After Hours

First Commission done for Aishafan! He wanted his OC Hiroko getting fricked by mine. A more dominant take on Aida than I’d normally do, milking the police theme a little. Starts a bit slowly so if you’re only looking for the nitty-gritty feel free to skip forward!


Hiroko snapped back at the almost stern voice of the policewoman in front of her office desk. She didn’t mean to daydream with her around, of course – yet something about her intrigued the ushi-oni greatly. The more she tried to pinpoint it, the harder it got to concentrate on what she was actually asked.

“Oh!” she spurted out, attempting to keep up her professional façade. “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

The shark in front of her cleared her throat subtly and adjusted her seat before repeating herself a bit more slowly.

“I said, do you think it might’ve been someone in-house?”

“No, not really… Nobody I come in contact with myself, anyway.”

Hiroko fidgeted the tips of her claws against one another under the table, her tail idly swaying about behind her back as the cop in front of her continued scribbling in a little notepad with a concentrated look on her face. It wasn’t her first time working with the police – unsurprising to anyone, given the size of her company – still, she couldn’t help but curiously muster this particular specimen. Not by outright staring her down, but rather with little glimpses and gazes here and there, closely inspecting more and more of the shark’s noticeably chubby physique, contained by an ill-fitting uniform tightly gripping all of her thick body.

“She’s certainly not too plump for a reasonably sized uniform,” Hiroko thought, “why wear something that tight?”

The uniform didn’t seem particularly official to her, either. Long, shiny black gloves, a short skirt and thigh-high boots simply couldn’t be standard issue. Not to mention the little name plate sitting atop one of the breasts almost spilling out of the uniform, simply read ‘Aida’.

As she continued, Hiroko got increasingly fidgety. She carefully pinched the glass of wine in front of her, bringing it to her lips and near-silently sipping some down. Not because she felt intimidated physically, being considerably larger simply by virtue of being an ushi-oni, but because she was talking to a cop, feeling a little interrogated even though she was the one who had been robbed of a considerable amount of hardware just the night before.

“No matter.” she thought. “I’ve worked overtime for way longer than this, I can certainly deal with answering a few questions before getting home. She’s kind of cute, anyway.”

Aida sighed as she finished scribbling in her notepad and pinched the visor of her hat with her blue-grey digits, adjusting it slightly, her deep blue hair brushing up against her shoulders. Her bright purple eyes shifted back to look at the peculiar businesswoman at the other side of the table.

“Honestly – I don’t know what to tell you, then. This type of stuff happens all the time, and to be blunt, we rarely ever catch ‘em. People steal from companies all the time, if we’re lucky they stashed everything in a warehouse but for the time being, I wouldn’t get my hopes up.”

Hiroko took another small swig from her glass. She could sense it getting to her already, but she was too absent-minded to really care. Although she wouldn’t admit it, looking at someone that scantily clad and, not to mention, that curvy, had gotten her senses headed towards a completely different, completely unprofessional direction.

Without really registering what she was doing, she casually adjusted the top of her shirt for a more relaxed fit of her H-cup breasts before clearing her throat meekly.

“I expected as much, but I felt like I should tell the police anyway.”

She began speaking in a more casual tone as the claw tugging at her shirt wandered down under the table, where it almost automatically began idly sitting atop her groin. The blush building up her face did not help to mask her current state of mind and, attempting to veil it still, she slowly rested her chin on her free palm.

Her guest, meanwhile, implicitly accepted the more casual approach to her investigation. Her previously straight posture began slacking some as she set her notebook down on the table and casually set her hands on her crossed legs. She felt a little lazy at that moment, even though her shift was as good as over and she could easily get away with a bit of chatting or, possibly, even a little more.

Aida looked around the office. It certainly seemed like the office of a tidy, proper businesswoman in her mind, with folders and a few books neatly stored on a shelf; at the same time the equally neat rug on the floor gave the room a warm, almost homey feel, along with the couch to her side, which struck her as a little odd.

Her looking at it did not go unnoticed; Hiroko gestured towards it briefly before speaking up once again.

“You can take a seat, you know. That’s what it’s for. I’m sure you could use a break.”

Indeed, Aida did not mind further indulging. With a courteous, but genuine “Oh! Thank you.” she stood up to take a seat, slightly tugging at her skirt and uniform on her way there. Not because she minded the tight fit; rather because she caught herself curiously peeking over at an uncannily sizeable chest more than she’d ever admit, and the bulge under her skirt needed some adjusting, badly.

As suave as she thought she was in doing so, it only served to draw more attention to the fact that she was visibly very comfortable around her host. Hiroko’s tail flicked silently while her eyes followed the fairly plump shark to her couch. The claw in her lap couldn’t help but begin slowly brushing against her skirt in a circular motion.

Still, Hiroko wanted to remain a little professional – as professional as one could remain with their claw doing something behind that table.

“So, you said this kind of thing happens all the time? Where else does it happen?”

It was obvious to both of them that she was only trying to have small talk for the sake of having it; nevertheless, it helped Aida loosen up some more while still attempting to put her hands on her lap in a way that would hide the noticeable mystery bulge in her skirt.

“Companies like this one, mostly.” She replied. “Export. Anything that could hold something valuable.”

As Aida spoke, she couldn’t help but notice the metaphorical heat emanating from Hiroko, along with the subtle scritching sound coming from under the table. She couldn’t help but wonder… “Is she…?”

Her crotch twitched visibly at the thought. Hiroko, meanwhile, seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself as she continued rubbing her claw against her groin softly.

She nodded slowly as she did this. “Mmmmmh. I see. So, do you have to get going, or–?”

Aida’s ears perked up slightly. “No, not really. My shift is pretty much done, actually, so…”

“So you can stay here for a while?”

“I could.”

“Do you want to?”

Aida hesitated before answering. “I might.”

Both of them felt the anticipation in the air, yet neither decided to break it outright. Hiroko scooted closer to the nearby couch, taking her claw off herself to do so and running it through her hair instead with a patient, tipsy smile on her face.

Aida cleared her throat and swallowed meekly as she was approached, her previously relaxed sit tensing up a little. The ushi-oni setting herself down next to her slowly moved a claw on Aida’s lap, while continuing to run the other through her hair. Instinctively, the officer uncrossed her legs – the thick shaft tucked under her skirt now completely obvious.

Although there were no definitive signs of discomfort, Hiroko felt like she was embarrassing her guest, rather than getting comfortable with her. “Oh – I’m sorry!”

She was quiet as she spoke, pulling her claw a little closer to herself in a way that said ‘I’ll stop it if you don’t like it’ – However, it only served as a reason for Aida to carefully pull it back towards her with one hand as she placed the other hand on one of Hiroko’s pedipalps in a similar fashion, her breaths becoming shorter, sharper and more sporadic while the ushi-oni’s tail flicked about excitedly.

Aida responded with a patient smile. “Don’t be.”

Their eyes met briefly, their gazes reassuring one another that they liked where the evening was heading. With one spontaneous, invigorated motion, Aida’s hand jolted up towards Hiroko’s thigh, anticipating her reaction; an intense inhale followed an arched back as Hiroko gripped on to the shark tightly, advancing further up her leg just the same and leaning back closer to the officer for a passionate kiss, eyes closed to concentrate on the sounds of both of their excited breaths and the heat emanating from them. Becoming increasingly eager, her claw rigorously slid into the tightly-sitting skirt, pulling it down hastily along with the panties under it and slightly tearing both in the process.

Aida inhaled sharply into the ushi-oni’s lips at the sudden freeing of her deep blue shaft springing up as their tongues sloppily darted into each other’s mouths; her skirt and underwear now loosely sitting at the ankles of her boots. She embraced the release whole-heartedly, spreading her legs slowly while her hand began fiddling at Hiroko’s underwear under her skirt. Not quite as strong as her arachnid counterpart, she only managed to fumble them halfway off of her pedipalps before finally exploring the underside of her skirt with her hand; soft fingers tracing the insides of her thighs carefully and teasingly rubbing every inch of her groin. Finally going towards her moist lips, Aida began slowly tracing their contours with her middle finger, making her all the hornier as Hiroko’s previously soft, subtle moans sporadically spiked in volume, both of them still greedily sucking at each other’s lips while their tongues twisted against one another.

Hiroko grasped for Aida’s thick shaft very carefully; too much pressure from her powerful claws would only serve to hurt, and as hungrily as both of them were lusting for more, she held herself back to the best of her abilities in wrapping her claw around the base of her cock, slowly squeezing her foreskin up towards the precum-glazed tip. A heavy groan escaped the shark’s lips as she broke their kiss to open her eyes and gaze into Hiroko’s with a needy desire. A look that said ‘I want you’ was more than enough for her to give the cock in her hand another gentle stroke before lowering herself down on the ground completely in front of the cop with gracious, flowing movements to continue their little interrogation.

Placing her palm on Aida’s crotch, Hiroko’s lips began approaching it with reverence, homing in on the tip of the aching stiff erection teased by her hot, humid breath. Aida’s own breath was muffled by the smooth, rubbery texture of her glove sliding in front of her maw as it opened; a finger gently slipping inside, bracing for her flesh to be handled.

As Hiroko touched the tip with her lips, her tongue slipped out in a teasing flick to get a taste of the built-up precum; enough to make the chubby shark suck the air in through her teeth, tongue flexing inside her mouth.

Another onslaught of licks hit the sensitive cockhead, making it twitch fiercely until Hiroko finally wrapped her lips around the tip, sticking her tongue out against the underside of the heavy dick. She took its taste and scent in as she continued down further, softly moaning all the while. Instinctively, Aida began arching her back and pushing her groin into the sopping wet mouth enveloping her cock, groaning erratically as she chewed her finger under its latex glove.

Hiroko managed to push about two thirds of the cock into her throat before letting it slide back out for relief, releasing a single, heavy groan before attempting to force herself further down on her next try. She continued pushing herself into the hard cock multiple times, soon bobbing rhythmically, going as deep as she comfortably managed, which only left her with a hunger for more of the shark’s delicious girlmeat.

Similarly, Aida lusted for more of the ushi-oni’s tight throat to shove her cock inside, and her free hand slid down to the back of Hiroko’s head, caressing her ear and horn on its way there, so she could assist her in forcing the stiff dick inside. Starting gently at first, she pushed it against her groin in the slow, hefty rhythm they had assumed.

It did not take long for Aida to lose her temper a little; both of her hands now grabbing hold of Hiroko’s horns hastily to further sate her hunger, she practically forced her to bob from halfway up her cock almost down to her base. Similarly, the vigorous speed of the cock halfway sliding in and out of her saliva- and precum-drenched lips picked up rather quickly with the policewoman taking more and more control, forcing Hiroko to gag more intensely the faster she went, eyes tearing up.

Soon, she gave in completely and Aida had absolute dominance over her head, beginning to buck into it enthusiastically every time she pushed it against her crotch, heavy gags further exciting both of them. The throbbing of the cock and a heated “Nnnnnh–…” escaping the shark’s lips in between her groaning were enough for Hiroko to know her orgasm was near; her eyes snapped back up to Aida’s with a cum-hungry gaze while her horny gagging became louder virtually by itself.

Burrowing her cock in Hiroko’s mouth completely, Aida’s bucking into her throat slowed down noticeably while becoming increasingly rigorous, every forced moment of her girldick being crammed inside the ushi-oni’s throat all the way to the base lasting longer than the last. Aida released one last, heavy groan as she felt her throbbing cock practically shooting its seed down Hiroko’s throat, shaft tightly burrowed inside. Hiroko coughed loudly, closing her eyes in trying to keep the penis inside of her for however long was needed, until finally her captor released the last torrent of cum into her throat, stifling another moan.

Hiroko continued coughing for another moment, panting exhaustedly all the while. Tears rolled down her cheek; as much as she had wanted to keep up, it was evident that she was somewhat drained physically, as was her partner. Both of them caught their breath deeply as they wound down; the shark’s cock pulsated slowly and remained somewhat stiff while another string of cum oozed out of the tip.

Aida sighed once she gathered herself a bit more. It seemed as though Hiroko took care of a lot of pent-up pressure, however she was still thirsting for some relief herself. Upon finishing her coughing fit and clearing her throat, she took the liberty of cleaning the sopping wet twitching girlcock in front of her with her stretched out tongue, using it like a big soggy carpet to lick up the string of cum that had oozed down to the balls.

Feeling the sensation of her dick and ballsack receiving a thorough cleaning made Aida twitch mildly at first, though she warmed up to the gesture rather quickly, rubbing Hiroko’s cheek endearingly with her smooth glove. It became clear to her that it would not remain at that for long once the ushi-oni began paying special attention to the sensitive head of her cock by tracing its contours and circling around it with her tongue.

Hiroko felt that it was time for her to take charge. She slid her claws behind Aida’s back carefully to pull her away from the couch while she stood up and carefully lay her weighty ushi-oni body on her back and spread her pedipalps, revealing how soaked and very apparently needy her slit had become. The chubby shark in her grasp did not struggle directly, but her sharp breaths made it obvious that she felt tense and even restricted. To further this feeling, Hiroko used her pedipalps to grip her prey even tighter, soon smushing Aida’s thick, warm body against hers. She did so to consciously tease her half-flaccid shaft, sandwiching it tightly in-between their hot bodies as she rubbed Aida against herself as if to never let her go.

As it turned out, the shark was teased quite easily and her rod stiffened up with little to no effort between their bellies. Hiroko lifted Aida back up slightly, giving her some space to get comfortable and semi-firmly plant her palms and calves on the ground beside herself. They remained in this position for a passing moment, sharing a lustful gaze and feeling each other’s hot breath on their lips. Finally, Hiroko guided Aida inside of her entrance very carefully, not wanting to rush this first penetration despite feeling more than ready to do so.

As she felt the smooth, round head of Aida’s girlcock prodding against her tightness, Hiroko bit her lip. Her juices did their part in letting the stiff shaft glide in, at which point Aida, too, could not help but push out a horny moan. It seemed the delicate pussy she was being inserted into had somewhat of an awakening effect on her strength, making her hold herself up more securely, but still giving in to the pedipalps pushing her further in. The further she felt her cock be engulfed by Hiroko’s tight sheath, the more her whole body tensed up as she bared her teeth.

After her slimy pussy had engulfed most of Aida’s member, Hiroko let it rest inside, prodding the shark in further with her pedipalps. Being so deep inside of the ushi-oni, however, only made Aida want to push herself inside of her fleshy tunnel once more, and she did her best to pull herself up only to slide back inside once more. Hiroko could easily stop her newfound lover’s little thrust; however it was not only more than welcome to her to feel the smooth girlcock slide inside of her once more, but she also found the shark’s attempted dominance to have a quite intoxicating effect, and so she gave way to her movements, only leaving her claws on her back for her own support.

An elongated groan escaped both of their lips once Aida was inside just as deep as before. Hiroko’s claws playfully dug into the shark’s back. Feeling thirsty for more, the cop spontaneously pushed her lips into her detainee’s for an enthusiastic kiss as she began bucking her hips another time, quietly groaning all the while. Their tongues circled around inside each other’s mouths while Aida continued rhythmically moving her hips; the singular thrusts soon becoming one fluid, repeating bucking motion. She only broke the kiss scarcely to let out singular, steamy exhales at the continuing rhythm of their bodies seemingly merging into one entity.

Hiroko escalated audibly with every thrust, both of them soon building up a faster, more rigorous pace, and neither of them showing any signs of stopping. Hiroko’s claws dug into Aida fiercely rather quickly, like an animal holding on to its prey for dear life, even though she felt more like the weighty shark smacking her girth into her loins was very much the predator dominating her at that moment.

Both of them could feel their own and each other’s climax approaching as Aida’s stiff, pulsating cock slid in and out of Hiroko’s flexing, rippling pussy, inching deeper with every thrust and picking up speed alongside depth. Hiroko’s thighs quivered in ecstasy soon after; she could not help arching her back into her chubby companion while she continued to be penetrated even as she reached her climax, unsuccessfully stifling a groan after breaking their kiss.

Aida did not hold out for much longer either, and only a few powerful, deep thrusts later she, too, quivered with the same shared excitement. As her cum discharged for the second time that night she remained deep inside Hiroko, savoring every second of her girlcock being fully sheathed inside of her.

Completely exhausted, she let herself roll down next to Hiroko, her aching girlmeat sliding out, leaving both of their crotches completely soaked. Both now sated, they were similarly tuckered out, basking in the moment. Hiroko planted a tender kiss on Aida’s maw, following with a subtle, warm smile.

Aida looked over to her somewhat torn underwear and skirt. In just a few moments, she would crawl over and slip them on, attempting to look as presentable as possible before ending her shift and returning home

“Or maybe,” she thought, “I’ll just ask if she wants to accompany me for the night.”

She closed her eyes for a moment. “I’ll have to escort her anyway.”

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