Active Ingredient- Chapter 3: Hands On Work

Well- here goes nothing.

“So much for performance anxiety….” I chuckle quietly as Rinaata’s impossibly soft hands are tentatively exploring my shaft. With all this talk about her candy and her business plan, I had pretty much forgotten that the paperwork I had just signed meant that I was going to get strapped into a chair and jerked off by a buxom holstaur.

Repeatedly, if things went well enough.

Still- out of all the parts of a holstaur’s anatomy I’d be interested in exploring, ‘hands’ weren’t really topping the list.

She relents for a moment, causing some confusion on my part. But that’s when I feel her soft hands start to firmly grip my member towards the top before slowly sliding down to the base.

Rinaata looks up with a shy little grin as she brings her hand back up to my glans and moves her palm and curled fingers down a little quicker. It’s starting out pretty gradual, but the cow-girl is increasing the tempo with each pass. With my wrists and ankles restrained, I really can’t do much more than thrust out my hips a little more to try and accommodate her while letting out a lewd, involuntary moan.

She’s actually pressing harder now- almost bending my erect member while rubbing the base about halfway down with a short semicircular motion using her thumb.


“Nnnghh….yeah?” I half whimper as a reply.

“You’ll let me know when we’re getting close, right?” she asks sweetly.

“Oh…You’ll know…..” I intone lecherously as I’m doing my best to steady my breathing.

The holstaur says nothing right away, but immediately increases the pressure on my member before slightly relaxing her grip as she resumes stroking.

I can see her lean in a little closer before gently and playfully blowing onto my fully engorged length. It almost looked like she was trying to unsuccessfully whistle for a second before I felt her warm breath tickle and dance around my exposed manhood.

Is she going to go down on me? I ponder. Almost as soon as I think that, I dismiss the idea. Even if Rinaata was going to blow me, I feel as though I’m one or two strokes away from giving her one hell of a facial. Besides- doesn’t she need my jizz….essense? Manna? whatever… a jar for what she just spent most of the morning describing in detail?

A million thoughts are racing through my head as she does this- first and foremost it to curse these restraints. I certainly would be open for some hands-on exploration of her voluptuous body as she’s fondling my very excited staff, but the restraints are preventing that. Instead, I can only sit back and completely surrender my body to Rinaata’s increasingly enthusiastic hands.

There are no words to describe the rush of arousal and helplessness I was feeling at the same time.

Before I know it, I’m arching my back and trying in vain to thrust my hips further out.

Oh God…..I….I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I….I’m gonna cum” my brain was warning me before a thought occurred. “Wait- that’s the whole point, isn’t it?”

Although some lucid and coherent thoughts are starting to make their way to the front of my brain, I’m having a difficult time verbalizing it. Then again, my increased struggling and thrashing should be some sort of giveaway.

“Ah……I’m almost……” I pant helplessly. Before I can push the word ‘there’ past my lips, my hips buck and I arch my back to the point where I’m looking up at the ceiling while trying to rip free of the restraints keeping me in the chair. A jolt runs up my spine as I feel myself climax, not caring where exactly my spunk winds up.
I am, however, dimly aware of something cool and firm brushing upon my glans as I release. It’s a specimen jar and Rinaata is busily attempting to put the cap on as she pulls it away.

Where the fuck did you get a specimen jar?” I wanted to ask the holstaur, but what came out of my mouth was more along the lines of a weary groan.

I didn’t have the opportunity to measure it, but I could tell with a glance that I filled up less than one eighth of the jar. I sure hope she’s not counting on selling these spirit-energy infused sweets in bulk, otherwise I’m in trouble.

Damn it….she’s gone now. I continue feebly tugging at my restraints as a thought occurs to me. What if this is an elaborate ruse? What if I’m on some underground, mamono version of candid camera?

Oh shit….there’s plenty of places to put a hidden camera. What if the outwardly sweet and bashful cow-girl was in on the prank?

Should I compliment her on a job well done? Or would that just be weird?

I don’t have too much time to worry about it as Rinaata soon reappears.

“How’s my little bucking bronco doing?” she playfully taunts as she gently taps my cheek.

Her teasing tone doesn’t quite dispel the notion that this is some sort of prank. I look up at her sullenly, even though I had signed up for this. For some reason, that took alot out of me, although….

“Well now!” she giggles, looking down between my legs. “Looks like ”somebody” is ready for round two….”

For a brief moment, I panic.

Is this what I signed up for? Oh shit- I didn’t think that there would be a ’round two’. What did she mean….?

I get a good look at my own member. Even though Rinaata’s ‘extraction’ process took alot more out of me than I anticipated, I’m still at full mast.
“That won’t be neccesary, but I do appreciate your enthusiasm Gunnar.” the curvaceous Holstaur said as she began undoing the restraints on the chair.

My arms are now free, but they feel as though they’re made out of lead. Meanwhile my eyes are fixated on the point where the wall meets the ceiling on the other side of the room until I feel something pressed against my lips.

Bottled water.

“Ah….thank you.” I almost whisper as I finally summon enough strength in my right arm to grab onto the water bottle from Rinaata.

There’s a lengthy pause as I sip some water and catch my breath. I’m looking up at her now.

“So what happens next?” I ask.

“I take the contents of the bottle, add it to some chocolate that I melted ahead of time and prepare a sample batch.” she explains as she helps me out of the chair and hands me my clothes.

A thought occurs to me as I’m getting dressed- the weirdest thing was that I was a bit shy about asking it to the full-figured cow-girl who had just paid fairly handsomely to essentially give me a handjob.

“Hey Rinata?” I ask almost timidly.


“You seem real nice and sweet and trusting- but what would you have done if I was like…..I dunno….some rapist or serial killer?”

“Why? Did you plan on taking advantage of me?” she teases.

“No…no, I…” I stammer nervously.

“Relax- you don’t have that kind of darkness about you. We’re usually a lot better than humans about picking up on those sorts of things.”


“Yes….also it seems as though rapists and serial killers don’t read the Want Ads anymore. At least the one I put out.” she joked.

I smiled weakly as I put my shirt back on.

“Not to mention I’m a lot stronger than I look.” she says, flexing her right bicep. Not quite bodybuilder materiel, but her point was taken. “Now I have a question for you, Gunnar.”


“How do you know I wasn’t going to drug you and then sell you off to some hyper-aggressive ogres or Amazonesses to use you as their sex slave?”

“That would make on hell of a letter to Penthouse Form…” I contemplate.

This earns a hearty chuckle from Rinaata.

I shrug as I give the soft-spoken bovine girl a slightly more serious answer.

“Just seems like the contracts and business plan you had drawn up seemed way too complex to be part of some shady scheme on your end, that’s all. I guess you have a trustworthy face, too.”

“I can’t think of the last time someone complimented me on my face.” she said.

“Why not? It’s a nice face….”

“I think most people pay more attention to other…..assets of mine.” she said as she opened the door for me.

“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t noticed that too.”

“Th-thanks….” she said, suddenly at a loss for words as the two of us headed back to the kitchen.

Suddenly, Rinaata’s face lights up as a thought occurs to her.

“Oh hey- since you’re here, would you like to see some of the finished product?” she asks. “I’m thinking of calling them S.E. Sweets…”

That seems pretty straightforward. Oh well, it’s not like I have another job that I’m running late for.

“Sure thing.” I say to her. “Just lead the way, Willy Wonka.”

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  1. Well?
    What’s she gonna call her product?
    Rinaata’s Chocolates?
    Happy Holstaur’s Chocolates?
    Creamy Goodness?
    Chocolate Cravings?

    If it gets exported to the MGE world- then I could see Gunnar getting Mamono Groupies.

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