Akaname Greentext

>Part 1.

>Start with the usual intro
-Entering tavern
-Cheering as you enter the tavern and whatnot
-Youngling comes over for the next story
-Give a short introduction of what people think Akanames are like, then say your personal opinion on them.
-Start the story already.
>Be a fancy adventurer.
>While venturing through Zipangu, guy stops at an inn for the night, tired as one could be.
-The place is kinda dusty, probably needs a maid or something.
>Book a room, get into said room, look around, and flop on the bed. Cue the sleeping music.
>In the middle of the night, there seems to be a source of light coming from the bathroom.
>Our character is woken up by this, and gets up, to investigate the bathroom.
-With all being said, he doesn’t find anything peculiar, and decides to just forget about this, turning the light off, and going back to sleep.
>Later on.
>Wake up again.
>Your clothes seem to be missing, interesting, you don’t pay too much mind to that.
>You start to feel something sticky on your back, believing it to be sweat.
>You seem to come across something slimy, solid. You decide to poke it, squeezing it soon after.
>It feels like a tongue.
>You shrug and put your hand back down.
>Decide to go back to slumber
>Turn around.
>As you turn around, you spot an akaname on the ceiling, now licking your chest, due to your new position.
>You make a rash decision by grabbing the tongue, trying to copy the meme known as Touch the Cow.
>Yank her down from the ceiling.
>Wrap her tongue around your arm, trying to get a better hold of it.
>She just smirks.
>Her tongue extends, wraping itself along the rest of your forearm, leaving just enough so she has a straight path towards your mouth.
>You will have none of that nonsense.
>Clenching your teeth, you don’t allow entrance to your mouth for her tongue
>You remember what Akanames use their tongues for.
>You grab the end of it with your other hand, and pull the rest of that long tongue out of her mouth.
>She tries to force your hold open, but you don’t yield so easily.
>You force yourself onto her, holding her into a bearhug.
>She interlocks her limbs around you, clinging to you.
>She starts rubbing her lithe body against you.
>You decide to ignore that, quickly reaching for the rope in your backpack.
>You manage to get out of her grasp, and quickly tie her ankles and wrists together.
>Make sure that she won’t escape easily.
>Tie her to the tongue to your arm, and make sure she won’t be able to untie that knot by herself. >Think about what to do with this wrench.
>You decide she must’ve only done this for her obvious…horniness, and decide to not give her too much of a punishment.
>You pull the rest of the rope from your backpack
>It’s shibari bondage time girl.
>Do said technique of restraining on her, spending time with that white snake girl seemed to pay off right now.
>Untie her tongue from your arm, and force her to retreat it bag into her mouth, before tying it with a piece of cloth.
>Push her into the bathroom.
>Go to sleep.
>In the morning, get dressed into your clothes, and prepare for another day of adventuring.
>After you’re done, the innkeeper walks into your room.
>You give him the payment for the night.
>He puts it in his pocket, then looks around the room.
>You ask him why.
>He says his girl sneaked out of her room last night, and he’s been searching every room for her.
>You ask him how she looks like
>He says she’s an Akaname.
>You tell him of the events from the previous night, and where her current location is.
>You slip a few more coins into his pocket while he’s not looking.
>You decide to leave.
>Hearing the commotion from upstairs, you prepare to leave, almost at the door of the inn.
>The Inkeeper comes running towards you, daughter in tow
>He stops in front of you, bows, and asks for your forgiveness on his daughter’s behalf.
>You sigh relieved.
>She tells her apologies, and at the end, tells you that you tasted good.
>You are unfazed by that statement.
>Her father grabs her by the ear and says his apologies again, bowing and whatnot.
>You bow too, before exiting the inn, and continuing you adventures through Zipangu.
>You remind yourself to lock the doors and windows if you settle for an inn tonight.
>End of story
>Give the younger lads from the bar some advice
>”Don’t sleep in dusty inns kiddos, especially in Zipangu”

>Front of tavern.
>Akaname watches you from the window, stalking and all that.
>Someone taps her shoulder.
>”Five minutes of stalking are up sweetie, another 5 silvers or let the next person come in”.
>Check pockets.
>Get shoved to the side by a Lizardman that is now staring at a male knight.
>Watch as the barkeeper walks back into the bar, money from stalkers in a bag.
>Hear him say “Good thing I charge them from stalking my front window, ’tis some real business strategy.”.
>Akaname sighs and goes back to shady inn, permanent resident as she is.
>Goes to pray to the shrine for adventurer senpai to notice her.
>Goes to sleep, thus ending her nightly routine, while cuddling the adventurer Daki.

>The End, for real this time.

Part 2.

>Be an akaname.
>Kinda horny one day, look at the residents that are going to stay the night at your father’s inn.
>They all look like faggots.
>Cutie comes in.
>Love at first sight.
>See the number of his room, sneak inside before he notices and hide in the bathroom.
>Spy on him the whole night through a crack
>You’ll get that ass later.
>You see the guy wake up, and head towards the bathroom.
>Stick yourself to the ceiling.
>He turns off the lights, and goes back to sleep.
>Sigh, and exit the bathroom, still stuck to the ceiling.
>Remove his clothes with your ninja skills.
>Start licking his back.
>Best shit you ever tasted.
>Continue licking till he grumbles.
>Hold your tongue in place, while he pokes his hand around his back.
>Finds your tongue, pokes it, before giving it a squeeze.
>Try not to jizz yourself while he does that.
>Guy goes back to sleep.
>Sigh and go back to licking.
>Guy has a late reaction, and turns around.
>Still lick his chest like a total retard.
>He grabs your tongue, you jizz yourself in the process.
>Fall down from the ceiling, after he yanks you down.
>He wraps your tongue around his arm.
>Smirk. Like that’ll work.
>Go in for the deep smooch, the deep smooch always works.
>Find only teeth.
>Grabs your tongue.
>Cue reddening face.
>Bear hugs you.
>You don’t mind the forceful type.
>Wrap your limbs around him, and start on grindin’.
>He pulls some rope out of his bag.
>He first ties up your wrists and ankles, then ties you shibari style just like a dark elf.
>Damn he’s good. Time to prepare for some rough fucking.
>Get pushed into the bathroom, mouth gagged.
>. . .
>Note to self: Don’t have great expectations just because someone tied you up.
>Dad-sama comes in.
>Unties you.
>Makes you apologize to the guy.
>You tell him you’re sorry… but he tasted fabulous.
>Watch as hubby leaves.
>Sneak out at night and follow his trail.
>Stalk him till you reach a bar…
>Find out you can stalk him there, buy 5 mins of stalking.

>Be a horny Akaname stalker.
>Try to get hubby to notice you.
>He’s not even dense for fuck’s sake, just doesn’t have any libido.
>You’ll change that later.
>Work as a maid at the local inn, get enough money to pay for permanent residence.
>Stalk him every minute that you don’t spend working or sleeping.
>Find out his preferences.
>Love him even more.
>God damn it.
>Write love letters.
>Send pictures of your naked self.
>At least he ain’t throwing those things.
>Try to make him notice you.
>Fail miserably.

>Try the non-gentle approach.
>Rape the shit out of him.
>Try to get him at night.
>Be proud of your cleverness.
>Sneak into his room.
>Grab some clothes for shrine and personal usage.
>You won’t use those tonight hopefully.
>See him sleeping.
>Approach that ass.
>Lick it.
>Rub your face or some shit, you were too high to keep track.
>Get hit in the stomach.
>Slammed against the wall.
>Guy gets up, picks you up by the collar and the hem of your panties.
>Get thrown out like a potato bag.
>Hear something locking into place.
>Fuck. Time for a master plan.
>Devise a master plan for hubby obtaining.
>Drugs to put him to sleep, increase his sensitivity, libido, turn him into a rutting beast, hell, even increase your own allure. Track down his usual routine, places he frequents, moments when he’s completely alone.
>Finish master plan.
>Time to get that sweet ass.
>And to get yourself fucked too.

>Day of the master plan.
>See hubby.
>Prepare to drug him.
>See a loli witch jump from a tree, panties first, on his face.
>Rocking hips ensues, until you hear a last cry from the witch, as she gets herself off on his face.
>Guy doesn’t even flinch.
>What the actual fuck. Is he gay or something? Hopefully not.
>He picks the witch up with one hand, and sets her down, before continuing on his way.
>Witch clings to his feet, still rubbing herself.
>He doesn’t even notice her.
>Decide to initiate the master plan another day.

>Master plan failed horribly, guy didn’t even look at you, he just went on with his business.
>Decide to just choose the last method.
>Walk up to him, and ask if he would like to fuck.
>He says no.
>Get heartbroken.
>Instead he asks you if you want to go on a date, to know each other better, and to settle this stalking matter, because it is becoming a nuisance for both of them.
>Retcon the last statement.
>Maybe you’ll get laid.

>Go on date.
>Fancy restaurant and whatnot.
>Elfs all around.
>Seems like a dark elf is the boss of the place.
>Explains all the skimpy outfits.
>Eat some food.
>Not much, you’re pretty much broke.
>Guy insists on paying once he sees a moth flying from your purse.
>…Can’t complain, he makes a good point.
>Sneak some licks and obsessive glances when he’s not looking.
>Get to know each other better.
>You like him even more now, if that is actually possible.
>Bring him to your house afterwards, telling him it won’t be too much of a problem if he spent his night there.
>His house is pretty far afterall.
>Not that you’re complaining at the moment.
>Get dressed all nice for the night, nightgown and shit.
>Decide to just go for cuddles for the night…
>Oh, who are you kidding.
>Straddle him in the middle of night.
>Guy seems asleep, snoring cutely and shit.
>God damn.
>Initiate the fucking.
>God fucking darn.
>Best than masturbation.
>You’re gonna get addicted from this shit.
>Feel a hand around your throat.
>You don’ goofed.
>First night happens again, and you get shibari’d.
>How does he even do that?!
>Not that you’re complaining.
>Actually, you are, you didn’t get to fuck.
>Lay there.
>Guy gets dressed, and heads towards the door.
>Start to cry, this might convince him, not that you’re faking it.
>You’re legit sad.
>He looks back, and you look at him with a beaten puppy face.
>The beaten puppy face always works.
>He sighs and unties you.
>Consoles you for a while.
>That was needed.
>You snuggle up to him for a bit.
>Tell him that you love him.
>Await rejection.
>He says you’re cute, and seem like a nice girl.
>You’re beet red now.
>Continue the flattering, please.
>He then tells you he’s not interested in sex.
>He’s kidding right.
>How does that even work.
>He’s probably kidding.
>Or is he?
>Maou please tell me he’s kidding.
>He asks if he can stay the night, seeing as it’s pretty late already, if it’s not too much trouble.
>You just nod.
>You just fucking nod.
>Lays next to you, back to back.
>Turn around.
>Stare at his back.
>What even is this guy.
>How does such a guy exist.
>That ass is surely succulent.
>What were you thinking about again?
>You stay up the whole night looking at his back, pondering existential nutcase stuff.

>You’ll get your hubby in the end, no matter what.
>You just need to find his kinks.
>Everybody has kinks right?

>The end.

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