A’Maze’ing Hunt

“What the fuck is this shit?!” Name, Vinny. Age, twenty-one. Occupation, Part-time Retail hell. Current status?

“C’mere my little, skinny lambchop! I won’t bite…hard…”

“Ah! St-stay away from me!” In front of me, I’m witnessing a Werewolf dry-humping a poor guy dressed as Frankenstein.

I received a flier about a ‘Thriller-Themed’ Halloween party. What I failed to realize was the party wasn’t paying homage to a certain pop singer/dancer. It was a free…no. It was a fuck-for-all hunt. The ‘hosts’ of the party were monster girls, and as their guests, we men were at their mercy.

In a series of wacky events, I paired up with an unlikely ally…


“Hmm…is this the right place, Mitch?” Hitchhiking with three of my college buddies, we went to one of those huge Corn mazes people usually go to if they want a spooky vibe aside from haunted houses.

“Yeah, Vinny. This is the place. An odd choice of local for a supposed ‘Thriller-Themed’ party.” As the name of the theme suggests for anyone with good taste in music, all of us were dressed as MJ in some fashion or another.

The look I chose, in particular, was the red thriller jacket and pants combo. If it wasn’t for the chilly cold air this year, this costume would’ve been a fucking nightmare to wear.

“Damn. Were we too early? I don’t see anyone else here yet.” Following a theme, my jackass friends wore MJ-themed costumes too, but the ones they chose to wear were from a song each of them liked. Bailey, my fatter friend, for example, rocked the white tuxedo look from ‘Smooth Criminal.’

“Oh, look! Over there. I see someone standing on the roof at the barn right over there!” Just as Deurge pointed out, some crazy person climbed on top of the barn house.

“Welcome, my precious guests!” Whoever she was, she had some crazy get-up. I’ve never seen that take on a Werewolf costume before. She was black, like charcoal black, and even darker fur. Then, there’s the large werewolf paw and feet props she’s wearing. With how seamlessly she moved them around, it was almost like they were a part of her body.

But above all else, it was her eyes that stood out the most. There was a sinister, hellish red glow to them. I’ve never heard of red contacts that have that kind of effect.

“I don’t know who that chick is, but damn she’s hot. I mean, look at those boobs!” Leave it to Deurge to speak what most of us thought aloud. His lack of discretion has gotten us into trouble more than once.

“She’s not alone either, look!” Bailey pointed at a chick dressed as a bloodied nurse. I had to pinch my arm and slap my cheeks a couple of times to see if I was dreaming or not because that same chick looked like she was flying. The blue and greenish color of her wings was just as unusual as the werewolf chicks. I might’ve just been seeing things, but it looked like her wings were giving off a faint glow.

She was hovering around the corn maze, staring down as there were other people around we couldn’t see.

“Seems like we have a big turnout this year, Marny!”

“That so Eleka? Then I guess the rest of us have plenty of prey to hunt down!” We couldn’t see them, but we could hear the soft cackling of women within the maze.

“Um…Vinny? What did you get us involved with here? How the hell is that glowing bird chick doing that?!”

“I…I don’t know, Mitch…”

“Heh! I can smell the fear in the air already. How cute!” The Werewolf named Marny seemed pleased with herself. She was wagging her tail and swinging her hips while her hands…er…paws were on her cheeks. “You can all relax, boys! Unless you fear losing your virginities tonight. Then yeah, you should be afraid…”

Eh…did I hear her correctly just now?

“Did…did she say…”

“Yes, stranger down below!” Pointing directly at Mitch, the way Marny licked her lips at him was more arousing than scary. “It’ll take too long to explain, but suffice it to say, we’re not from here! Listen closely! The party invites all of you got is part of a tradition for us monster girls. We keep track of any local…‘Bachelors.’” Marny says while air quoting. “And invite them to a different locale for a ‘Thrilling’ game of cat and mouse!”

Monster Girls…apparently, they’re Monster Girls…


Apparent from Marny’s devilish grin, she wasn’t the only one who was excited for this ‘game’ as other ‘monster girls’ started cheering aloud.

“The rules are simple! Us Monster girls are the ‘hunters.’ And you boys are the ‘prey.’ Your objective is to avoid us for two hours. Do whatever you deem necessary as long as it doesn’t kill us. As for us Monster girls, our goal is to chase you down and strip you of your clothes to ‘eat’ you. Your clothes will act as your lifeline. If you’re stripped naked or half-naked from the waist, then you lose.” To put her point across, Marny sheats her claws.

“If us Monster girls capture you, we get to do whatever we want with you! And if you guys survive for two hours, the winners will get a special gift from us!” I could hear several people talking amongst themselves. Some of them weren’t keen on playing along.

“Yeah, fuck that! I’m not about to participate in this bullshit! I’m calling the cops!”

“Oh? We have a SQUAAAAARRRRREEE!!!” Pointing at some guy in the maze somewhere, Marny laughs at the guy before turning to Eleka. “Eleka, if you would…”

“Gotcha!” Spreading her wings outward, Eleka took to the skies with a mighty flap. Eleka’s body starts to glow more brightly before she spreads her wings out as a thin film of light stretches out, covering the whole area with light. Whatever she did, the light caused our hair to stand on ends.

At the same time, the spotlight that was pointing at Marny suddenly shuts off.

“Ow! The fuck?! Did anyone else get shocked just now?!”

“Yeah! It’s the type of shock you’d get from static electricity.”

“Uh…guys. I think that Eleka chick generated an EMP field just now…” As Bailey pointed out, he had his phone out and tried turning it on, but to no avail. And surprise, mine shut off without me doing anything to it.

“Oh shit…” Deurge was the first in our group to lose his shit. Soon, the other ‘guests’ were left panicking too.

The only light source we have to go with is the full moon. And it was about to be snuffed out by a cloud nearby.

“With that nuisance out of the way…” When the cloud completely covered the moon, the only thing we could see was Marny’s red eyes. Flames erupted next to them. “Let the hunt begin…” At that moment, the two disappear under the cover of night.

“Aww, crap…any chance we could run back to the car and drive off?”

“We could…but…” Mitch seemed to be the only one among us who was smiling. “Why should we? Our chance to pop our cherries is here, guys.”

“Mitch, I don’t want to lose my virginity to some random, horny broad. We’re all friends here, but you’re the only one who thinks with his little head.” While Deurge and Mitch argued, Bailey was looking around us.

“Guys, shut up! I think there’s someone nearby!” It had barely been two minutes before we heard something coming through the corn maze. As all of us were getting ready to run, we saw several arms poking out of the corn maze wall as a group of zombie girls sprang out.

“Meat! I want meat!”

“Yeah…specifically…sausage…” While Mitch had a look of excitement in his eyes, Deurge and Bailey’s legs were shaking before they ran off.

“Mitch, don’t just stand there! Move!”

“Huh? Why are you guys running?!”

“The point of the game is for us to run, you idiot! You won’t win if you get caught!” Turning his attention back and forth between me and the zombie girls, Mitch clicked his tongue before he turned around to run with us.

“Tch! Fine! You’d better not fall behind, Vinny!”

“Oh, believe me, I have no interest in losing here!” I know damn well those girls could move a lot faster if they wanted to. Still, they chose to move slowly. From the smiles on their faces, I’d say they consider this a game and are enjoying themselves.

As the name suggests, the corn maze was a labyrinth. With so many twists and turns, it didn’t take long before one of us got tuckered out.

“W-wait! I can’t r-run anymore…” At some point, I knew Bailey would be the first to slow down. That’s why I was running close to him.

“Bailey, you fat fuck! Hurry up!”

“Ah…I’m trying!” Try as he might, Bailey’s lungs could only carry him so far. Driven by his urge to win, Mitch ran ahead with Deurge, who was more scared than interested in winning. Disappearing after making a right turn, it was just me and Bailey.

“Fucking assholes left us behind…”

“Y-you didn’t have to run with me, Vinny…”

“What? I’m not leaving you behind. You’re my friend.”

“So is Mitch and Deurge…”

“Yeah, well…those two can take care of themselves. Come on. We don’t have to run, but we have to keep moving.”

“Right…” Rather than exhaust ourselves, Bailey and I chose to move around slowly and quietly to not attract attention to ourselves. “Hey…Vinny. I thought you always wanted a girlfriend. Wouldn’t this be the perfect chance to get one?”

“Well…if I was just looking to find someone to fuck, maybe? But you and I think with our big heads, not the little one Mitch uses…”

“Ehehe…yeah. Can’t say I’d be too comfortable having sex with a total stranger…”

“You and me both.” We thought we’d keep ourselves distracted by talking to each other. But it’s admittingly hard to focus when all you can hear are girlish giggles and guys moaning in the distance.

Once in a while, we’d stumble across a path where some guy fell victim to the monster girl’s charms. Then, there were the ones who would pass by us with their clothes in tatters, with the assailant responsible following close behind.

Whether it was a blessing or a curse, the size of the corn maze gave us plenty of routes to take. But it also meant finding the exit was next to impossible. And that’s assuming they’d let you out.

“Bailey, how are you holding up?”

“I’m fine, Vinny. You should go on ahead. I’m just slowing you down…”

“Hey, come on now. Didn’t I just say I wouldn’t leave you behind?” Out of us four, Bailey and I got bullied by others. Through our shared experiences, we learned to help one another. Before we could say anything else, the hairs on our arms and head suddenly stood on end.

“Aww, what a beautiful bromance you two got going!” Hovering above us, Eleka brandished her talons before going in for a nosedive. I tried to move away, but I was struck by an electric shock, immobilizing me. As I watched Eleka bring her talons up, I felt something push me on my right side.

“Watch out!” Pushed out of the way, I fell on my back to see Bailey standing in my place as Eleka’s Talons sliced through Bailey’s shirt.

“Gotcha…” With a sadistic smile, Eleka breezed right past me before hovering over Bailey.

“Ah…I…” Bailey was suddenly stuttering in disbelief. As I turned to see what it was about, I felt the blood rush down my body as I saw a streak of blood on his chest where her talons shredded through his clothes. Standing still in disbelief, Bailey slowly drags his hands over his chest before staring at his blood-soaked palms.

“Vi-Vinny…” I saw the light in Bailey’s eyes fade as he looked at me. Seeing all hope he had slipped away, I turned to Eleka with my hands gripped. The anger I’d never felt before nearly took over me.

“…hey…heyheyheyHEYHEY!!! I thought you said you wouldn’t hurt us?!?!?!” Rather than take me seriously, Eleka stuck her tongue out and blew a raspberry.

“Calm down. The only thing sliced to ribbons there was his shirt. The blood’s not even his…” Pointing with her right-wing at Bailey, he felt the blood streak on his chest a few times before turning red in embarrassment.

“Uh…I’m okay?”

“Physically, you are. Can’t say you’ll stay sane for long, though…” Speaking as if she was expecting something, Bailey began to breathe loudly.

“Bailey, are you sure you’re alright?”

“I’m not sure. My body feels hot all of a sudden. Like…really, REALLY hot!” Staring at me as if it was the end, a sinister, black-red smoke billows out from the blood marks on his chest. Sinking into his flesh, Bailey went still, chuckling softly before lunging for Eleka.

“Kyah! I guess Ushi-Oni blood’s more effective than I thought!” I’ve never seen Bailey move that quickly before. He was standing still for one second, then turned into a blur in the next. Bailey wasn’t himself either. He was smiling as he stripped Eleka of her clothes. Eleka stared at me one last time and pointed her left-wing at me before Bailey grabbed her face for a kiss.


“Hey, handsome! Care to play with me?” Filling me with a sense of dread, I barely felt the fingers dragging across my neck from behind me. “Your neck is so frail and open. It wouldn’t take much effort to take a bite out of you at this point…” With all the strength I could muster, I managed to turn my head before I saw red glowing eyes. Despite their menacing glow, they didn’t give off the same predatory gaze as Marny’s. This gaze felt more intrusive. Like a steak knife cutting through a meticulously cooked filet mignon, this vampiric mistress whispered sweet nothings to my ears. I could’ve sworn I felt her tongue graze my neck just now. “So juicy and tender. Your flesh has just enough give for my liking…” Give?

That’s right. My steak analogy was spot on. Cuz to her, I’m like a steak cooked to medium rare perfection. And she was ready to take her first bite.

I wanted to move, but my body refused to listen. Sure, I was scared. But I’ve always been the type to bolt at the first sign of danger. I could barely focus on escaping when she was staring right at me…


That’s right. I’m staring at the vampire just as much as she was at me. And with how long I’ve been staring at her, she must’ve used a hypnotic suggestion of sorts to stop my body from moving.

“Yes…stay perfectly still.” As the vampire brought her lips closer to my neck, her sharp fangs nearly made contact before something hit her right on her face. Falling on her butt, whatever hit her must’ve made her lose focus since I could move my body soon after.

“Stop! You vile miscreant. You shant make a prey out of that man on my watch!” Turning to whoever saved me, she looked vaguely similar to the vampire. Pointing her obviously plastic rapier at the vampire, she scowls at her. “I thought vampires were supposed to be elegant? Playing with your ‘food’ just now was quite unsightly!”

“Ah! Wh-what the fuck did you hit me with, Suzzie? I-is this garlic-flavored corn nuts?!”

“Quite so, Pione! I make it a note to remember your weaknesses!”

“You dumb bitch! The reason I hate this crap isn’t because it has garlic in it! I hate it because this shit’s bad for my teeth!” I don’t know what’s going on between those two, but whatever it was helped me escape from Pione’s grasp. Now that I can move again, I can go to Bailey and…

“Ah! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUCCKKKK!!! You’re really ruffling my feathers, Bailey!”

“AARRGGHHH!!! AAAHHAAHHH!!!” I hadn’t noticed it since I was distracted with that Vampire from earlier, but Bailey had changed. He could barely make eye contact with most girls who were nice enough to greet him. Now, he’s slamming his hips against Eleka missionary style.

“Bailey…” For a moment, I seriously contemplated pulling him away from Eleka, but when I heard Pione call me out.

“Hey! Stay right where you are, my delicious morsel!” My body moved on its own before I ran as far as I could away from the chaos.

Shit! I can’t believe I ran and left Bailey behind! But, thinking about it rationally based on how quickly he moved earlier, would I have been able to stop him in the first place? He showed remarkable strength when he tackled Eleka, so I doubt I could’ve done anything to stop him.

As I ran and ran some more, almost slipping and falling with every sharp turn I took, I heard a familiar voice in the distance.

“Ah…y-you’re tough!” That’s Mitch!

“You know, most guys would run at the mere sight of me. So I gotta give you credit where credit is due! You’ve got a lot of balls to try and challenge me! It’ll be a treat to turn those big balls of yours into raisins when I’m done with you.” I recognize the other voice too. It has to be Marny.

Following their voices, I found them in an open circle where they were squaring each other up. Marny was on all fours while Mitch was taking a low grappler stance.

Mitch was the ‘douche’ of us four. Self-centered, brash, and practically bordering on narcissism. His overinflated ego often led to fights. That’s why…

“HYAAH!!” With frightening speed, Marny closes the distance in less than a second. She was already swinging her right arm downward.

“Heh, typical single-minded dog! You’re real easy to read!” In one effortless series of movements, Mitch anticipated Marny and used her momentum against her by grabbing her right wrist with his right arm. Then, quickly grabbing her right bicep with his left hand, he swung his body forward, tossing her straight into the air.

That’s right. Mitch was an asshole, and because he got into a lot of fights, he learned how to fight from experience alone. If anyone amongst us four could fight, it’d be him.

“I can do this all day, doggy!” With how flawlessly he executed that throw, I was sure Marny would land on her back. But, with unreal levels of flexibility, she managed to flip herself upright before landing on all fours.

“So can I, handsome. Let’s see how tuckers out first.” It looks like this will drag on for a while. I know Mitch can handle himself, so I should go and look for Deurge.

That’s what I’d like to say, but I have no idea where to start. I only found Mitch by chance, so I doubt I can find Deurge that easily.

Forty-five minutes had passed since this game started, yet I was exhausted. I need to take a breather. I’d rather not just sit on the ground, so looking around for a bit, I found a tall, wooden pole to rest my back on.

“Shit…Are what those girls wearing really costumes? What the hell am I saying?! One of them was flying in the air before this game even started!”

“Uh…hello? Is anyone under there?”


“I can’t see under there. If someone’s there, please say something…” I hadn’t noticed since I was looking straight the whole time, but when I looked up at the pole, I saw someone strapped to the top. She looked like a scarecrow. And she was apparently strapped on there to act as one.

“Wh-who did this to you? Are you alright?”

“I’m okay…I just can’t feel my arms, is all…”

“That’s not alright! Hold on, I’ll get you down from there.” Wait, what am I doing? She could just be tricking me.

The whole point of the game is for them to chase us humans down, right? They wouldn’t just leave her here for two hours in such an uncomfortable situation that high up. Perhaps she’s one of those bait traps where if I go to help, someone will come to ambush me.

“You should climb up here and look at the view. You can see the sparklies so clearly…”

Fuck it. I can’t in good conscience leave her like this. I say that, but she’s twenty-some feet high from the ground. I could try and climb the pole to get to her, but it might break mid-climb, and I’ll end up hurting us both.

“Um…how did you end up like that? Miss…”

“Haidee. Just call me Haidee.”

“Okay…how did you end up like that, Haidee?”

“Well, my friends said I’m too slow and dimwitted to help. So they strapped me up here and told me to wait.” What kind of friends does she have?!

“They just left you here?!”

“I mean, they said they’d come back for me. They laughed when they said that, so I’m sure they’re being sincere…” D…does Haidee seriously believe they’ll come back for her?! I’ve had ‘friends’ that said shit like that before. They don’t come back for you.

“I…okay. I’ll go find a ladder and-”


“Whoa!” Out of nowhere, I saw some of my hair fall to the ground before the wooden pole Haidee was on started to fall forward.

“I missed? I must’ve aimed a little too high…” Turning to the source of her voice, I backed away on instinct as I saw the corn stalks falling one after another. The person responsible looked like an insect, though her costume made her look like one of those butchers that cut human flesh instead of beef. Based on the sharp, needle-lined sickles folded around her wrist, I’d guess she was a Mantis. There are also the yellow compound eyes on her head and the Mantis abdomen near her butt.

“A-are you trying to kill me?!”

“Relax, human. I can cut your clothing to pieces without harming your delicate flesh. Assuming you hold still like a good human, anyways…” Though she didn’t sound too interested in me, she kept moving closer to me as she brought her sickles out forward.

“You’ll have to forgive me when I say I don’t believe you.” With a slight bend of my knees, I was about to run full speed, but the Mantis girl suddenly lunged forward.

“Too slow…”

“Hey, guy. I’m free.” Somehow, the scarecrow chick on top of the wooden pole that got cut earlier managed to free herself and had now just gotten between me and the Mantis girl.

“What the?!” The next thing I knew, my vision was cut off. In its place, I felt two incredibly soft and squishy things press against my face before I fell on my back. “Gah!” I tried to push Haidee off, but my hands sunk deep into the two mounds blocking my vision. I was about to suffocate before she finally got off me. After catching my breath, the first thing I did was feel her back to see if she was bleeding or not. “A-are you alright?”

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Bullshit you are! That Mantis chick just…eh? What the?!” Feeling her back some more, I couldn’t feel any cuts there. And putting that aside, her back…no. Her whole body is incredibly soft. No, it was more than that. It was ultra-soft. It’s like one of those squishy stress balls that have incredible give. “Y-you’re not hurt?”

“I see…so you’re already claimed then?” That’s right, I forgot about the Mantis girl for a second.

“What? I’m not-”

“Yup, he’s mine. Awfully rude of you to butt in like that…” Standing between me and the Mantis Girl, she had her arms spread out in defiance.

“…fine. It’s not my place to take someone already claimed…” Folding her sickles in, the Mantis girl left.

“You’re not hurt, are you? I pushed you pretty hard earlier.”

“I’m fine, thanks to you.” Now that I got a closer look at her, she wasn’t a scarecrow girl at all. Her costume DID make her look like one, but she looked like one of those frilly mushrooms that you’d find in damp forests. The straw hat she’s wearing is so big that it covers the purple mushroom cap she has on top of her head. The sleeves of her scarecrow costume were so long that I hadn’t noticed the stumps of mushroom heads poking out from her frilly arms.

“That’s good. Glad you weren’t hurt…uh…” Staring into Haidee’s dull eyes, she spoke in a monotone voice similar to the Mantis girl from earlier. Her tone didn’t carry a chill to it that the Mantis girl had. Instead, it sounded more relaxed, like when someone absentmindedly says yes or no to questions.

Or when someone’s been taking too many hits…

“Vinny. It’s nice to meet you, Haidee.” When I offered my right hand for her to shake, she stared at it absently before cocking her head to the right. “Uh…when someone offers you their hand like this, you’re supposed to shake it.” I didn’t pay much attention to it, but Haidee was short. I could see the top of her mushroom cap, and I was only five foot four.

“Oh…I thought you were trying to run away from us earlier?”

“Well…you did just save me from getting raped by that Mantis Girl earlier. I can at least shake hands with someone who did that for me, right?” She kept staring blankly, but she did reach out with both her hands and grabbed mine before shaking it.

“Like this?” Haidee shook my hand like she was trying to swing a sword. I guess she’s socially awkward.

“C-close enough. You can stop shaking my hand now.” With all the shaking she was doing, the right strap on the overalls Haidee was wearing fell off her body, revealing her naked body. While her body was unscathed from the Mantis Girl’s attack, her clothes certainly weren’t. “Ah…” I couldn’t see them since her mushroom cap was blocking my view of them earlier, but her tits were disproportionately large for someone of her height. I should’ve known that from when she tackled me earlier out of harm’s way. But hot damn, they’re huge! I could barely keep my eyes off them. Her hips weren’t anything to scoff at either. Her short hourglass figure was something to behold. “Y-you can let go of my hand now!” I tried to pull my hand away, but Haidee wouldn’t let go. “Haidee, I said you can let go! You need to pull your clothes up! You’re naked right now!” Haidee was slow on the uptake. She didn’t seem to register she was naked until I pointed it out to her.

“Oh…so I am…” Haidee finally lets me go and pulls her overalls back over her shoulder. “Sorry. I guess I’m not pretty to look at, huh?” What?! Where did she get that idea from?!

“N-no! I’m not telling you to pull your clothes up because you’re ugly! It’s just that most people don’t walk around naked!”

“What? That’s news to me. I always walk around naked. The only reason why I have clothes on now is because they wanted me to.”

“Your friends?”

“Yeah, them.” I really don’t know what’s going on here. The smartest thing to do is just leave this mess behind and try to hide for another hour. But I can’t just leave Haidee behind. She’s a monster girl like them, but she didn’t seem interested in sleeping with me. She even saved me from having my virginity taken earlier. Plus, knowing how socially awkward she was, I would’ve felt bad if I just left her behind.

“Um…Haidee. Just to be sure, you’re not playing this game of cat and chase, right?”

“Nope. My friends told me to stay put in that pole until they would come back to get me.”

“Listen, Haidee. I’m not sure what your definition of a friend is. But I can tell you those ‘friends’ of yours aren’t really your friends if they left you behind like that. Why don’t you come with me, at least until this game is over.” Staring at me, I couldn’t tell if Haidee even registered what I asked her. But she must’ve mulled it over at least and nodded soon after.

“Sure, you’ve been really nice to me. Since you don’t want to leave me behind, does that mean you consider me a friend, unlike my former friends, right?”

“Right!” With that settled, I had Haidee follow me around. Sure, she was a bit slow. And I had to stop occasionally to give her time to catch up.

…and I also had to call her name out often since she’d get lost…

Shit…she wasn’t kidding when she said her friends called her slow. Both physically and mentally, it was a test of patience having her simply follow me. There were times when it was faster for me to carry her around. I had to since other monster girls would find me and chase me if I was away from Haidee for more than a few minutes. So, in the end, I ended up having her hitch a ride on my back.

“Wow, this is way better than being tied to a pole doing nothing.” That said, it was hard to keep her from falling off with how soft her body was. With how pliable her legs were, it felt like my hands sunk endlessly into them. It’s like she has no bones inside her body. Haidee noticed how often I tried to keep her from falling off. So she wrapped her arms around my chest. “Here, is this easier for you?”

“Ah, y-yeah! Sorry if I was making you uncomfortable there…”

“Nah. I wasn’t uncomfortable. It feels nice having someone warm to hug…” God, give me strength! I can feel her pillowy boobs pressing on my back. I value the idea of abstaining from sex until I get married, but the horny side of me is quickly clawing its way out. All these years of watching porn and fapping to imaginary women’s testing my willpower. “Vinny? Are you alright? Your face is all red…”

“Wah?” Giving me no time to respond, Haidee pressed her forehead against mine. Her head wasn’t just soft, but it felt cool and a little damp.

“Hmm…nope. You’re not sick. That’s good.” Stopping dead in my tracks, I finally saw Haidee smile. Up until now, she had a deadpan look on her face. Her smile was subtle, but the slight blush on her cheeks accompanying her smile was, without a doubt, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. How could anyone abuse her with a smile like that?

“Haidee…those ‘friends’ of yours. Are they the only friends you have?”

“Hmm…no. Because you’re my friend, right? You’re the only friend I have aside from them, but that still counts.” Haidee’s smile got even bigger that time.

Fucking hell. She’s just too damn precious…


“Well, holy shit. I can’t believe someone survived the whole hunt.” Somehow, I managed to endure the remaining forty-five minutes of the hunt. It was thanks to the Monster girls either mistaking Haidee already claimed me. Or when Haidee would jump in front of me and act as a shield from those too stubborn to care.

In their battle of attrition, Marny was the clear victor. Mitch stood with her. His shirt and pants were tattered with claw marks. It was hard to see with the doggy collar Marny had put on his neck, but Mitch also had hickeys all over it.

“Fuck…I can’t believe I lost. Even worse knowing you survived this…” As bitter as he sounds, Mitch didn’t look too upset at his loss. Next to him was Bailey, who was holding Eleka bridal style. I don’t know what happened to him after I ran away, but Bailey looked like he lost a couple of pounds.

“H-hey there, Vinny. I’m glad there’s at least one winner in all this. Sorry about…well, you know?” At least he’s back to normal from the sounds of it.

“It’s fine, Bailey. I’m just glad you’re not hurt. In fact…you look better than ever.”

“Hehe. Thanks. I have a lot of explaining to do. Suffice to say, whatever stuff Eleka smeared on me changed my body for the better.”

“I’m happy for you, but hot damn. You went to town on my poor hips…” I thought Eleka looked limp in his arms. She could barely raise her legs.

“Don’t blame me. You’re the one who smeared that stuff all over me.” I’ve never seen Bailey talk back to someone like that before. Let alone a girl. They’ve only known each other for a little bit. But they’re already bantering like a solid couple.

Bailey and Mitch seem fine, but…

“By the way, where’s Deurge?” Deurge was with Mitch last, so I turned to him for answers.

“What? Don’t look at me. The moment we bumped into Marny, Deurge turned the other way and ran.” Oh, Deurge. All talk, no game…

“Ah, the guy that ran out on you. Right, sweetie…” From the looks of it, Mitch and Marny are also an item now. But, the collar Mitch has on his neck that I pointed out earlier, along with the sense of urgency Mitch answered Marny, shows their relationship is more of that of a Master and its Slave.

“Y-yes, Mistress!” Closing her eyes, Marny took a big whiff before turning her head over east. She sniffed a couple more times before Marny smiled.

“I memorized that guy’s scent just in case I’d get bored with Mitch. It seems like that Deurge fella ran into the Devil Bugs. He won’t be coming out for a while…”

“Devil Bugs?” From what their name suggests and Marny’s devilish grin, I’d wager Deurge got it the worst out of all my friends. “He’s not dead, is he?”

“What? No! We’re not stupid enough to kill our prey. I just said that stuff for thematics. That guy’s fine. Though he may end up wheelchair-bound by the time the Devil Bugs are done with him.” That doesn’t sound fine to me.

“Vinny, I’ve been meaning to ask, but who’s that on your back?” Cocking his head, Bailey points behind me.

“Hello, mister Bailey…” Ah! Fuck. Haidee was so quiet that I completely forgot about her.

“Oh, uh…this is Haidee. I survived this game for as long as I did because of her.” Still clinging onto my back, Haidee waved hello to Mitch and Bailey. Suddenly, Marny lets go of the leash tied to Mitch’s neck before walking toward me.

Standing seven inches over me, Marny didn’t say a single word before hovering her right paw over my head. Then, feeling her soft paw pads on my head, she gently ruffles my hair before smiling.

“I’m honestly impressed, Vinny. Not only did you survive the hunt. But you even carried a Myconid like Haidee around without any issues.” Myconid. So that’s what Haidee is. “Well, As promised, you get a special prize. That is, unless. You want something else?”

“Something else? We played along with this ridiculous game of yours! You guys haven’t explained where you came from yet!”

“Ah! Alright. I guess I can explain that.” Letting go of my head, Marny turned around and went back to Mitch before pulling on his collar. “Hey, Mitch. I need a chair…”

“Y…” Looking around, Mitch held his tongue, knowing Bailey and I were there.

“Mitch. I said I need a chair.” Marny’s voice was softer but carried a more authoritative tone. Mitch would normally talk back. Instead, he got on all fours before Marny sat on his back. “Good boy. I like a rigid, muscled chair to sit on…” Mitch’s face was red the whole time. With how he was shaking, I wasn’t sure if he was shaking in embarrassment or euphoria.

“Now that I’m comfortable…we’re monster girls from an alternate reality of Earth. Our master’s adept with using magic, so it was relatively simple for her to create a gateway that lets us cross alternate realities. In our version of Earth, Monsters that exist in your world as fictitious works are real, though we take on a more human-like appearance, as you can see. Our population is in decline, so every year, we host this little hunt on Halloween. Since humans here typically dress as Monsters, it’s the one day of the year we can come out and blend in. We planned on taking you men back with us after this hunt since no human has ever won.” The fact that they’re true Monsters was already mind-blowing as is. But there really are alternate realities out there that mirror ours!

“Truth of the matter is, we’re losers, just like you lot. We lost in the race to find a man in our world. We’re virgin losers desperate to find that special someone.” Eleka, who suddenly chimed into the conversation, nuzzled her cheeks against Bailey’s.

Looking around, the other Monster girls nod in agreement. Some were too distracted with their lovers to care.

In hindsight, they didn’t seem all that bad. Even with their monstrous features, they have emotional needs like us.

“Now that you know the truth, what do you want to do now? If you think the cops are going to believe you when you tell them Monster Girls from other dimensions exist, then you’re shit out of luck.” Marny had a point. Outside of the people forced to participate in this game, no one would believe what happened here.

“Vinny. Can you put me down for a bit? I like hugging you, but my arms are getting tired…” Oh crap. I keep forgetting about Haidee.

“Ah, sorry about that. Here.” Setting her down, the strap on the right side of Haidee’s overalls slips out, exposing a bit of her right tit. “…”

“Vinny? What’s wrong? You look a little dazed? Did carrying me that whole time tucker you out?” I didn’t want to stare too long out of consideration, but I had just now noticed she had inverted nipples.

“Aha…looks like the spores…” I heard Marny saying something before everything around me faded. I felt lightheaded, like floating in the clouds kind of lightheaded. It felt like if I moved, even for a little bit, I’d fall flat on my ass or my face. If that wasn’t enough, my sense of sight also started to blur. The only thing I could see clearly was Haidee.

This attack on the senses would make most people hurl. But for me, I felt joy in it. Is this what it feels like to be on cloud nine?!

I don’t know, and I don’t care!

I start to spin around and sway from side to side. With every exaggerated swing of my hips, my brain’s registering said movements at a delay. If I’m not careful, I might fa-

“Ah! I got you, Vinny!” As I fell toward Haidee, my perception of time slowed to a crawl. The first thing I noticed was the look of worry on her face. Aside from her smile, this was the other expression I saw her have.

Next were her arms. Outstretched and ready to catch me, I saw her slowly moving toward me while her chest jiggled with every step she took.

Slowly but surely, my face got closer and closer to her pillowy-



Falling hard to the ground, I found myself immersed in the soft embrace of her bosom.

“Ah, crap! Her spores! D-don’t breathe it in, or you’ll…”


“Oh shit. C-calm down, Mitch! You can’t possibly have the energy for more after what I did to you earlier, right?”

I know I should pull myself off from Haidee, but her boobs are just so soft and comfortable. It’s damp and a bit chilly to the touch.

“Fuwaaahh…V-vinny…” Holy shit. That moan! The way she called me out sent shivers down my spine. Before I could pull myself up, Haidee wrapped her arms around my head and pulled my head harder against herself.

Much as I loved the feeling of her cold, pillowy boobs on my face, I found myself short on breath. Breathing through my nose was out of the question, so I opened my mouth to take a deep breath. I managed to suck in a bit of air before I sucked something else entirely.

“Hyaaah!” I couldn’t see with my face buried in Haidee’s chest, but the moment I traced my tongue around what I sucked into my mouth, I knew what it was.

I traced the tip of my tongue around the rim of her areola. Its surface was ever so slightly bumpy. In the middle lies a small divot big enough for the tip of my tongue to poke into. Sucking on it, her nipple popped right out. That must’ve taken Haidee by surprise since I felt her arms go limp, allowing me to pull my face away from her boobs, pulling her right nipple up before it slipped away from my lips. The force of pull caused her right tit to bounce and undulate.

“Vinny! A-are you alright?”

“Yeah. Thank you for catching me. You’re not hurt, are you?”

“No. I’m okay.” I don’t know what happened to me earlier that made me feel all giddy, but my head feels a bit clearer now.


Or was it? Turning my head to where I heard Eleka, I saw Bailey fucking her doggy style. Holding onto her wings, he used them to pull and push himself in and out of Eleka’s pussy. Her head rocked violently with every thrust of his hips.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help it if your pussy feels so tight! And the little zaps you give with each thrust feel great!” I know Bailey’s body getting skinnier would have suggested otherwise, but my god. I’ve never seen him move with such ferocity before. Then there’s the look on his face. It was the kind of face you’d find in a man in control and enjoying every second of it.

“Y-you’d better enjoy your second wind while you can, M-Mitch! As soon as I-AAAHHH!!! L-let me finish, dammit!” Turning over to Marny, Mitch was displaying his strength for all to see by carrying Marny by her butt while fucking her. As much as Marny wanted to sound like she hated it, she had her arms wrapped around his neck and biting onto his neck the whole time he was plowing into her. Not to mention Marny’s tail was wagging like crazy.

It wasn’t just them. Everyone and their perspective partners were fucking shamelessly in front of one another.

“What…what’s going on here?” No one gave a single fuck. They were all so engrossed in one another. Soon enough, the sounds of people moaning in ecstasy filled the whole area.

“Hey…if you’re going to stare…” Feeling something on my cheeks, Haidee moves my face in her line of sight. “Stare at me, and only me…” Far different from her dopey expression, she was pouting at me. “You wanna do it too, don’t you?”

“I…I mean…w-we just met…” That only served to make Haidee pout even more.

“But I’m your friend, right? Everyone else is having fun with their friends. So why not us?”

“Ah…you need to be more than just friends to do this kind of stuff with someone, Haidee. Like…you have to really like someone to do this with them?” Shit! Things took a turn for the worse. Tears started to form around Haidee’s eyes.

“Does that mean you don’t like me?” I didn’t want to see her cry, so I was about to wipe her tears away with my left hand. Before I could do so, Haidee grabbed it midway and pulled it toward her right tit. “You were sucking on my boobie a bit ago. Only people who like each other do that ‘kind of thing,’ right?”

“I…uh…you don’t understand. I was…” Staring deep into her eyes, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything in protest. I could tell Haidee lived a life of loneliness for a long time. Only someone who’s lived like that could have that look of desperation in them.

“I know we’ve only known each other for a short time. But the time I spent with you was the best I’ve ever had. Thanks to you, I know what a true friend is…” Finishing it with the most precious smile I’ve ever seen, I felt my heart give in to her. I can’t possibly say no to her.

“…Haidee. Let me correct myself earlier. I want to be more than your friend. I want to be your boyfriend.”

“Hmm? Isn’t that a given?”


“I mean, you’re a boy. Of course, you’re my boyfriend.”

“Ah…ahah…ahahaha! You adorkable little. Okay! Then let me put it to you this way then.” Moving my hands toward her face, I gently squeeze her cheeks while leaning closer. “I love you. You only do those kinds of things with the person you love.” I tried to go for a kiss, but Haidee blocked my lips with her right hand. “Eh?” This time, Haidee wasn’t pouting out of jealousy but irritation. Shit, what did I do wrong?

“I might be dense, but I’m not stupid.” Thankfully, Haidee went back to smiling again after she moved her right hand back to my cheeks. “You don’t need to beat around the bush. The only person I’d have sex with is you. And right now, I want that rigid mushroom of yours deep inside me…” Taking away what was supposed to be my move, Haidee pulls my lips toward hers, giving me my first kiss.

Springy and tender. That was the only way I could describe her lips. Though, I couldn’t enjoy it for long as a new sensation came my way. Wet, chilly, and most of all, sticky. Her tongue was incredibly soft. Not only that, but it felt like our tongues got glued together upon contact. Rather than fight it, I pressed on, getting more of my tongue stuck against hers until it was hard to tell whose tongue was which.

“Mlaaah…Vhhnny…” The softness of her tongue and the taste of her sticky saliva made for an addicting combo. I’ve never kissed someone before, but I’m convinced that if I had, the kiss I’m having with Haidee now would blow those out of the water. Somewhere along the line, Haidee had dragged her left hand away from my face. Now, she’s rubbing my crotch with it.

Without missing a beat, I reach down with my right hand and pull the zipper down on my crotch. That was the opening Haidee was looking for before she snaked her hand through the slit of my boxer shorts.

Giggling through our kiss, my body involuntarily shivers at Haidee’s touch. It was cold and slightly sticky. The closest thing I could compare it to is when you spill soda on your hands, and it dries. Every time she pulled a finger off the shaft, my skin would stick to them for a bit. Shortly after, Haidee pulls her lips away from mine after a little give.

“Ah…it’s so hot. I feel like my hand’s burning…”

“I could say that your hand’s unusually cold.” Hitting me where I didn’t expect her to, Haidee presses one of her fingers on the tip of my foreskin where the head of my dick pokes out from.

“Hehe, the tip of your mushroom’s gotten wet and sticky…” Twirling her finger inside the rim, she pushed it further in, slipping in between the head and foreskin. “Do you feel that?”

“I…I do. It feels gre-Aaahh!” Giving me no chance to talk, Haidee slid her finger around the tip.

“I want to see it…” Staring at me as if starved, Haidee took her hand off for a moment so I could sit back up. While I was looking around for a place to rest my back on, I saw that a good number of people were tuckered out and were either cuddling or straight up falling asleep. There were a few that were still going.

“What’s the matter, Mitch?! Lost your steam after cumming five times?! You can go for another five more, right?!” Fucking him senseless cowgirl style, the scratch and bite marks that riddled Mitch’s body shows just how much of a rough fuck Marny is. Meanwhile, Mitch looked like one of those dehydrated corpses. A smiling corpse, but a corpse nonetheless.

Bailey, on the other hand, was taking it easy after their fuck session by snuggling. Eleka’s hair and feathers were all ruffled up, but she was sleeping with a smile. Bailey’s really manned u-UAAH?!

I felt something cold and sticky drip on the tip of my dick just now.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier? If you’re going to stare. Stare at me…” It was Haidee. She had her tongue out so that her saliva would drip onto my dick. “I need to cool your mushroom down some more. So I’ll use my boobies to cool it off…” Lifting her big breasts over my crotch, she slid her fingers under them and made a small opening for my dick to fit into. Staring at them with anticipation, Haidee brought them down slowly, swallowing the tip of my dick first. Even though she used her saliva to lube it up, it was still sticky. As she brought her boobs down more, her tit meat pulled my foreskin down with it, fully exposing the glands once she dropped her boobs all the way.

“C-c-cold!” I got goosebumps the moment her boobs swallowed my dick. The last time I felt something this cold on my crotch was when I got kicked in the balls one time and had to use frozen pea bags for comfort.

“It’s so hot, almost hot enough to hurt…” It wasn’t just cold. Her boobs would jiggle with even the slightest movements. It’s like they’re two water balloons. But I know from groping and sucking on them earlier that they’re firmer than they feel. “Hey, you mentioned being cold a few times. Do you hate it?”

“Ah, it’s not that I hate it. It’s just something new, is all. I mean, your body isn’t exactly normal.”

“Most of us Monster girls don’t have normal bodies. But I guess mine is even more out there than theirs. Still, it doesn’t seem like you hate it with how rigid your mushroom is.” Squeezing her pillowy tits together, they clung stubbornly to my dick with every push and pull. When she brings her boobs up, my skin gets pulled up along with it. Then, when she brings it back down, they’d jiggle and cause my dick to jostle inside her tit meat. As she gets comfortable with her movements, she gets creative and alternates them.

Haidee would squeeze her tits together before grinding my dick inside. Jiggle them to jostle it inside. But, what tipped me over the edge was when she brought her boobs down as she could to expose the tip of my dick. She starts off by lightly kissing my glands before dragging her tongue around them. After getting it lubed up, she’d rub it using her tits, rinse and repeat.

“H-Haidee! I’m going to cum soon.”

“Really? I can’t wait to taste your cum…” Oddly motivated by the notion of drinking my cum, Haidee finishes me off by bobbing her tits up and down as fast as she could. It only took a few seconds before I blew my load. The first shot flies out and hits the underside of her head cap before Haidee sucks the tip inside her mouth.

I couldn’t help but curl my fingers and toes at how hard she was sucking my dick. She was moaning gleefully the whole time, even squeezing my balls a bit to egg me on. When I finally stopped, Haidee slowly dragged her lips from the bottom of the shaft to the tip. She pulled her lips away with a pop.

“Pwah…” Letting her tongue hang loosely, the combination of my cum and her sticky saliva was gross in hindsight. But at that moment, it was incredibly arousing. “Ah…so good. My body’s aching for more.” Letting herself fall backward, Haidee rubs her stomach hungrily. All the while giving me one of those bedroom eyes. “Here…I want your mushroom in here…” Watching Haidee drag her fingers down to her pussy, it only took a bit of rubbing her part before her love juices started to flow out of her slit.

At the same time, I felt a tense and painful sensation in my groin. My dick was already hard again. It’s never gotten this hard before. It almost hurts every time it twitches.

“Don’t keep me waiting, Vinny. Here, stick it in here…” Serving as the final nail in the coffin, Haidee spreads her pussy lips open to entice me.


“Uwah! Grabbing my wrists like that all of a sudden?” Before I had even noticed it, I jumped on top of her and pinned her arms down above her.

“I can’t promise I’ll be gentle…be ready…” What am I saying?! My first time should be gentle and intimate. Yet, my body’s screaming to me to plow away at her as hard as I can.

“It’s okay. I can take it.” Closing it off with a smile, I grabbed my dick and got it into position before pushing my hips as far as I could.

“AAAHHH!!!” Going in, I felt sinew-like flesh stretching and breaking the further I got inside. If Hadiee wasn’t so wet, her sticky flesh would’ve made it impossible to push it in as far as I did. And, of course, her chilly pussy felt off at first, but I’ve acclimated at this point before I wrap my fingers around hers, holding her hands lovingly. “My stomach. My stomach feels so warm! And your hands too…”

We hardly talked after. From that point on, I let instinct take over as my hips started pounding away at hers. Haidee’s pussy would stubbornly cling to my dick every time I pulled away from her. Her body’s soft, pliable would jiggle when I pushed my hips back in, watching the ripples travel throughout her body.

“God…I can’t keep my eyes away from your huge tits!” Staring right into my eyes, I’m sure she noticed my eyes were following her bouncing tits.

“They’re all yours…” I thought I was seeing this at first, but I felt something wet hitting my chest. When I took a closer look, it was Haidee lactating. It didn’t look like any milk I’ve seen. It was white, but it looked watered down. “Don’t just stare, Vinny! Give’em a taste.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” Moving my head down to her left nipple, I was surprised to find that her tit milk was sweet. The sweet milk left after a sugary bowl of cereal doesn’t hold a candle to how sweet Haidee’s milk is. If I had to compare it to anything, it tastes like maple syrup. The strangest thing about it was it was runnier than maple syrup, but it was just as sticky. It clung to my tongue and throat, making it hard to drink if I didn’t dilute it with my saliva.

“Vinny! Ah! Your hot mushroom feels so good!” Drawing myself in the taste of her titty milk, I squeezed her other tit with my right hand, spraying her milk all over my body. The squeezing elicited a reaction inside her pussy as it got tighter inside her. Combined with how sticky her vaginal fluids and flesh were, I couldn’t move my dick around inside her even if I wanted to. “I…I can’t take much more of this…”

“Wh-what the?!” Suddenly, her inner walls start to move on their own. It’s like they’re drawing me deeper inside. Rubbing particularly hard around the head, this was something only monster girls could do!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad I never had sex in my life up until now. I don’t care if I’ve never fucked a human woman before. I’m sure Haidee’s pussy blows theirs out of the water.

“I-I didn’t know you could do this with your pussy…”

“I’m sure you figured it out earlier, but my body produces a sticky substance that makes it easier for us to cling to someone. As a Myconid, we feel safest when embracing the person we love. And I love you, Vinny…” I wanted to reciprocate her words with mine, but her undulating pussy meat was making it hard to focus. I had to put all my focus on not cumming too quickly. “You’re squinting. So cute…”

“Wh-whatever! Gee…I can’t hold out for much longer…”

“Me neither. Let’s kiss while cumming together…” Doing what she wanted, I leaned down and kissed her. Feeling her tongue wrap around mine, I push my hips as deep as I can into her squishy body. At that moment, I felt the tip of my dick slip into something inside her before it closed around the neck. The unreal sensation made me pull away from our kiss momentarily. “What…what is…”

“It’s my womb. It’s another thing we Monster Girls can do that humans can’t. I want you to shoot your cum there. Fill me to the brim!” Pulling my head back down to continue our kiss, I relaxed before shooting my load deep inside her. Haidee’s body went limp as I shot streams of cum into her pussy. When the last I had to give came, I felt exhaustion take me all at once before falling on top of her.

“Aaahh…I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“Hmm? Nah. I told you earlier, didn’t I? My body’s squishy enough to handle your weight easily. Besides, I like being with you like this.” Reinforcing her statement by hugging me tightly, I returned the favor by hugging her in return.

“Ah…shit…I feel…*yawn* really tired…” Coming out of nowhere, a huge sense of lethargy hits me. Fighting to stay away, I saw Haidee smiling at me before she patted me on the forehead.

“Don’t fight it. Get a good rest…” Seeing I was too tired to care, I closed my eyes before drifting off to sleep.


“I’m sorry, mam. But you can’t use your membership card to get your vehicle towed to a gas station like you wanted. We can tow it to one of our repair sites, and from…yes…uh-huh. Okay. One moment…”

“Another bad call?”

“Yeah. Lady called me the Cunt, so I sent her to my supervisor…” A few months after the craziest Halloween night I’ve ever had, it seemed like I did get a prize for winning after all.

The Monster Girls had to go back to the alternate reality they came from. The losers of the hunt would have to go with them afterward. Though, they would have a chance to come back here at some point.

As far as I know, they all chose to stay there. Bailey, Mitch, and even Deurge did the same.

For the winner, which is me…

“Your boss, right? She’s so dead…”

“Yeah, she is…” I had a chance to go back with Haidee to her world. But after Haidee said she wanted to stay here with me, they decided to let her. But only if I can keep Haidee secret until they make themselves known.

Taking a new job as a dispatcher working at home for an automotive company, I was able to provide for myself and Haidee and keep her a secret for the time being. Considering how clingy (Metaphorically and Literally) she was, a stay-at-home job was my only option.

“Hey…when your lunch break comes, do you think you can give me a little treat?”

“Ehehe…I’ll certainly try…” I hope they make their presence known soon. I’m not sure how long I can keep Haidee a secret. But, even still. I’m glad I won that night. Though I was declared the sole winner of that hunt, I want to say everyone there won.

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