A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #6

(Original voice acted by Willow Wisteria and written by Kyle R.)


Journal Entry #6

I slowly woke up from what I presume to have been pleasant dream considering how much of a good mode I was in. I was never any good at recalling what my subconscious decided to drum-up while I snoozed.

The room is darker than usual, but I got ready to ignore the oddity and catch some more sleep before I noticed that the vampire isn’t lying beside me. “That’s… unusual.”, I mutter to myself as I begin scanning the room. Ever since I’d been brought down into this underground mansion she’d rarely ever let me out of her sight, the fact that she’s left me to my own devices and with no idea of where she is spook of something unusual having happened.

I find the lavish and almost unnaturally clean room completely empty and come to the conclusion that I won’t get anywhere by sitting in here wrapped up in satin bedsheets. So I reluctantly pull myself out of bed and pull on a fresh set of clothes and ventured out into the hall.

At first I thought the power was out, but since it wasn’t completely pitch dark and I could at least see more than one-foot in front of me, I figure that the lights were just extremely dim. It gave the entire corridor a creepy feeling that immediately put me on edge as I crept forward. I tried to keep my steps light and quick as I made my way towards the lounge, until I stopped dead as I saw something move up ahead.

It was brief, barely a flicker, and I wouldn’t have noticed if hadn’t been so keyed up. But as I looked closer and let my eyes adjust further I could make-out a vaguely humanoid shape that looked like it had long hair. “Viktoria, is tha-“, I start to say before the figure turned around with two glowing red eyes and snarled at me.

I immediately turned and ran away.
All thoughts of being quite and methodical left me as I unashamedly sprinted down the corridor and turned back into the bedroom. I slammed the door shut, locked it, and desperately looked around for a place to hide. My eyes locked onto the closet and I took two steps forward before the sound of shattering metal reached my ears as the door was forced open and I’m summarily tackled onto the bed face-down.

I’m spun onto my back and feel two hands pin my arms down as a snarling figure with red eyes leaned down towards me. Except as it got closer the snarling turned into mirthful chuckles and I finally recognized the lithe feminine form through the glom around me.

Now I know the culprit might have seemed obvious to those reading this, but you have to understand my mentality. I am quite a coward, something I came to terms with during childhood, so when I see some barely visible and snarling thing with glowing eyes start chasing me; logic tends to abandon my mind in favor of fear.

I feel my rapidly beating heart slow down slightly as I realize my vampire partner had just played me before I felt her give my neck a long sensual lick from collarbone to chin. “Whoa, wait a second! Can’t I get a little explanation first?”, I protest as I try to move myself from under her.

“Talking can wait for later. I need to feed now.”, is her husky reply as she easily arrests my movements and leans in, fangs bared.
I try not to shudder as I feel her unnaturally long canines sink into my neck, burrow into an artery, and the supernatural pleasure of her bite overwhelmed me. I distantly feel my blood flow out of me as she pressed her body flush with mine.

After what felt like both too little and too much time later she relents and rolls over to lay beside me. “Mmm, that was delightful Darling.”, she says smoothly as she scooched in closer and put one arm around me.

I recover quicker than usual, it typically takes at least a minute for me to be coherent after one of her bites, and managed to form a response. “Uh, yeah, that was nice. But I’m still a little stuck on the ‘why’ part though.”

I swear I see her pout at the word ‘nice’ before responding, “Well, Darling, it’s quite simple; at the end of the day, I am a predator and therefore have certain inclinations to chase and hunt down prey.”, she says easily and without shame. “This was simply a relatively safe way of indulging those instincts.”

“Oh.”, I say like the genius I am and process this new tidbit of info about her race. “Well, I guess it’s okay then, as long as you only do this once in a while.”, I say as I try to get up, but am then quickly pulled back down and into a tight embrace.

“We’re not quite done yet.”, she says with a smug tone in her voice. “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that you’ve been healing faster ever since I made you ageless like me. And since my fangs still ache for a soft neck to violate; I’d say now is a perfect time to test exactly how much your improved constitution can take.”

I let out an annoyed groan that turns into a yelp of sudden pleasure as she quickly starts feeding again.

My day goes about as well as you’d expect after that and ends with me in the same position as last time. Oh well, at least she told me a little bit more about vampires. And learning that I’ve got a pseudo-healing factor isn’t half bad either.

But I need to get on visiting that archive of hers next time. Despite what she might think; I’m not content to simply lay around with her for all eternity.

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  1. “Talking can wait for later. I need to feed now.”, is her husky reply as she easily arrests my movements and leans in, fangs bared.

    Small punctuation error there

    This is pretty good stuff here, keep it up

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