A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #5 Cont.

(Original voice acted by Willow Wisteria and written by Kyle R.)


Journal Entry 5 Cont.

The rest of the day night went by rather uneventfully, aside from the personal struggle of realizing that I was a vampire’s glorified concubine.

She showed me around her sanctuary, she did not appreciate me calling it a “Underground-Lair”, and pretty blatantly flirting with me throughout it all. I’ll save you the rather embarrassing commentary from my captor and just get to the point.

Her Sanctuary is underground and has three floors; The top one that serves as access to all the tunnels leading to the surface, the middle one that contains all living quarters and associated accommodations, and the final floor being used for general storage.

Surprisingly, she let me see the first and second floors, but forbid me from going to the third one. I was fine with that, I had no inclination to see what an ancient vampire keeps in storage.

But what we talk about in kitchen after the tour is at least noteworthy.


“So?”, she says as I set myself down on one of the very ornate chairs in the room.

“So wha- “, I start to say before flinching when she’s suddenly sitting on my lap, both arms wrapped around me and looking directly into my eyes. Sometimes I forget how freaky fast she can be.

“Sooo,”, Viktoria starts in a coy tone, “How do you like your new home, Darling?”, she finishes before giving me a peck on the cheek.

I try my best to push down my embarrassment and answer her question, “It’s certainly very… spacious.” She gives me pout and narrows her eyes significantly. “Look- I mean- It’s not a bad place or anything, it’s actually pretty amazing, it’s just that my previous home had sentimental value and this place is still new to me.”, Viktoria relaxes her gaze but still huffs a bit before replying.

’Sentimental Value’”, she parrots me with obvious sarcasm, “You’ve only lived in that house for, what, 10 to 12 years I’m guessing?”

“Hey, just because you’re like a thousand years old doesn’t mean I can’t develop connections after spending a decade in one place”, I’m so caught up in defending my emotions that only right after do I realize that I essentially just called her an old lady. I glance nervously at her, but she just smiles with a not so small amount of mirth.

“Don’t look so terrified Darling.”, she leans forward and gives me a peck on the cheek. “Us vampires don’t mind being called old, it’s even a point of pride among us. Although you do flatter me by saying I’m past a thousand, I am only five-hundred and forty-three as of this year,”.

“Wait, what? But that would mean you were, uh, turned?”, she nods her head at the terminology, “Right, you were turned in 1474?”

“Close but not quite, I was born that year in Casa de las Aldabas, turned into the beautiful creature you see now twenty-five years afterward.”, then she waved her hand as if to dismiss the topic. “Now enough of my past, let’s talk about your present. I know you want to ask me something your new home.”

I don’t know how she knew, I was aiming to ease into the line of questioning, but I hadn’t even mentioned any specific problems I had with the house. (Maybe vampire senses were so keen that they could see micro expressions?)

“I have two requests actually.”, I lifted my index finger, “I’d like to be able to use any library or storage you have for books.”, then lifted my middle finger, “If you wouldn’t mind I’d also like your permission to keep a personal journal. It helps with my stress.”

“Hmm, access to my collection and permission to keep a private memoir?”, she says with apparent surprise, “I assume you have something to give me in exchange?”, she says with hint of huskiness in her tone and a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

“I can give you some more of my blood if you wan-“, I begin to say before she abruptly cuts me off.

“Come on Baby, there’s no need to be coy.”, she wraps her arms around my neck and brings our faces closer, her sweet-smelling breath and full lips all the more prominent. “I can have your delicious life-essence anytime I want; You know what the one thing I haven’t taken from you yet is.”, she finishes before tilting her head slightly and bringing our lips together in a firm kiss that promised much more.


And that Dear-Reader is how I wound up as I am now:

Tired, naked, a little sweaty, and with an equally naked over five centuries old vampire snuggled up to me, her head resting against my chest as she snoozed. The experience was… better than I expected but less ‘elegant’ than I had thought it would be. But what I was sure about was how much I liked my new satin-colored and leather-bound journal and the one storage room of texts I’m allowed to visit in the basement. (But apparently no other. She heavily stressed this.)

To be honest to whoever’s reading this; I don’t know why I’m making a log of what happens to me in this strange section of my life. Maybe it’s to calm my nerves or just for a temporary escape. But know that this journal was made and written by me to be observed by others: So please keep reading.

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