All my Jinko Stories

(Pornstar for a day) Art nudged his breakfast with his fork, the red faux leather in the booth squeaked as he shifted around. “What am I going to do? Rents due next week and I’m going to be short because of that asshole that rear ended me on the way over here!” Art thought as he took a bite of his hash browns. He chewed slowly and took a sip of orange juice. Getting the rear bumper on his car fixed would easily cost $500, not counting the damage to the trunk and wheel wells. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t notice the woman trying to get his attention.


Art flinched as she brought her hand down on the table. He trailed his gaze up her arm to her face. The woman wore a stern expression and had piercing yellow eyes. Fluffy ears topped her head and a striped bushy tail extruded from behind her. She was wearing an expensive looking suit with black leggings and red heels. “Is this seat taken?” Art looked at her for a moment then realized she asked him a question.

“Oh! Uhhh, no?”

Without another word the Danuki sat down across from him.

She looked at Art intently, eyeing him up like one would a fine painting. In one quick motion she pulled out a cigarette and started smoking.

“Um, I don’t think you can smoke in here.”

“What are they gonna do, throw me out? Besides I own the place.” There was an awkward silence between the two; Art was the first to speak up.

“So, can I help you with something?”

The Danuki crossed her legs and took a puff of her cigarette. “Actually you can…” She narrowed her eyes and cracked a mischievous smile. “I’m doing some talent scouting for a “movie”, and you look exactly like what I need.” Art didn’t like the look she was giving him,

“what kind of movie?”

The Danuki laughed a bit and tilted her head back “Ahh, why am dancing around it? A porno, kid.” Art blushed a bit

“Umm, can I ask why you’re filming a porno?”

The Danuki tapped her cigarette. “Well you see, I consider myself a kind of social activist.” She took a drag and slowly let the smoke out the side of her mouth “I want to see relationships between monsters and humans improve. Monsters have a tender side that humans rarely see and what better way to show that side then porn?”

Art thought for a moment “I guess that makes sense… “But why are you asking me to be a part of it?” The Danuki chuckled,

“well for starters you look like a normal everyday guy, the target audience of the film will be able to identify with that. Plus can you’ve got a nice looking build and a cute face. I know what I’m looking for and I like what I see.” She pointed at him with her cigarette, Art took a forkful of eggs and sighed

“I don’t know…” He started chewing “I haven’t exactly been in a lot of pornos.”

“Come on!”

She laughed and playfully poked his shoulder. “I can only get the girl I have lined up because she’s in heat! Plus, she has a thing for brunettes…” Art raised his eyebrows at that last part, but still wasn’t convinced. The Danuki uncrossed and recrossed her legs, “Tell ya what, I don’t need much footage so let me lay this out for you.” She took another drag on her cigarette and produced a small piece of paper from her jacket “show up at this address, fuck for about, say… an hour and leave $600 richer.” Art almost choked

*Cough, Cough* “$600!?”

The Danuki had a smug smile on her face, she knew she had him. “So? What do you say?” Art looked at the paper

“I mean, I guess I could give it a shot, I don’t really have anything to lose.”


The Danuki extinguished her cigarette on the table and extended a hand to Art. “The name’s Samantha, what’s yours?” He gave her a small smile and a firm handshake


“Well Art it’s been a pleasure, try to get there around 3:00 tomorrow” Samantha stood up and headed towards the door, Art looked back at his breakfast “Also!” He looked back up at Samantha, she had her hand on the doorknob. “Don’t worry about paying, it’s on the house.” She winked at him “See you soooon~!” The bell above the door rang as she left. Art looked back his breakfast and this time started eating. One thought was present in his mind

“What just happened?!”

Art glanced at the piece of paper Samantha had given him. “5th floor, room 472” he looked up at the apartment complex that stood before him. It was a pretty nice place, he wondered how Samantha had managed to swing it, before remembering that she was a Danuki. He approached the front door, stopping just before he walked in. Art took a deep breath and psyched himself up “You can do this! Don’t wuss out now!” He entered the lobby and confidently walked over to the elevators. He pushed the call button and looked down at his watch. “3:10” “Crap, I’m late.” His confidence started to deflate as he waited for the elevator. With a ding it arrived in the lobby, as he stepped into the elevator car he came to a sudden realization “Samantha never told me what kind of monster I’d be with…” Art’s anxiety grew as he rode the elevator up, he gulped when the elevator stopped on his floor, the doors opened and he stepped out. After a bit of searching he found the apartment, he put his hand on the doorknob and tried to comfort himself. “It’s not like she would pair me with a dangerous monster, right?” Art stepped into the apartment and saw buck naked Jinko stretching with her back to him, “shit…” he said under his breath.

The Jinko’s ears twitched and she turned around, her brownish-orange eyes lit up when she saw him.

“Ohhh~ are you my partner?”

She asked excitedly, her tail darting back and forth. It was a combination of fear and the Jinko’s massive breasts that caused Art not to respond right away.

“Jesus christ she’s stacked! Those must be H cup at least.”

Hypnotized by her chest, Art failed to notice that she had gotten closer to him “So are you?” She licked her lips. This time she sounded eager. Art shook his head a little, bringing himself back to the present.

“Oh! Ahh, y-yes I am”

She smiled and started to walk around him, like a tiger getting ready to pounce. Art stood stalk still and took in the sights of her muscular frame. Her arms were as big as branches and ended in massive paws, they were covered in a coat of thick fluffy fur. She looked like she could rip a door off its hinges if she wanted to. Her waist was chiseled, defined and free of any kind of fat. He shifted his gaze down to her legs. He could see the muscle definition on them every time she took a step. They were equally as fluffy as her arms, depending on what they were doing today Art was at risk of having his head cracked open. He looked up at her thighs, they were bare but still looked incredibly soft. The inside of her legs looked slick and shiny

“Jeez, she’s already soaking wet”

Her legs stopped moving, Art looked up and saw that she was hunched over, her face directly in front of his. She started moving in closer, Art leaned back until he was against the wall. She stopped for a moment and looked into his eyes, he could feel her hot breath on his face. Slowly she extended her tongue and gave his cheek a long lick, it felt rough and left a slimy trail.

“You’re a cute one.”

She gave Art a big smile, he could see her rows of sharp teeth. Art gave her a nervous smile and response


The Jinko giggled and took his hand in her paw. Art knew better than to question/resist what was happening. The Jinko lead Art from the entryway into the living room. The room had been rearranged a bit, Instead of a couch there was a bed in the center of the room along with all kinds of lights and some expensive looking cameras. Samantha was there, talking to some men from what looked to be the camera crew.

“Ah! I see you two have already gotten acquainted”she smiled a bit. “Well we’ve got no time to waste, stand in front of the camera and have a little fun.” The Jinko led Art to the foot of the bed.

“Take your shirt off… slowly” she said it gently but Art knew she wasn’t playing around. He did as she asked and slowly removed his shirt to reveal his above average build. If there was one thing Art was proud of, it was his ability to keep to his gym schedule. “Mmmm~” the Jinko started to slowly rub her crotch with one paw and Arts chest with the other. Art closed his eyes and and gently moaned, the sensation he was feeling was completely new to him. He had heard good things about beastmen’s paws but had no idea it was like this. Her paw pads felt like they were filled with gel and almost seemed to mold to his chest. They provided a nice contrast to the fur that coated her paw. It was soft but in a different way, it felt like satin and was very warm. Art giggled whenever it would brush against his nipples, slowly she moved her paw down to his stomach. Her breath quickened as her paw got closer to his crotch, when she reached it she removed her paw from her crotch and wrapped it around Arts back, giving him a tight squeeze and burying his face in her breasts. She started massaging his undercarriage through his jeans. “Oh myy~ you’re getting so hard!” Art couldn’t keep his moans quiet this time, she sped up her paw’s movements, massaging his balls with her fingers and kneading his cock with her palm. After a short period of time she slowed her movements and looked down at Art. “Ready to go?” Art excitedly shook his head.

Without another word the Jinko hopped on the bed and got on all fours. She spread her lips with two of her furry digits, revealing her snatch to be a lovely pink color. She looked back at Art and winked, wiggling her ass a little, “Don’t keep me waiting.” In a flurry of movement Art tore off his shoes, jeans and underwear. He hopped on the bed and positioned himself behind her. She reached back and positioned his cock in front of her dripping entrance. She gave it a few playful pumps and guided Art in.

“Wow she’s tight! I guess she really is all muscle”

Art grit his teeth as the soft, wet walls of her pussy clamped down on him. He went as deep as he could, eliciting a cry from her. “AHH! Keep going!” Art happily obliged as he slid his cock back and thrust forward again, the sound of colliding flesh filling the room. Her ass rippled as he thrust away, he kneaded the soft skin with his hand, giving it a loud smack every once and awhile, causing her to cry out. Occasionally he would switch his hands position to her clitoris and rub gently with his middle and index fingers, making her moan loudly into one of the pillows on the bed. This cycle of thrusting, smacking and rubbing continued for about 15 minutes.

As hard as he tried Art knew he was fast approaching his limit

“Come on dammit, make the lady happy.”

He thought to himself as he tried to fight the sensation building in his loins. The Jinko on the other hand showed no signs of climaxing anytime soon. Art began to slow his movements until he felt her paw tightly grip his leg, the claws digging into his thigh.

“Don’t you dare!!!”

She hissed through clenched teeth and glared back at him with a feral look in her eyes. Art let out a small whimper and sped back up. With fear spurring him on he reached his breaking point. Art let out a loud “GAAHH!” And blew his load deep inside the Jinko, firing strand after strand of hot jizz, coating her insides a sticky white. He fell on her back, his cock starting to go flaccid and slip out of her.

“Fuck… shit… god dammit…”

Art swore between breaths. He felt the Jinko emit a low growl as she leaned back into him. Art found himself pinned underneath her ass, legs on either side of him. She turned her head back and looked down at him with a cocky smile.

“Was I really that good? I’m glad…”

 her smile faded and she narrowed her eyes “But we’re not finished until I’ve cum!” With that she grabbed Art’s fluid covered shaft started working his length. He shuddered as she started to pump, his cock still sensitive from the first round of fucking. She used long slow strokes, alternating between squeezing his tip with her index finger and his base with her pinky. The pads on her paw hitting every sensitive spot on his shaft. Within a minute and a half he was rock hard again. She looked at him with a wild grin. She raised herself up and positioned his cock just below her still dripping entrance, he felt little drops of fluid hit his tip. Art gasped as she dropped down with a loud smack.

Her pussy was still maddeningly tight and felt even slicker. Without warning she raised herself up and slammed down again, the sounds of slapping flesh again filling the room. Before Art could get used to her movements she started to quicken her pace, thrusting down faster and only going up to half his length. Timidly, Art grabbed her waist and slammed her into his pelvis whenever she came down, trying to speed up the process.

“She had to be getting close, right?”

After about 20 minuets Art felt like he was going to pass out. She was relentless in her assault and had rode him through his second orgasm, not letting him go flaccid again. His pelvis was on fire and his dick was painfully hard. Art shut his eyes and tightly gripped the bed sheets, he started pleading to no one in particular “please, please, please…” If Art had a guardian angel they were looking out for him that day. With one final thrust the Jinko started to shake and her pussy clamped down; hard. She let out a loud roar as a gush of fluids washed over Art’s cock. Red faced and out of breath Art lay immobilized under the Jinko, his chest heaving and his heart pounding in his ears. After a minute the Jinko spun herself around as Art’s cock slipped out of her with a wet pop. Still pinned he looked up at the beast towering before him. Her sizable chest moved up and down in time with her breaths, beads of sweat slid down her muscular frame. Her face was red but not due to exertion, this time there was a certain gentleness in her eyes. She gave Art a warm smile and started to gently caress the side of his face. She started giggling and leaned her face in close

“hey there.”

She brought her lips down and gave Art a long, passionate kiss. Her tongue exploring every inch of his mouth. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, a thin trail of saliva connecting the two. “Let’s finnish together this time” Art nodded his head.

She started wiggling her hips, bringing his half erect member back to full mast. Art reached his hands around and started to massage her ass, pulling it apart and squishing it together. While he was preoccupied she raised herself up and took Arts cock in her paw. She positioned it under her and started to rub his tip into her labia. She took another look at Art and dropped down. She went slow at first, moving up and down his length at a steady pace. After a bit she sped up, the desire growing in her eyes. Art wanted to reach the end as badly as her. He started moving his hips, meeting her when she was half way up. He could feel her body shake more and more as they continued, her pussy becoming slicker with each thrust. She took his hands in her paws and moved them up to her chest. Art gently squeezed her breasts as he traced circles around her nipples with his fingers. Panting and fast approaching her climax the Jinko cried out

“I-I-I’m g-gunna cum!”

She brought her head back down and gave Art another tongue filled kiss. He returned it this time, putting his hands around the back of her head, their tongues intertwined in a dance of passion. Her pussy clamped down again, this time Art came with her. They both moaned into each other’s mouths as a torrent of semen and feminine fluids came spilling out of her. After her orgasm had subsided she broke the kiss and threw her head back, out of breath, her chest bouncing even more. Art tilted his head back and looked at the camera at the foot of the bed. He gave it a tired, red faced smile. He felt the Jinko pat his chest, he looked back up at her. This time she had a playful look in her eyes “Now for the fun part!” Art’s eyes went wide.

The Jinko fell backwards onto the bed, Art sat up and looked at her. She had her paws curled and a bashful look on her face.

“W-will you rub my stomach?”

She asked timidly, Art just looked at her, puzzled. “Pleeeease~” she tilted her head to the side and looked at him with puppy dog eyes. Art chuckled,

“Umm, sure… I guess.”

He crawled up the bed and laid down next to her. He Propped his head up on his arm and started to rub her stomach. Art whispered to himself, “So that’s why they’re called ‘washboard’ abs,” he could feel each individual ab as he rubbed away, slowly moving his hand up and down her stomach. The Jinko squirmed with excitement as Art rubbed, occasionally giggling when his fingers brushed against her sides. Eventually she settled down, a content look forming on her face as she began to chuff quietly. Art chuckled as he looked at the once intimidating Jinko, now putty in his hands. He looked up from her stomach to her face, she smiled when their eyes met. Without warning she wrapped her paws around Art’s neck and pulled him into her chest, she rolled on her side and slid one of her paws down to the small of his back. She started to gently rub the back of his head.


Art’s response was muffled by her chest


she put a leg over him and began to chuff louder. Art felt himself falling asleep, he was exhausted from the fucking, her warm fur and tight embrace only sped up the process. The last thought in his head before he lost conscious was of how nice it felt to be held like this.

“And that’s a wrap! Good job you two.”

Samantha clasped her hands together “this is going to sell so well!” She thought to herself as she cracked a massive smile. “Alright now I need you guys to clear out, I’m doing another shoot in half an hour.” The Jinko raised her head and looked at Samantha.

“Umm, could we stay like this for 10 more minutes?”

She asked timidly, Samantha looked at her watch, then she sighed and smiled.

“Ok, but only 10”

the Jinko laid her head back down. She rested her chin on top of Arts head and began to chuff again. She gave him a tight squeeze and smiled to herself.

When Art woke up the Jinko was gone, he was splayed out on the bed and his pelvis hurt like crazy. He heard someone shifting behind him, groggily he rolled over and saw an Ushi-Oni, completely naked. She was excitedly tapping her legs and dripping to the floor.

“A-are you my partner?”

The look of need in her eyes was way beyond that of the Jinko’s. Art sat up and frantically looked for Samantha, thankfully she was still in the room. She saw the terror in Arts eyes and walked up to him.

“Relax, I wouldn’t make you go with an Ushi-Oni after you lasted and hour with a Jinko.”

She whispered something in the Ushi’s ear and pat her on the back. The Ushi walked away, a sad look on her face. Art took a deep breath and placed his hand on his heart, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and took deep breaths. “Man you must be beat! You didn’t even move when she left!” Samantha handed him his check and a business card, the card had a gilded Tanuki Raccoons face on it, along with the company name: Money Shot Productions “I don’t mean to be blunt but I need you to leave, I’ve got another shoot in 5 minutes. Give me a call if you ever want to be in another one of my movies, I’d love to see you in action again” Samantha winked at him as she pulled out a cigarette, then headed towards the apartments patio. Art looked down at the check and grinned


He thought to himself. He put on his clothes and left, On the way to the elevator he was stopped by a man.

“Hey, do you know where room 472 is?”

Art pointed down the hall.


as Art waited for the elevator he heard a voice yell “Partner!” and a door slam. He stepped into the elevator and rode it down. Exiting the lobby he stepped outside and felt the cool summer afternoon air on his skin. He took a deep breath in through his nose and let it back out through his mouth. “I did it!”

Art looked down at his watch “4:35” “Hmm, guess I should head home.” He folded the check in half and placed the business card inside it. He slipped it in his back pocket and felt something, it was a piece of paper. He pulled the note out of his pocket.

“I had an amazing time! I hope I wasn’t too rough, here’s my number and address in case you want to swing by and pick up where we left off ;). My names Vanessa by the way!”

There was a little tiger face drawn after her name. Art looked at the note and pulled out his phone and thought for a moment. He slowly dialed Vanessa’s number as he walked towards the train stop. He got to the stop and looked at his phone. The number was dialed, all he needed to do was hit call. Art thought again “She was fierce, intimidating and almost made me pass out.” His train arrived… He hit call, “but dammit she was really cute.” As his phone dialed he stepped on the train and grabbed one of the hand rails.


“Hey! Vanessa right? It’s me, the cute brunette”

“Oh hey! How are you doing?” He could hear her excitement through the phone.

“Sore and tired… But I wanted to take you up on your offer, does 7 o’clock work for you?” He heard a squee on her end

“That would work perfectly! By the way what’s your name?”


“Art… What a cute name! I’ll see you then”

“Um, real quick before you go, in your note what did you mean by ‘pick up where we left off?’”

“Cuddling of course!” Vanessa hung up and smiled. “And maybe a little something extra as well”

It was 9 o’clock, Vanessa was alone in her apartment, crying. “Maybe he forgot?” She looked at her phone, “no missed calls, no new voicemails” she set her phone down and hugged her stuffed tiger. “B-but he wanted to see me again!” Vanessa buried her face in it and wept, “he would’ve called if he changed his mind, right!?” She wept more then took a deep breath. She looked at her reflection in the TV. She remembered all the flings and one night stands she had when mating season came around around. She remembered how her partners would struggle and resist, all the times she lost control… All the times they begged her to stop; all the times she woke up alone, not even a note on the pillow. Vanessa took another deep breath, “I’m always too rough” She stood up from the couch and got ready for bed. “All I want” she put on her pajamas “is somebody” she brushed her teeth “who won’t run away” she turned off the light.

There was a knock on the door, Vanessa looked at her phone “10:00” “who could that be?” Sleepily she got up and walked to the door. She opened it, rubbing her eyes with one paw and holding her tiger with the other.

“Hey, sorry I’m super late. I crashed right away when I got home. When I woke up it was 9:15, I’m really sorry I didn’t call on my way over!”

Art gave her a tired smile. Vanessa’s eyes lit up a bit, she dropped her tiger and slowly reached out towards Art. She lifted him off his feet and put him in a sleepy bear hug, burying his face in her mane. Art responded by rubbing his cheek against it

“I’m so happy you came.”

Vanessa’s eyes started to tear up, without even asking she walked back to her room with Art in tow. She set him down opposite to her on the bed, he stripped down to his underwear. Vanessa threw back the covers and laid down on her side, She extend a paw to Art and beckoned him over. He gladly took it and once again found his face buried in her mane. Vanessa pulled the covers over them and squeezed Art tightly. “You’ll still be here when I wake up, right?” Art sleepily nodded his head

“uh huh.”

Vanessa smiled and closed her eyes. Slowly she drifted off to sleep, with Art wrapped in her arms.


(My Favorite Piece) Vanessa shifted as she reached out towards Art, extending her paw farther and farther until she was on her stomach and touching the edge of the bed. She opened her eyes, the space next to her was empty.


She sat up and looked around her room, he was nowhere to be found. Slowly she pulled her knees up to her chest, she thought back to last night and started to tear up.

“H-he said that h-he’d be here when I woke up.”

She buried her face in her knees and started to cry. In-between her sobs she heard her toilet flush. She heard footsteps coming towards her room. She looked up and saw Art in the doorway, stretching his arm above his head.


Art saw the tears sliding down her cheeks,

“Umm are you alright?”

Without another word Vanessa sprang from her bed and tackled him. She pinned his shoulders and brought her head down, giving him a deep kiss. Her tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy. She broke the kiss, Art looked up at her smiling face with a pained/surprised expression on his.

“Oww! What was that for?”

Vanessa put all her weight on Art, immobilizing him and smothering his face in her mane.

“I thought you left”

Vanessa kept him pinned for a bit, enjoying the feeling of his breath tickling her mane. She raised herself up so that she was kneeling over him, her butt pinning his legs. She looked down at him with an apologetic look in her eyes.

“Sorry about that… Looks like I went a little crazy,”

She wiped her face with the back of her paw and sniffled.

“I-I’m just tired of waking up alone”

Art looked up at her and smiled,

“You won’t have to worry about that anymore.”

He beckoned her back down for a kiss.

          Art looked down at his watch “11:00” he sighed,

“Thankfully that was my last trip for awhile.”

He shut off his car and stepped out, he looked at the houses windows, all dark.

“Maybe I can sneak in quietly”

moving up the moonlit walkway he tiptoed up the front steps and grabbed the door knob. He twisted it slowly and opened the door, he grabbed the inside handle and shut the door carefully, making sure the latch didn’t catch on the door frame. He slowly twisted the handle back and let go. He was in, now it was time to face the second obstacle between him and his bed. He stalked over to the foot of the stairs and paused for a moment, was it the left side or right side of the steps that creaked? He guessed left… He guessed wrong. A door flew open upstairs, he heard the sounds of claws on wood, they were coming towards the steps.


Art swore under his breath, cursing his luck. The stairway light flicked on, momentarily blinding him and making it impossible to brace for the impending barrage of fur.


Art felt 3 small bodies collide with him as he fell backwards, knocking his head on the wood floor. He blacked out for a second, when he came to he was flat on his back, held down by the weight of 3 Jinko cubs. The twins, Gabby and Layla were nuzzling their faces into his left leg and right arm. They were only four but were as strong as children twice their age, they had his limbs in locked vice like grips. atop his chest sat Eva, the oldest by a year, she looked down at her father and smiled. She brought her lips down and gave him a quick peck on the cheek

“Welcome home dad.”

Art winced as he spoke

“Gee, thanks…”

Eva’s tail darted back and forth as she giddily bounced up and down. With his free arm Art reached up and started to rub her ear. She tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes, chuffing as he massaged it between his thumb and index finger.

“Sorry I’m home so late, it’s good to see you all.”

There was another sound coming towards the steps, it sounded heavier this time.

“Girls! Get off your father, he’s had a long trip.”

Slowly the cubs got off of Art, he took a deep breath, titled his head up and smiled. Vanessa was standing at the top of the steps, wearing her tiger pajamas. She descended the stairs and offered him a paw, Art gladly took it and was lifted onto his feet. She dusted him off then pulled his head into her chest. Even after 3 kids she was still as ripped as ever, every time they hugged Art felt like she could snap him in half, the benefits of being a personal trainer.

“How was it?”

“Long, miserable, and tedious…”

He sighed into her chest, she responded by rubbing the back of his head. “Let’s go to bed” she kissed the top of his head.

Vanessa picked up Eva and held her in a bridal carry, Art took a twin in each arm. They rested their heads on his shoulders and closed their eyes, already falling asleep. Art and Vanessa made their way to the kids bedroom and laid the girls down. Vanessa looked at him from across the bed,

“Can you handle the rest of this?”

He nodded his head, she smiled at him and left the room. He picked the covers up off the floor. Gabby and Layla were already sound asleep by the time he brought the covers up to them. They were wrapped in each other’s arms, Gabby’s face was buried in Layla’s neck while Layla rested her cheek against Gabby’s head, both of them were breathing softly like kittens. They were identical, impossible to tell apart aside from the fact that Layla insisted her hair be kept short. Art couldn’t help but smile at the adorableness of the scene before him, he brought his lips down and planned two small kisses on their heads. He stood up and leaned over the bed, planting a kiss on Eva’s forehead. He walked over to the doorway and looked back

“Goodnight girls,”

Eva was the only one to respond

“Goodnight dad.”

He smiled and shut the door, quietly he made his way down the hall to his bedroom.

He walked over to the closet and got changed, finally his trip had come to an end and he could claim his reward. Art laid down and sighed, he felt a paw wrap itself around his waist and pull him in. Vanessa wrapped her legs legs around his, enveloping them in a shroud of warmth. She placed her nose against the back of his head and enjoyed the scent that had been absent from her life for 2 weeks. Art closed his eyes,

“How were the girls?”

“As good as 3 little cubs can be.”

Vanessa snaked her other arm under him and wrapped it around his chest, pulling him in closer. He felt her breasts press up against his back, her erect nipples teased him through the fabric. She lifted her head up slightly and whispered in his ear,

“After they leave for school tomorrow we’re gonna fuck like crazy.”

She licked his ear, driving her point home. He shivered at the rough texture of her tongue and hot breath. He smiled, then yawned

“Looking forward to it.”

Vanessa laid her head back down and began to chuff quietly. After 6 years together Art still couldn’t get over how cute it was when Vanessa chuffed. Seeing such an imposing figure manifest her happiness in such a small way never failed to make him giggle. He had many fond memories of giving her massages after she’d had a long day at work. The way she would chuff and titter reminded him that underneath all that muscle and intense carnal desire was the woman he loved. After two weeks of restless nights, he was finally able to fall asleep without a problem.

Art opened his eyes, feeling well rested. He glanced over at the clock on his nightstand, “8:00” the girls should be at school by now. He sighed contently and mentally prepared for what lie ahead. Vanessa stirred behind him and emit a low growl. He felt her thumb on the inside of his waistband, gradually she slipped off his pants. She brought her lips up to his ear.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Very well,”


she began to rub his crotch with her paw, pressing his cock against his pelvis with her palm and massaging his balls with her fingers. Art’s erection grew along with his wife’s excitement. She tightened her grip on his chest and took his length into her hand, pumping at a medium pace. He squirmed as she rubbed his member, occasionally tightening her grip on it. The way her pads molded to his shaft when she did made him moan out. Gradually she increased her speed, going from a medium tempo to a dangerously fast one. Art felt the pressure building in his loins

“V-Vanessa, not s-so fast…”

He said groggily. Despite his protests she continued to increase her paws speed over the next couple of minutes. He shut his eyes tightly, trying to stave off the inevitable.


Just as he was about to reach the peak her paw stopped, leaving his throbbing erection unfulfilled and exposed to the cool morning air, a bead of pre forming on the summit. Art glanced back at his wife, red cheeked and panting.

“Why’d you stop!?”

Vanessa only grinned and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Because my dear husband…”

She stood up on the bed and positioned herself over his face. She slid her pants off and threw them to the side, revealing her dripping slit. Little drops of honey hit his face as he braced himself, Vanessa smiled and dropped down.

“That was just your warm-up”

She slowly rotated her hips in little circles, savoring the moment and spreading her juices around Arts mouth. She slipped her legs around his arms, locking them between the backs of her knees. He inhaled deeply through his nose, taking in the musky scent of his wife’s ass. Slowly he extended his tongue and started lapping around her labia, teasing her clit with his tongue. Vanessa shuddered with excitement as she mashed her crotch into his face.

“Come on honey… Quit teasing me!”

He pat the fluffy part of her thigh and pointed towards his crotch, Vanessa smiled sheepishly

“Oh, right… Sorry about that love.”

Art rubbed her thigh and continued to lick away. Vanessa lowered herself until she was in front of his cock. She positioned her tongue at the base and slowly licked up, flicking it when she reached the top, swiping away the bead of pre. Art shuddered, Vanessa looked back at him and grinned mischievously

“Mmmm~ you liked that didn’t you?”

she wiggled her hips,

“Keep going my dear.”

Art continued to caress her entrance, he eventually inserted his tongue between her folds, lapping away at the sticky fluids within. Vanessa gasped and pressed his head into her crotch with her paw

“F-fu-uck yuh-y-yes, k-keep going!”

Vanessa removed her paw and Art did as she asked, in response she took him into her mouth. She started to bob her head up and down and move her tongue side to side along his shaft, occasionally stopping to tease his tip by folding her tongue around it. She started to take him deeper and deeper until he hit the back of her throat. Art bucked his hips, causing Vanessa to gag. She lifted her mouth off his cock, a thick trail of saliva connected her to it.

“Easy my dear!”

Art rubbed her thighs again,


his voice was muffled by her snatch. Vanessa giggled and took him into her mouth again, she slowly brought her head down until her lips touched his base. She folded her tongue around his shaft and began to suck, forming a vacuum like seal. Art tightened his arms around her legs and shook, he moaned loudly into her pussy. Vanessa started to bob her head slightly, massaging his tip with the back of her throat. Her mouth became slicker and slicker as more pre leaked out of Art, eventually his tongue’s movements slowed and his leg began to shake. Vanessa gently squeezed his balls and sucked harder, increasing the pressure on his cock. Art cried out and bucked his hips up.


He fired strand after strand of hot jizz into her mouth, timing his thrusts with his ejaculations.

Vanessa’s eyes went wide at the sheer amount Art was letting out, she tried her best to swallow it all but eventually pulled her head back, leaving a few errant strands to hit her face and slide down his shaft. She sat up and coughed, wiping off her lips with her thumb. She looked back at Art, panting.

“Were you saving that for me?”

He nodded his head, Vanessa leaned back down and kissed his cock. “You’re so sweet” she pressed her crotch into his face and started to lick up anything she missed,

“I’ve been saving something for you too.”

Art slipped his tongue inside her again. This time he went wild, exploring deep within her and occasionally flicking her clit. Vanessa sat up and  fastened her thighs around his head.

“Y-you’re so c-close”

Art continued his assault on her nethers, fluid coated his tongue and began to leak out of her. With a couple more jabs Vanessa’s thighs locked even tighter around his head and Art found his tongue trapped between her soft walls. She threw her head back roared as a deluge of fluids came flowing out of her. Art coughed and sputtered as the sudden torrent of fluids washed over his mouth and face. Vanessa sat above him, basking in the afterglow of her intense orgasm, her chest bouncing up and down in time with her breaths. Eventually she removed herself from his head and spun around to face him, planting her butt on his crotch. Art’s arms started to tingle as the blood flowed back into them, he looked up at his blushing wife and sighed. Vanessa gave him a warm smile and wiped off his face with the back off her paw, she brought her head down and touched her nose to his before planting a small kiss on his lips.

“You’re all messy now”

he brought his hand up and cupped her cheek, feeling the dried semen with his thumb.

“So are you”

Vanessa giggled and started to undo the buttons on her pajama top, leaving her sizable bust to swing freely. She licked Arts cheek and started to undo his shirt, she opened it and nuzzled her face against his chest.

“Let’s take a shower,”

she got off the bed and took his hands in her paws. She pulled him up, slung him over her shoulder and headed towards the bathroom.

She set him down and turned on the water, stretching out her arms and legs while she waited for it to warm up. Art glanced down at her toned legs, seeing her muscles flex and tighten awakened something almost primal within him. Vanessa was very serious about working out, after they started dating she insisted on coaching him, partially to help him stay fit and build muscle but mostly to turn him into someone who could handle all 300 pounds of her (not that he was complaining). He traced his gaze up to her ass and held it there, taking in the wonderful sight before him. All the fat on Vanessa was located on her rear, even then it was just a thin layer. The rest was firm, sculpted muscle. Vanessa glanced back at him and winked

“Like what you see?”

She placed her paw just below one of her cheeks and started to bounce it up and down. She pressed the paw into her flesh and pulled it diagonally, offering him a glimpse of her pert anus. She let go, letting her cheek fall back down, jiggling as it settled. Art smiled and brought his hands down over his growing erection. Vanessa laughed and took him by the wrist, pulling him into the shower,

“You’re so easy to get going.”

She wrapped her arms around him and rubbed her cheek against his head, Art rested his head against her chest and brought his arms up around her waist. They danced in a small circle, letting the water run down their naked bodies. He pressed his ear into Vanessa’s chest and listened to her heart beat. She responded by rubbing his back,

“I missed you…”

“I missed you too…”

Slowly he snuck his hands down and rested them on her ass. He started to play with her butt cheeks, moving them up and down and occasionally pulling them apart. He traced his finger up and down her crack before gently sliding the tip of his finger in and out of her. Art’s erection grew even more and he started to thrust his hips inadvertently. He massaged his cock between her toned thighs, feeling his second wind coming on. She gave him a big squeeze then let him go. In one quick motion she spun around and pinned him to the shower wall with her butt. His gaze shifted up her back to her grinning face,

“Ready for more love?”

Art smiled and nodded his head. She started to bounce her hips up and down, massaging his cock in-between her ass cheeks. He grabbed onto her hips and began to thrust, pushing forward when she came down and sliding back when she went up. She reached over and grabbed a bottle of body wash, squirting a generous amount over her ass and placing her paw over Art’s cock, gently pressing down. Little bubbles started to form as he continued to thrust away, feeling another orgasm building. Vanessa slowed her movements and pointed at her anus,

“Uh-uh-uh, do it inside dear.”

Art nodded and placed his tip on her rear entrance and guided himself in slowly. Vanessa grunted and placed her hands on the wall, she pushed into him until she hit his pelvis. Art threw his head back,

“H-h-holy fuck!”

Her ass squeezed him with all its might, he made a little circle with his hand and gave it a loud smack.

Vanessa jumped slightly and shook her hips, Art gingerly pulled back then thrust forward, fighting against her tight walls. Her ass was so unbelievably warm, he grit his teeth trying his best not to cum. Vanessa took charge of the situation and started to move up and down his length, clenching when she went back and relaxing when she came up. Art gripped her waist and helped her move things along, wanting to find release so badly. With one more thrust his breath caught in his throat and his cock started to twitch. He gasped and moaned as he fired his load deep inside her, pushing his cock as far as it could go. Art slumped against the shower wall, panting. He grimaced as Vanessa slid herself off of him, she pulled one of her cheeks to the side and gave him a view of semen slowly leak out of her. She laid down on the shower floor and spread her legs. She beckoned him down next to her. Art dropped to his knees and took in the sights of his wife’s glistening body. The water almost seemed to bounce off her abs as it flowed down, he traced his gaze up to her breasts and blushed. He remembered all the cold winter nights they spent next to the fireplace and how her boobs were comfier than any pillow they had. Sleeping on a live tiger sure beat the hell out of having one as a rug. He looked up at her face and smiled, he adored absolutely everything about it. Whether it be her adorable markings, soft understanding eyes or plump kissable lips. He still couldn’t believe that she had said yes all those years ago and made him the happiest man alive.

He lowered himself down and kissed her, gently nibbling on her lip for a bit before he stuck his tongue inside her mouth. Vanessa moaned as he explored her mouth, coaxing her tongue into joining his in its dance. He took her breast started to knead it, rolling it around in the palm of his hand while he made a little circle around her nipple with his finger. Eventually he removed his hand from her breast and slid his fingers down her abs until he arrived at her muff. He rubbed in between her labia with his middle finger before he brought his index finger down and slipped inside her. He slid his fingers in and out at a steady pace, occasionally bringing his thumb up to rub her clit in a little circle. Vanessa broke their kiss and looked up at him

“n-not so fast”

Art only grinned as he continued to move his fingers, gradually increasing his speed. Vanessa started gasp and pant as his fingers teased her insides, she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth, feeling herself nearing the tipping point.

“I-I’m g-gunna c-c-cum!”

Just before she crossed the over the edge his fingers stopped. She looked up Art and saw the massive shit eating grin on his face. He removed his fingers from her and made a scissor motion, strands of feminine fluid were draped between his fingers.

“Paaaaay baaaaack!~”

Vanessa slugged him in the leg and pouted, puffing out one of her cheeks. Art rubbed his leg and giggled

“Ouch! He-he-he, sorry,”

he positioned himself in front of her and pumped his cock a few times.

“One more go?”

Vanessa licked her lips and locked her legs around his waist, Art took that as his cue and slipped in. Vanessa gasped as Arts pelvis collided with hers, he pulled back and thrust forward again, gradually building speed. She reached up and placed her paws on his shoulders, her breasts bounced up and down as he continued to pound away.

“Ah-h-ahh-ha yes! Fuck me my love!”

He snuck his hand up and pinched her nipple, rolling it around between his fingers. She felt his cock twitch more and more as his movements became faster and faster. She locked her legs tighter around him, ensuring he couldn’t escape. After a few more thrusts they both reached the peak, Vanessa pulled Art’s head into her mane and screamed his name, the sound of her voice reverberated around the shower and filled his ears. Vanessa’s chest heaved up and down, she held Art tightly and whispered “I love you” over and over between breaths. Eventually her breathing slowed and Art raised himself up. He grabbed a bottle of shampoo and shook it gently. Vanessa stood up and let him go to work, she closed her eyes and hummed as he worked his fingers into her legs, rubbing in between her toes and gently massaging her calves. He moved to her arms and soaped them up inch by inch, taking the opportunity to squish the pads on her palms with his fingers. He moved up to her neck and made sure to take special care of her mane, occasionally massaging her shoulders before he moved up to her head. He applied a generous amount to her gorgeous locks and let the suds flow down as he rubbed. Occasionally he would rub her ears, causing her to chuff tenderly.

“You’re too good to me”

Art laughed,

“Oh, Peeshaw… I know your fur is a pain to clean, now close your eyes.”

He took the shower head and rinsed her off, smiling as the soap melted away to reveal her beautiful brownish-orange fur and piercing black stripes. He washed his own hair then shut off the water. They stepped out of the shower and dried each other off, Art took a step back and admired his handiwork. Vanessa’s fur looked brighter than before and poofy beyond all belief, he walked up to her and buried his nose in her arm and inhaled deeply, he looked up at her and smiled,

“all clean!”

Vanessa smiled back and pulled him in for a small hug,

“Thank you my dear.”

They put on their bathrobes and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

Vanessa set the plates on the table and sat down next to Art. “Thanks for making breakfast.” Art took a fork full of pancakes and started to smile as he chewed.

“Ahh, it’s good to be home.”

Vanessa put her finger under his chin and closed his mouth. She lipped the words “mouth closed” he swallowed,


Vanessa sighed,

“Now I know where the girls get it from.”

Art chuckled and continued eating,

“So… Anything else you want to do today?”

Vanessa bit her lip and thought for a minute, eventually her face lit up with an idea.

“How about we go to the art museum?!”

Art gave her a puzzled look. She pat his leg,

“Come onnn~ it’ll be fun! It’s been forever since we’ve done something together.”

Art chuckled again,

“What about this morning?”

Vanessa punched his shoulder and giggled.

“You know what I mean.”

Art thought for a minute,

“I mean, I’m not opposed to it but is there a reason you want to go?”

Vanessa put her arm around him.

“It’ll be nice and quiet, plus we can walk at our own pace for once.”

Art thought back to some recent family trips. If the girls weren’t clinging to his limbs they were running around causing chaos. To say that 3 Jinko cubs were a handful would be a massive understatement. He rubbed the paw on his shoulder.

“Alright, let’s do it.”

Vanessa smiled and leaned her head on his shoulder

“thank you.”

Art continued to eat,

“After breakfast though.”

He winked at her. Vanessa took her head off his shoulder and dug into her own breakfast before they went back upstairs to get dressed.

They walked hand in paw through the galleries, taking in all the different kinds of art before them. Occasionally they would stop to admire a piece that caught their eyes. A minimalist modern piece, an abstract piece with vibrant contrasting colors, nude photographs, and scrap metal sculptures were all things they stopped to look at. Art squeezed Vanessa’s paw,

“You know, I had my doubts but this has actually been a lot of fun… Thanks for bringing me here.”

Vanessa squeezed his hand and smiled

“you’re welcome.”

Eventually they reached one of the main attractions of the exhibition. Arts jaw dropped at the sight of it. It was of some kind of cityscape. Lots of detail on a grand scale with plenty of bright complimenting colors. It was a stunning piece. After a few minutes Art spoke up,

“Out of all the things we saw today this probably has to be my favorite piece of art.”

Vanessa smiled,

“Want to know what my favorite piece of art is?”


She let go of his hand and tapped his chest with her finger, right above his heart. Art smiled and leaned against her, she responded by putting her arm around him.

“You’ve been waiting all day for a chance to say that haven’t you?”

Vanessa giggled as a massive grin creeped onto her face.


Art laughed and playfully hit her stomach with the back of his hand.

“That’s so lame!”

Vanessa rubbed his shoulder and gave him a small squeeze

“I love you…”

“I love you too…”


(Sick Day) Art slowly opened the door to the house. It was  completely dark save for the faint light coming from the kitchen. He slipped off his shoes and made his way towards the light. He rounded the corner and was greeted by the stove light and a digital clock that said “12:15” His dinner was waiting on the island wrapped in cling film, he could see the condensation underneath. Art picked up the plate and eyed its contents. “Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans… You’re too good to me.” He peeled off the film and stuck his dinner in the microwave. He watched the plate spin slowly as his food heated up. The shadows coming from the microwave danced and played on his face as he looked on with weary eyes. He patted his cheeks with his hands. “Come on, stay awake.” With a metallic ding his food was done. He opened the microwave and was treated to a gentle wave of steam and the delicious smells of his wife’s cooking. Just as he was about to claim his amends for a night lost he heard a yawn. Art looked over and saw Vanessa standing in the doorway. She rubbed her eye and sluggishly made her way over to him before taking him into her sleepy embrace. Vanessa rested her chin on his head and rubbed his back.

“Welcome home my love.” Art rested his cheek against her chest and yawned.

“It’s good to be home.” Vanessa took her paw and put her finger under Art’s chin. She lifted his head so their gazes met and looked at the dark circles under his eyes. Vanessa frowned a little and sighed.

“How long until you can stop working late?”

Art shrugged “after this stupid project is done.” Vanessa planted a long kiss on the top of his head.

“Come to bed soon.” Vanessa left the kitchen and slowly ascended the steps leaving Art alone with his meal. He took the plate out of the microwave and walked into the dining room and flicked on the light. He adjusted the dimmer so that the room was filled with a pale glow rather than blinding light. He sat down and started eating. Art always loved dinner, but when he worked late he always hated it. Dinner gave him a chance to catch up with the most important things in his life and when he worked late he missed everything, big and small. He felt alone, a castaway on an island of light surrounded by a sea darkness. The table was usually filled with laughs and conversations but now the only sound was his utensils clanking against his plate. Art finished off the last of his meal and sighed. “It never tastes as good when I’m alone.” He set his plate in the sink and made his way upstairs. He quietly opened the bedroom door and peeled off his suit as he made way towards the bed. He laid down and almost immediately felt Vanessa cuddle up to him. The nice thing about being married to a tiger was that she loved to snuggle. It didn’t matter how long or cold the night was whenever Vanessa had him in her arms they just seemed to fly by. Even though she was incredibly strong Vanessa always treated Art with the utmost care. She squeezed him tight but never tight enough to hurt him. She always said that he was her prized possession and she proved it by holding him like one. There were downsides however, because of her fur it got pretty hot after a while. Art had quite a few memories of waking up drenched in sweat and held in place unable to reach his glass of water. Or the mornings when Vanessa would sometimes roll on top of him and he would be pinned underneath her, unable to go to the bathroom while she chuffed in his ear. Right now Art didn’t care about any of that. Report after report, meeting after meeting and cup of coffee after cup of coffee had taken their toll on him. As soon as Vanessa had him in her arms Art fell asleep.

His alarm came as a rude awakening. Art cracked open his eye and glared at the accursed box. With the palm of his hand he was able to silence it. Art stroked Vanessa’s paw then lifted it off himself. He groggily sat up and stretched out his arms and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He looked down at his feet and sighed. Before he could get out of bed a paw wrapped itself around his waist and pulled him down. Vanessa intertwined her legs with his and laid his head on her paw. She started to massage his scalp with her fingers. Art had lots of weaknesses and paw pads was one of them. The way they squished and molded to his head felt amazing. Art felt his eyelids get heavier and heavier as Vanessa continued to rub away. Before he totally lost conscious he remembered that he had to work today. “Vanessa please, I have to go to work.” Vanessa stayed silent and continued to rub his head, Summoning all of his willpower Art raised his head from Vanessa’s paw and tried to scooch away. He didn’t get far before Vanessa pinned him to the bed with her paw and got on top of him. She rested her head against his chest and hugged him tightly. Art struggled against her grip but found it to be a lost cause. Her warmth and weight combined with his lack of sleep was a killing combination. Art eventually ceased his struggle and dropped his head back on the pillow. Vanessa smiled and nuzzled her face into his chest.

“Text your boss that you’re taking a sick day.” Vanessa allowed Art to slip one of his arms out and grab his phone. He made up a lie about being up all night puking. Art sent the text and slipped his arm back under Vanessa. She hugged him tighter and started to chuff. “Just close your eyes and get some rest.” Art did as she said and fell back asleep almost instantly. Vanessa smiled again and whispered to herself. “You’ll need the energy for later.”


(A sign of affection) “Long day, long day, long day…” Art repeated his mantra of the day as he stepped out of the car and walked towards the front door. The Arizona sun sat low in the sky and colored it a bright shade of reddish pink. While he did miss some things about his old home Art had to admit that Arizona had amazing sunsets. Art opened the front door and was treated to a cool gust of air, sighing happily as he walked into his home with head held not so high. Art rubbed the back of his neck as he made his way towards the couch. “Gaah, my neck is killing me.” Art sat down and sank into the couch. He closed his eyes and sighed happily as he loosened his tie. Art opened his eyes and turned on the TV. “Now to find something to watch.” He began to channel surf and a few moments later he heard the familiar click of claws on wood. Vanessa rounded the corner and smiled.

“Hey you!”

The jinko excitedly hopped on the couch and took a seat next to her husband. Art sat up a little and wearily smiled at his wife.

“Hey, how was your day?”

Vanessa wrapped her arms around Art and rested her head against his shoulder.

“It was fine, a bit lonely though.”

Vanessa started to gently rub her cheek against his shoulder before switching to his neck. The jinko planted a few small kisses and nibbles on her husband’s neck, eliciting a few small giggles from him.

“What are you doing?”

Vanessa switched to his chest and began to chuff

“Showing you that I love you!”

Vanessa squeezed Art tighter.

“There are different ways you could do that you know.”

Vanessa giggled a little.

“Not while the girls are awake…”

Vanessa took a few sniffs of Art’s shirt and continued to rub her cheek against it.

“Besides, that werewolf you work with needs to be reminded that you’re taken.”

“You mean Amanda?”

Art thought back to all the lingering glances the touchy feely white furred werewolf had taken at the photocopier. “She’s harmless, she just needs to work on respecting people’s personal space, that’s all.” Art smiled “Plus I think she’s kinda scared of you…”

“All the more reason for her to watch where she puts her paws.”

Vanessa finished rubbing her face against Art’s chest and laid on her back, right on his lap. Vanessa gave him an innocent look and curled her paws. Art frowned and looked down at his wife.

“Can’t I please just watch TV?”

Vanessa frowned back and took the remote and placed it on the coffee table, just out of his reach. Art sighed and Vanessa pat his cheek.

“I’m the only wife you have, you’d better appreciate me!”

Vanessa curled her paws again. “Now, rub my stomach… please.” Art did as she asked and slid his hand under his wife’s shirt. He began to rub slowly as Vanessa chuffed and squirmed excitedly. He moved his hand up and down her stomach, occasionally stopping to trace a little circle around her bellybutton.

“Have you been working on your abs?”

Vanessa nodded and grabbed his other hand and placed it on her stomach. Art huffed and began to rub with both hands. Vanessa had a huge stupid grin on her face as Art continued to rub away. The jinko’s husband could only sigh as he tried his best to relax despite being immobilized, tired from a long day and starting to lose the feeling in his legs. Art tried his best to make out the sounds coming from the TV over his wife’s chuffs. Cuffs eventually turned into snores as Vanessa fell asleep. Art leaned his head back against the headrest and wondered how long he’d be like this. “One of the girls will come out of their room and say hi… hopefully before I’ll need my legs to be amputated…” Art looked down at the tiger sleeping on his lap. For all the things he had to put up with Art couldn’t deny that he loved these moments. The stoic and mighty jinko, reduced to a chuffing, loving, sleepy 300 pound house cat all because of belly rubs given by a man a good foot shorter than her. Art planted a small kiss on Vanessa’s forehead and tried to forget about how numb his legs felt. The sun sank lower in the sky as Art watched TV trapped underneath the love of his life, and he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


(A working vacation) “Toothbrush, razor, shaving cream, underwear…” Art went over the contents of his suitcase. Business trips were always his least favorite part of his job and sadly this was going to be a week long one. A week away from his beautiful daughters and loving wife combined with cold hotel beds and terrible road side food. Art sighed and rubbed his eye. “Looks like I have everything for tomorrow, now all I need is my…” Art looked around the room for the missing item. “Messenger bag.” He walked over to the closet. Maybe he left it in there when he was picking out a suit? Art flicked on the light and took a look. Nothing but clothes and the occasional dust bunny. Art scratched his head. “Under the bed maybe?” He got on his knees and peeked underneath the king sized bed. Nothing but more dust bunnies. Art made a mental note to vacuum sometime in the near future. He stood back up and sat on the bed. He rubbed the back of his neck and thought. “Hmmmm, maybe I already put it in the car?” Art’s train of thought was interrupted by the pitter patter of paws on hallway rug. Art sighed and stood up, he knew exactly where his bag was.

Art followed the sounds down hallway and heard the cubs bedroom door close. He stood in front of it for a moment before knocking firmly. “Girls, I know you have my bag.” Art tried the handle, it wouldn’t budge. Art sighed and knocked again. “I know you don’t want me to leave girls but I gotta! It’s my job!” Still no response and the handle still wouldn’t budge. “I promise we can have a movie night when I get back!” Art tried the handle again with more force, still locked. “Just think about it! You three, mommy and me all on the couch underneath your guys favorite blanket!” Art tried the faded brass handle again, something Vanessa insisted they not replace because it “had character,” it was still locked. Art put his back against the door and slowly slid down to the door and rested the back of his head against it. Time to break out the big guns. “I’ll make caramel corn…” He said in a voice just above a whisper. Not even 5 seconds later he heard the click of the lock mechanism. Art stood himself back up and grabbed the handle. He groaned a little as he turned it “now I gotta make caramel corn…”

The door opened fully and Art saw his bag sitting in the middle of the bed, not a cub in sight. “This is a trap, this is such a trap” Art thought to himself as he walked right into it. He slowly approached the black bag and extended his arm as far as it would go, trying to minimize the distance he had to go into the room. As soon as his finger tips grazed the shoulder strap the cubs sprang their trap. They emerged from their closet and attacked with lighting speed and deadly precision, clad in their paw print pajamas. The twins went for his legs, Immobilizing him (sort of) and knocking him off balance, making it easier for the oldest to go in for the kill. With a powerful leap Eva slammed into her father’s chest and knocked him back onto the cornflower blue bed spread. Eva “pinned” Art’s shoulders and looked down at him with a combination of a predatory gaze and a look of smug satisfaction.

“Looks like you fell right into our trap daddy!”

Eva flopped down on his chest and hugged his neck. “Now you can’t leave tomorrow” she said hopefully. Art sighed and pat his daughters back.

“Honey… I still have to leave tomorrow, I don’t want to but I have to.” Eva tightened her grip on his neck

“Can you sleep in here tonight then?”

Art smiled wryly, “only if you 3 let me get changed into my PJs.”

Eva rolled off of him and sat on the edge of the bed. Gabby and Layla looked up at their sister, unsure of what to do next.

“Let ‘em go girls, we have him for the night.” The twins did as they were told and hopped onto the bed alongside Eva. Art stood up and stopped at the doorway.

“I’ll be back in a little bit love’s.” He headed down the hallway to his room, Layla called after him.

“We’ll get the bed ready for you daddy!”

“Sorry we tackled you!”

Called Gabby. Art walked into his room and fished his pajamas out of his carefully packed suitcase. Vanessa was busy brushing her teeth.

After he had changed Art poked his head in the bathroom, Vanessa saw him in the mirror and gave him a little wave before spitting in the sink.

“Hello my dear” Art stepped into the bathroom


he walked up to his wife and rubbed her arms. “The girls want me to sleep with them tonight, sorry if you wanted to cuddle.” Vanessa wiped off her mouth with a hand towel.

“Ahhh, don’t worry about it. We’ll have plenty of chances in the future. Go be a good father to our little fur balls.” Art sighed a little


Vanessa cocked her head,

“what’s wrong?”

Art pressed his lips together.

“The girls really don’t want me to leave tomorrow, I guess I just feel kinda like a shitty father that’s all. Seeing so many sad looks from such adorable faces really hurts” Vanessa gave Art a sympathetic look and pulled him in for a hug.

“It’s out of your control, try not to feel too bad about this whole thing.” Vanessa gave him a small squeeze. “Besides, they’ll have me. I’ll be sure to give them double the hugs and attention while you’re gone.” Art smiled

“Thank you my big tuff chuff.”

Vanessa smacked the side of his head and sighed.

“You know I hate that nickname.” Art reached up and rubbed her ear, eliciting a small chuff from her,

“but it’s true thooough~.”

Art said playfully. Vanessa looked down at her husband and gave him a big minty fresh kiss, slipping in just a little tongue before pulling back. Art looked up at his wife with a slightly confused look.

“That’s in case I don’t see you tomorrow morning.” The jinko winked at him and gave him a little pat on the head. “Goodnight my love.” Art planted a small kiss on his wife’s cheek.


Art gave Vanessa a little wave and left the bathroom. He headed back down the hall to the girls room and took a peek inside. A little space had been cleared for him and the cubs were all kneeling on the bed, giddy with excitement and staring at him eagerly with their big amber eyes. Art took his place on the bed and was immediately swarmed by his daughters. The twins went straight for his face and planted kisses on each of his cheeks.

“Goodnight daddy!”

They said in unison. Art rolled on his side and the two placed a pillow over his arm before snuggling up to each other and pressing up against his chest. Inseparable, ever since the day they were born. It was rare not to find the twins together, whether it be around the house, at school or sleeping; they always stayed with each other, never letting anything come in between them. They were also daddy’s girls. While Eva always went to Vanessa for hugs and attention Gabby and Layla always went straight for Art. Showering him with love and affection whenever they wanted something. Art stayed strong… Most of the time, sometimes giving in to their adorable looks and sneaking them extra pieces of candy. He didn’t feel too bad though, because he knew Vanessa did the same with Eva. The eldest cub latched onto his leg and rested her head against his thigh, Art reached down and pat her head. “Goodnight sweet pea, sweet dreams.”

Eva yawned and closed her eyes.

“Goodnight dad.”

Art reached over and flicked off the bedside light and placed his arm over the twins. It felt odd being the big spoon for once, especially with two jinkos. Art took a deep breath and slowly fell asleep, the gentle and adorable snores of his daughters lulling him off to dreamland.

When Art woke up he felt a wet patch on his leg and had lost all feeling in his arm. He carefully slid his arm out from under the twins and clenched and unchelched his fist, trying to get the blood flowing again. It came in little tingles followed by the feeling of thousands of needles poking his hand. A fantastic way to start the day… Art then turned his attention to the wet patch on his leg. He gently lifted up the covers and saw the culprit. Eva was always a drooler and last night was no exception. “Now my pajama pants are gonna smell like jinko spit.” Art thought to himself. He dropped the covers back down and took his phone from the bedside table. “6:59” one minute before he was supposed to wake up. Art frowned and thought of the best way to slip his leg out of the clutches of his daughter. “Replace it with a pillow maybe?” He thought to himself. Art’s plans were cast to the side when he heard his alarm go off and his phone rattle noisily on the bedside table. He desperately groped for his phone and managed to silence it. He clutched the phone tightly and held his breath.

3 seconds…

5 seconds…

10 seconds…

20 seconds…


Art looked over at the twins then carefully lifted up the covers again. Eva remained still for a few moments before her eyes fluttered. Art hoped he could avoid it but it looked like the universe was working against him, the sad looks… They were coming. Eva gently squeezed her father’s leg, she was too tired to try and stop him. Art heard the little sniffles and his heart broke clean in two, he didn’t even need to see the sadness in her eyes.

“D-do you really have to leave dad?”

The little cub asked in a voice barely above a whisper, her voice was a mixture of exhaustion and sorrow. Art could feel her trembling against his leg. He decided to see if the universe really was working against him. Art opened up a text to his boss

“Hey, my car isn’t starting, I think it’s something with the spark plugs.”

Art saw the three dots and held his breath.

“Sorry to hear that. Call a cab and head to the nearest car rental office. Be sure to hang on to the paperwork so we can comp you afterwards.”

Art sighed

“Alright, thanks”

Art looked back down at his daughter. “I do, sweetie… I’m sorry.” He said as mildly as possible. He pulled his daughter off his leg and set her with the twins, Art gently rubbed her head. “I promise I’ll call every night.” Eva held Gabby tightly and nodded her head, trying her best to hold back a torrent of tears. With a heavy heart Art got up from the bed and went downstairs. He gloomily looked down at his legs and descended the steps, noticing the tear stains on his leg. “Spit and tears…great.”

Art made his way to the dining room and was surprised to see Vanessa, fully clothed and standing by her suitcase. “Uhh, are you going somewhere honey?”

“Yeah. With you. And so are the girls.”

Art noticed the three small tiger striped back packs sitting by Vanessa’s suitcase.

“Wait, what?”

“There’s a nice little theme park right by where you’re being sent. And since you’ve been working so late these past few weeks… I thought maybe we could make it a mini vacation before school starts up for the girls.”

At the top of the steps three pairs of jinko ears were twitching, honing in on every word their parents were saying.

“I don’t know… I feel-“

Art was silenced by a big fuzzy paw digit on his lips. Vanessa had a stern look on her face and a paw on her hip.

“I already packed the bags with everything the girls need, and put everything else in the car. And I notified the hotel. One room for the girls, and one room for us… Is that really going to be a problem~?”

Art remained silent and shook his head, Vanessa smiled triumphantly “Thought so.” She gave him a little wink. Three little pairs of paws ran down the steps and into the dining room. The cubs all had bright hopeful looks on their faces.

“We’re going with daddy on a business trip?!”

Asked Eva excitedly

“Yes!” Responded Vanessa with a huge grin on her face. The three cubs cheered and ran up to hug their mother. Vanessa got down on her knees and embraced her daughters. Loud and frequent chuffs could be heard coming from all four jinkos. Vanessa looked down at her daughters then  up at Art. “Hurry up and go get dressed! I’ll be waiting for you all in the car. The girls scampered up the steps at lighting speed, leaving the two alone downstairs.

“Yeeeeah, about that…” Vanessa gave him a confused look with a hint of worry.


“I-I kinda told my boss that our car wasn’t starting… We’re going to have to take a cab to the rental car office.” Vanessa narrowed her eyes at her husband. “What?! Eva was crying and begging me not to leave! I had to try something!!” Art backed up towards the steps a little before dashing up to his room. “They said they’d reimburse me!” He called out as he ran up the steps. Vanessa sighed a little and went to get the bags out of the car.

“Sakaali was right, it’s easier to assert yourself when you get everything ready.” 

 “No minivans?” Art asked.

“Sorry sir, we’re all out.” Said the rental clerk. The cubs looked up at Art with worry in their eyes, Art smiled at his daughters.

“Don’t worry girls, mommy and daddy will sort this all out.” He looked back at the clerk. “Got anything else that could accommodate four jinkos?” The man took a quick glance at the screen.

“Actually yes! We have an Escalade available, we can charge you the minivan rate for that.” Art looked at his family.

“Sound good?” Vanessa put her arm around her husband

“Sounds fantastic.” Art looked back at the clerk

“I guess we’ll take it!”

“Perfect! I’ll get the key and papers ready for you.” Art looked down at his daughters.

“Now girls, you three need to be extra careful not to scratch the seats in this car…”

“Oh, don’t worry about that sir, we frequently rent to manmo. It’s covered in the rental agreement.” 

“Goodnight girls! Just remember we’re right across the hall if you need us!”

“Goodnight!” Layla called back as she and her sisters ran into their room to play with their newly won stuffed animals. Art smiled and squeezed Vanessa’s paw.

“I’m going to sound really sappy right now but…thank you.”

Vanessa blushed a little. “I was prepared for a miserable week away from my loving family but instead my amazing wife takes it and turns it into a fantastic week filled with plenty of family time.” Art went in for a hug. “That big cold hotel bed is going to be so much warmer with you in it with me.” Vanessa blushed harder. Art smiled, there was nothing cuter than a full grown jinko blushing like a carnation. Art took advantage of the moment “If I was a hunter I’d call you my greatest catch.” Art went in and planted a kiss on his wife’s lips. He felt the heat radiating from her face, no doubt turning a few shades redder. Art tired to break the kiss but was stopped by two powerful paws on the back of his head. Vanessa pressed herself into him and stuck her tongue in his mouth. Art felt the rough tongue he had grown so used to over the years dart past his teeth and lay itself over his own tongue. Art’s eyes went wide and he tried to pull back but found it impossible to do, Vanessa would break the kiss when she was good and ready. A minute later it happened. Vanessa gasped and pulled back, panting and letting her tongue hang out of her mouth. The jinko had a wild look in her eyes, A mixture of pure passion and unbridled lust. She wiped off the saliva around her lips and placed her paws on Art’s shoulders.

“You really shouldn’t say things like that so early into our vacation… Now I’m all riled up and you have no choice but to share a room with me.” Vanessa pulled her husband into a near bone breaking hug. She stooped down to his ear. “We’re gonna fuck like bunnies tonight… Hope you don’t got too much work tomorrow.” She gave his ear an enormous lick, one that said he wouldn’t be walking right for a couple days after. Vanessa fumbled around for her keycard, her paws trembled with excitement as she tried the lock again and again. Art knew that these would be her last lucid moments before she gave into her carnal desires, he tried to get one last word in before that happened.

“L-lets try and not rip up the bed… I don’t think damage to the room is covered in my travel expenses.” With one more swipe Vanessa got the door open. She grabbed Art’s arm and pulled him into the room, having totally lost herself to desire.

“No promises~.”

Art emerged from the room an unknown number of hours later, clad only in his boxers and covered in hickeys and bite marks. He held the ice bucket in his arms and sighed. He was sweaty, exhausted and sore all over. One thing was on his mind… Ice. The room next door opened and a man in a similar state to Art stepped out, also clutching an ice bucket. The two men looked at each other

“Hellhound?” The man asked

“Jinko…” Art responded.

“Ahh.” The man pointed to a few small holes on his leg. “Manticore” The two walked in silence to the ice machine and took turns filling up their buckets. Wordlessly the two took the bags out of their respective buckets and tied them off. They both placed them inside their boxers and sighed happily as the ice went to work. The two waddled back to their rooms and stopped before they went inside. They looked over at each other and nodded, silently wishing the other good luck and a speedy recovery. The man next to him entered the lion’s den as Art entered the tigers den, both hoping not to wake the sleeping beast that lay within.


(A new addition) Art clutched the take out bag in his arm as he rode the elevator up. It had been just over a year since he had married the jinko who came into his life unexpectedly and changed it for the better. He was sleeping better (partially due to exercise but mostly do to her big muscular frame and soft fuzzy arms), eating better and most importantly feeling better, about himself and life in general. Art looked at the mirrored wall of the elevator and smiled a little at his reflection. Art got off at his floor and made his way to his apartment, humming a little tune as he unlocked the door. “Honey, I’m home! I stopped at Lin’s and got an order of orange chicken!” Vanessa had been having stomach aches up until today. Art got a call from her at work saying that she was feeling better and wondering if he could pick something up on the way home.

“Hi hun!” Came a reply from inside the apartment. “Set the food on the table, there’s something we gotta talk about.”

“Uh oh.” Art thought as he walked into his home, a little less spring in his step. He set the food on the table and looked into the living room, his wife was sitting on the couch with her paws folded. Art took a seat along side her and placed his hand over her paw.

“Is everything alright babe?” Vanessa bit her lit a little.

“Yeah, its just…” Vanessa took a deep breath “those stomach aches I’ve been having won’t be going away anytime soon…” Art gave his wife a confused look.

“What do you mean?” Vanessa wet her lips “I-I uhhh, took a pregnancy test today…” Art squeezed Vanessa’s paw a little. “Annnnd it was positive… I’m pregnant.” Art let go of Vanessa’s paw and put his hands on top of his head. He took deep breaths and sunk lower and lower into the couch. Vanessa put her paw on her husband’s knee. “A-are you ok?” Art looked over at his wife.

“Y-yeah, I’ll be fine. It’s just a lot to take in.” Art took deep breaths and closed his eyes. A smile gradually formed on his face. “…So, I’m gonna be a daddy?” Vanessa nodded her head. “We’re gonna have a little cub of our own?” Art asked with with a little more excitement. Vanessa nodded her head again. “We’re gonna be parents!!” Vanessa nodded yet again, happy tears starting to form in her eyes. Art sat up and hugged Vanessa tighter then he had ever hugged her before. He planted a huge kiss on her lips, a few happy tears of his own sliding down his face. “We’re having a baby!! Oh my god we’re having a baby!!!” Art laughed and planted another kiss on his wife’s lips. Vanessa wrapped her arms around him and held him tight, wanting this moment to last as long as possible. Vanessa gradually leaned back onto the couch, taking Art with her. They broke the kiss and Art looked down into his wife’s glittering eyes. He smiled and rested his head in her mane, enjoying her presence and the familiar fluff surrounding him. He eventually slid down and placed his head on her stomach. Art sighed happily and closed his eyes. “I’m the luckiest man alive.” Vanessa pat his head.

“And I’m the luckiest woman. I still can’t believe that I’m married to such an amazing man.”

“And I still can’t believe that I’m married to such a beautiful tiger.” Art sighed again. “I’m having a baby with a jinko… What will my parents think? I don’t think they expected their granddaughter to have paws and a tail.” Art frowned a little. “We’re gonna need more room… And I’m gonna need a better paying job…” Vanessa rubbed his head reassuringly.

“Don’t worry about that right now, we’ll figure it out… Together.” Vanessa’s stomach let out a growl.

“You wanna go eat?” Asked Art.

“Five more minutes.” Vanessa replied. “I want to remember every detail of this.” Art smiled and started to rub her stomach, Vanessa continued to rub his head and started to chuff, louder than ever before. 

Art yawned and reached out towards his wife, extending his hand farther and farther until he was lying on his stomach and touching the edge of the bed. Art opened his eyes. “Vanessa?” Art sat up and looked around the room, she was nowhere to be found. Art got up and walked down the hall, passing the many photos they kept on the wall. Their wedding day with him wearing that tacky tiger striped bow tie, them standing in front of the new house when she had a little baby bump, them sitting under a shady tree while he rested his head against her tummy, the picture he took of her when she was sleeping, the picture she took of him when he was cooking, them making snow angels and her wearing that sundress, the one that she hated but Art loved. The door to the nursery was slightly ajar. Art peaked inside and smiled. Vanessa had her back turned and was gently rocking something in her arms. Art gently knocked on the door. Vanessa turned her head and smiled at him before looking back down to the object she was holding. Art carefully walked up to her and saw the bundle in her arms. Inside the bundle, swaddled tightly was their pride and joy, Eva. She had a peaceful look on her face as her mother gently rocked her back and forth. “Was she crying?” Art asked.

“No.” Said Vanessa as she sighed happily. “I just wanted to hold her. Our little cub…” Vanessa planted a small kiss on Eva’s forehead. The baby giggled and looked up at her mother with her soft amber eyes. “Ohhh, I’m gonna spoil her so bad.” Vanessa said as she slid the blanket off Eva’s head, revealing her two little fuzzy ears.

“You’re not the only one.” Said Art as he held out his arms. Vanessa gently placed Eva in Art’s arms and he looked down at his daughter and smiled. “Hi honey, did you sleep well?” He asked in a voice just above a whisper. Eva giggled again and reached for her dad’s nose with her little paw. Art laughed a little and brought his face down, allowing his daughter to bat and grab his nose to her heart’s content. Underneath her beautiful eyes were her adorable little facial markings. Art gently rubbed her cheek with his thumb, tracing them back and forth. He looked at the hair on her head, the little streak in her hair was starting to show, it was the same shade of brown as his. Tears welled up in Arts eyes as he held his daughter closer. “She’s perfect, perfect in every way. Just like her mother.” Vanessa gave Art a little pat on the back and sighed.

“Honey… How tired are you right now?”

Art laughed.

“Extremely tired, I got home pretty late last night…”

“That’s what I thought.” Vanessa took Eva and gave Art a little kiss on the top of his head. “How about I go get this little rugrat some breakfast. You just go get some shut eye, we’ll come join you after she eats.” Art blinked slowly and smiled tiredly.

“That sounds lovely.” Art planted a kiss on his wife’s cheek and his daughter’s forehead then headed off to his bed. “See you girls soon.” Art walked back into his room and flopped down on the bed face first. While he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep, the thought of spending time with his daughter kept him awake. 15 minutes later Vanessa entered the room she laid down on the other side of the bed and set Eva in between them. Art opened his eye and saw that she was clad in her tiger striped onesie. Art smiled and started to tickle his daughters stomach. The little cub laughed and squirmed before grabbing her father’s hand with both her paws and bringing it up to her mouth. She gently gnawed on his finger. “Easy tiger, I like having a pointer finger.” Art removed his hand from his daughters clutches and rested it on her stomach. Vanessa placed her paw over his hand and laid her head down. The two looked at each other lovingly over their daughter.

“I’ve been thinking.” Said Vanessa.

“What about?” Asked Art.

“About giving Eva a little sister…” Vanessa shifted a little and blushed. Art breathed out.

“Two jinko cubs… we’d need to buy a lot of drain cleaner.” Vanessa giggled a little.

“Would you be up for it?”

“I don’t know.” Art pat Eva’s stomach. “I’m already pretty happy with this one, but if it’s really what you want then we could definitely talk about it. Maybe when I’m not so tired.” Art yawned and closed his eyes halfway.

“Sounds like a plan, sleep well my love.” Vanessa lifted her head and planted a kiss on Art’s lips. He shut his eyes and tired to get in a little bit of thinking before sleep inevitably took him.

“Two cubs… I think we could pull that off. As long as it’s just two.”


(The tigers boyfriend) Art paced around his apartment, thinking about the recent events that happened over the past 3 weeks. “I’m dating a monster…” Art thought back to that fateful morning. Something about the look she gave him, a look of sadness and abandonment, one that made him want to stay with her and help her forget those feelings. “But do I really like her? Does she really like me?!” Art held his head and sat down on the couch “What do I do? Tell her that I might just be riding an adrenaline high and that I don’t really like her? Yeah… That’s a good way to get my face ripped off.” Art bit his lip and though some more. “Maybe I could subtly ask her how she feels about me? See if she has the same doubts? Then none too subtly steer the conversation towards breaking up. That might work, yeah either that or move to a different state.”

There was a knock on the door, Art gulped. “That must be her…” Art took a deep breath and got up from the couch. He rested his hand on the handle, another knock came through the door. Art bit his tongue and twisted the handle slowly. He gradually opened the door and revealed the jinko standing in front of it, she was clad in her exercise shorts and black sports bra, her hair was done up in a pony and she was holding a duffle bag

“Hey!” She said excitedly. Art looked at her for a moment.

“Uhh, hey, Why are you wearing that?”

“I just got done at the gym silly! I told you I’d come by tonight after I finished up there, remember?” Truthfully Art had only half listened when he was on the phone with her earlier that day. His mind had been preoccupied by doubts and worries. Vanessa waved her paw in front of his face, bringing Art back to the present. “Sooo are you gonna let me in?”

“Oh! Uhh, yeah come in.” Vanessa grinned and grabbed Art by the wrist.

“What are you doing?” He asked nervously. Vanessa looked back at him

“I didn’t get a chance to shower before I left the gym, I was thinking that you could help get me clean.”

She shot him a wink and dragged him to the bathroom. Vanessa flicked on the light then turned on the water. She undid her pony and let her hair fall onto her shoulders. She raked her fingers through her flowing locks and let them rest behind her shoulders. She then moved on to her sports bra and slipped it over her head, letting her sizable bust hang freely. Vanessa sighed and massaged her chest. “Ahhh, I can finally let my girl’s breath a bit.” She stripped off her shorts and cast them to the side. Vanessa looked at Art and gave him a disapproving look. Wordlessly she walked up to him and helped him strip down. “Why do you still have your clothes on?!” She giggled as she slipped off his shirt. “I need you to wash my back!” Vanessa slipped off his pants and boxers. “As well as some sensitive areas.” She gave him a wink and pulled him into the shower.

Vanessa let the water run down her body before she handed Art a bottle of body wash and a loofah. “Why don’t you start with the top first?” Art silently nodded and applied a small drop of body wash to the loofah and began to gently scrub her glistening abs.


Art thought “Not what I expected to happen but I can still salvage this, I just gotta do this quickly and as un-erotically as possible.” Vanessa tapped his shoulder and pointed to her boobs.

“You can move on now.”

“Shouldn’t be too hard.”

Art thought as he gulped a bit. He was about to start washing her chest when Vanessa swatted the sponge from his hand.

“Oh come on! Use your hands! It’ll be better for both of us.” Vanessa smiled mischievously as Art lathered up his hands. He held them out and looked at Vanessa’s chest for a moment before continuing.

“Yep not hard at all…”

Art thought as he massaged his girlfriend’s breasts. Vanessa moaned and hummed as his soapy hands caressed the soft and bountiful flesh, shuddering as his palms massaged the sensitive pink skin that topped each mound. Art fought every urge to sink his fingers deeper into her supple chest. Instead he let go and picked the loofah off the shower floor. “Umm, I-I think I’ll do your back now…” Vanessa gave him a disappointed look and turned around. She placed her paws on the shower wall, she looked back at Art and wiggled her hips a little.

“Be sure to scrub me really well.~”

Art tried to maintain a poker face as he washed her smooth back.

“Don’t look at her butt, don’t look at her butt, don’t look at her butt…”

He thought to himself as he moved lower and lower, reaching the small of her back and beyond. He kept his gaze high as he scrubbed her muscular ass, both around and between her cheeks. Art shuddered a little “O-okay I think I can mo-move back to the front again.” Vanessa pouted a little

“I don’t think you did a very good job.” She placed her paw on top of his head and pushed him down so that he was directly in front of her ass. Vanessa gently pushed his face against it. “Does it smell clean to you?” A mixture of body wash, sweat and her own aroma filled Art’s nostrils as she mashed his face against her butt.

“Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong!” He thought

“Ye-yeah smells fine to me!” Vanessa puffed out her cheek.

“You’re a bad liar.”

Art sighed and scrubbed her butt more, being sure to get every spot he missed. Art took a quick sniff. All that remained was body wash and the scent wafting from her crotch. Art felt the heat radiating from her behind as she took her paw off his head. He didn’t move. Vanessa smiled smugly, she had broken his resolve. The jinko wiggled her hips again. “You can have a taste if you’d like…” Art gave in and buried his face in the jinko’s ass. His face pressed through the soft skin and was met with a layer of firm solid muscle. He felt her anus pucker against the tip of his nose as he extended his tongue and started to lap greedily at her slit. Vanessa shuddered at the sudden sensation teasing her nethers. She pressed his face further in and rocked his head up and down with her paw “Hmmm, you like my ass don’t you?”

Art drug his tongue down Vanessa’s pussy and up between her butt cheeks. He pulled back and took a great handful of each muscular cheek. He spread her ass and looked into her eye before he shoved his tongue inside. Vanessa giggled at the feeling. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Art caressed his girlfriends insides with his tongue and gave her rear a firm smack, holding his hand on the cheek and giving it a shake. Vanessa guided his other hand to her front entrance. “I appreciate the enthusiasm but I’m not too into butt stuff.” Vanessa guided his fingers in and placed his thumb over her clit. “If you wanna make some progress try moving your hand up here.” Art started to move his fingers and rocked her bud up and down “Ahh-ha-hha! Yeah! Juuust like that!”

Vanessa held a tight grip on his wrist. Ensuring he couldn’t move his hand anywhere else. Art continued to move his tongue and fingers. Completely forgetting any doubts he had going in and instead focusing on making this stunning creature reach climax. Vanessa pinched her nipple with her free paw and rolled it between her fingers, trying to heighten the experience as much as possible. “Y-yesss! Keep g-g-ooh! My god! Haaaaa! Hoooo! F-Fuck!” Art pulled his face out of Vanessa’s ass only for it to press him against the shower wall. “Just because I said I wasn’t too into it doesn’t mean I didn’t like what you were doing!” Art continued to tease his girlfriend anally and pleasure her vaginally. He was enjoying himself, more than he ever thought possible. While Art was never the most proactive when it came to finding companionship, he had had a few girl friends. All of them paled in comparison to the jinko he was currently showering with.

He felt his confidence soar as he listened to he moans and gasps. He decided then and there to get her to the peak. In a sudden motion Art pushed Vanessa off of his face and wrapped his arms around her toned thighs. “Hey?! What are-” Vanessa flinched as he shoved his face back into her ass and went wild. Art held on for dear life as he ate her out and rolled her clit around with the tip of his tongue. Her scent and flavor was intoxicating, spurring him on and keeping his erection throbbing and stiff. He felt Vanessa’s pussy contract harder and harder as he continued with his vigorous routine. Eventually with one final flick of his tongue, Vanessa had reached her tipping point. The jinko pressed his face into her ass and threw her head back, crying out in ecstasy as she came. Fluids ran down her leg and hit the shower wall as her knees buckled. Art helped heighten each wave, licking her clit as she came and slowing in between. Each orgasm became less and less intense as she gradually emptied. The jinko dropped to her knees and faced her boyfriend, a look of surprise on her face. “W-where di-did you learn to d-do that?” She said panting. Art looked at her, still surprised by his own actions.

“I-I don’t know really… That sort of just happened.” He said with a little laugh. Vanessa quickly closed the distance between them and went in for a kiss. The jinko pushed Art against the back of the tub and spread his legs. She broke the kiss and looked down at his crotch with excitement.

“You deserve a reward.”

Vanessa lowered her head in front of his dick. She took a few appraising sniffs before extending her tongue and licking the front of his tip. Art shuddered and Vanessa took his tip into her mouth. The jinko slowly dragged her tongue across his urethra, coaxing some pre to leak out. She giggled and began to make a circle around it. Teasing the sides and making Art shudder. Vanessa slowly raised herself off of him and looked into his eyes with a mischievous grin on her face. “Hmmmm, delicious. You’ll be a fine snack indeed.” Without another word Vanessa took him back into her mouth. Art felt his tip pass her teeth and go deeper than before. Art felt Vanessa’s lips stop just before his base. The jinko began to suck and bob up and down at an agonizingly slow pace. Her mouth was incredibly slick and extremely warm, no doubt a product of her excitement. Art leaned his head back and moaned, feeling more pre leak out as his arousal grew. Art placed his hand on Vanessa’s head and tried to hurry the pace along. The jinko resisted the force pressing down and growled. She looked up at Art with an angry look in her eyes. She set the speed and she was going to stick with it until the end. Art panicked a little and instead of pressing down on it he started to rub her head, gently brushing her ears as his hand moved side to side.

“Uhhh, y-you’re doing an amazing job.”

Vanessa smiled a little and resumed her movements. To ensure she wouldn’t be interrupted again Vanessa gently bit down on Art’s shaft. Letting him know that she was in control. Art pat her head and scratched her ear, giving her a small reward before the main one. He was experiencing a mixture of emotions, namely fear and arousal. Feeling her teeth rub against his shaft was both terrifying and electrifying all at the same time. Vanessa gently squeezed his balls and pressed his cock against the roof of her mouth with her tongue, preparing for the final act. Art grit his teeth and tried to make it somewhat challenging for her. The jinko began to bob faster and suck harder. The heat of her mouth, the roughness of her tongue and her beautiful face were more than enough to make him cum. Art bucked his hips up and squeezed Vanessa’s paw, giving her the spirit energy she had worked so hard for. It came in hot, thick streams of white. Vanessa greedily sucked down her reward, tightening her lips around his base to ensure that none would leak out.

“Fuck!” Art cried out as he continued to shoot down to a pitiful dribble. With a loud slurp, Vanessa swallowed the last of his load and raised herself off of his now flaccid penis. The jinko opened her mouth, showing that none of it had escaped. She turned off the water with her foot and hugged Art. She rested her head against his chest and smiled as her boyfriend wrapped his arms around around her. Art lay immobilized under the jinko head still spinning from his mind blowing orgasm. Their wet and warm bodies staying in close contact to one another. Vanessa started to chuff and Art giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Vanessa asked.

“Ohhh, nothing, it’s just that sound you make.”

“You mean chuffing?” Art rubbed her muscular back

“Yeah, chuffing, it’s adorable.” Vanessa hugged Art tighter

“Well us jinkos do it whenever we’re happy, so you’re going to be hearing me chuff a lot when we’re together.” Art blushed a little at her words.

“Do I really make you that happy?” Vanessa kissed his neck and sat up.

“Of course you do, you are my boyfriend after all.” Vanessa blushed and smiled sweetly. “I know it sounds kinda stupid, given how we met and all that but I really do like you.” Vanessa laid her paw on his chest and brought his hand up to hers. Art could feel her heartbeat through her breast. “I don’t know exactly what it is about you but you’re different from other guys I’ve been with. You’re just so understanding and kind. I know we’ve only been dating for 3 weeks but the time we’ve spent together has made me happier then you could ever believe.” Art looked up at her and Vanessa realized all she had said. The jinko laughed “Sorry to dump all that on you! To put it simply, I’m uhhhh, just really happy I met you.”

Vanessa hopped out of the shower and began to dry off. Art followed and did the same. He took lingering glances at his girlfriend as she dried off, especially taking notice when she bent over to dry her legs. Vanessa turned her head and caught him in the act. Art blushed and averted his gaze. Vanessa giggled and slung her towel over her shoulder. “What? You don’t need to be so secretive. We just got done showering together, I surely don’t mind you taking a little peek at me.” Vanessa stood confidently and placed her paw on her hip. “Take it all in.”

Art draped his towel around his neck and looked up at his girlfriend, her tail was slowly swinging side to side and she had a tender look on her face. Art took a moment to admire her muscular body. Rock solid and defined abs, buff arms covered in beautiful fur that ended in massive paws that could kill a man as well as embrace him, muscular legs complete with two massive paws of their own and soft thighs that Art could rest his head on whenever he wanted and to top it all off a lovely face complete with adorable markings on her cheeks and two exotic cat like eyes that were looking at him lovingly. Art smiled at the giant tigress before him.

“So? What do you want to do now?” Vanessa stooped down and embraced him.

“How about we go cuddle.”

She took him by the hand and led him to his bedroom. Vanessa opened the door and laid on the bed, presenting her naked body to him. She extended a finger and beckoned Art over. He hopped on the bed and crawled up to her face. He looked into her eyes and Vanessa pulled him down onto her. She caressed his back with her paws and started to chuff. Art closed his eyes and nuzzled his face into her mane. Vanessa flicked off the light and rolled on her side, wrapping her legs around his and squeezing him tightly, ensuring she was as close to him as possible. Art gave her collarbone a small kiss. Vanessa continued to chuff and rubbed her cheek against the top of his head.

“Maybe I won’t break up with her…” Art thought to himself.

Art awoke to a sweaty face and a throbbing erection. He tried to move but found Vanessa’s grip impossible to escape from “Jeez she’s warm, I’ll save a lot on heating when it gets cold.” With one mystery solved he moved on to his morning wood. “It’s never this bad. Why’s it like this?” Art moved his hips and felt his cock press against Vanessa’s abs. “Ohhh, that’s why… I never would’ve thought I’d have a thing for muscles.” Art thrust his hips a few more times but stopped himself. “No, no don’t cum on the ladies abs. Mamono hate it when you waste spirit energy.”

Vanessa moaned softly and yawned, she gave Art a little squeeze.

“Good morning my dear, did you sleep well?”

“Yeah, you’re like a big heated blanket that hugs back.” The jinko chuckled.

“That’s one way of putting it.” Art shifted a little bit

“Speaking of heat, could you let me go? I’m feeling pretty sweaty right now.”

“Awww, but you’re so huggable.” Vanessa loosened her grip and Art scootched away, freeing his erection from its muscly confines. Vanessa’s eyes widened. “Ohhhh! So that’s what was poking me in the stomach.” She licked her lips and kept her eyes fixated on Art’s crotch. “Is that for me?” She asked excitedly. Art knew there was no escaping this. He timidly nodded his his head. In a blur of motion Vanessa was on top of him and lining up his member with her pussy. The jinko looked down at her boyfriend. “Spirit energy before coffee, that’s what I always say.” Art gulped

“You make her happier than you could ever imagine. Be a man and show her some love! She won’t do this every morning… Hopefully…”


(A day at the park) Art slowly opened his eyes, a wave of panic washed over him. “I’m late!” Art shot up in bed and was about to run to the bathroom when he remembered the date. Art flopped back down and let out a sigh of relief. “Oh thats right, it’s my day off.” Art sunk into the bed and let his muscles relax as he spread out. He rolled his head to the side and looked at the bedside table. There was a picture of the cubs in little dresses (taken just after the twins were born) as well as a note. Art picked up the note and read it.

“Had a lot of errands to run today, Eva wanted to come with and the twins were adamant about staying home with you. I’ll be gone all day so it’s just you and them. It’s supposed to be nice out so maybe think about taking them somewhere. Have fun!

P.S. I’ll probably need a foot rub tonight.”

There was a little tiger face drawn on the page. Art looked out the window at the beautiful day just beyond it. “Hmmm, today seems like a park kind of day. Those two need to burn off some energy and I need to get out of the house.” The bedroom door creaked open and Art raised his head from the pillow. Gabby and Layla were standing in the doorway. Art smiled a little and pat the bed. Taking that as their cue the twins dashed from the door and leaped onto the bed. They scrambled up the bed and latched onto their fathers neck. Art laughed as he fell back down onto the bed, all while being showered with kisses from his two little girls. “Good morning dear hearts, did you two sleep well?” He asked as he rubbed their backs.

“Yes” they responded in unison.

“Eva left with mommy this morning.” Gabby said

“We wanted to spend the day with you daddy!” Said Layla.

“I heard!” Art said as he snuck his hands up to their ears. “Say, do you two wanna go to the park? It’s supposed to be an amazing day!” Art asked as he massaged his daughter’s ears. The cubs hugged their father tighter and chuffed.

“That’d be amazing!” Layla proclaimed

“We’d love to!” Said Gabby.

“Well how about you two let me get ready and then we can go!” The twins hopped off Art and scampered off to go get dressed. Art swung his legs over the side of the bed and stretched out his arms. While he may have been wiped out from a long work week Art found renewed energy at the prospect of spending a day with his daughters. With another small smile Art stood up, ready to start the day 

“Hey dad! Look at this!” Art raised his head from his place on the swing set and looked at his daughters. Layla was on top of a pile of sand and was in a crouched position on her hands and knees.

“Motionless I sit as the world passes me by. 

My duty is to question everything under the desert sky.

What am I?”

Art laughed

“A Sphinx!”

The little cub nodded her head  

Gabby was busy adding more sand to the pile. Art tilted his head back and noticed an actual sphinx giving him a dirty look.

“I find such behavior offensive to my people. Also- I find your rhyming rather feeble.”

Art straightened his face.

“Uhhhh, I-I…”

The werecat simply shook her head and placed her paws on her daughter’s shoulders before she lead her away from the play area. Art looked back at his daughters. “Uh, Girls! Maybe you two shouldn’t do that, you know how mommy gets when your fur gets all sandy.”

“Okaaaay…” The two said disappointedly.

“Oh don’t be like that!” Art said enthusiastically, “there are plenty of things you two can still do!” Art looked around the playground. “Like How about that slide over there?!” Art pointed to the silver slide on the playground, “you two can have plenty of fun on that!”

“I guess.” Said Layla, not so enthusiastically. Art gave his daughters an exaggerated frown.

“Cooome on!” Art said, “tell you what, I’m gonna go over to the snack shack and get a little something to eat. If I come back and see that you two are having fun on the slide I just might get you guys a little something…” The cubs immediately perked up at their fathers words and next thing he knew they were racing up and down the slide, the promises of treats spurring them on. Art smiled and got up from the swing. “I’ll be back in a little bit! Stay on the playground ok?!” He called to his daughters.

“Ok daddy!” Came a response. Art strolled over to the snack shack, savoring the beautiful day and looking at the other family’s around the park. There was a family of lamias sunning themselves as well as a harpy and her daughter sitting in a tree, with her husband resting in the shade underneath them. It always warmed Art’s heart to see other families out and about with their kids. Knowing that other people were as happy as him was just an amazing feeling. Art walked up to the snack shack and bought a bag of chips.

“Vanessa doesn’t need to know about this…” Art thought to himself, being a personal trainer and all, Vanessa was very particular about what Art ate. He had more than a few memories of doing extra sets of push ups after he had indulged on fast food the night before. Art made his way back to his daughters as he enjoyed his salty snack. He was about halfway back when he heard someone run up behind him. A chin rested itself on his shoulder and a nose found its way into his ear, Art stood still as the nose took a few breaths. Art sighed a little, “hello Amanda…” He turned around and was pulled into a hug by a werewolf who only came up to his chest. She was wearing a blue tank top and her snow white tail was wagging like crazy as she held her coworker in a tight hug. The werewolf looked up at him with her bright yellow eyes.

“Hi Art!” She said enthusiastically. “How have you been?!” Art delicately pulled her paws off of himself and took a step back.

“I’ve been well.” Art pointed to her stomach. “How have you two been?” Amanda rubbed her noticeably rounded belly and smiled.

“We’ve been extremely well.”  

“I’m glad to hear it.” Art smiled then popped a chip into his mouth. “So is it just you two or is Jerry with you?” The werewolf’s ears twitched at the mention of her husband’s name.

“Oh! He’s around here somewhere!” Amanda started to scan the park for her husband before she saw him over by the snack shack buying a cup of coffee. “Honey!” She called out as she pointed to Art. “Look who I found!” Jerry gave a little wave and sluggishly made his way to the two. Art saw the bags under his eyes as he got closer.

“Hey Art.” He said with a yawn

“Honey that’s your third cup of coffee today.” Amanda said with a hit of concern in her voice. Jerry placed his hand on her shoulder.

“Dear… You woke me up five times last night to tell me name ideas…”

“I know! I’m just so excited!! We’re having a baby!” Amanda pulled her husband into a sudden hug, spilling some hot coffee on his hand. Jerry clenched his teeth and forced a smile.

“And it’s all thanks to this guy right here!” Jerry said through clenched teeth as he pointed at Art. Amanda leapt off of Jerry and pulled Art into another hug.

“It’s true! Thank you soooo much Art!” Art laughed a little.

“Ahh, you guys give me too much credit. I just introduced you two at that get together.” Amanda squeezed Art tighter and her tail wagged faster

“Which led to us falling in love!” Amanda pulled back and placed her paws on his shoulders. “So what are you doing here on this fine day?” the werewolf asked as she tilted her head slightly.

“Oh! I’m here with Gabby and Layla!” Art smiled a little. “Eva’s out with momma running some errands so it’s just me and the twins today.”

“S-so Vanessa isn’t with you then?” Amanda’s ears drooped a little at the mention of the jinko.

“Nope.” Art pat his friend on the shoulder. “You don’t need to be so scared of Vanessa! She’s a real sweet heart once you get to know her.” Art said as he started to walk back to the playground.

“I know… I’m just worried that she doesn’t like me.” Art laughed a little.

“It’s not that she doesn’t like you, she just hates it when I come home smelling like other manomo. And you tend to get a little grabby.”

“Oh…” Amanda said as she looked at the ground, her tail slowing a little. Art gave her a little slap on the back

“Hey now! Don’t be like that. Vanessa just gets a little too territorial that’s all!” Art smiled at his friend. “Tell ya what, I’ll invite you and Jerry over some night for dinner and clear up any bad feelings between you and my wife. If she gets a little ‘aggressive’ I’ll tell her to cool it.” Amanda brightened up at Art’s words and went in for yet another hug. She stayed attached to his arm all the way to one of the benches by the playground. The three sat down and Amanda released Art’s arm before latching onto her husbands. The cubs were now playing tag with a few other girls, namely a hellhound and a salamander. Art smiled as he watched his daughters romp and play, their two new play mates were taking surprisingly well to being tackled and dragged through the sand. Amanda sighed wistfully and rested her head against Jerry’s arm.

“That’s gonna be us soon.” Jerry placed his hand on Amanda’s tummy and gave it a gentle pat.

“I know, I can’t wait.” The two looked into each others eyes before kissing. Art looked at his friends and sighed happily.

“Kids man… I tell ya, they’ll change your life.” Art said as Gabby leapt at the hellhound who deftly dodged her. Amanda and Jerry looked over at their friend.

“What’s it like being a parent?” Jerry asked.

“Oh man!” Art chuckled a little. “How do I describe it? It’s kinda like having a job you didn’t know you wanted. It has its downsides don’t get me wrong! I’m pretty sure I’ve lost a few years of my life due to lack of sleep!” Art ate another chip. “But I just can’t describe how rewarding it is. Coming home to a big happy family every night is one of the best feelings  ever. Hearing about everyone’s day and how your daughters are making new friends or doing well in school and then going to bed with the love of your life knowing that you get to wake up the next morning and do it all again is just…” Art wiped a little tear from his eye. “Amazing.”

“What was Vanessa like when she was pregnant?” Amanda asked as she watched the children play

“Happiest I’d ever seen her. She’d walk around holding her stomach and sometimes she’d just smile for no reason. She went from a kind of brash and wild jinko to a loving and devoted mother. I mean she still can be pretty wild sometimes… But I won’t talk about that when kids are present.” Art finished off his bag of chips and crumpled it up in his hand. He looked back over at his friends and smiled “I can already tell you two are going to be amazing parents.” Jerry and Amanda smiled back. “And you’re lucky too, because anytime you go out you’ll have at least one jinko watching over your little bundle of joy. Well when they’re old enough to babysit that is.”

“You really mean that?” Amanda asked

“Of course I do!” Art said with a laugh “It’ll be a good way for me to mess with their social lives! ‘Oh what’s that honey? You were gonna go to the movies with your boyfriend? Sorry, you’re watching Amanda’s kid tonight.’” Amanda gave Art a little shove.

“Hey now, I don’t want any part in ruining your daughter’s social lives!” Art laughed

“Speaking of my girls, have you ever met them?”

“Uhh, I don’t think so” replied Amanda. Art grinned.

“Let’s fix that.” Art called out to his daughters, the two cubs ran up to their father.

“What is it dad?” Gabby said between pants.

“Yeah, what is it?” Asked Layla. Art pointed to Amanda.

“Girls, this is Amanda. She’s a friend from work.” The cubs each gave Amanda a little wave.

“Hello” they said in unison. Amanda smiled and waved back.


“Yes Gabby?” Art responded, fully aware of what she was going to ask.

“Can we have our treat now?” Art sighed a little

“Sure” Art stood up and took his daughters by the paws. “I promised these two treats, now I gotta go make good on that. I promise you’ll get to meet Eva when we have you over.” Amanda lept from the bench and gave Art a hug.

“Sounds like a plan! It was great seeing you!”

“It was great seeing you too! Let me know what you decide to name the baby!” Art said as he walked towards the snack snack with his daughters in tow.

“Can do!” Amanda called after him.

“Sooo, what do you girls want?”

“A hotdog!” Said Layla

“A hamburger!” Yelled Gabby

“Really? Are you two sure you don’t want something sweeter?” Art asked

“We haven’t eaten lunch yet daddy…” Said Gabby.

“Oh, right… Sorry about that… How about I buy you two lunch then get a little dessert for you both?” The cubs cheered at the promise of more food as they continued on their way to the shack. Amanda rested her head against Jerry’s shoulder again and closed her eyes. Feeling the warm breeze on her skin and enjoying the company of the love of her life.


(Fresh Snow) The snow fell gently as the rented minivan rolled on towards its destination, trees flew by and mile markers passed as Art kept his eyes on the road. It was late in the afternoon and the overcast had turned a distinct shade of blue. Ever since the move to Arizona snow was something Art and his family had come to miss. Even though it was a hassle to shovel and sometimes made driving perilous Art couldn’t deny that he loved it. Sitting in the living room underneath a warm blanket watching the snowfall made him feel so relaxed. Speaking of relaxed, Art looked in the rear view mirror and saw his three little balls of fur sound asleep in their seats. He then looked over at the massive ball of fur next to him. She was snoring gently and using her sweatshirt as a makeshift pillow. “I’ll drive the second half of the way.” He whispered mockingly, thinking back to the conversation he had with his wife on the airplane. Art rolled his neck and flexed his hands. “You’ll be driving on the way back.” The highway eventually gave way to normal roads as Art took an off ramp. He took the opportunity to gently flick Vanessa, the jinko’s ear twitched and she slowly opened her eyes before groaning a little. “Hey sleepy head, we’re getting close.” Vanessa stretched out her arms and yawned. “You feeling alright?”

Vanessa closed her eyes again and folded her paws. “Yeah, just a little nervous.”

Art smiled. “Don’t be, she’ll be glad to see us.”

Vanessa grinned a little and rubbed Art’s arm. “She’ll probably find a way to make me nervous.” It was a small town, but it was the place Vanessa called home. There was never much happening but sometimes that’s just what you needed. Art drove slowly down the main drag and gave Vanessa the chance to point things out as they went, pointing out her mother’s favorite store for buying knickknacks and the old fire station, still in use after all these years “I know I say we should go out to breakfast every time we come but I really do mean it this time, their pancakes are really good.”

Art smiled. “Of course you do.”

Vanessa giggled and punched his shoulder. “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

Art smiled again. “Nothing.” Normal roads soon gave way to back roads and eventually forest paths as they approached their destination. Surrounded by trees and hidden by an easy to miss path sat Vanessa’s parents house. It was a decent sized house, only as big as it needed to be. Vanessa’s parents were of the waste not want not variety. On clear nights you could see the stars from the porch and get an even better view out on the lake. Fishing, hunting and long walks were always on the summer schedule and in the winter that changed to baking, storytelling and napping. Art was looking forward to the napping part of this trip. As much as he enjoyed going on excursions with Vanessa’s father, he had to admit he loved sleeping in that old cozy bed with the tacky moose quilt while the sounds and smells of Vanessa’s mother’s cooking filled the house. Eventually, they reached the house, it was a beacon radiating gold from its windows against an increasingly dark blanket of blue.

Art parked the car and looked over at Vanessa. She looked over at him and rested her paw on his leg. “You ready for this?”

Vanessa smiled and grabbed his hand. “Yeah, let’s do it.” With that, Art unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car and opened the side door. He smiled at the adorable sight of Eva sleeping before gently poking her nose. The cub yawned and sleepily looked at him.

Art gently pat her head. “Wake up your sisters while me and mommy get the suitcases.” Eva groggily nodded her head and unbuckled her seat belt. Art made his way around to the back of the van and popped the trunk retrieving Vanessa and his suitcases before the cubs came excitedly bounding around to retrieve theirs. The family made their way to the front porch and stopped at the steps, Art turned around and looked at his daughters. “Girls… Promise me you won’t tackle grandpa.”

The cubs responded in unison. “We promise.” They made their way up the steps and Art rang the doorbell, a few moments later Vanessa’s dad answered the door.


That was as far as he got before he was tackled by three little fur covered ballistic missiles. “Grandpa!” Vanessa’s dad fell to the ground with an “oof”

“Girls! What did I just say?!” Art tried to scold his daughters before he was stopped by a big laugh.

“Ahhh, don’t worry about it Art. I’ve suffered much worse at the hands of jinkos.”

Vanessa sighed a little. “Gee, thanks dad.” Art extended a hand and helped him onto his feet before pulling him into a hug.

“It’s good to see you Alex.”

Alex gave him a big pat on the back. “It’s good to see you too, son.” Alex let Art go and moved over to his daughter. “Hey sweetie, glad you guys could make it.” Vanessa pulled her dad into a big hug and planted a small kiss on his cheek.

“It feels good to be home, dad.”

A voice came from the kitchen. “Is that them?!”

Vanessa responded. “Yes mom!” A few moments later a pair of silver ears peaked around the corner, followed by an aged face with dulled orange eyes and little glasses that sat on the bridge of her nose. She was clad in a tiger striped apron covered in flour. A big smile formed on her face when she saw what was in the entryway.

“Grandma!” The cubs dashed towards the elderly jinko. While the years may have left her fur silver they had done nothing to her strength. She squatted down and opened her arms, managing to stay upright despite the force of the impact. The elderly jinko held the cubs in a tight hug, grinning ear to ear as the trio squired and hugged back, tails thrashing.

“How are my little darlings?!” Little chuffs could be heard and were the only answer she needed. Eva crawled onto her shoulders and wrapped her arms around her grandmother’s neck “I hope you three are hungry! Because grandma made something special just for you!” The cubs all cheered before taking off and running around the house. Vanessa’s mom stood and brushed off her apron a little before making her way over to her daughter. The two jinkos looked at each other silently for a moment before hugging. “It’s good to see you dear.” Vanessa rubbed her paw up and down her mom’s back. “It’s good to see you too mom. Sorry we weren’t here for Christmas.”

The jinko looked at her daughter and smiled. “It’s alright, I’m just glad that you all could make it.” Vanessa planted a small kiss on her mother’s lips before letting her go. Art was almost around the corner before a voice pulled him back. “Aaaaaart~ don’t think I’ll let you stay in my house without giving me a hug.” Art backpettled a little before turning to face Vanessa’s mother. Without another word the jinko had him in a bone crushing hug. “Ohhhhh! How’s my favorite son-in-law?!”

Art managed to strain out a response. “V-very well, it’s good t-to see you J-Jess.”

“Mom! Don’t break my husband!” Vanessa laughed.

“What have you been feeding him?! He’s all skin and bone!”

“Lean meats and vegetables! Plus we exercise a lot.” Jess released Art from her grasp and placed her paws on his shoulders. “Has she been treating you well?” Art looked over at Vanessa then back at Jess.

“Aside from the rigorous exercise routines she has me on I’ve never been treated better.” There was a loud thud followed by an “I’m ok!” from somewhere inside the house. Jess giggled and looked back at Vanessa.

“Still rambunctious as ever I see.”

Vanessa sighed.  “Yep… Hey dad, there’s still a little bit of light left outside. Do you mind helping the girls burn off some energy while me and Art do some unpacking?” Alex smiled. “Not at all.”

Vanessa called out. “Girls go play outside with grandpa!” A moment later the sliding glass door to the back porch flew open and the girls were outside playing in the snow, Alex put on his hat and boots and joined his granddaughters outside. Art began to make his way to the guest room but was stopped by a paw on his shoulder.

“Art? Where are you going?”

“Ummm, to the guest room?”

“Art, you and Vanessa get the guest room every time you come here… Don’t you think you should let the girls have it for a change?”

Art slumped his shoulders. “But the bed in there is so comfy!”

Jess patted the top of his head. “I know, I know, how about you two sleep in the attic? The bed up there is plenty comfortable and you get a nice view of the woods.” With shoulders slumped and head hung, Art made his way to the trap door and gave the chord a gentle tug. He unfolded the ladder and slowly made his way up, he dropped his suitcase at the foot of the bed and flopped on his back. Vanessa followed up soon after and looked out the window. A sea of trees as far as the eye could see, on the shore was Alex and the girls making snow angels. Vanessa smiled a little before dropping her suitcase and joining Art on the bed.

Art poked his stomach a little. “Am I too skinny?” Vanessa rolled onto her side and pulled him into a hug, she buried her face into his hair and kissed the back of his head.

“Not at all, you know how she is. No one ever eats enough in her mind.” Vanessa sighed a little and rested her cheek against his head. “I’m glad that we’re doing this.”

Art smiled. “Say, your mom’s gonna be pretty busy with dinner right?”

A small chuff escaped Vanessa as a lewd grin formed on her face. “You up for a quickie?”

Art looked back at her and planted a small kiss on her cheek. “Always.” Vanessa nibbled on his ear a little and got on top of Art, she peeled off his shirt and rubbed his chest with her paws.

Art smiled and hummed happily. “What did I do to deserve a woman like you?” He put his hands on her waist and slowly slid her shirt up, revealing her toned stomach and light blue bra doing its best to hold back her ample chest.

Vanessa’s stooped her head down next to his ear. “I guess you could say you caught me by the toe.” She chuffed again and planted a long kiss on his lips. The two were so enamored with each other that they failed to hear Jess making her way up the ladder. The elderly jinko popped her head through the trapdoor.

“Dinner will be-” Vanessa was busy fiddling with her bra straps while Art lay pinned underneath her. She looked back and froze.

“Oh! Um, ah m-mom!” Jess looked at her daughter for a moment before holding up a furred digit and descending the ladder. Vanessa looked down at her husband before looking back at the trapdoor. Moments later Jess poked her head back in and presented a heavy blanket. She tossed it to Vanessa and grinned.

“It gets pretty cold up here.” The elderly jinko winked before heading down the ladder and going back into the kitchen to finish dinner preparations.

Dinner consisted of shepherd’s pie and homemade biscuits. Creamy mashed potatoes baked till a perfect golden brown, covering a layer of decadent gravy complete with tender meat and vegetables. The cubs were barely keeping awake as they sleepily poked at their food. The long car ride combined with the time outside with Alex had left them completely drained. Art peeled one of Jess’ homemade biscuits apart, watching the steam gently waft up before catching his wife’s eye, both of them smiling. A silence hung over the room and the only sounds that could be heard were chewing and the clicks of silverware against porcelain. While he’d never say it in front of his wife, Jess’ cooking beat Vanessa’s by a landslide. Art took a bite of the biscuit in his hand and looked around the table, he cleared his throat and spoke up.

“Sooo… Anything new with you two?”

Alex looked at Art and smiled. “Oh you know, same old house, same old town. I actually went skiing recently and found a fantastic trail that leads to a clearing where you can get a nice view of the lake. There are some extra skis out in the shed so remind me to take you while you’re here.”

“Can do.”

Jess spoke up. “How has Arizona been for you two?”

Vanessa responded. “Aside from the occasional sweltering day, very nice actually. We have some friends we’d love for you to meet when you guys come down to visit us.”

“I don’t know if I could handle the heat.” Jess fretted.

“We have an A/C, mom, everyone does.” Vanessa reassured her.

“Well still…”

Alex tried to move things along. “Tell us about these friends of yours!”

Art spoke up. “Their names are Sakaali and Graham. We met them at a daycare we were volunteering at.” Art was careful to leave out the head butting that occurred. “Their daughter is the little anubis in the picture I sent you of the pyramid.” Art looked over at the cubs. “The same one these little fur balls spent Christmas with.”

“The same one who was the meat in that sleepy jinko sandwich?”

Art thought back to the most recent photo dump that he sent to Vanessa’s parents. “Yep, that’s the one!”

Vanessa chimed in. “She’s the sweetest little thing. She’s always so polite and gets so excited when she sees the girls.”

“What do her parents do for a living?” Alex asked.

“Well, Graham drives trucks and Sakaali handles the paperwork. Since she’s an anubis those kind of things come naturally to her.”

Art pat his wife’s leg. “Vanessa and her became fast friends after we all met, Vanessa is actually her personal trainer.”

“How that anubis manages to keep up with my exercise plans and still find time to work will always remain a mystery to me.”

“She even made some cards for the personal training business.” Art waved his hand. “Predator Fitness: Join the apex.

Alex giggled a little “Clever.”

“Remind me to show you the cards sometime, Sakaali really went all out.” Alex looked over at the cubs. Layla had her head on the table, Gabby was fighting to keep her eyes open and Eva was resting her cheek on her paw while lazily poking her food,

Alex looked back at Art. “I think these three are ready for bed.”

Art laughed a little. “Yeah, along with the flight we’ve been driving all day. Sleeping the whole way really takes a lot out of you…” Art shot Vanessa a look. “Plus they ran around outside with you.” Art got up from his spot and walked over to the cubs, he knelt down and let Eva hop onto his back before taking a twin in each arm. “I’ll be right back.” Art moved the girls to the guest room and helped them get changed into their PJ’s. Matching pink ones for the twins and a pair of red ones for the oldest. The girls hopped into bed and Art pulled the covers up over them. “Alright you little chuff puffs, grandma made me give you three the comfiest bed in the entire house!” He mockingly scolded. “You three better appreciate it!” Gabby and Layla were already sound asleep, snuggled up to Eva on either side.

The eldest cub responded sleepily. “Don’t worry dad, we will.” Eva yawned and shut her eyes, Art smiled and headed towards the door.

“Goodnight my loves.” The only response he received was the sound of three jinko cubs gently snoring away. Art flicked off the light and made his way back to the dining room where he overheard the sounds of an argument.

“Mom, just tell me what’s bugging you.”

Jess sat with a calm but stern look on her face and folded her paws. “I said that I’ll tell you tomorrow, it’s a big topic and right now I want you to enjoy your first night here, stress free.”

“Mom I’m just going to be anxious about it tonight.”

Art cleared his throat a little and tried to politely interrupt. “Umm… I think I’m going to head off to bed.”

Vanessa looked back at her husband. “I’ll join you in a little bit, would you mind getting my book out of my suitcase?” Art wrapped his arms around her shoulders and planted a kiss on the top of her head.

“Not at all.” Art gave Alex and Jess a small wave before leaving the dining room and heading towards the ladder.

“Sleep well dear!”Jess called after him. Art began his ascent and reached his destination with little trouble. He flicked on the bedside light and fished around in his suitcase for his pajamas before moving to Vanessa’s and produced a book titled “Building muscle (Mamono edition).” There was a little tiger striped bookmark sitting in the book. Art flipped to the marked page and took a quick glance. “Chapter 3: Developing your biceps and arms.”

Art chuckled a little. “Any more muscle on her arms and she’d break me clean in two.” He flicked on the light on Vanessa’s side of the bed and laid the book on her pillow. He flicked off the light on his side and slipped under the covers. A few minutes later he heard the latter creak and crack as the 320 pound bodybuilder made her way up it. Vanessa huffed and mumbled to herself as she got changed. Art decided to leave things for now and focused on sinking into the second comfiest bed in the house. Vanessa slipped under the covers and started reading, the way she shifted and sighed made it obvious that she was still agitated by the conversation downstairs. Art sighed a tired sigh, sleeping would have to wait, for now his wife needed some help calming down. Art slowly rolled over and placed his hand on Vanessa’s paw. The jinko looked away from her book and down at her husband, one half of his face buried in the pillow. “Wanna talk about it?” Vanessa sighed and closed her book before putting it on the bedside table. She rolled on her side and scooched closer to Art.

She smiled wryly and gently tapped his nose with her finger. “There’s not much to talk about really.”

Art smiled back and gently tapped her nose with his finger. “Well, tell me about what there is.”

Vanessa took a deep breath. “She’s upset and anxious about something but she won’t say what, at least not yet.”

Art gently stroked her paw and looked into her warm amber eyes. “Any idea what she’s worried about?”

Vanessa gently shook her head and looked into his cool blue eyes. “It could be any number of things, she always has a million things on her mind.”

“Any guesses?”

“Probably the move, it’s a long way from here to Arizona. Or maybe it’s just her worrying about getting older.”

Art yawned and rubbed his eye a little. “Feeling any better?”

Vanessa shrugged. “Kinda.”

“Wanna cuddle the rest of it out?”

Vanessa touched her nose to Art’s and closed her eyes. “I’d love to.” She slowly wrapped her arms around her husband and pulled him into a tight hug, gently resting his face in her mane. Art slipped his arms under her’s and started to gently rub her back. He pushed his face deeper in her mane and took a few appraising sniffs.

“You’ve been using that ginger shampoo, haven’t you?”

Vanessa giggled a little. “I know how much you like it.” Vanessa rubbed Art’s back with one paw and gently massaged the back of his head with the other. Art never could get over how amazing his wife’s paws were. Soft, warm, fluffy and comfy all at the same time, they could turn any man to mush in an instant.

Art yawned again and closed his eyes. “You’re the biggest and toughest chuffer I know, you’ll make it through this.”

Vanessa smacked Art on the back of the head. “I hate you.”

Art smiled. “I love you too dear.”

Vanessa planted a small kiss on the top of Arts head and rested her cheek against it and yawned. “Goodnight, my warm hearted husband.”

“Goodnight, my warm furred wife.” The snow danced and twirled as it fell gently in the night. The light in the attic flicked off as the two slowly slowly drifted off to sleep. Safe, warm and happy in each other’s arms.

Art awoke to an empty space next go him and the muffled sound of voices emanating from downstairs. Art tried to fall back asleep but found the bed to be too cold. Art had gotten used to warm beds over the years since his wife basically functioned like an enormous heated blanket/space heater. In pinches Vanessa could even be a fantastic mattress, complete with two soft built in pillows. Art slipped down the ladder and made his way to the dining room, where he found Vanessa and Jess having a discussion over coffee. Vanessa had her paw over her mother’s and a sympathetic look on her face.

“I-it’s just that it’s not getting any easier for me to travel, and you’re all so far away. I’m sorry about last night, I just didn’t want to trouble you, that’s all…”

Vanessa rubbed her mother’s paw. “It’s okay mom, I understand. If it means anything I wasn’t too excited about moving, but we had too because of Art’s job. If we could have stayed I promise you we would’ve.” Art heard sleepy little foot falls and turned to see Eva rubbing her eye.

“Is grandma ok?” She asked, Art smiled wryly and scooped up his daughter and planted a kiss on her cheek.

“Grandma’s just fine, how’d you sleep?”

“Good, Gabby and Layla are still sleeping, I woke up because I’m hungry.” Eva’s stomach let out a little growl,

Art chuckled. “Of course you are, let’s see if we can fix that.” Art walked into the dining room and Jess smiled as soon as she saw them.

“Good Morning you two!”

Eva hopped out of Art’s arms and hopped onto her grandmother’s lap before planting a kiss on her cheek. “Good Morning grandma!”

Art stretched out his arm above his head and waved at Jess. “Morning, that little one just told me that she’s hungry.”

Jess gasped a little. “Oh! Well that just won’t do!” She said as she gave Eva a squeeze. “Art, would you be a dear and beat some eggs and fry some bacon? I still need to talk to your wife about a few things.”

“Sure thing.” Art gave Jess a little pat on the shoulder. “Take all the time you need.” Art walked into the kitchen and retrieved the items from the fridge and heated a pan on the burner, he mixed the eggs and smiled as he brought the bacon over to the pan. “Time to wake the other two up.” He dropped a strip into the pan and a minute later the twins came bounding into the kitchen, the scent of pork filling their nostrils.

Jess walked into the kitchen and laughed at the sight of the cubs crowding around the stove. “Oh my, it looks like these three are hungry!” Jess stooped down and whispered in Art’s ear while the cubs were preoccupied with watching the bacon cook. “Why don’t you and Alex take the girls for a walk after breakfast, there are still a few things I’d like to discuss with Vanessa.”

Art took a quick look at the house as he marched further into the woods with Alex and the girls.

“Is Jess doing alright?” Art asked,

Alex smiled a little and sighed. “Yeah, no terminal illness she hasn’t told you about if that’s what you’re implying.”

Art chuckled a little. “I wasn’t trying to, but that’s good to hear.”

“Yeah, you know how she gets, it’s been getting harder for her to move around as of late so of course she thinks she’s dying.” Alex laughed. “Of course this is all by jinko standards! So she can still haul firewood and even pick me up.” Layla squealed as her twin sister tackled her into the snow. Alex sighed again. “Regardless, it’s good she’s having those talks with Vanessa even though she’s still got plenty of good years left in her.”

Art sighed a little. “I need to have those kind of conversations with my parents at some point…” Eva packed a snowball whipped it at her sisters, who deftly dodged it.

Alex put his arm around Art. “How have your parents been doing?”

Art shrugged. “Couldn’t say, they never return my calls.” Art looked down at his feet. “It’s funny, you’d think marrying a jinko would have been the last straw for them, but nope it was having kids. I guess they just didn’t like the idea that the family tree would be filled with stripes from now on. They didn’t even come to see Eva after she was born…” Art frowned and closed his eyes,

Alex gave him a little pat on the back. “I-I’m sorry I brought that up…”

Art waved his hand a little. “It’s ok, I’d just rather not talk about them right now.” The two stopped for a moment and watched the snow fall through the trees, the pines seemed to stretch on forever. Art watched his daughters romp and frolic through the snow, Eva trying to lose her status as being it in their game of tag. Art smiled a little. “You should have seen those three at Christmas, it was hard to get them back inside, especially since they were able to play with their best friend. It really would be great for you to meet her and her parents sometime, I have a feeling they’d really like you and Jess.”

Alex smiled. “I’ll work my magic and try to convince her, we’ll get out to see you all eventually.”

“Think we should head back now?”

“Let’s give them just a little bit longer, besides there’s a really beautiful clearing just up ahead.”

Alex and Art returned to the house, girls in arm. Eva was riding on Art’s shoulders while each twin rode securely in Alex’s arms. The five entered the house and kicked off their boots, Art slipped his off and walked into the living room, Vanessa and Jess were sitting on the couch looking through a photo album. Vanessa had her head against her mothers shoulder and smiled a little every time she turned to a new page, happy memories being remembered and reinforced. The cubs dashed past Art and hopped onto the couch.

Vanessa looked up from the giddy cubs currently snuggling up to her and smiled at Art. “Hey dad, could you come in here? I have some late gifts I wanna give out.” She called out, everyone took their place and Vanessa handed out her gifts. For Alex it was a box of brand new fishing lures, for Jess it was a cookbook that she had been dying to get her paws on and for Art… A small box.

Art looked at the box for a moment then up at Vanessa. “Did you forget to give me this during Christmas?”

Vanessa fidgeted a little. “You could say that…” Art lifted the lid off the box and found a tiger striped rattle.

Art chuckled a little “Aww, is this one of the girls old toys?”

“Nooo~” Vanessa bit her bottom lip.

“This is brand new? Why’d you buy a rattle? It’s not like-” Art’s eyes widened and he slowly looked up at Vanessa, who had a massive grin on her face.

“No way…”

“Yes way!”

Art sprung from the couch and embraced his wife. Vanessa wrapped her arms around him and spun around. The two stayed in the middle of the living room, laughing and shedding tears of joy.

Jess stood up and embraced her daughter. “I’m getting another grandkid!” She said between a chuff, the cubs ran up and filled in any empty spaces.

“We’re gonna be big sisters!” The twins said in unison, Eva wrapped herself around Vanessa’s leg and simply chuffed, and in the center of the group hug was Art. He sighed happily and shut his eyes, listening to the chuffs around him, never wanting this moment to end.

Art ascended the ladder and flopped down next to his wife before scooching in behind her and laying his hand over her stomach. Vanessa smiled a little as Art began to rub gently.

“Man, what a day” Art said between a yawn.

Vanessa laid her paw over his hand “You ready for another one?”

Art chuckled. “As long as it’s just one. I swear to god if it’s triplets I’m running away.” Vanessa chuckled and Art rested his nose against the back of her head. The two began to fall asleep but were interrupted by a creak coming from the ladder, the two looked and saw three pairs of ears peeking up from just beyond the trapdoor. Eva raised her head, followed by Gabby and Layla.

“There are some weird sounds coming from grandma and grandpa’s room, can we sleep up here?”

“Sounds like she can do more than just carry you Alex.” Art muttered to himself,

Vanessa smiled at her daughters and pat the bed. “Of course you can.” The cubs eye’s lit up and they dashed to the bed, Eva flopped down on Vanessa’s chest while Gabby and Layla pinned Art’s leg and arm. Art laid his free hand on the bed and Vanessa placed her paw over it,

Art smiled and gently squeezed it. “We should go out for pancakes tomorrow.”

Vanessa smiled back. “That would be fantastic.” The two rolled their heads back and shut their eyes. The snow fell gently as it twirled and danced in the night, the attic light flicked off and the six fell asleep, safe, warm and happily, as a family

By Ittla

By Ittla

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