Alena, The Griffon Maid pt.2

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“I understand sir, honestly, I do.”

This wasn’t good. How did she even get in here? I could have sworn I closed the door. No, that didn’t matter now. What mattered was that I try and remain calm and composed. I was resisting the urge to laugh and giggle as the small loveable creature beneath my desk licked and nibbled on my toes. Devious little tyke; I’d have to teach her a lesson later.

“Well if I remember correctly, we have an entire department responsible for that, sir.” I said trying to talk some sense into a man that was yelling his head off into my ear.

Even through my cellphone, his guttural screaming was still grating, not to mention the wet tongue that was currently exploring the space between my toes wasn’t making the situation any better. I quickly placed a finger over the mouthpiece of my phone and looked beneath my desk, trying in vain to shoo her away.

“I’ll play with you later, I swear! But I’m a little busy at the moment!” I pleaded with her in a hushed voice.

Instead, she only looked up at me with hopeful eyes, her head tilted to the side as she contemplated my words. I thought she had gotten the message but she once again attacked my toes with renewed hunger.

“Oh god.” I accidentally let sleep out as the awkward sensation caused me to shudder.

Thankfully, my boss didn’t seem to notice, as he was much too busy yelling at the top of his lungs at me, trying to convince me the future of the company hung in the balance. Honestly, why do I even work for this over dramatic guy? At any rate, I had to put an end to the antics happening beneath my desk.


I made sure to cover the mouth piece once again as I called out her name.

“Alena, please!” I shouted desperately.

I nearly risked kicking my beloved pet’s face as I felt her being to chew on my toe. I tried shifting my feet away but she followed relentlessly and pounced on them, lapping her wet tongue on my sensitive skin.

“Alena, I really need you to…” I cried out once more as I struggled to keep the phone to my ear.

Finally my prayers were answered as loin paw feet charged down the hall.

“You called for me, Master?!”

A young girl finally burst into my office, a cheerful look on her face as her feathered wings nearly threw her off balance as she burst through the door with hopeful enthusiasm. Gone was the uniform she wore when I first met her, replaced with a more practical t-shirt and jean shorts. The t-shirt, did nothing to hide the young girl’s ample breasts, a fact that I think she knew and constantly flaunted to me. This girl, with sandy blonde hair, sharp blue eyes, and white feathered wings was currently my live-in girlfriend…and through some miscommunication…my own maid as well.

“Thank god.” I sighed in relief, “Can you take Snowball and put her outside? She keeps licking my toes.” I said bringing my feet up and sitting cross legged in my chair to prevent the little puppy from continuing her meal.

Immediately I could see the enthusiasm in Alena’s face drain, her wings drooping she stepped forward.

“Yes Master…” she sighed as she stooped down to pick up the small puppy, who gave a light whimper at being picked up

“Thank you.” I mouthed to her gratefully as I returned to my phone call.

“Yes….Yes sir, I think it was Tuesday it was scheduled to happen.”

Not that I wanted to get back to work. It seemed that I didn’t miss anything utterly important as my boss continued on with his usual ranting and needless blaming. But the sooner I got this out of the way, the sooner I could move on and do other things. At least I never had to actually show up in person at work; I felt sorry for the guys who had to stand there and take this kind of abuse from him in person. I halfheartedly listened to his rant go on, twirling a pen in my hand as I simply nodded my head and agreed to whatever he said.

All the while Alena stood there at the foot of my desk, with Snowball in her arms. She looked slightly worried as she held the small animal, which I could imagine scared the ever living crap out of the puppy. Snowball never really liked Alena that much, I think. I believe it had something to do with her large, eagle like talons that scared her, but of course, they were nubbed.

Meanwhile Alena continued to stand there, wordlessly waiting for me to finish my phone call. But at the rate that this was going, I was beginning to image that this call would go on until the man had unloaded all of his problems onto me. I pinched my eyebrows as he continued on and on. Clearly, I was going to be here for a while.

“How come we never fuck any more!?” a voice suddenly blurted out.

I whipped my head to the source of the outcry and found Alena with a frustrated look on her face.

“Hold on, I’m going to have to call you back.” I quickly said into my phone as I immediately hit the end call button.

“What?” I asked in disbelief. “What are you talking about? We have sex all the time.”

Ever since we met a month ago we’ve had sex. Not every day, but I’d imagine are sex life was still pretty active. Her face grew red, but she still had an irate look as her wings threatened to flare open, all the while poor Snowball was still in her arms.

“We have sex.” She said explained, “But we never…fuck…anymore! Like on the day we first met.”

I rarely heard Alena swear and she was clearly having trouble saying it, so it was even more startling to hear her use such language. I rose up from my chair and began to rub her shoulders in an affectionate manner.

“Alena, that was a mistake.”

Her sudden gasp cut sharply into the air, as if someone had just shoved a blunt knife into her gut; it was enough to send the small puppy she held in her arms tumbling to the ground.

“Not like that!” I said quickly said dispelling any notions she had forming in her head.

Luckily, the puppy seemed fine as it scampered out of the room.

“I meant that I should have treated you like a decent human being…er…monster girl. Person. I should have treated you like a decent person that day.” I said, struggling trying to find the right words.

“I let myself get carried away, and I took advantage of you, and I did a lot of things that were…really demeaning to you. I’m not normally like that.”

Alena cast her eyes downwards, her tail swished slowly behind her as she started to poke her fingers together, embarrassed.

“Okay…but do you think we can do something later tonight then?”

I couldn’t help but smile at the child-like innocence in her voice. But it didn’t stay for long as my phone started to ring. No doubt from a very irate boss of mine that I had just hung up on.

“I’m sorry Alena, but I’ve got to do damage control at work now and it looks like it’s going to take a while and I’d really don’t want to get distracted anymore…”

That answer didn’t satisfy her.

“Fine then. Go on and do your own work! Since I’m…just a distraction for you!”

She huffed and twirled around, her wing bumping into me as she huffed out of the room. I was left speechless at what had just occurred.

That was the first time I ever saw her that infuriated.

“…and that’s essentially what happened.” I finished recounting the events to my good friend, Charlie.

It was by mere coincidence that I managed to run into him at the grocery store. Needless to say, we talked about a variety of things regarding our own lives. I can’t remember what exactly even led up to the topic but before I knew it, I was letting
Charlie know of my sad situation. The two of us waited with our carts in the checkout line as he thought over what I had just told him.

“Well I wouldn’t call it a fight, but it seems to me, dude…” Charlie began as he pushed his cart further up the line. “That she feels threatened.”

“Threatened?” I asked intrigued. “Threatened by what?”

Eventually his turn came and he started to place his groceries on the conveyor belt as a tired looking cat monster girl flashed a quick smile and began to scan his items.

“Well, you actually; or your attention at least. You’ve got a new job which is taking a lot of your free time, and you got a new pet that’s taking a lot of your attention…not to mention she’s female. Since you got other priorities now, she feels like you aren’t putting enough attention on her. She’s jealous and now she feels threatened.” He explained as he took out his wallet and began to pay.

“Are you serious? That’s the reason?” I said perplexed. I almost couldn’t believe it was something so silly, like something out of a sitcom.

“Well what am I supposed to do about it?” I asked once again.

“Well…” he began as he hefted the plastic bags full of his groceries back into his cart, “You see those books on top of the gum there?”

I looked over to what he was talking about. Usually as you entered the checkout, there would be an assortment of gum, candies, magazines and tabloids, and a variety other knick-knacks that stores would use to try and entice people to buy at the last minute. Just above of the gum shelf was an assortment of self-help magazines, ranging from anything from cooking to relationship issues.

“The second book on the right is what I used with my wife. Did wonders, you know.”

I picked up the small rectangular magazines made with a cheap plastic cover. ‘101 Ways to Train Your New Pet!’ A picture of a much too happy woman was hugging her Dalmatian dog on the cover as I flipped through the book skeptically, the cheap recycled pages sliding beneath my fingers.

“Are you serious? Something like this works?” I was almost sure he was playing a joke on me.

“Yeah dude. I used the exact same thing with my wife, believe it or not. And now were closer than ever.”

He loaded the last of his groceries in his shopping cart and gave me a final wave.

“Look, gotta go man, but make sure you go all out! Don’t skimp out on her!”

I stood there for a moment flipping through the pages, intrigued at what I was reading. Could this really work? Wouldn’t this be highly offensive? Alena wasn’t my dog, she was my maid…and girlfriend. And if she wanted attention, wouldn’t just going out on a date be better? It’d certainly be a lot more normal than going through with this. Then again, if it worked for Charlie and his wife, why couldn’t it work for me?

“Uhm, excuse me sir?”

“Huh?” I looked up to see a cat monster girl waving at me to get my attention.

“You’re holding up the line.”

I stood there for second, forced to make a decision as I held the small booklet.

All out huh?

“Oh right. Yeah. Actually, could you hold on for a minute? I gotta pick up a few things real quick.”

She gave me a weird look of surprise as I dashed out of the line and quickly made my way to the pet supplies aisle.

I can go all out.

The next thing I knew, I was in the kitchen putting away my recently bought groceries with the help of Alena. Although it was clear that she wasn’t her usual perky upbeat self. Her tail didn’t swish as wildly as it once did, and her usual protests about me helping to put away the groceries were non-existent today.

“So…” I started trying to make light conversation, “did you do anything interesting today?”

There was a painfully long pause before she decided to reply back to me.

“…Nothing in particular.”

I let out a long sigh and swallowed hard as I pulled out the small booklet and flipped through the first page, taking in a few quick pointers.

“Alena!” I called to her in a loud voice, quickly stowing the book away behind me.

My sudden outburst caught her off guard as she suddenly flinched, her wings splaying out slightly as she turned around holding a bag of frozen vegetables in her hands.

“Y-Yes?!” She yelped with a look of panic in her eyes.

I had to stifle a grin at the comedic sight. But I managed to calmly walk over and pluck the back of frozen vegetables and placed them aside. Gently taking her shoulders, I began to lead her to the dining room chair and proceeded to carefully sit her down, but not before taking a peek down her low cut t-shirt. Old habits.

“Now Alena…” I started to say, while standing beside her. “You know I love you…”

Immediately, her feathered ears twitched and she looked away bashfully as I said those words, like she always did, even if she denied her ears did that.

“…and I wanted to show my appreciation for you, so while I was out today, I decided to get you a gift.”

She continued to gaze upon me with curiosity as I went to retrieve a brown paper bag that I had stowed away earlier, just to make sure that she didn’t rummage through it while putting away the groceries. I dove into the bag and picked up one of the presents and placed it before her.I waited for her reaction as she stared down at the blue collar I had gotten at the super market. To my surprise, she didn’t react much at all, but rather she tilted her head to the side, almost as if confused, before she looked up at my and put on a painfully obvious fake smile.

“Its nice…” she said in a monotone sort of way.

I was left stunned. She didn’t like it? Or maybe she did take offense to it. Oh god, what if I went too far this time and she thinks I’m a weird pervert now? Could I abort now? This is almost as awkward as telling your wife your deepest darkest fetish and it actually creeps her out. I gotta abort now.

“Although…I think it’s a little big for Snowball, Master.”

I was broken out of my downward spiral of fear and awkwardness by Alena. I couldn’t help but let out a light chuckle as I breathed a sigh of relief upon the realization of what she had just said.

“Ha, no Alena, that’s for you.”

The sandy blonde griffon looked at me for several seconds before her eyes suddenly went wide and her jaw dropped.

“Bu-bu-but what?!”

Like lightening, her wings flared out and nearly knocked me aside but by luck, I was able to dodge in time.

“Ma-master! This is for… dogs! I can’t wear this!” she said as her face began to turn a shade of red.

“Well actually, this is for pets. And aren’t you my pet Alena?” I retorted as I picked up and unclasped the blue collar and stood behind Alena to put it on her.

“But I’m supposed to be your maid!” she eeked out.

“Actually…” I began, noticing that she was in her casual clothes.

“Where is your maid uniform, Alena?”

She let out a light whimper as her wings drooped as she realized what was going to happen next.

“Atta girl!” I commended her as she timidly rose from her chair.

Unsatisfied with her slow hesitant pace, I grabbed her ass and put some pep into her step, earning myself a high pitched yelp as she scampered away. I only had to wait a few moments before Alena stood before me at attention, her hands folded neatly in front of her as I reviewed. She still wore the same maid uniform that she had when we first met; a white low cut blouse and black dress that ended at her knees, coupled with a small white apron and the trademark head band of a maid, with the new collar, completed her look. Her feathered tail swished back and forth as I walked up to her, her gaze unable to meet mine as I stood before her.

“Are you wearing the…proper…maid attire?”

Surprisingly, she shot me a rather unabashed look.

“Of course Master,” She said happily, perhaps proud of herself that she remembered.

“Really? Then show me.”

Her eyes widened for a moment in panic and she looked away, unable to meet my gaze as if I had just called her out on her bluff.
She unclasped her hands as she carefully grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly pulled it up to her chest, revealing herself to me like a naughty school girl. I stepped forward and reached down, slowly tracing my fingers along her entrance, marveling at the smoothness of her skin. According to Alena, griffons didn’t grow hair “down there”, something having to do with aerodynamics or something to that effect. Her jaw dropped at my touch and she inhaled deeply, her eyelids fluttering as I held her close to me and whispered into her ear.

“You’re a very clever girl, aren’t you?” I smirked as I blew into her ear.

Her voice shook as she responded, “Y-yes Master.”

I gave her a quick kiss on her cheek as my hands wrapped around her waist and began to tuck in her skirt, effectively shortening it. All the while she began to nuzzle into my neck and began to nip and nibble on my flesh, absorbed in her own world, which allowed me to continue with my work. Satisfied with her new skirt length, I dug into my pocket and pulled out another gift I had just bought specifically for the griffon maid.


“Wha-?” Alena, pulled away, looking down at her neck to find a new blue leash that was now secured to her collar. I lightly batted away her hand as she reached up and tried to inspect the leash.

“No touching. Now turn around and let me see you.”

She wordlessly followed my orders, giving me a pleading look as she began to slowly turn around. Her skirt was significantly shorter now, to the point that the lower-half of her cream colored butt was fully exposed. If she raised her tail, there was a good chance she’d moon anyone standing behind her.


She only responded by giving me another meek look.

“Now how about we go for a walk?” I said cheerfully, gently tugging on the leash.

“Eh!? A…walk?!” Alena yelped out before lurching forward to keep up. I was gentle enough so as to not choke her, so I made sure
to give light tugs as I brought the griffon maid closer and closer to the front door.

“O-Outside!?” She said in a high pitched voice, laced with fear. “Master, I can’t go out there like this! Someone’s going to see me.”

She was actively trying to pull away now, grabbing the leash with her hands to try and pull herself free. I quickly reached towards her and petted her head reassuringly.

“It’s just to the mailbox, alright? And its not like anyone is out there.”

She gave a look that was reminiscent of a new born kitten, scared of every little thing that would jump out at her. Alena the maid shrinked and tried to hide behind me as the door was swung open. A quick look out the door confirmed that no one was outside. Not even that one Anubis that did her usual evening jog. I took a step outside, gently pulling the unwilling maid behind me.

“Relax Alena,” I said comforting her, “I’ll be here right with you. Just follow me, okay?”

She didn’t say anything to me as I began to descend down the porch and I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t feel any tension on the leash, rather, she was clinging right behind me. Very few people knew about Alena’s job, and fewer still knew about the uniform that came with it. It normal circumstances, I doubt Alena would ever show her maid outfit to anyone else besides me, much less in a leash and collar as well. The driveway wasn’t long at all and soon we found ourselves next to the mail box. I opened the steel box and quickly shut it without bothering to peer inside as I turned to Alena.

“Shame. No mail today.” I said shrugging sarcastically.

However, Alena wasn’t looking at me. She was more focused on down the road. Following her gaze, I could see a figure quickly approaching us wearing a yellow sports bra and black spats, her black tail swishing back and forth as she jogged closer and closer to us.

‘Huh, I guess that Anubis jogger was just late today,’ I thought to myself as the leash suddenly become taut again.

Alena had turned around and was desperately trying to get back to the house now. I was forced to follow behind her, giving her enough slack so I wouldn’t choke her, even though her butt was now fully exposed to the neighborhood with her tail raised in panic. Disappointingly, I let go of the leash and let Alena dive back into the house to save face as the Anubis came jogging past. I was more than surprised however, when the dark-skinned Anubis winked and slapped her ass as she jogged by. I suppose she knew what we were doing. I gave her a wave as I shut the front door and turned back to Alena who was on all fours on the floor, gasping for breath.

“Did you have fun?” I asked kneeling down.

“That was…mean!” Alena gasped, completely ignoring my question, although I’m sure she didn’t mean it.

But I wasn’t done with her yet.

“Alena, you know a good pet doesn’t pull on the leash right?” I began to explain.

Getting creative, I stood up to retrieve a clean dishtowel from the kitchen and returned to Alena, who was sitting up but still on the floor, curious as to what I was doing.

“A good pet, and even a good maid, is always obedient to his master, right?”

Alena seemed to mull to mull over the words in her head for a moment but she soon nodded, agreeing with me.


After folding the dishtowel once over, I carefully began to blindfold the hapless maid/pet, tying a firm knot behind her head but making sure that I didn’t pinch her feathered ears.

“Can you see anything?” I asked, checking by waving my hand in front of her face.

“N-no” she replied, unsure of what was going to happen next.

Satisfied, I began to tug down the low cut white blouse that contained her breasts, setting them free. Alena let out a small squeak and quickly tried to cover herself with her hands. How strange that we’ve seen each other’s nude bodies so many times before, but she would always be embarrassed by it. I gingerly began to pull her arms away and reveal one of her best assets, the creamy smooth skin already enticing me.

“Alena, do you know what a dog says?” I asked as I began to cup her breasts and lightly rub one of her nipples between my thumbs and finger. In an instant, she let out a sharp gasp and moan, her body spasming at the blind, sudden onset of pleasure. It took several moments before she was able to settle down.

“T-they say…wan.” She eeked out.

I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Wan? Whats wan?”

I never heard of a dog say wan. I could see Alena’s face begin to redden beneath the white blindfold.

“They say wan in my…ani-anime.” She said stuttering as I continued to tease her nipple.


“Alright, Wan then.” I said brushing the thought aside. “Dogs say wan. So for now, I want you to bark like a dog okay? And I want you to be on all fours.”

She seemed to hesitate once more, but a gentle pinch of her nipples quickly changed her mind.

“Ah…w-wan! Wan wan!” she yelped out.


I ruffled her and smiled, quite happy that she assumed her role so easily.

“Good girl. Now c’mon. Follow me.”

Wordlessly, the griffon girl got on all fours for me, her wings neatly folded atop her arched back. I took a hold of her leash once more and took a few steps forward. Much to my giddiness, Alena, my maid started to follow suit, her frame swaying from side to side and she crawled forward, her collar jingling all the while.

“How do you feel, Alena?” I asked as we slowly made our way across the living room. Thankfully, ever since she moved in, the furniture was further spaced out to accommodate for her wings.

“W-wan.” She hesitantly barked out softly at first.


“Wan!” she barked louder for me.

Oh god, this was empowering; intoxicating even.

We circled the living room a few times, her butt and breasts swaying and on display as I showed off the obedient maid/pet. I began to wonder if she would ever be convinced to do this in public; it’d be something to consider. Soon, an idea flashed into my head. I quietly placed the leash down and tip-toe away, leaving Alena alone. As soon as she felt no one was leading her on, she froze unsure of what to do next.


There was a clear hint of unsureness in her voice as she called out. She tilted her head side to side trying to find where I was. She felt the ground before cautiously taking steps forward, her tail swishing back and forth behind her. It was beyond the definition of cute, watching her try and find me, her movements growing more panicked.

“Over here, girl!” I called out.

Immediately, her head ‘looked’ to where my voice had emanated from and she began to very warily make her way towards me. She began to stray too close to the couch but thankfully the edges of her wings acted as a make shaft buffer for her. Concerned that she might bump her head on the end table I moved some over and called out to her again.

“Almost there!”

“Wan!” she replied confidently.

Her steps became more sure as she trusted my directions, a faint smile growing on her face. Closer and closer she came until she was on me. I got to my knees and reached out for her, with the intent of petting her. Instead, upon realizing that she reached me she pounced, throwing her arms out around my neck and throwing herself atop me. Her sudden tackle threw me off balance and we fell back as she landed atop me.

“Wan wan!” she barked gleefully as she began to nuzzle and rub her head into my neck.

“Good girl! Good girl!”

I rewarded her by petting her soft blonde hair and tickling her chin, a fact I think she liked as her lion like tail began to wag happily behind her. My vision though was soon obscured as the blindfolded griffon soon began to lick my face, dragging her wet tongue along my cheek. At first I thought it was cute, but as soon as her tongue found my lips she dove in, locking lips with me. I responded accordingly, battling her tongue for dominance as we both furiously fought for control. I eventually got the upper hand by reaching out and grabbing handfuls of her ass and squeezing hard. She tried gasping, and as soon as she did, it gave me the opening for me to drive my tongue into her mouth. She tried to fight back but it was a losing battle for her, and soon she was helpless in my hands. Drool began to dribble down our chins as we continued our furious make out session. I began to notice something hot and wet rub against my thigh. I finally broke away from her in a gasp for breath.

“Bend over.” I whispered into her ear.

She got the message, a euphoric smile on her lips as she tauntingly began to crawl over me, trailing her breasts across my face and making sure to rub entire body along me. I ran my hands along her body, trailing along her sides and her firm, supple ass before continuing down her thighs and lion like legs. I pulled myself up and turned around to find the griffon maid, her ass raised high in the air and swaying to and fro like a dog in heat presenting herself.

“Waaan~” she cried out in a long drawn out bark for me.

I got the message. I quickly undid my belt and pants to reveal my rather erect shaft, no doubt given its current state by the more subservient maid before me. I positioned myself behind the maid, grabbing her hips to guide myself in. Her crotch was completely soaked; I guess despite all her earlier protests, she was actually enjoying all of this. I then grabbed her waist and began to push myself forward, and with a single thrust, she enveloped me down to my base.

“You’re so wet. Did you want me that much?” I asked putting my chin on her arched back.

“W-wan…” her high pitched voice warbled back.

She clenched hard on me, her hips shaking as she tried to maintain her balance. I didn’t wait for her as I began to move my hips back and forth and thrust my dick into her thin waist, her breasts shaking back and forth as I did her from behind. As I thrusted into her, her body reacted more and more.

“Wan…wan….wan….wa….ah….ha….ah!” the more I thrusted, the more she moaned for me.

Her insides kept feeling tighter and tighter, as if she was sticking to me. I began to ramp up the speed and also mix in vertical movements as well. Her butt quivered at the sensation, her flesh rippling from our impacts. I began to take handfuls of her ass and rub them lovingly before spanking her hard. She cried out, clenching hard on me as I began to grit my teeth and spank her again; such a naughty puppy, crying out when getting spanked. I could see the leash dangling by her side all the while, and I reached out to take it in my hand as I held onto her as we fucked like animals. All the while she was shaking her hips and moaning lewdly. How arousing.

An evil, lustful idea soon pops into my head.

I hunch over the maid, as close as I could get to her feathered ears, and softly I whispered into them.

“…get pregnant.”

Her reaction is instantaneous as she suddenly and forcefully clamped down on me and cried out.

“W-Wah!? M-master, what did you s-ah!”

I ignored her as I continued to plow myself into her. Her hips hadn’t stopped tightening during all of this. I grabbed her hips and began to ram myself into her, forcing myself deeper and deeper into her, each time she cried out in pleasure. I could something hot press against the tip of my shaft as I delved into her. Was that her womb? I probed it, and much to my sudden surprise, her wings suddenly splayed out to their full length and she let out a long high pitched cry. I pounded furiously into her and exploited this, her whole body rocking as I had my way with her.

“…get pregnant, get pregnant.” I continued to say through gritted teeth.

Each time I could feel her clench down hard on me.

“Ma-Mas-Master! We-uf can’t!” she tried pleading with me.

But I lost myself. Drawn in by pure lust and pleasure, I fucked her relentless, the smell of our sex filling out nostrils as her skin began to glisten from sweat.

“I’m…ah, aaah…I’m….I’m” she said gasping

Uh oh.

I got dragged along with her orgasm, and I unleash my load into her, filling her up. Its as if she was sucking the semen right of out me. I bucked several times as I released the contents of my balls into her. She moaned loudly, her entire body shivering before finally collapsing down to the floor, her wings following suit.

“Its…too….much…I’m defintily….going to get…” she muttered out in daze.

I gingerly pulled myself out, our thick juices mixed together so well that ropey strands still connected as I leaned over the post coitus griffon, breathing heavily as I undid her blind fold.

“Good girl….”

I rewarded, gently kissing her cheek.

“But isn’t that a little dangerous?” Charlie’s voice replied over the phone.

Of course his cause of concern was right.

“No, it was just in the heat of the moment. Plus griffons are really tough to get pregnant apparently.”

Although I do admit, yesterday’s antics did get a little out of hand. Thankfully, Alena and I did talk things over, afterwards.
Something like that would seldom happen again anytime soon. Maybe. At any rate, I felt that Alena and I had gotten much closer than before, and connected more emotionally. Or at least we discovered some new kinks.

“Yep, and it was all thanks to you, Charlie. Thanks a lot for the advice. But I have to say, I didn’t expect a pet training manual to give such good relationship advice.”


There was an unusually long pause on the other end of the phone

“Charlie?” I asked worried.

A quick knock on my office caught my attention and Alena’s head popped in, wearing her headband and holding a feather duster.

“Excuse me Master, do you mind if I dust here real quick? It will only take a second.”

“Huh? Oh yeah sure, go head.” I said waving her off as I tried to pay attention to what Charlie was saying. What was he saying? I listened closely as I pressed the phone against my ear.

“…wasn’t pointing to that, I was pointing to that dating booklet. ‘6 Great Date Ideas for you and your Lover’? That would have been perfect for you guys. What did you expect to do with a pet training man-“

I immediately hung up the phone and held my breath as I tried to process what had happened.

God damn it not again.

I let out a long sigh as I palmed my head into my hand and leaned on my desk.

“Alena…there’s something I have to tell you…” I began, wondering how I was going to explain all of this to her.

But I didn’t wonder long. Or rather, my train of thought suddenly collided to a screaming halt as I witnessed the sight before me. Alena was doing her maidly duties; as of now, dusting my bookcases. But the manner of how she did them was…interesting, because as she bent down to dust the lower bookshelves, she wore nothing. Nothing at all except for her headband and black heels that I had never seen before, wrapped around her ankles that accentuated her already lovely butt. Other than that and the blue collar that she was wearing, the griffon girl’s nude form was completely bare. She looked over her shoulder quizzically, a hint of mischievousness in her eyes.

“Is there something you want, Master?” she asked in a sultry tone as she leaned on one leg, and spun around folding her arm beneath her breasts and arching her back to accentuate them further.

I bit my bottom lip as I looked her over multiple times.

“As a matter of fact…there is”

Her feathered ears flicked at the sound of my chair squeaking as I rose up and walked around my desk to embrace her in a tight
hug, causing her to squeak herself.

“Alena, you know I love you right?”

Her feathered ears twitched once more like they always did when I said those magic words, even if she denied they did that, but I could feel her melt in my arms as she nuzzled her face into my shoulder.

“Of course Master.” She replied in a soft tone, her wings wrapping around me in an even tighter hug, our lips coming closer and closer together

“Good. Then how about we go on a date sometime? Somewhere nice. Like the movies.”

I swear, Alena’s blue eyes began to shine as I felt her lips graze against mine, before claiming them once more in a long passionate kiss before breaking away.

“I think I’d like that.”

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