice. Something to grab onto while making love.” If they hadn’t made it clear already, Nala and Mala went from teasing Faulkner back in TMRC to elicit a reaction to genuinely falling in love with him after their week-long test with Faulkner as their chaperone.

“You two better drop any fantasies you have right out the window. You saw how Karika reacted earlier. No way in hell she’s letting anyone else have Faulkner.” After the way Karika glared daggers into Nala and Mala, they had to concede before they puckered their lips, turning their attention to Reiza.

“Yeah. Anyone except for Reiza…” Feeling their jealousy through their stares, Reiza finds an opportunity to change the subject when they come across the owner of ‘Bare and Brash.’ Eiko. Standing at the front entrance of her store, she was putting up a half-off sign on Christmas-themed clothes and accessories.

“Hmm? Oh, hey! It’s you.” Walking toward the group, Eiko was reasonably taller than the group, standing six feet, two inches. She wore a revealing set of clothes comprised of a low-cut V-neck shirt to show off her ample chest and bra. For her waist, she wore a long pencil skirt with slits showing off her legs. The garter belt stockings on her thighs leading up to her waist made for a suggestive combo accentuated by her purple high heels.

As a mismatch to her suggestive attire, she wears a black apron with her store’s logo over her shirt to cover her cleavage.

“Um…Eiko, right? It’s nice to see you again.” Upon seeing the black ribbon hair tie swinging from Reiza’s back, Eiko hummed in amusement.

“…and that’s another satisfied customer…”

“Hmm, what was that?”

“Oh, nothing. I take it these three are your gal friends?” Pointing at the shortest of the group, Kilala didn’t take too kindly to Eiko’s non-chalant smile. Nala and Mala were too busy buzzing around Eiko as they moved around to appreciate every corner of Eiko’s attire. “Oh my! Stop if you little kitties!” Pretending to be embarrassed, Eiko placed her hands on her cheeks.

“They’re my classmates turned friends. The Cheshire girls moving in circles around you are Nala and Mala.”

“Nice to meet you!”

“Yeah! Those clothes sure are revealing. Wonder if you get in trouble at the mall for wearing something like that?” Laughing at the twins’ admiration for her, Eiko pats each of them on the head between their ears.

“Well, it’s not like I’m naked or anything. I just like clothes that show a lot of skin. Can’t show off my tattoos if I’m wearing stuffy clothes, right?” Seeing that Eiko wasn’t what she thought she’d be, Kilala relaxed before introducing herself.

“I’m Kilala. I’m Reiza’s bestie. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Shaking hands with Kilala, Eiko leaned down to whisper something to Kilala. “She has Faulkner and her sister Karika to rely on, but you can never have too many close friends.” With a wink accompanied by a smile, Kilala smiles back and nods.

“I agree wholeheartedly.” Seeing the two getting along, Reiza cracked a smile before Eiko approached her.

“So, what brings you to my shop, hmm?”

“We were initially heading to the boba place I’ve heard about, but since we’re here, we might as well see what you have in stock. Some of my old clothes carry bad memories, so I’ll donate or give them to anyone who wants them.”

“Ah. Well, take your time looking around. I’m sure there’s something…” The sound of her employees fumbling around the store caught Eiko’s attention before she turned to look as Nala and Mala were teleporting left and right around her store, admiring the vast selection of clothing, accessories, and other miscellaneous items.

“Ah, please, slow down, miss!”

“Ah, sis, you think this would go well with my tail?” Holding out a purple glittery lace tie, Mala was on the other side of the store trying on a pair of bejeweled bracelets before she teleported next to her sister, confusing the Beelzebub employee next to her.

“Hmm, the purple blends in with our fur too much. Maybe you can find one in pink? Oh, wait!” Teleporting yet again, Mala found a similar accessory made of velvet with gold-colored bells on it. “This one is pink. And the ringing bells will definitely make you sound cuter!” Watching her customers stare in awkward smiles and shock alike, Eiko’s jaw and befuddled expression were a rare sight as she looks lax in most other cases.

“Ah, crap. We’d better get those two under control. Come on, Reiza!”

“Right!” Following Kilala’s lead, Reiza focused on Mala to calm her down, while Kilala went to Nala and scolded her for being childish. Having watched the news days before, Eiko saw what Reiza went through. It made her happy to see Reiza happy and laughing with her friends.

“…heh…she’s got some goofy friends…”


“Looks like we got everything in the living room, save the sofa we’re sitting on…” Taking a small break after hours of cleaning, Faulkner and Karika slouch on the couch together. Faulkner drinks ice-cold soda to cool off. Karika unbuttons the first three buttons holding her shirt together and uses a handheld fan to dry the sweat that had built up around her chest.

“You’re all tuckered out from doing a bit of cleaning? What they say about people getting old in their thirties must be true then…” Giving Faulkner a side-eyed smirk, Faulkner glares back at Karika.

“Shut up. I didn’t just take the trash and wipe the walls clean, you know? Vacuuming the carpet and deep cleaning took longer than I expected. And for fucks sake, would it kill you to organize your pantry?”

“Oh, quit your yapping! You got it all put away in the end, so why does it matter?”

“Because, when we move to our new home, I expect you to put things back where they belong, in proper order…”

“Yeah yeah…” With a half-hearted reply, Karika was too preoccupied with cooling herself off to care. Rather than dignify her with a response, Faulkner scoffs before closing his eyes to unwind.


Closing his eyes proved fatal as his senses focused on smell after being deprived of sight. As for why…

“Dammit, even in winter, my body still gets too damn sweaty. Probably comes from being such a good mammal, eh Faulk-” He hadn’t realized it yet, but being in an apartment with six hundred and five square feet of space meant that it didn’t take much for the room to fill with Karika’s scent. It didn’t help Faulkner was sitting next to Karika, so his body, being all too familiar with her scent, started to feel hot.

And of all the places in his body, none were hotter than his rising dick.

“Oh? Guess I’m not the only one who’s hot and bothered…” Opening his eyes after hearing Karika’s sultry tone, he saw his erect dick pushing up against his fleece shorts.

“Ah! N-now Karika, this isn’t the time for this!” Faulkner couldn’t react fast enough as Karika jumped on his legs, pinning them beneath her meaty thighs.

“What’re you talking about? When you think about it, that’ll be the last time you and I will be in this apartment.” Making her point known, Karika moved her crotch forward so that her slit would sit on top of Faulkner’s crotch. “Can you feel it, Faulkner? A lot of sweat built up around my spats, so it’s a little wet. That said…” Looking down at Faulkner, Karika had a smile on her face when she saw how fixated he was on her cleavage.

Watching her glisteningly wet chest rise from taking air into her lungs, the beads of sweat that clung to her chest moved down to her abs. Barely able to make out the upper outline of her sculpted stomach, Karika could practically drink the desire ebbing from Faulkner’s eyes.

It’s true that Karika accepts Reiza as part of her family and loves her dearly because of it. But, she could never let go of the lingering jealousy that clung to her whenever Faulkner and Reiza would fuck without her. It was silly to feel this way, but she couldn’t help it.

Faulkner was gentle and passionate when he was having sex with Reiza, something she saw firsthand at her parents’ house. In a way, Karika felt she was lacking.

Faced with Faulkner’s desires laid bare, what Karika needed to focus on wasn’t what she lacked but what she had in strides. Because, unlike Reiza, Karika had the pleasure of seeing Faulkner lust for her like a beast in heat.

“Ehehe…” With a satisfied grin, Karika slips her hands between the slits of her button shirt and rips it open. “There, is that better?”

“Ah…” No matter how often Faulkner lays his eyes on her, the sight of Karika’s abs never gets old. Adding to her arousal was the fact that her abs glistened with sweat. Being as close to her as he was, Karika’s scent drove his carnal desires out.

“Kyah!” Letting out a satisfied moan, Karika held her arms up as Faulkner hugged her waist and started kissing and licking her abs. “Fuwah…e-easy there…I’m not going anywhere.” Enamored by her intoxicating scent, Karika’s words fell on deaf ears. From licking to kissing, Faulkner didn’t let up his assault. The slight saltiness of her sweat didn’t deter him one bit.

“Ah…h-hey! Are you listening to m-Waaah!” As Faulkner dragged his tongue from the bottom of her abs to the middle of her chest, a moan escaped her mouth, enticing him to keep going. “I-I’m supposed to be top dog here, not you!” With each lick and kiss of her abs, a ticklish sensation would run up her spine, rendering her efforts to take control out of reach. It wasn’t until she felt his raging boner pressing against her crotch that she got an idea. “Oh, Faulkner…” Speaking softly, Karika moves her right arm behind her and brings her hand down to Faulkner’s nutsack. Feeling her hand rub and massage his sack, Faulkner stopped moving before resting his head on her stomach.

“Ah! Karika?!” Trailing her finger to his shaft, Karika pinches Faulkner on the cheek with her left hand. “Oww! Don’t pull on my cheek!”

“You got carried away there, Faulkner! I guess it was nice seeing you desperately lick me like that…” Having been sufficiently licked by Faulkner, the dampness that pooled on her crotch wasn’t exclusively sweat anymore. “Fuck, I’m so fucking wet right now. If I only had something nice and hard to rub it against to get off with?” Putting her left hand on the couch for support, Karika pins his dick under her slit, rubbing slowly and firmly against it. “Right! I have your erection to work with. You’d better not cum first…”

“Aaaahhh…not so hard…” As her love juices seeped onto Faulkner’s shorts, Karika would alternate between slow grinding along the length of his shaft and rubbing her clit around the tip of his dick. When Karika felt his dick twitch more erratically, she stops her hip movements. “W-why?”

“Didn’t I say you’d better not cum first? You’ve had your turn licking my abs. Now, it’s my turn to lick yours.” Pulling his shirt up, she left it half on around his shoulders. “Ah! You’ve shaped up nicely, Faulkner. Did you get even leaner, or am I just imagining it?” Keeping her right hand on his shirt, Karika prevented Faulkner from fully taking his shirt off. With his vision obscured, Faulkner felt something hot approach his stomach.

“Dammit, Karika! Let go of my shirt! I can’t see or move my arms!”

“That’s the idea…” Setting her knees on the carpeted floor so that her face was on the same level as his stomach while Faulkner was sitting on the couch, Karika gently kissed the area under his abs, sending a chill down Faulkner’s spine, which made him jump in surprise.

“Wah! Wh-what’re you…”

“That was just a kiss, Faulkner. I wonder how you’ll react when I start eating out your stomach like you did with mine?” Letting go of his shirt, Karika put her hands on his waist to keep him still before she started to lick his stomach.

“Ah…AAAHHH!!!” When Faulkner was licking Karika’s abs, he did so sensuously but hungrily. Karika’s methods were more ravenous. “I-I can’t…aahhh…” Like putty in her hands, Faulkner felt too good to move a muscle. Occasionally, Karika would firmly bite onto his stomach enough to leave teeth marks. “A-are you biting?!”

“Just enough to prove a point…” Karika moves on and drags her hot tongue to his chest, continuing her tongue and biting assault. From pinching his nipples to licking and even sucking on them, she left no surface on his chest unmarked before she pulled Faulkner’s shirt off. Having lost all strength in his arms from her assault, Karika was ecstatic to see Faulkner’s face marred in with exhaustion and ecstasy.

“Done already, are you Faulkner? Catching his breath, Faulkner looked into Karika’s eyes. With a glint of excitement, Faulkner could read what Karika wanted from him under her golden gaze.

“N-no…not even close…” Licking his lips, he leaves them partially open, waiting for Karika before she kisses him.


“You hardly got anything there, Kilala. Are you on a budget?” Carrying a paper shopping bag with Bare and Brash’s logo, Reiza bought two sets of clothes and a couple of accessories for her wings, tail, and horns.

“Eh? The store’s great, but that gothic and punk style doesn’t suit me. I prefer something more casual and modest.” Unlike Reiza, Kilala only bought two items. One is a silver bracelet with a blue rose-shaped gem. The other is a set of colorful scrunchies for her hair. “Though, it looks like those two got more out of that store than you did, Reiza.” Referring to the twins that Kilala was glancing at from behind, Nala and Mala each had two shopping bags, one in each paw.

“I can’t wait to try these out back home!”

“Yeah! I bet we’d look super punky with these!” Usually, Nala and Mala wore dressy clothes or something casual with cute designs. So it was odd to see them with bags full of gothic wear.

“I’m honestly surprised. I never thought you two would have any interest in gothic-style clothing.”

“We’ve always been curious to try after seeing Reiza wear them.”

“Yeah! Reiza looks so good in them.” As happy as it made Reiza, she tried to imagine Nala and Mala in gothic clothing. While imagining them wearing them was easy enough, her imagination took it a step further, causing Reiza to chuckle at the idea of the twins being dark and brooding when they’re normally cheerful and energetic.

“Pfft! Well, you two can at least pull off looking the part. I’m not so sure about acting like one.”

“Rude! I think it’s cute to dress all gothic but still have our cheerful personality!”

“Yeah! Defy people’s expectations and all that!” While Kilala and Reiza laugh, the group eventually gets to the boba shop they were looking for.

“Looks like we’re here.” Stopping dead in their tracks, the girls look at the sign in front of the store. ‘The Rainbow Gooba Boba Coalition.’ was the store name. Evident by the color-changing neon sign.

“Well…that’s certainly a mouthful of a name…” Kilala found the sign gaudy, while Nala and Mala stared at the sign with awe. Through the glass wall in front of the store, they saw several tables with colorful high stools and tables with customers inside.

“It fits, doesn’t it? We’ll have a ‘mouthful’ once we get our drinks.” Ignoring Reiza’s sexually suggestive joke, Kilala followed Reiza inside with Nala and Mala close behind them. There was a line inside, but the service was quick. So it didn’t take long before they arrived at the register.

“Hello! What Gooba Boba drinks can I get for you?!” Greeted by an enthusiastic Dark Slime employee, Kilala cringed when she saw the names of the drinks.

“Ugh, I hate it when they give flavors dumb names…”

“Relax, boomer. At least the flavors listed under the drink’s description…” Ignoring Reiza’s provocation yet again, Kilala stepped up first to order.

“I’ll have the Blueberry Queen with…ugh…bubble gum flavor pearls…” Awkwardly taking Kilala’s order with a chuckle, she paid for her drink before Reiza’s turn.

“Hmm…that looks interesting. I’ll have the Scorching Mangoyita with the chewy red apple boba.”

“Ooo! Good choice!” After paying for her drink, it was Nala and Mala’s turn to order. Staring at the Dark Slime receptionist, she could feel their yellow eyes pierce her body.

“I…want to guess you two are together?” A few more seconds of staring passed before Mala looked up at the menu. Finding what she was looking for, Mala pointed at what she wanted.

“I want that Abyssal Sizzle Grape with the Dark Slime Core boba.”

“Me too, me too!” Garnering the attention of the other patrons, Nala and Mala’s enthusiasm was funny but also embarrassing for Reiza and Kilala.

Soon, the girls got their drinks before finding four seated booths to sit on.

“So, grandma, how’s your drink?” Taking delight in teasing Kilala, Reiza enjoyed her drink as it had a hint of spice, which the apple-flavored boba counteracted with its sweet flavor.

“Shut up, bitch. The drink’s fine…” The pink color of the flavor pearls in her drink popped nicely with the drink’s blue color.”

“I should’ve figured from the name, but I didn’t expect ours to be fizzy!”

“Yeah, and I didn’t expect the boba to have white juices inside them, let alone taste like peach!” Happily sipping away their fizzy drinks, Nala and Mala hummed as their ears fluttered and their tails swayed in delight.

“Hey, so Reiza, what’re you-” Before Kilala could ask Reiza a question, she overheard people in the other booth behind them talking about Reiza.

“That’s that chick, right? The one in the news?”

“Yeah. The one from that court case with her mom. I’m surprised she’s out and about already.”

“Personally, I wouldn’t be going anywhere for months after that. But I guess it’s easy to forget who you are when you’ve got friends like that…” Growing increasingly mad, Kilala was about to give them a piece of her mind before Reiza put her right hand on Kilala’s shoulder to stop her.


“Don’t bother, Kilala. They’re not worth it.”

“A-are you sure?” After a nod from Reiza, Kilala took a deep breath to relax before sitting back down. Nala and Mala were tense throughout their exchange but loosened up shortly after.

“Hehe…I shouldn’t say this. But seeing you get angry like that made me happy.”

“Yeah, you definitely shouldn’t. You should be angry with me.”

“Why should I? I don’t want to sour the mood by getting angry or depressed when I have you girls around.” Taking a sip of her drink, Reiza smiled to show her appreciation to Kilala, who got angry on her behalf. “I’m done being depressed about it. I just want to relax and have fun with my friends. If they want to say something, then they can say it to my face. Otherwise, they can piss off.” It was brief, but the people who talked ill of Reiza felt an indefensible heatwave surround them as it made their icy cold drink lukewarm.

Getting her point across, the group got up and left without another word. The store remained quiet as the other patrons watched them. As soon as those people were gone, Reiza smiled and resumed her conversation with Kilala and the twins.

“So, what were you trying to ask me earlier, Kilala?”

“I was gonna ask what you plan on doing for a job once you get settled in your new house.”

“Thing is, I don’t know yet. I have some ideas. I want to talk to Miss Trisha about them first.”

“Miss Trisha? Are you planning on being a teacher?”

“Maybe? I heard from Faulkner that she was a job recruiter before working at TMRC. I figured she could help me decide my career.”

“Makes sense. Though I never knew that about Miss Trisha. After doing that volunteer work we did together at the state fair, I found that working where I could bring smiles to people’s faces suits me best.” Kilala was just as indecisive as Reiza, something she caught onto from the look of melancholy plastered on her face.

“Isn’t that a given? Everyone wants a job that they enjoy. The thing is, Whenever you see people smiling, your smile becomes bigger in response. I think a job that caters to people having a good day suits you best. I know I can’t help but smile whenever you’re around.” Being her first true friend aside from Karika, whom she sees more as a sister than a friend, Reiza wanted to return Kilala’s kind gesture in any way she could. It wasn’t much, but her honest thoughts and warm smile put Kilala at ease.

“Reiza…” As important as their bonding experience is for Kilala and Reiza, Nala and Mala felt left out as they groaned from being ignored. Nala moreso while Mala sips her drink to vent her frustration.

“Ah, whoops! Wh-what about you two?” Looking at each other, Nala was the first to answer Reiza.

“Miss Nakoto approached sis and me about several job offers…” From the sound of her voice, Nala wasn’t too thrilled. Mala didn’t seem thrilled herself.

“Most of them involved us working different positions. We like that we can work at the same place. But we also want to work the same position.” Confused, Kilala and Reiza turned their heads and raised their eyebrow at one another.

“I thought Faulkner helped you two get over your separation anxiety? A job that you girls can do together in the same position. That’s gonna be tricky…” Saying what Nala and Mala already knew, they groaned in unison Reiza. Finishing her drink first, Kilala took a deep breath before smiling at them.

“It doesn’t help that despite being twins, you two have different things you’re good at. For example, Mala is good at cooking but sucks at cleaning after herself. For you, Nala, it’s the other way around. So even if you two found a job that lets you work together, you might end up getting in each other’s way.” Nala and Mala recalled Faulkner saying something similar to them on the last day of their volunteer work at the ‘Kitty Gritty Cafe.’ They know Kilala’s right, so the twins, yet again, groaned in unison.

“I-is there anything you two can do that you’re good at?” Reiza hesitated to ask since it looked like the twins had little in common that they could do together.

However, their ears and tails perked up before staring at one another.

“Oh! There’s one thing we can do well together!” As they spoke in unison, a malicious grin that Cheshires are known for washed over their lips before staring at Kilala and Reiza. “And it’s something we can do WAY better than you two can together…” To add insult to injury, Nala and Mala put their right paws over their mouths and snickered to spite them.

“Huh?!” This time, it was Kilala and Reiza’s turn to respond in unison.


“AAAHHHH!!! Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!” Moving to her bedroom, Faulkner pinned Karika against the door frame while fucking her.

“Ahh…Ka…Karika…” Keeping her left leg up with his left arm, Faulkner held onto her waist with his right hand, fucking her in a standing position with his face leaning under her left arm. “Is it just me, or did you get a little chubbier?” Chuckling while panting, Karika didn’t take too kindly at what Faulkner said, gritting her teeth before pulling his face toward her left breast to choke him.

“Huh? Did you say something just now?” Muffled by her breast, Faulkner retaliates by moving his right hand to her right breast. Giving them a firm squeeze, he managed to get free after making Karika flinch from having her right nipple pinched. “Hyaa!”

“Puwah! I…I’m already out of breath trying to fuck you in this position! Are you trying to kill me?!”

“Don’t be such a wimp! More importantly…” Bending her left leg, she pulled Faulkner deeper inside her. “You should finish what you’ve started.” Feeling his fingers sink into her skin, Faulkner grits his teeth before moving his hips again. “Th-that’s more like it!” Slamming his hips with enough force to make her breasts sway. Her thighs jiggled with each thrust as all Karika could do was moan while leaning her head against the door frame.

“Ah…I can’t last much longer…” Try as he might, Faulkner was already at his limit after cumming inside her twice when they were fucking on the couch earlier.

“It’s alright! You don’t have to hold back for my sake.” Nudging him on by stroking his hair, Faulkner slammed his waist one last time deep inside her, filling her with cum before his grip on her waist loosened.

“Ah…ah…Karika? Don’t you think we should stop this and get back to moving your stuff to the truck? We’ve fucked for two hours already…” From their skin-to-skin contact, Karika could tell Faulkner wasn’t lying. Feeling him resting his head on her chest, she smiled while playing with his hair.

“It’d help if you let go of my leg. You’ve been holding it up all this time, after all.” Faulkner’s cheeks turned red in embarrassment before letting go of her left leg. “There we go. Need a sec to get the blood rushing back to my leg.” After a few stomps to get her blood flowing, Karika walked toward her bed before sitting down. “Hey, hand the box of tissues on my dresser over there.”

“Sure…” Wiping her crotch clean off his cum, Karika tosses it on her bedside trashcan before looking for a particular plushie. “Ah, there you are!” Hidden beneath her other plushies, Karika raises it high in the sky for Faulkner to see.

“Ah, that’s me.” Sitting next to Karika, she hugs the plushie tightly between her chest while letting out a girlish squeal. “I’m glad you like it so much. Almost makes me feel jealous of the little me…” Rather than snarkily reply at him, Karika adopted a soft smile, recalling the days that led up to their relationship now.

“Faulkner, do you remember the first time I let you in here?”

“Hmm…that was three months into our relationship, right?”

“Yup. And you remember why I hesitated to let you in here, right?”

“It’s because you were scared I’d make fun of you for liking cute things. You didn’t have your plushies brazenly scattered about in the living room as you do now.” Before he was permitted to go to her room, Faulkner and Karika would usually fuck either in the living room of Karika’s apartment or in Faulkner’s.

“Thinking back, I feel pretty silly about it. You already saw me wearing my pink lace bra and panties, so I should’ve trusted you from the start.”

“Don’t worry about it. It certainly took me by surprise the first time I was in here. You had all of your plushies on your bed, so there was hardly any room for me to sleep on.” Sharing a laugh, Karika took in the sight of her room for one last time. Flashes of their first moments flood her mind as if she had traveled back in time.

“It’s crazy to think that our relationship would change this much for over a year. And even crazier to think I’d be sharing you with Reiza…” Hearing the tone of her voice change as he watched her put the plushie of him down on her bedside table, Karika tucked her legs with her arms wrapped around them to her chest. “I’m being stupid for saying this…but a part of me feels jealous of Reiza…”

“Karika…I’m sorry. I’ve been more attentive to Reiza lately due to what’s been happening to her. I should be tending to your needs just as much as hers…” Though it made her happy, Karika shook her head to correct Faulkner’s misinterpreting of what she meant.

“Don’t get the wrong idea. I accepted Reiza as my sister. Plus, I knew she loved you the same way I did, so I couldn’t bring myself to deny her love for you. Though, I only allowed it if you love her the way she loves you.”

“So that’s your reasoning, huh? Well, I fell in love with Reiza at some point. Maybe her transition from being a brat to someone needy got my attention. Sound familiar?” Accompanied by a toothy grin, Karika chuckles before looking up at her ceiling.

“HA!” Taking Faulkner by surprise, Karika stretched her limbs out as she laughed before lying on her bed. “You know, I wonder if Reiza realized that?! I certainly didn’t.”

“I’m not sure. I want to guess Reiza hasn’t realized it.” Gathering their thoughts on what to say next, they stayed silent for a whole minute before Karika spoke up.

“Faulkner, hand me the plushie of you, will yah?”

“Yeah, sure.” Grabbing the plushie of himself, he held onto it for a moment to look at it. “God, I remember how much courage it took to give this to you on your birthday. You almost bought one online model after me yourself.”

“The moment you gave me that excuse, I had an idea of what you were planning. I only played along because I’d feel bad if I took your present idea away. What would you have gotten for me if I went through buying that plushie of you?”

“Uh…” Faulkner hadn’t even thought of what to get her if she got the plushie. After racking his brain for a solution, his cheeks turned red. “I probably would’ve gotten one of those life-sized teddy bears. Maybe wear it like a costume to surprise you?”

“Haha! That’s definitely something you’d do. I would’ve ripped that costume apart and fuck you silly if that were the case. You gonna give me that plushie now?”

“Ah, sorry about that. Here.” After handing the plushie to her, Karika smiled before putting it between her chest.

“This’ll be the last time we’ll be in this room, you know? I want our last moment here to be special. Something just as memorable as our first time under the bridge…”

“Karika…” Paying attention to Faulkner’s eyes as he stared intently at the plushie wedged between her chocolatey mounds, Karika hummed in amusement before squeezing it between her chest.

“Eh? You really are jealous of the little guy, aren’t you? Come on and scooch in front of me already.” Closing her eyes and giving him a toothy grin, Karika stretched her arms out and splayed her fingers. “Let’s hold hands and have sweet, sensuous, love-dovey sex.” As if her invitation wasn’t enough, the way her tail swayed in anticipation and her flickering ears made her irresistibly cute.

“Wh-what’re you trying to pull here?!” Seeing Karika like this reminds him of the first time Karika broke her stubborn facade and proclaimed her love for him.

“I’m all sweaty and vulnerable, just like before. Can you resist me at this point?” Going as far as to repeat what she said to him when they first fucked, Faulkner couldn’t hold his urges in for any longer. “I love a nice, rough fucking. But I also want something gentle like this every once in a while. Make sure you don’t lose control and go rabid on me, alright?”

“That’s a tall order. Not sure I can comply, but I’ll do my best.” Getting into position, Faulkner slowly pushed his dick inside her pussy, moaning the moment he was inside.

“Ahaha. What’s with that reaction? We’re going slow, right? Why’re you moaning like that already?.”

“At this point, I’m pretty sensitive. Can you blame me?” Though Karika teased him, she was very much in the same boat. Beneath her confident smile, it took her all not to moan aloud herself.

“Nah! Hence why I wanted our last fuck to be gentle…” Moving slowly, they’d let out a moan together with every thrust. They’d kiss and bite each other’s neck whenever their faces got close to one another’s. They’d suck and lick each other’s nipples.

No matter what they did, not once did their hands part. If anything, their finger’s grip would tighten each time they got close.

Karika didn’t want to admit it, but she was getting close to cumming, evident when she’d stopped his movements by wrapping her legs around his waist.

“H-hey. I know I told you to take it slow, but I’m already reaching my limit. I want you to go nuts now.”

“Hah. That didn’t last. But I agree. I’m not sure I can keep this up.” Letting go of each other’s hands, they decided for one final embrace before going all out. With the plushie of Faulkner squished between their chest, Faulkner slams his hips back and forth against Karika’s while they slovenly kiss.

“L-love you…I love you, Faulkner.”

“I love you too, Ka-Karika…” With one last thrust, Faulkner cums inside her. Karika held Faulkner down with her arms and legs until he shot the last of his cum inside her. Afterward, the two simultaneously went limp from exhaustion.

Falling asleep from fatigue, the peaceful look on Faulkner’s face and the gentle sound of his breathing made Karika giggle in delight. Nearing exhaustion herself, she started nodding off while stroking his hair.

“Ehehe…I guess I don’t have to worry…” As her vision blurs, she manages to kiss him on the forehead before smiling. “The passion’s still there…” Falling asleep soon after, the two sleep soundly in a sweaty embrace, unaware of the inconvenience they caused themselves.


“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck! Dammit, Kilala, you’re going too fast! You have to match my tempo!”

“Match YOUR tempo?! What tempo?! You’re all over the place, Reiza!” After finishing their Boba drinks, Nala and Mala challenged Kilala and Reiza to a match at the local arcade joint in the mall.

As for the challenge itself…

“Swing it, sis. You’re doing great!”

“You too, sis! We have this match in the bag!” Settling their first match on a DDR arcade machine, the girls were on their fourth round, dancing to ‘Beethoven Virus’ at the highest difficulty.

“F-fuck, my legs are cramping up!” Try as they might, Kilala and Reiza missed more steps than they managed to get. Kilala would read the inputs too quickly, while Reiza’s tempo constantly changes as she tries to match Kilala’s rhythm.

“Your legs wouldn’t be cramping up so much if you didn’t move so erratically, Kilala!” Having missed too many prompts, Kilala and Reiza lost the match only a quarter way to the song.

“Sis, let’s show Reiza and Kilala how it’s done!” Hearing Kilala and Reiza fail, Mala felt the urge to rub salt in their wounds.

“Right!” Carrying a bond that seems implausible, Nala and Mala switched between dance mats, switching between them again and again without missing a single beat. At times, their fur-covered black-banded purple legs turned into a blur before finishing on their end with a near-perfect score.

“H-holy crap…you two must’ve done this before…” Kilala was still catching her breath while sitting on the dance pad.

“Hehehe. Isn’t it embarrassing that you two couldn’t even make it to the halfway point before failing?” Reiza was much like Karika when it came to her temper, so naturally, the black flames on Reiza’s horns and tail grew in size and intensity at Mala’s taunting, kitty-lipped smile. “You were pretty confident too when you said you’ve done this before…” Letting out a low growl, Reiza shook her head in an attempt to look unperturbed by Mala’s provocation.

“Ha! I’m sure I would’ve done fine if Kilala wasn’t constantly hitting the directional pads too early.” As if struck by lightning, Kilala stood up with her arms and legs bent straight in disbelief. Her wings were as stiff as could be while marching toward Reiza, butting heads with her soon after.

“Excuse me, bitch, what did you say? You kept fucking up your end because you kept missing your prompts! You weren’t all over the place because you were trying to stay in sync with me. You just suck!” Glaring at one another, Nala and Mala jumped between Kilala and Reiza to calm them down. Mala was with Reiza, and Nala with Kilala.

“Hey, we were just poking fun for a bit. No need to take things so seriously…”

“Right. I didn’t think you two would be at each other’s throats for something as minor as that.” Peering at one another from the twin’s shoulders, Reiza and Kilala looked back at the twins before letting out a sigh of resignation.

“Relax, you two. It’s typical banter between two close friends, right Kilala?” The flames on Reiza’s horns shrunk as she put her hands on her hips to show she was relaxed.

“That’s right. We don’t mean anything by it. We’re just being petty losers.” Convinced by their smiling faces, Nala and Mala relaxed. “Still, you sure kicked our asses.”

“It just takes practice! Want to go again?” Nala wasn’t as snarky as Mala, so she didn’t take their contest seriously and just wanted to have fun.

“And get our asses handed to us? No thanks.” Nodding in agreement with Reiza, Kilala’s legs felt sore after their DDR session.

“Hmm…what do you two want to play?”

“Preferably something where we can rest our legs…” After some deliberation, the girls decided to play ‘Mon-Musu Kart’.

“Agh! What the hell, Reiza?! Watch where you’re dropping those caltrops! Just because we’re on the same team doesn’t always mean the friendly fire isn’t a thing!”

“It’s your fault for not avoiding them, Kilala!”

“I’m trying to keep our team on the lead since the AI on our team sucks ass!” Whether it was a racing game or a rail shooter game, Reiza and Kilala constantly got in each other’s way and would blame one another for it. With that in mind, a thought came to Nala and Mala’s minds.

‘Good grief. Typical banter between two close friends, they said.’ To relax, they visited the crane vending machines. Reiza and Kilala were rooting for each other rather than bickering this time around.

“I remember when I dated guys that tried to show off by trying to win a prize for me in one of these crane vending machines. Most spend more than anticipated, so we’d eat somewhere cheap.” She wasn’t sure if it was because of the topic of the conversation or if she was just focusing, but Reiza’s flat expression and voice worried Kilala. Nala and Mala were on a different crane vending machine a few feet away.

“Somewhere along the line, it got boring watching them show off. The only solace I felt was to watch them fuck up. But even that got old. Eventually, the gifts I got meant nothing to me. More often than not, I’d throw them out without a care in the world. It made me wonder if getting gifts from someone was overrated. Why beat around the bush when we can just rent a hotel and fuck there and then? That’s what they all wanted in the end. Of course, all I need to do is look at a mirror to see my hypocrisy…” Bringing the mirror analogy up when she saw her reflection on the glass display, Reiza managed to nab a plushie on her first try. It was a plushie of a Beelzebub.

“Oh well. At least I picked up the proper way to play after watching those guys fail so often.” Handing the plushie to Kilala, Kilala couldn’t help but feel worried for her bestie. “Here, Kilala. I know it’s pretty cliche, but I wanted to win something for ya.”

“Thanks…” Turning their attention to the twins after hearing Nala wine, Mala tried to get the figure Nala was going after to no avail.

“So, color me surprised when I suddenly felt overprotective over something so minor as a hair accessory.” Pulling the back of her hair up so she could hold the black ribbon hair tie, Reiza’s cheeks turned red before pulling it close to her chest. “Getting gifts is nice, but receiving it from someone you love makes it priceless…” Kilala’s anxiety melted along with her heart when Reiza flashed a toothy grin at her. And like Reiza said, getting a gift from someone close suddenly made the plushie important enough for her to keep.

“Wow, what a deeply profound thing to say. And here I thought you were Bi for Karika only…”

“Hey, I’m capable of being meaningful every now and then. You’re my best friend. Though, I can’t imagine being as close with you as I am with Karika, given the stuff Karika and I did together…” While Reiza reminisced about the time she and Karika had sex in Karika’s apartment, the first thing Kilala imagined was the two fucking, followed by her and Reiza fucking.

“Honestly…same. I love you, Reiza, but not like that.” Sharing an awkward laugh, Nala and Mala joined the two empty-handed.

“Man, those claw vending machines are a total gype!”

“Yeah! We couldn’t win a single prize from those stupid things! You made it look easy, Reiza.”

“They’re supposed to be coin munchers. You’re better off buying what you want rather than trying to win them from one of those machines.” Having watched many of her past suitors fail, Reiza thought she could convince Nala and Mala. From the look of disappointment on their faces, however, they didn’t seem convinced.

“But it’s way more satisfying to win them than just buying them!” Before Nala and Mala could get any rowdier, their stomachs growled loudly. “Ah…”

“You can try again next time, alright? Can’t play well on an empty stomach, right?” Reiza spoke as if to mock them, but she wasn’t any better as her stomach soon grumbled.

“I’ve been starving after our first round in that DDR machine. Let’s get something to eat.” Nodding in agreement with Kilala, they left the arcade and went to the food court to buy their dinners.

“Ah…the smell of a well-seasoned broth’s making my mouth water…” Kilala ordered a char siu pork ramen with two extra servings of pork. With a bottle of green tea to drink, Kilala grabs her chopsticks and waits patiently for Reiza, Nala, and Mala to get their food before eating.

“Ramen, huh? And with extra pork to boot. You don’t look it, but you can eat.” Reiza was craving something fried. So she went to a Korean-style chicken joint. She ordered a six-piece chicken tender meal, topped with thinly sliced green scallions and fries and a soy sauce cup for the chicken. Paired with soda, Kilala wasn’t all too surprised at what Reiza got.

“You saw me eat at the Aphrodishiack, didn’t you? I can’t help it if I have a high metabolism.”

“True. The only person who ate more than you there was Tera and Karika.” Smelling something vinegary in the air, Kilala and Reiza turned their heads to the source of the smell.

“Ah, we haven’t had this burger in a while, huh, Nala?”

“Uh-huh! It still stings my nose a bit!” Coming back with a buffalo and blue cheese burger on their trays, Nala and Mala hummed happily despite complaining about the smell.

“Okay, of all the things you two could eat here, I can’t say it’d be something spicy.”

“Buffalo burgers? You sure you two can handle it?” As if to answer Kilala’s question, Nala and Mala raised a small carton of milk.

“We got our milky extinguishers just in case!”

“But we’ll try our best not to use them!” After the twins got seated, the group started to eat.

“Hmm…I don’t know what it is about pork cutlets in ramen that makes it taste better than eating it on its own, maybe the broth?”

“Definitely the broth. How’s the burger, you two?” Judging from the redness on their cheeks and teary eyes, Nala and Mala weren’t handling the spiciness of their burger as well as they thought they could.

“D-doing great! It’s so good!”

“Yeah, not as good as the burger joint at Correlia Park, but still good…” It was painful for them just to talk. But it would’ve wounded their pride more if they reached for their milk, so they pressed on.

“Right…so Kilala, is there someone you have feelings for?” Absentmindedly munching on a chicken tender, Reiza tried to imagine what Kilala’s ideal man would look like.

“Nope. There are SOME guys I’m eyeing, but I haven’t felt that spark yet.”

“One of the guys you’re ‘eyeing…’” Reiza said while air quoting. “…isn’t Faulkner, is it?”

“Huh, Fuck no. Faulkner’s a good guy, but he’s not my type.” Seemingly ignoring the twins mewling in pain in the background, Kilala slurps her ramen bit by bit, eating the noodles until nothing’s left but the stock and pork. “Phew. Ideally, I want a guy who can go out with me and play without feeling insecure about my appearance.”

“Sounds tough. You look adult enough, but your small frame puts guys off still.”

“Yup. Hence, I’m not interested in looking. I need a man to look past that before I even consider dating them.” Watching Nala and Mala desperately stopping one another from reaching for their milk, Reiza pulls her phone out and records them. Kilala watched silently and took the sight of her friends in.

During Kilala’s childhood, she pushed all her friends away with her ‘harmless’ pranks. It didn’t matter what she pulled. As long as she found them funny, nothing else mattered. To her, anyone who left wasn’t her friend. It wasn’t until she lost her best friend in high school that she realized her mistake. Whether it was coincidence or fate, Reiza’s attitude and personality reminded her of her best friend.

Was that why Kilala felt compelled to be Reiza’s first friend in TMRC? She wasn’t sure. The only thing on her mind now is to continue being her bestie.

“Ah! Nala caved in first!” Snapping her out of her thoughts, Kilala starts laughing when Nala starts chugging her milk. Disregarding the mess she was making, Kilala and Reiza’s laughter turned to silence when they realized it took less than three seconds for her to finish her drink.

“Aaahhh!” Sticking her tongue out, Nala crushes the empty carton in her right paw. “I…I can’t…go on…” Breathing rather heavily, the other patrons start staring. Whether intentional or not, her heavy breathing almost sounded sexual. It didn’t help that the milk she was chugging earlier spilled from her chin to her chest, staining her clothes.

“Um…Na-” Making a common mistake, Nala should’ve let the milk permeate her mouth instead of chugging it. The lingering spice returned with a vengeance. Without asking, Nala grabs Mala’s milk and drinks it.

“Hey! Don’t drink my milk, Nala!” Fighting over the milk, Nala accidentally crushes it, spilling its contents upwards before splashing them both.

“Ah…” As if the whistling men weren’t embarrassing enough, Nala and Mala underestimated how many people were staring at them. When they realized how many eyes were on them, their ears drooped while chuckling nervously.

“Kilala, why don’t you accompany them to the lady’s room so they can get cleaned up?”

“What? Are you sure?”

“It’s fine. If anything happens, I’ll go there with you.” Knowing Reiza’s made up her mind, Kilala nods before standing up from her chair.

“Come on, Nala, Mala. Let’s get you two cleaned up in the bathroom real quick…” While waiting for Nala and Mala to get up from their chairs, Kilala glared at every person staring and whistling at them. Her menacing glare instantly got them to stop as they turned around to avoid eye contact. “Seriously. If anything happens, follow us, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. Get going already.” Shooing them away, Kilala, Nala, and Mala head to the bathroom, leaving Reiza on the table by herself. As soon as they are out of sight, Reiza distracts herself by looking at her phone. “Hmm? Is it already seven thirty at night? I should call Faulkner and ask him to pick me up.” Dialing his number, it rang six times before going to voicemail. “Is he busy?” Calling again yielded the same result. “That’s odd. Maybe he left it on silent or something?” Changing tactics, she decides to call Karika.


“Ugh…what the…” Woken up by the sound of her phone ringing, Karika groggily blinked for a few seconds before her face turned a paler shade when she realized she had fallen asleep. “Oh shit, what time is it?!” Waking Faulkner up, Karika hesitated to answer her phone when she realized Reiza was calling her.

“Wha…d-Did we fall asleep?!” Looking at the digital clock Karika had on her bedside table, it was almost eight o’clock at night. Realizing they hadn’t packed Karika’s stuff in her bedroom, Faulkner signals Karika to hand her phone to him. Giving him the phone, he frantically points her to the bathroom. “Shower, now!” Before Faulkner answered her phone.


While it was ringing, Kilala, Nala, and Mala made it back.

“Nothing happened while we were gone, right?”

“Yeah, nothing happened, Kilala.” Hearing Faulkner answer, Reiza raised an eyebrow at how nervous he sounded. “Faulkner? Why are you answering Porky’s phone? Did your phone run out of batteries or something?” A few seconds of silence pass while Nala and Mala lick their paws clean. “WHAT?! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!” Startling Nala and Mala, their furs stood on ends, jumping off their chairs before hugging one another.

“Uh…” Growing three times their size, Kilala stopped herself as the now orange-red flames on Reiza’s horns and tail rapidly shrank, eventually turning black before she took a deep sigh.

“Fine…I understand. Just come over here and pick me up already. Huh? Oh, yeah, sure. I can wait a little longer. Alright, bye. Love you too…” Hanging up soon after, Nala and Mala retracted their claws before carefully leaning toward Reiza.

“Reiza, wha…what happened?” Nala asked as she and Mala sat back down on their chairs.

“Long story short, Karika wanted one last fuck in her apartment. More than once actually. But the point is, they fucked so much that they fell asleep.”

“Why is that a bad thing? I’d probably do the same if I were in her shoes.” Agreeing with her sister, Nala and Mala were wracking their minds, wondering what the issue was. It only took a few seconds for Kilala to find out what was wrong.

“Oh…let me guess, they hadn’t started moving crap out of her bedroom, huh?” With a pointed gesture at Kilala, Reiza clicks her tongue.


“Wow, they must’ve been fucking like animals…” Finishing the rest of her burger, Mala gave Nala a knowing look before Nala nodded.

“I know, I know. I’ll go buy another carton of milk for you.”

“So, instead of getting some relaxation after getting home…”

“Yeah, I’m gonna be spending it helping those two idiots clean Karika’s apartment…what a way to end my shopping spree. It’ll be an hour before they get here since they want to shower before coming here. They don’t exactly want to smell of sex when they come to pick me up.”

“Oh? Then I’ll have time to stop by at another shop to get some casual wear. I’m sure you could get a pair or three there, Reiza.”

“Hmm? Sure. I could use more casual wear when lounging around home.” Finishing their meals, Reiza and Kilala wait for Nala and Mala to finish theirs before going to another clothing store.

By the time Faulkner texts Reiza, they arrive around nine O’clock, and most of the stores have closed in the mall. While waiting for Reiza and her group to meet them at the pickup spot in front of the mall, Karika’s hair was still damp from not having dried it thoroughly.

“You didn’t have to rush, Karika. The passenger seat’s soaked now.”

“What? You’re the one who told me to hurry up.” Lowering the car window on the front passenger side, Karika peeked out to look for Reiza to no avail.

“Yes…but you could’ve dried your hair while it was my turn. Were you trying to air-dry your hair?”

“Air dry…you expect me to dry my hair in ten minutes?! I got a lot of hair, dumbass!”

“First, you guys fuck behind my back, and now you bicker too?” Interrupting the two by leaning into Karika’s window, Reiza took a step back before showing four shopping bags filled with clothes. “Mind unlocking the rear hatch so I can put this down?”

“R-right…” With one shopping bag in her left hand, Kilala greeted Karika with a fist bump with her other hand while Nala and Mala waved.

“Nothing bad happened at the mall today, right?”

“Nah. Something did happen, but you can ask Reiza for details.” Karika raised an eyebrow but shortly nods after.

“That smell…” Rushing toward Karika, Mala leaned forward to sniff Karika.

“Wha-what’re you doing?!”

“Faulkner! Open your car window!” Pawing at his window, Nala whined while wiggling her waist back and forth.

“A-alright?” Letting his window down, Nala sniffs at Faulkner for a few seconds. Looking disappointed, she turns to look at Mala, who seemed pleased with a kitty-lipped smile on her face.

“Nice…you two did fuck like animals…” Looking back at the rear of his car, Faulkner glared at Reiza as she finished setting her bags down.

“You told them about that?”

“Eh? Why not? I had to give them a reason to stay a bit longer. So I told them.”

“We got to talk about keeping certain matters private…” After closing the rear hatch, Reiza hopped into Faulkner’s car on the back passenger side.”

“Are you sure you girls don’t need a ride back home?”

“Nah, I can fly home from here.” Demonstrating by fluttering her wings, Kilala used a form of magic often used by fairies to give herself lift.

“I’ve always been curious, but how can you fly, Kilala? I can understand it when you’re fairy-sized. But you’re flying effortlessly in your human size.”

“You don’t know? It’s complicated, but long story short, we fairies can use magic to add and remove mass in our bodies. And no, I don’t mean like my organs and stuff. I can add and remove ‘weight’ from my body as needed.” Trying to make sense of how that would even work puzzled Faulkner to no end. Seeing the distress written all over his face, Kilala chuckled in amusement. “It’s magic. I ain’t gotta explain shit.”

“Right…” Turning his attention next to Nala, he couldn’t help but feel worried for the two. “Nala, you and your sister will be fine, right?” Teleporting next to Nala, Mala leans forward and pouts at Faulkner.

“We got here just fine, didn’t we? Don’t worry about us. We could always teleport straight home once we get close enough.”

“Yup! Don’t worry about us! We’re adults now, after all.” Feeling Faulkner’s intense gaze, Nala and Mala’s ears drooped before something they didn’t expect happened.

“Please…be careful.” Reaching out with both hands, Faulkner pats Nala with his left hand and does the same for Mala with his right.

“…” Blushing together, Nala and Mala pout at Faulkner. A reaction Faulkner didn’t expect.

“Ah…” Watching their gleaming yellow eyes looking back fondly, Faulkner cleared his throat to snap them out of their gaze. “A-anyways, be careful on your way home.” Driving off without saying anything, Kilala, Nala, and Mala stared at his car until it was out of sight.

“Heh, ran like a bitch after realizing what he did…” Looking down at Nala and Mala to make sure they were okay, there was no helping the smile forming on her face when Kilala saw how red the twin’s faces got.

“…” Processing what had just happened, Nala was too busy fidgeting with her paws to hear Kilala.

“I can’t comprehend how Faulkner can be so dense yet aware all at once. It’s more surprised at myself for falling for him.” Scratching her head in confusion, Mala pokes Nala on her nose to get her attention. “Come on, sis. You’ll have plenty of time to process what happened once we get home…”

“O-okay sis…” Holding hands, Nala and Mala teleport back to their home.

“Heh, and he was worried about how they’d get home. Even after graduating, he can’t help but see some of his students as kids.” Going home soon after, Kilala took to the starry night with a smile.


“I’d shake your hand, Mister Faulkner. But you seem…exhausted.” Following the next day, Faulkner finally meets Trisha’s ‘hubby’ when she brings him with her to Aphrodishiack.

“Sorry about that, Markus. That is your name, right?”

“Yes, it’s Markus…” Markus wasn’t sure how to proceed. On one hand, he wanted to explain to Faulkner how he and Trisha met. On the other hand, Faulkner’s bloodshot eyes weren’t like that from lack of hydration.

“You had what, a little over eight hours after dropping Reiza off at the mall to move crap out of Karika’s apartment? What the hell were you two doing, fucking around?” Faulkner didn’t have to justify her question with an answer. His redding cheeks gave it away. “Oh, so you two did fuck around. Literally!”

“So that’s why you looked like a walking corpse when you came in! Karika rode you like a horse, didn’t she?” Chiming into their conversation, Janice offers her right paw for Markus to shake. “That said, I’m glad Trisha wasn’t making you up. Nice to meet’cha, Markus.”

“Likewise.” Shaking her hand, Trisha tilts her glasses up before glaring at Janice.

“Making it up? Sheesh, you too?”

“To be fair, you never showed us any pictures of him.”

“Right? I can see why you decided to hold out on us though…” Leaning down and sniffing at Markus, he found her blowing air onto his face ticklish before she stood straight again. “Please tell me you started dating AFTER his birthday?”

“Wha-Who do you think I am?! Yes, I waited!” Chuckling together, Trisha smacks both Faulkner and Markus on the head to shut them up. “Shut it, dorks.”

“Oww…why’d you hit me too?”

“Because…you’re supposed to be on my side, sweetie…”

“Not even a month after making your relationship official, you’re abusing the poor lad already.” Setting their jokes aside, Janice starts the group off with their drink of choice. Seeing that it was one in the afternoon, it was still too early for alcohol.

“You know, it’s impressive how you guys have just as big a selection of sodas and bar exclusives as you do alcohol.” Trisha settled for melon soda to drink. Faulkner had classic cola, and Markus chose lemonade.

“Aphrodishiack is more than just a bar, Trisha. You should know that by now.” Writing down their orders after deciding what they want to eat, Janice leaves them before Faulkner continues where they left off.

“So, you and Markus met at Correlia Park?”

“That’s right. It was shortly after a meeting I had with Fae Fae and the others about TMRC’s construction plans. You know this already, but I was a job recruiter before.”

“But what drew you two together?”

“Trisha was watching me practice landscape drawing on my tablet. She was pointing out the mistakes I made. Things just went on from there.” Markus said after chiming in.

“Alright, here’s your food.” After setting their orders on the table, Faulkner noticed one more dish left on the tray. “Hey, Faulkner. Move over closer to the wall, will you?”

“Huh? Alright?” Without giving it much thought, Faulkner moved closer to the wall side of the booth before Janice sat with him. “Uh…what’re you…” Munching on some barbecue ribs and steak fries, Janice gave him a toothy grin after picking one rib clean.

“I’m too damn curious to let this opportunity pass. I want to know how Markus and Trisha ended up together.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be working, Janice?” With her mouth stuffed with steak fries, Janice points her thumb at another employee. Wearing the same uniform as Janice, the Automaton coworker surveyed the area before meeting eyes with Janice, giving her a smile and a wave before going back to work.

“I’m on break at the moment. Nerenel’s in charge for the time being. Anyways, keep going…” Judging from how her ears and tail moved, Janice’s nosey habits were nothing new to Faulkner and Trisha.

“Fine…” Continuing where she left off, Janice’s lunch break lasted long enough for her to hear the part where Markus’s parents showed up. She had to be dragged literally back to work by Nerenei.

“You must’ve been clenching your asscheeks hard enough to turn coal into diamonds when his parents showed up, huh Trisha?”

“Not the phrasing I’d use…but yet. It was one of the tensest moments I’ve ever had. Still, they let us keep our relationship.”

“Right. It was touch and go at the time. The month I spent grounded was torture. Mostly because dad hardly gave me a break and would ask details about things I did with Trisha whenever he had the chance.” With empty plates occupying their table, a server came to pick them up. They asked for refills on their drinks while the server was there.

“Emely was quite an interesting woman. I didn’t think she’d be such a vulgar woman. We met at Kitty Gritty Cafe and reminisced about her past relationship with her husband. Thankfully, she was open to the idea of Markus and I being together. As for Doyle, he was harder to convince, but he relented. After a month was over, Markus finally turned eighteen. A few months after some dates, he gave me my hair cloth the day before TMRC’s graduation.” As if to point out how happy she was with the gift, Trisha twirls her tiger print hair cloth with her right pointing finger.”

“Ehehe…I got the idea of getting it after hearing how romantic it was for you to get it for your girlfriends, Mister Faulkner. You’re a close friend of Trisha, the one I love. Trisha chose to share her secret relationship with you first, which shows how close you two are. I hope you’ll forgive me for copying your idea of getting a hair accessory gift for Trisha.”

“I don’t think it’s anything special, Markus. But I appreciate you thinking so.” With their refilled drinks on a tray, the waitress gave them a bow before leaving.

“Hey…while we’re on that topic, where’s Karika and Reiza? I don’t mind telling them the truth either.” Being reminded of Karika and Reiza made Faulkner sigh in exasperation.

“They’re back at our new house Denise gave us.”

“Why didn’t they come with you?”

“Because they wanted to spend the rest of the day unpacking their things.”

“Right. You planned to do that yesterday. But Karika fucked your brains out last night.”

“Yeah. Not the phrasing I’d use…” Having said the same phrase to one another, Markus couldn’t help but giggle. Faulkner and Trisha had a lot in common.

“Oh, don’t feel too bad. I fucked Markus’s brains out too!” Nearly spitting his drink from Trisha’s sudden outburst, it was Faulkner’s turn to giggle after seeing Marku’s reaction.

“T-Trisha?! Not so loud! You were just as shy as I-” Stopping him mid-sentence, Trisha pulls Markus into her arms, smothering his head between her chest.

“A-anyways…didn’t you sleep as soon as you and the gals got to your new house?”

“No. First, after I picked Reiza up from the mall, I had her help us pack and clean the rest of Karika’s stuff in her bedroom. Once Karika’s apartment was emptied and cleaned, we headed back to my apartment. Reiza and I grabbed the stuff that we packed ahead of time for the truck. After that, we headed straight for our new home. Karika and Reiza were exhausted, so they had just enough energy to unpack some of their clothes, toiletries, bed sheets, and pillows before they took a shower and slept. I decided to stay up and unpack things that couldn’t wait, like food and kitchen utensils. They got to sleep around two in the morning. I didn’t get any sleep until it was five.”

“Oof. So roughly four hours of sleep.” In a desperate attempt to free himself from her grip, Markus recalls a weakness Trisha has. Moving his right hand close to her neck, he tickles her behind her ears. “Hya!” Letting go of him, Markus moved back to catch his breath.

“Ah…any longer under there, I would’ve passed out. Just how long were you planning on holding me like that?! I almost passed out.”

“D-don’t just touch me there without warning, Markus!” Seeing the two argue, Faulkner finally understood why Trisha loved to tease him whenever Karika or Reiza was around him. Seeing the awkward shenanigans the two got themselves into was amusing to watch.

“Save it for the honeymoon. You guys are causing a scene.” Turning around to see what Faulkner was looking at, Trisha and Markus’s faces turned red when they saw the other patrons. Some were giggling while a few others looked away.

*Ring Ring*

“Hmm?” Pulling his phone out, Faulkner recognized the number on his phone before answering. “Uh-huh…yeah…we moved in around one in the morning. No, nothing serious happened. Reiza had her friends with her, so she was fine. Oh? It arrived, huh? Alright, I’ll come pick it up. Alright. See you then.”

“Who called you just now?”

“Illina. There’s a package I was waiting for that arrived at their home.” Getting up from his table, Faulkner pulls some cash from his wallet and leaves it on the table. “Thanks for opening up to me, Trisha. Here’s my half of the check, plus the tip.”

“Wait, you’re leaving already?!”

“Yeah. I’ll bring Reiza and Karika along the next time we hang out. And again, it’s nice meeting you, Markus.” Offering his right hand for another handshake, Markus obliges and shakes Faulkner’s hand.

“Sure. I can’t wait to meet those two in person.” Waving goodbye to Markus and Trisha, Faulkner stops by Illina and Bergeese’s house before heading to their new home.


“Come on, just one more rep, Reiza!”

“HRRRGGGAAAHH!!!” Unpacking most of their belongings into their new house, Reiza was curious to try one of Karika’s exercise equipment. Try as she might, Reiza struggled to do fifteen reps with a fifty-pound barbell. “Fuck, my arms feel like they turned into noodles!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have agreed to let you use it only an hour after we finished moving crap around…” Setting down the barbell with Karika’s help, Reiza lets her arms fall to her sides to catch her breath. “Still, you’re doing better than I expected.”


*Ding Dong.*

“Hmm? Who’s that?” Checking who rang the doorbell through the door view, Karika opens the door for Faulkner before welcoming him with a hug. “Hey! Welcome home, Faulkner!”

“Ah! Couldn’t wait to do that, could you?” Hugging Karika back, he noticed Reiza weakly wave at him on Karika’s workout bench.

“Welcome back, Faulkner.”

“Tried to do some weight lifting, eh Reiza?” Mustering the strength to get up, Reiza grabs Faulkner by his shoulders to pull his face down to her level before kissing him.”

“No fair! I want to give him a welcome kiss!”

“You’re just mad because I did it first!” Before the two could argue any further, Faulkner intervenes by shoving something wrapped in Christmas gift wrap between their faces.

“Eh? Faulkner, what is that?” Letting go of Faulkner, Reiza tries to take it away from Faulkner, only for him to move it straight up and away from her grasp.

“It’s Illina and Bersgeese’s Christmas present to all of us. They couldn’t get this gift ready in time for Christmas day.”

“Mom and Dad? What gift did they have in mind?” Thinking she had the upper hand, Karika tries to grab the gift away from Faulkner’s grasp. Karika tried to reach for it, but Faulkner grabbed her by her right ear and pinched it with her left hand.

“Hold your horses, you two. You’ll see what it is soon enough when I find a place to put it on.” Looking around the living room, Karika and Reiza did a good job decorating it. Aside from Karika’s exercise equipment, some of her plushies sat on their coffee table, couches, and drawers. Reiza added some homey touches like a flower vase at the center of the coffee table, lamps on their drawers, and potted plants near the front living room windows.

For entertainment, Faulkner was the one who set up their TV and stereo system. With their game consoles organized under their seventy-five-inch flatscreen TV, the only thing in the living room left barren was the fireplace.

“Nice going decorating the living room, you two. Is there any place in the house that still needs decorating?”

“The only rooms that are left barren are the two other bedrooms. We left those empty since we’ll all sleep in the master bedroom. I mean…I threw my bed away for obvious reasons…” Faulkner couldn’t blame Reiza for not using her bed. They threw it away in her old apartment anyway. As for Karika’s bed…

“And mine is sitting in the basement since it still needs deep cleaning after…you know…”

“When you two fucked like animals, yes. I hope that makes us even…”

“Not even close, small tits! I still need to give him a good fucking in his car like you did! I tried on our way to pick you up, but…”

“Karika, for the last time, you can’t suck me off while I’m on the wheel! I almost swerved onto the opposite lane.”

“Wait, you seriously tried to pull that cliche while he’s driving?! That kind of roleplay only works in cheap porno flicks, porky.”

“Oh, and giving him a sloppy handy J while kissing him on the backseat isn’t?!” Butting heads, as usual, Faulkner walks right past them.

“Well, I guess you two aren’t interested in the gift Illina and Bergeese gave us…” Flinching from what Faulkner said, Reiza and Karika followed Faulkner to the fireplace. He tore the gift wrap off the present, revealing a wooden picture frame. The photo in the picture frame was the same photo they took on Christmas day when Reiza posed with her plushie.

“Oh, hey! It’s the picture we took with Mom and Dad!” Raising both her arms, Karika pulled Faulkner and Reiza in for a hug. “I’d say Reiza took the spotlight in that photo.” Referring to Reiza’s bright smile, she couldn’t help but blush.

“Well, how couldn’t I? I have a wonderful family who loves me. It’s only right that I show my appreciation by smiling.” Nodding in agreement with Reiza, Faulkner chuckles while staring at the photo.

“Yes, and hopefully, we’ll have another family photo like this. Maybe with kids of our own….” Staring at one another, Karika and Reiza knowingly smiled while looking at Faulkner.

“Oh, don’t you worry? We won’t rest until you get both of us pregnant!” Feeling a chill run down his spine, Faulkner could already smell the excitement from Karika’s body.

“Question is, which of us is gonna get pregnant first?” The black flames on Reiza’s horns and tail grew in size to indicate the rising lust within her.

Clenching his fist hard along with a nervous gulp, Faulkner mentally prepares himself for his two loving future wives.

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