A Vacation for Akai

Featuring Original Character Belonging to LessDraws.


Akai hated air travel.

Plane flights were monotonous and slow and the recycled air disagreed with him.

He also hated taxi cabs.

They were cramped for his size and he hated the long awkward silences.


The rickshaw ride up the mountain was kind of neat.


Fifteen minutes later, he found himself standing outside his long awaited destination, a far eastern resort secluded deep within the forested mountains that apparently served a very discrete clientele.

It was, he hoped, the perfect vacation spot for a less than conspicuous seven foot tall demon with ethereal horns and dragging tail.

Akai glanced at the brochure he held in his hand.

It had come with a single invitation for a weeklong all expenses paid stay.

Initially he found the whole affair suspicious. But when his own wife insisted that he should go, he found it hard to disagree with her.

Being married to an angel meant that they had been together for what seemed like eternity.

But even demons needed some alone time.

A few days on his own would be a welcome respite.


Akai adjusted the only bag he carried over his shoulder and gazed up at the imposing wooden structure. Built in the traditional eastern style, the massive bright red structure had tiled roofs that ended with a slight curve towards the eaves. One could have easily mistaken it for a religious shrine rather than a secluded mountain resort.

Akai inhaled deeply, savoring the clear crisp mountainous air as made his way inside and checked in.

He was unsurprised to find that the receptionist had been expecting him, and soon enough, a porter led him to his room.

Furnished in the typical eastern style, the entire floor was covered in what he understood was something called tatami, and in the middle was a low seating lacquered table, atop of which was a tea set and other minor conveniences one would normally find in a hotel room.

By all accounts the room was quaint.

It didn’t even have a television.

To Akai however, it was bliss.

It didn’t take him long to unpack.

A set of clothes, toiletries, and a single book was all he had brought with him.

Soon enough he found himself ready to begin his vacation.

But he wouldn’t be spending it in this room.

He stripped down and tossed his clothes in a haphazard pile before taking a quick shower, eager to finally enjoy himself.

He didn’t bother to fully dry himself off. 

He didn’t need to.

He briskly walked through his room, his hair still wet, as he made his way to the frosted glass door leading outside.

Carefully, he slid the heavy door open and was instantly greeted with a wave of warm humid air that wrapped around him as he stepped through.

Akai found himself outside underneath a wooden overhang and standing upon a simple stone patio made of natural rock.

Before him however, was one of the most spectacular views he had ever seen.

He had stepped out into another world, a pool of opaque water stretching out as far as the eye could see.

The hot spring itself was cloaked in a thick warm mist of air that rose from the steaming waters, clouding his surroundings.

Whether it was a natural phenomenon or enhanced by some other means, he couldn’t tell.

On occasion, throughout his long life, humans would create something so impressive that even he, a demon, couldn’t help but marvel at its creation. 

This onsen was certainly one of those creations.

And exactly what he needed.

All of a sudden, the twenty-two hour flight felt like nothing.

He dipped a foot in to test the temperature. 

To his delight, the water was just right; hot but just short seething. He abandoned his towel, laying it carefully upon the stone patio, and took care dipping in one leg at a time as the hot liquid enveloped his lower half until the water came up to his waist. He winced slightly as the water came into contact with his more sensitive regions.

He quickly grew acclimated to the temperature, and though he was content to stay where he was, curiosity drove him forward to explore the misty vastness.

The further he strode in, the more he was amazed. Only his solitary form disturbed the otherwise glassy surface of the water.

Massive pillar-like rock formations sporadically jutted out from the waters, towering over him and breaking the otherwise almost eerie flat waterscape. Stunted trees clung to them at awkward angles, as if holding onto for dear life lest they fall into the waters below.   

He followed the sound of falling water, and eventually out of the mist, a massive gray wall came into view. From its weathered surface, several streams of water cascaded down the rock and into the cloudy water below.

The water was shallower here, and he found the ambient noise of the waterfalls soothing. He made his way to a large weathered boulder that protruded out of the water near the falls and placed a hand against it, bracing himself again, he carefully lowered himself in.

He took deep several breaths as he struggled with the heat, the water swaddling him like a heavy blanket that pressed against his chest before finally he grew acclimated to the warmth.

He breathed in the warm humid air and a deep relaxed sigh escaped his lips. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the stone boulder.

Taut muscles began to relax and his mind began to clear.

This, he thought, was a good spot.

When was the last time he felt this relaxed?

He couldn’t remember.

He tried to think of a way to describe this feeling.

Tranquility? Bliss?

Whatever it was, he allowed himself to bask in it. 

His breathing slowed and he began to let his mind wander.

He did not know how long he was in this zen-like state.

But it wasn’t long enough.

The sound of sloshing water brought him back to his senses. 

Someone was approaching him.

But his initial dismay only lasted a moment.

Though it was a private establishment, surely the hot springs themselves were not solely meant for him.

He chided himself on his own naivety, again calmed himself, eager to reenter his dreamlike state.

But the sound of the sloshing only grew louder.

No doubt whoever it was, they were heading in his direction.

Perhaps he did indeed pick a good spot if others were also coming over. 

But at the same time, he felt disheartened that his solitude was going to be disturbed by another guest.

No matter.

A minor inconvenience at most; if any.

He allowed himself to relax once more even as the sound of the sloshing water grew louder and louder.

Soon enough, he could feel the water begin to ripple against his chest as whoever it was approached.

He was content on just ignoring them.

After all, etiquette didn’t require that he greet them.

“Mind if I join you?” a feminine voice asked.

Broken from his calm, Akai cracked open a single eyelid.

And a split second later, they exploded open.

Standing before him was a woman.

More specifically, an Anubis. 

She was beautiful to say the least. Long angular ears, the trademark of her kind, peaked her head, making her already tall visage appear even taller. Oil black hair fell down around her, ending at her waist and outlining her bronze hued skin, which was plain to see.

After all, the rectangular towel she held in front of her offered little protection as it hung down in front of her curvaceous form.

She smiled and brushed her hair back.

“I’ll take that as a no.”

Before he could respond, she carefully knelt down and proceeded to sit next to him, taking care to keep the towel pressed against herself.

“Um, do I know you?” Akai asked, taken aback by the sudden situation.

“Of course not. Not yet at least,” she easily replied. “But I could say the same to you. We don’t see many of your kind here.”

Akai suddenly found it difficult to think.

His attention was fully focused on the near nude woman sitting beside him, her radiant body captivating him. 

“Yeah. Yeah I’m…new here,” he said, somehow managing to find the words.

She reached over and offered her hand.

“I’m Nashet,” She said coolly, still carefully holding the towel in front of her.

Finally remembering the basics of social decorum, Akai reached over and shook her hand.


They’re eyes met briefly, pale pupils reflected back against her amber eyes before she glanced downwards.

Akai quickly smurized what she could only be staring at.

“Sorry,” he quickly apologized, placing his hands between his legs. “I’m still not used to the whole nude bathing thing yet.“

“Akai? Now I’ve heard of an Akai before…” she said, ignoring him in an almost playful tone.

She tapped a finger against her chin.

“You wouldn’t happen to be Akai the Black General, would you?”

Akai starred in surprise at her before suddenly chucking.

“I haven’t heard that name in a long time.”

Nakshatra’s eyes widened in admiration.

“The very same Akai the Black General that broke into the Vault of Nightmares single handedly?” She asked, inching closer towards him.

Akai awkwardly laughed.

“Actually, that was just a mistake.” he replied, more focused on trying to hide his growing excitement. “I was actually trying to-“

“That Akai the Black that managed to sink Atlantis?”

She scooched closer towards him.

“Well hey, that was actually just an accident. And yes, I may have thought up the idea but-”

Without warning, Akai felt a hand on his thigh.

He looked over to find Nashet leaning onto him, staring at him with a look of pure adoration in her amber hued eyes.

“You’re the one that defeated that Nameless Horror from beyond the Shadow of the Stars last summer?”

Akai liked to think of himself as a stoic individual. Serious. Even brooding.

Faced with such praise, he couldn’t help himself. 

“Well, I mean…that might’ve happened,” he admitted with a boyish grin.

Leaning back, a coy smile appeared on Nashet lips as she seemed to bask in his celebrity status.

“Well, I have to say…”

Akai watched as she turned her body towards him. A moment later, the arm holding the towel slipped away

“…I’m a huge fan.”

The towel had left little to the imagination. But only now could fully appreciate the beauty that was the goddess he found himself sitting next to. Flawless tawny skin radiated. Her considerable breasts were peaked with dark hued nipples and jiggled with the slightest of motions. Her toned body had been sculpted to perfection.

He didn’t fail to notice the teal ankh shaped tattoo directly over her womb, marking the way to her bare nubile entrance.

For a moment Akai forgot how to breathe as he basked in the sight of her nude body.

“Wow,” Akai said breathlessly. “I…am…flattered,” He said, pausing to find the right words as his mental train struggled to remount its tracks.

“And in any other situation…I’d more than willing to get to…you know. But believe it or not, I’m actually on vacation. Relaxing.”

He gave her an apologetic smile.  

“And the last thing I expected was a random hook up.”

He must have been insane.

Or at least, that was what any sane man would be thinking if they had just witnessed what just occurred.

But Akai wasn’t just any man.

As a demon, even he was aware of how desirable he was. His looks, his physique, even the subtle accent in his speech were all carefully designed in such a way that he was hard to resist, especially to the opposite gender.

A useful tool for a demon, one that was often exploited by his kind.

But he had grown tired of that hedonistic debauched lifestyle and gladly gave it up long ago.

He was proud to say he was more mature now.

He had learned self-control and restraint. 

He was a better man.

And in this particular case, all he wanted to do was enjoy his personal vacation.

No sleazy hookups. No flings.

Just a simple, relaxing, wholesome vacation.

Nashet chuckled, undeterred by his response.

“Then you’ve really come to the wrong place…” she said, moving closer to him, breasts grazing against his arm.

His breath caught in his throat as she wrapped her hand around his turgid staff.

“Besides, when you’re on vacation, one should always take the opportunity to relax.”

Akai looked down at the anubis.

Amber eyes stared back at him, breasts begging to be groped, and a lustful body that yearned for him.

Akai opened his mouth to say something.


Both Akai and Nashet turned their attention to the source of the disturbance.

Standing before them was a young woman wrapped in a white cotton towel. It hugged her gymnast-like body tightly, essentially acting as a makeshift cocktail dress that accentuated her modest cleavage. She looked down at them, hands were placed squarely on her hips as if scolding a pair of children. 

Dark red hair was tied back into a messy side braid. 

It was only a tragedy that the otherwise small bunny ears which adorned her head didn’t otherwise increase her equally short height.  

The newcomer greeted them with a kind smile, though Akai could easily tell the insincerity behind it.

“Hi there,” she began.  “But it would appear that the two of you were about to engage in something naughty, and violate the policies of this fine establishment we’ve had the honor of being invited to.”

The anubis released his cock with a huff and regarded the bunny woman with a flick of her hair. 

“Well, excuse me. But I don’t recall anyone inviting you here,” Nashet scowled, her seductive demeanor instantly replaced with a look of deep scorn. 

At those words, the bunny-eared woman’s attention focused squarely on the anubis.

She stepped forward, words steeped in sarcasm.

“Sorry to hear that! I’m sure management would love to hear about your complaints. Or perhaps you had something better to do right now?”

An awkward silence descended between the three of them.

Akai half-expected a fight to break out in the middle of the hot spring. 

Instead, Nashet paused and licked lips before her head lazily swiveled towards him.

“Catch you around.” 

The anubis took her time rising from the water, giving him one last show before she hung her towel over her shoulder and sauntered off into the misty void. Akai watched as her heavenly form quickly dissipated from view, leaving his attention squarely focused on this new arrival.

She was smaller than Nashet, so much so that she was fully able to wrap her towel around her entire body. 

Akai looked up at the bunny ear’d woman and was instantly suspicious of her.

“I suppose this is the part where I’m expected to thank you?”

The woman turned towards him, arms crossed in front of her.

“Are you kidding me? I just saved your butt, for your information.”

Akai cocked an eyebrow, confused.

“And how do you figure that?”

The bunny-eared woman rolled her eyes.

“Oh c’mon! She would have wrapped you around her little finger in a heartbeat. You think she just approached you, way out here by your lonesome, just to say hi?”

Akai scoffed.

“For your information, I can handle myself just fine.”

She threw her head back and laughed.

“Clearly! Is that why you were just about ready to pound that sweet desert butt, right out here in the open? After that whole speech about ‘not looking for a random hook up?’”

Akai’s eyes narrowed. 

“I wasn’t going to. And how-”

“Big ears!” She said pointing above to the bunny-like ears atop her head. “I can hear a lot of things. Like how a new demon shows up today without a care in the world. News travels fast here.”

Suddenly, her ears swiveled around before she too glanced in the direction they were pointed at.

“Speaking of which, we should go before more unwanted attention starts showing up.”

She leaned down and reached out her hand.

“I’m Faye, by the way.”

Akai looked at the outstretched hand, and then back at her. 

“I still don’t see why I need your help,” he replied, still wary. 

Faye’s eyebrows raised in surprise before her tone suddenly became ominous.

“Do you actually think this place is just a normal hotspring?”

Akai stared at her, and considered his options before letting out a deep seated sigh. 

He reached up and grabbed her hand.

Akai watched for a moment as the woman struggled in vain to pull up his massive frame, before eventually pulling himself up. 

“Fine then,” He said calmly, towering over the much smaller woman. “I’m Akai, but I suppose you already knew-oh”

They both looked down.

His erect cock greeted them both at full attention. 

Faye’s eyes widened in surprise. 

“Sorry,” he quickly apologized, turning his body to the side, in a poor attempt to hide himself. 

Not that he thought he could at any rate

“It’ll go away. Eventually.”

Faye stifled her reaction.

“Well, no need to apologize considering the circumstances,” she said quickly recovering.  

She suddenly grinned wryly.

“You want to use my towel?”

Akai half considered the thought.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” he declined. “I’ll be leaving here as soon as possible.”

Faye shrugged.

“Understandable. You know the way back then?”

Akai looked behind him and fell silent.

Everything looked the same. 

No landmarks or points of references. 

Just an endless gray waterscape that stretched on and on. He supposed he could wander around till he found the edge and followed it back to his room. 

But how long would that take?

“Well c’mon then, I’ll get you back to your room,” Faye said, reading his mind.

She turned and began to lead the way, leaving Akai little recourse but to follow. 


They waded through water in silence, Faye leading on as if she had an internal compass in her head. 

All the while her ominous words echoed in Akai’s mind.

Now he expected something, anything, to happen.

Ninja’s jumping out of the water and ambushing them. 

Tentacle monster attack. 

A cadre of government suits ready to capture and experiment on him.  

But there was nothing, save for their silent wading march. 

“Okay so what exactly is this place if it’s not just an onsen?” Akai asked, wanting to break the silence. “Some kind of cult headquarters? Assassins’ den?”

“It is an onsen,” Faye replied innocently. “It just caters to a very exclusive clientele.”

“And what clientele would that be?” Akai asked.

“The powerful.” 

“The powerful? What, just like, how strong they are?” 

Faye pondered his question.

“Hmm. Sort of. But it’s more than just having strength. You need presence. Influence. That sort of thing. Religious leaders, generals, warriors, sages, corporate moguls. And of those, only a few get an invitation. All in an effort for them to get to know each other more…intimately.”

Akai immediately understood and sighed.

“And fuck each other,” he sighed. 

“Pretty much,” Faye shrugged. “It cuts out the superfluous societal conventions. Think about it. If you’re in their position, you can’t just go around and stick your dick into just anyone. That can create problems. Gossip. Blackmail. Dynastic crisis. Nobody wants to find out that they’re supposed demi-goddess wife is actually just a run of the mill psychopath, who takes half your shit in the divorce. Or the prospective heir to a corporate empire has been written out of daddy’s will.” 

She raised a finger up and twirled it in a circle. 

“Here, everyone is pedigreed. Everyone is in their prime. And it’s a nice secluded place where the powerful can intermingle without worry. It values discretion above all and provides a guarantee; That everyone here is a someone.”

 Akai couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“Great. So Illuminati speed dating headquarters. Got it.” 

“Please!” Faye laughed.  “The Illuminati dreams they could afford the rent for this place. But don’t let the absurdity of this place fool you. There are still plenty of predators.”    

They continued to make their way through the lake until the familiar sight of the red tiled roof slowly appeared back into view. 

“This isn’t my room,” Akai quickly noted.

“No, it’s my room,” Faye replied. “But it’s not like I know where your room is either.”

She turned to face him, cotton towel hugging her body.

She made no effort to hide her obvious glance downwards at his lower appendage. 

“Or would you prefer to wait outside while I draw you a map?”

Akai let out another deep seated sigh and begrudgingly followed her inside.


Akai never thought he would be so grateful for the comfort of four walls and a roof as he finished his quick shower.

Faye called out to him from outside the bathroom, having already gone first.

“This place is basically shaped like a giant horse shoe. I figure we can walk around until something looks familiar to you, and then you can be on your merry way.”

Having rinsed himself off, he turned the faucet off and snatched a white towel from the nearby rack. 

“Great. Anything else I should be worried about?”

“Don’t buy anything from the gift shop. The prices are astronomical.” 

Akai rolled his eyes and quickly began to dry himself off before remembering that he didn’t bring any clothes with him. He wrapped the towel around his waist tightly and made doubly sure it wouldn’t fall off. The towel provided some protection but the thought of him traversing through the resort hallways in just a towel wasn’t to his liking. 

But at least he wasn’t naked anymore.

“I don’t suppose you have any clothes I can borrow, do you?” Akai said, stepping out of the bathroom.

“Hmm, nope. I left all my extra extra large pair of pants back home,” Faye called out from another room.

Akai sighed and smoothed his still damp hair back.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be.”

“Great,”  She replied back. “I’m just about ready as well.”

She calmly walked back into the room, paying more attention on fussing with her hair than on Akai.

“Honestly drying my ears is one thing, but the hair always makes it a hassle.”

She stopped when she noticed Akai suddenly look away.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

Akai shifted his position uncomfortably.

“Well…you’re naked.” 

Faye looked at him surprised, then quickly looked down at herself.

She was indeed fully nude. Unlike Nashet, she had the build of a gymnast. Unblemished skin, a fit thin waist, and curvaceous hips gave her an hourglass-like appearance. 

Faye looked back up at him.

“Oh, that’s right!” she laughed. “It’s still your first time here.”

She leaned against a chair, doing nothing to cover herself as she explained.

“So most of the vets go naked. Only the newbies stick to their clothes. If you try to keep your sense modesty, you’ll quickly find out you’ll stick out like a sore thumb.”

Akai tilted his head confused but eventually turned himself to face her once he realized that she truly did not mind him staring. 

“I fail to understand how that works.”

“Well, it’s like this,” she said, crossing her arms and propping up her modest chest. “You ever get a wrapped present? There’s a certain mystery not knowing what’s in it. The suspense and thrill comes from unwrapping it. But you don’t get that feeling if someone just gives you the present unwrapped. No more mystery. Going naked means you remove all the suspense and thrill.”

Akai struggled to understand her.

“But going nude also means you’re advertising yourself anyway, right?”

Faye nodded.

“Point. But that’s where part two of my brilliant plan comes in.”

She confidently strode over to Akai, startling him backwards. He tried to retreat but quickly found himself with his back against the wall. 

No doubt his phallus would have impaled itself upon her chest were it not contained behind his cotton towel. 

She looked up at the towering demon, unafraid of the imposing figure before her.

“We stick together, you and me. That way we can keep the wolves off each other’s backs. I’ll help you back to your room, and you can keep me a bit of company. Agreed?”

Akai didn’t know where to look.

The bright mischievous red eyes that beamed up at him hopefully.

Or her naked body just inches away from his.

Akai held his breath and his resolve.

“Alright. But we keep it professional. And I’ll stick with the towel, thanks.”

Faye stepped back and shrugged.

“Suit yourself.”

She turned and strode towards the door, sliding her feet into a pair of heeled slippers. 

Faye turned the door handle and pushed it open.


Akai considered what little options he had left and tried his best to ignore her heart shaped rear before wordlessly following her.

The next thing he knew he was walking down a brightly lit hallway, wearing only a towel and some sandals. Beside him, a naked bunny ear’d woman accompanied him as if they were simply out for a leisurely stroll.

He couldn’t believe the situation he found himself in. 

Or more precisely, how calm Faye was. 

Fully nude, she strode forward without a care in the world as she led Akai down the hallway. 

And as much as he hated to admit it, he began to find himself enjoying the view.

Whether it was her dauntless confidence, or the fact that a woman was walking beside him without shame or embarrassment, he couldn’t tell.

His heart leapt in his throat as they rounded a corner and two female guests came into view.

It nearly rolled out of his gaping mouth when he saw what they were wearing.

The woman on the left wore a simple blue striped robe, the same attire provided to Akai back in his room. Her companion who she wore the same, except the top of her robe was completely open, freely exposing her breasts, with only her long black curly hair to offer some protection.

They laughed and chatted freely with each other, paying no heed to the half nude demon wrapped in only a towel and the fully nude woman that approached them. 

So immersed in their own conversation, they didn’t even acknowledge the demon and his accompanying escort as they passed by.

Akai craned his head around, his body carrying him forward while he watched transfixed as they went on down the hallway and disappeared around the corner.

The event had happened so fast that Akai almost couldn’t believe it.

“Unholy shit,” he said aloud to himself, still trying to process what had just transpired. “This place can’t be real, right?”

He waited for Faye to respond and turned around when she didn’t answer, only to find that she was gone.

Confused, he continued down the hallway, hoping to find Faye.

To his relief, he found her close by, talking to another man. 

Or at least he was talking to her.

He was of a swarthy complexion, with tattoos that snaked down his arm and slicked black hair and a beard trimmed to a sharp angle. He leaned into Faye in a casual manner, though Faye for her part seemed uninterested. 

Like Akai, he wore only a towel, his bare chest practically glistening as if he had just stepped out of a sauna. 

As Akai apparoched, he could pick up their conversation.

“…of my own. None of that swill they serve here. I have it already prepared in my room, if you wish to join me.”

Instantly, Akai picked up what was going on. He placed his hand firmly on the knot of his tied towel before stepping next to Faye.

“Hey, sorry, if she’s bothering you,” Akai said putting on a forced friendly smile. “She’s with me. I’m new here and I kinda need her to-”

“Need her, you say?” The swarthy man scoffed, interrupting him. 

He spoke with a heavy accent and quickly focused his attention on Akai.

Though Akai easily towered over the man, he was undaunted by his size.

“My friend, I don’t know what it is you need, but it certainly cannot be this exquisite flower petal here.”

Akai struggled not to cringe.

“Look buddy,” he replied, trying to remain cordial. “I’m not trying to get in your way or anything, I just-”

“I am sure there must be an ogre or two around here more suited to your liking? Or perhaps a freshly carved crevice in the rocks. Something more suited to your tastes, yes?”

Akai, taken aback by the insult, didn’t know how to react. 

He looked to Faye, who merely glanced back at him with a mischievous glint in her eye.

Akai sighed and tried the diplomatic approach one last time.

“Look. All I’m trying to do is-”

“Listen, my dear,” the swarthy man said, turning his attention back to Faye, intentionally ignoring Akai. “Why don’t we find someplace else that’s more private, yes? Perhaps there we can…get to know each on a more…physical level.”

It was when the man cupped Faye’s chin that drew Akai’s final ire.

From the corner of Faye’s eye, Akai could see the look of challenge she gave him.

‘Well? What are you waiting for?’

Akai’s eyebrows furrowed in frustration. 

Looking back, there were probably a number of different ways he could have handled the situation better. 

But unfortunately, he wasn’t thinking too clearly at the moment. Once again his impulsiveness got the better of him. 

Gripping the hem of his towel, he ripped away his only piece of protection.

He slapped the towel across his shoulder. 

At the same time, his erect cock sprung loose, free from the confines of the towel.

Akai, nude, took a step towards the swarthy man.

The swarthy man glanced down at Akai’s cock, then back up at the massive demon that it belonged to.

He stepped back, clearly unbalanced by the sudden sight.

“Well, as much as I am flattered, men aren’t my type,” he quipped,  before quickly recovering his earlier bravado. “But I know when I’m beat.” 

He raised his hands with exaggerated flourish.  

“I suppose I’ll just walk away…and be the bigger man.”

He let out a hearty laugh before finally taking his leave, slapping Akai a little too hard on the arm before eventually disappearing down the hall and around the corner.

“What the fuck was that?” Akai asked, turning back to Faye.

Faye crossed her arms.

An asshole, that’s who.”

Akai shook his head.

“I can’t believe he was so…forward with you.”

Faye shrugged.

“This place makes people like that here. Like I said, predators. Also remember that little part about us sticking together?”

“Right. Sorry.” Akai quickly apoligzed. “I got…distracted.”

“Mmm, that’s plain to see.”

Confused at her remark, Akai looked back to find Faye’s attention focused solely at his still erect appendage.

He turned away and attempted to cover himself with his hands. 

“Sorry! Sorry, that’ll go away. Just…give me a minute.”

Faye giggled.

“Don’t sweat it. It’s a completely natural reaction to have here,” Faye said understandably before trying to peek around Akai. “Though I gotta say, you better watch where you point that thing. You’re gonna poke somebody’s eye out.”

She giggled at his reaction.

Akai said nothing, though his reddened ears already said more than he wanted to.

“I’m putting the towel back on.”

“Aww, don’t do that,” Faye pouted. “A knight should have a sword to protect his damsel, don’t you think?”

Akai shot her an incredulous look.

“You actually expect me to walk around like this? Naked?” he scoffed.

Faye clasped her hands behind her back and said nothing.

It took only a moment for Akai to realize the hypocrisy of his own words.

With a defeated sigh, he abandoned his towel, leaving him stark naked as the bunny girl beside him.

Faye smiled.

“See? Not so bad once you get used to it.”

Akai tried to wrap his mind around the mentality of being naked. 

But the more the two made their way down the hallway, the more he realized that he hated it. 

And there were few things he hated. 

Crazy religious nut jobs.

Eldritch unfathomable horrors.


But this. This feeling of being vulnerable, of being naked…

He especially didn’t like this. 

Every step he took caused his erect phallus to wag before him. 

He thought he looked completely like a fool. 

He noticed Faye walking ahead him, carrying herself without a care in the world, even if she was just as naked as he was. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how she wasn’t phased even in the slightest at such an act. The way her heart shaped bottom, topped with an amber red bunny tail swaying bath and forth with every strut she took, surely would- 

Nope. No. No.

Akai immediately looked away. 

He forced his mind to focus on more analytical thoughts in an attempt to calm himself. He tried algebraic math, repeating the periodic elements, replaying his most horrific traumatic experiences in his head.

Nothing helped to quell his hardened phallus.   

“Oh hey! We’re here!

Broken from his train of thought, Akai looked up to find himself standing in a large open room. In the middle, a miniature tree rose from the center of a raised boxed pond, from which calico-colored koi swam about freely.

Spaced at measured intervals, were wooden tables, chairs, and benches.

But it wasn’t the furnishings that drew Akai’s attention. 

Milling about, sitting at tables or benches or just wandering around, were some of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen.

An elven woman with silk smooth blonde hair that flowed down her back sat calmly as she read a book on a bench.

A group of girls sat giggling at a table, laughing to themselves over something funny said.

A witch with fiery red hair examined a parfait dessert in front of her, debating with herself which side she should destroy and consume first.

Another bunner ear’d woman, clearly yakuza, with intricately designed arm sleeve tattoos carried with her, a sword.

All of whom were either nude or might as well been.

Akai inhaled sharply, his eyes going wide in shock.

“This isn’t my room,” he sputtered.

“Again, how observant of you. This is the cafe,” Faye replied. “Can’t beat a little treat. Also the shaved ice is the best in the world.”

Akai, lost in a stupor, practically had to be dragged behind Faye as they made their way to a small kiosk in the corner of the room. The next thing he knew, he found himself standing in a line, with Faye in front of him as they waited to get shaved ice.

And Akai for all his years of primordial wisdom and knowledge, didn’t know how to react. 

Out of the corner of his eyes, he caught the occasional glance stolen in his direction. 

Were they looking at him because he was a demon? Because of his intimidating frame and height? Or was it his still erect cock?

He became hyper aware of himself.

He didn’t know how to hold his hands. By his side? Behind his back?

Lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t notice he took a step too large.


Faye yelped at the sudden sensation of Akai’s erect cock glancing off her back.

“Hey, watch where you’re pointing that thing,” Faye quickly laughed, turning around. 

“Sorry,” Akai apologized. “That wasn’t on purpose. I’m just having a hard time trying to…” 

He wondered what this newfound feeling was. 

It wasn’t panic, he was better than that; a demon of his caliber would never panic.

He wracked his mind, trying to describe this newfound feeling, his body on autopilot as they slowly shuffled their way forward in line.

He struggled to find the words.

All of a sudden, without hesitation and without saying a word, Faye stepped towards him. He instinctively attempted to retreat backwards but found there was someone standing behind him.

Forced to stand his ground, Faye pressed her body up against his.

His erect phallus bent upwards and nestled itself neatly between her pert breasts. He inhaled sharply at the sensation of warm supple flesh against his cock.     


Akai looked down, and found Faye staring back up at him.

“Calm down. Just relax, okay?”

Akai didn’t know what to say. 

Bright red eyes stared back up at him unblinkingly, paying no heed to the thick throbbing cock that pulsed against her chest. 

Akai said nothing, his mouth agape at the situation.

And yet, to his surprise, he did begin to relax. 

His heart beat slowed and rational thought returned to him.

Though his hardened cock continued to throb.

She stepped back from him, freeing his cock and leaving a silvery trail of precum between her breasts.

“Better?” Faye asked.  

Akai nodded. 

Faye smiled back and winked. 

“Good. Why don’t you go find us a table? I won’t be gone long.”


Akai was grateful for the privacy of the table to hide his phallus. Hunched forward on the table, he tented his fingers and pretended to be lost in thought. He didn’t have to dwell for long before Faye appeared once again. 

In each hand she proudly held a glass bowl of freshly shaved multi colored ice. Still completely naked, she placed one down carefully in front of him before sitting down opposite of him.

“So, what’s on your mind big guy?” She asked.

Akai sighed and leaned back, folding his arms.

“Who says there’s anything on my mind?” 

“You mean besides the beautiful women currently surrounding us?” she laughed before digging into her shaved ice.

“C’mon, you can tell me.”

Akai tried to take her seriously.  

But between watching her struggle to eat the frozen treat and the fact that the silvery mark of his pre-ejaculate still stained between her breasts, he found it difficult. 

“If you want to stare just go ahead,” she said with a mouthful. “I don’t mind.”

Akai couldn’t help but smile at the absurdity of the situation he found himself in.

“I’m not an exhibitionist like you,” he finally stated.

“Hey, I’m not one either.” Faye said defensively,  “But I’ve just learned to adapt to this place. Go with the flow, you know?”

“That’s easy for you to say,” Akai scoffed. “I’m a demon. We don’t go with the flow. We don’t adapt. We conquer. Dominate. That sort of thing.”

He let out a frustrated sigh,struggling to find the right words.

“I spent litteral lifetimes trying to raise myself above the base desires of my kind. Trying to get away from my stereotype. And then I come here, expecting to relax and now I’m more….”

He let out a frustrated sigh and shook his head.

“You wouldn’t understand.”


“You’re worried that all the hard work you put in, trying not to be perceived as a dominating, enthralling, sex depraved demon, is gonna go down the drain because you’re falling prey to temptation created by all these hot young attractive women around you,” Faye correctly surmized, pointing her spoon accusitorily at him.

Akai balked. 


Faye took another bite of her frozen treat, savoring the spoon while also appearing to be lost in thought.

“Well that’s kinda dumb isn’t it?”

Akai stared blankly.


“Well, anyone else in your position would be indulging themselves in the…amenities…of this place. Without hesitation, might add. Dosn’t matter if you’re human, demon, or whatever,” Faye explained, all the while continuing to eat her frozen treat.

“But here you are, actively denying yourself; like a monk starving to death while sitting in front of a buffet.”

She licked the back of her spoon clean.

“Even monks have to eat sometime.”

Akai’s eyes narrowed.

“Are you…are you saying the reason I’v been so out of it is because I havn’t been fucking?”

Faye nodded, wincing all the while as she fought off brain freeze.

“Last I checked, sexual release has been a pretty good way to releive stress. At this point you’re just actively blue balling yourself.” 

Akai scoffed, but mulled over her words, unsure of how to think. 

He quickly glanced around the room.

“I came here to relax. I didn’t come with the intention of fucking some random person I just met.”  

Finished with her treat, Faye’s spoon clattered into an empty bowl. She leaned back, wiping her lips clean with a moist towelette before a sudden smile crept on her lips.

“Well then that’s perfect! We just have to find you the right someone for to fuck then!”

“What? That’s not what I-”

Before he could respond further, Faye had stood up and grabbed his wrist pulling him up.

He grunted as his still hardened phallus smacked the underside of the table, causing the glassware to rattle at his ascension.

He meekly apologized to the curious glances as Faye led him away. 

Before he knew it, he was being led away down the open corridors of the resort, wondering all the while where Faye was taking him.

When she suddenly stopped, Akai was only barely able to halt himself before his still erect self torpedoed into her backside.

“What about that one?” Faye pointed off into the distance.

From the open corridor they found themselves in, Akai looked to where she was pointing and found himself staring into a small open courtyard garden. He could tell everything here was meticulously cared for, from the various pruned trees, to the stone step paths that winded across it, down to the very grass itself, shaved and molded down to an inviting fuzzy like appearance. 

The other half of the courtyard consisted of yet another, smaller onsen, with worn flat rocks that jutted out from the steaming waters. 

Sitting and chatting carefree with each other in this almost picturesque scene was another menagerie of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen.

“That one there,” Faye said once again, pulling on Akai’s arm down to her level.

Akai followed her gaze and spotted along the water’s edge, lying on the carpet of grass, an elf.

She was nude, lying face down her head propped atop her crossed arms relaxing without a care in the world. Cream hued skin laid unblemished and bare for all to see, except for a large intricate tattoo of a snake wrapped around that ran up her thigh. Her black and green tinged hair was neatly tied into a bun and held in place with a pair of golden hair pins, leaving even the nape of her neck uncovered.

“Yunos. Elven assassin. Famous. Deadly. Likes long walks on the beaches,” Faye noted with a notable hint of excitement in her voice. 

And then to Akai’s horror, she started waving.

He watched with perturbed horror as the elf’s head lazily raised from her arms and noticed them. The next thing he knew, she rose to her feet and began to make her way towards them.  

“What the hell are you doing?” Akai muttered, attempting to pull away.

“Setting you up, duh,” Faye replied, locking onto his arm.

He tried to force her off, but the small bunny girl’s vice-like grip was made of iron.

“If I wanted to fuck a random stranger, I’d just go back to the Anubis!”

Faye rolled her eyes.

“Please, you can do much better than that sandy ass, snake in the grass- hey!” Faye chirped happily, instantly switching from addressing Akai to the elf.

Yonus stood on the other side of the railing that separated the corridor and the courtyard. With nothing protecting her modesty, everything was laid bare for all. It was only this close that he realized that even without makeup how naturally beautiful the elf was.  

Emerald green eyes regarded them with inquisitive interest.

“Can I help you?” she asked, her voice like that of sweet liqueur.

Faye greeted her happily. 

“Hey, just wondering. What do you think of my friend here?” Faye replied, motioning to Akai.

The elf looked over to Akai, looking him up and down from head to toe, appraising him.

Left with no clothing and with Faye holding onto him, he could do nothing to hide from her gaze.          

Her eyes lingered at his phallus before addressing Faye.

“Seems pretty excited, if you ask me,” she said, doing nothing to hide her smirk.

Faye turned her attention back to Akai.

“Thoughts?” she excitedly asked.

Akai looked down at Faye, confused.

“About what? What do you mean? 

Faye motioned with her head towards the elf.

Akai looked at her as if she was crazy.

“Like…would I sleep with her?”

Faye’s head bobbed happily, eager to hear his reply.

He shook his head and attempted to pull away, but found his arm still locked.

He sneaked glances back at the elf.  

“I don’t know…maybe?” he said in a hushed whisper, hoping his answer would appease her just so that he could leave this bizarre situation.

Faye seemed to consider his reaction only for a moment before quickly shaking her head.

“No, we can do better than that.”

Before he could respond, she began dragging him off, leaving the nude elf standing alone, wondering what was going on.

The scene would repeat itself over and over. 

Every so often they would stop and Faye would point out another women, briefly introduce Akai on who they were and what they did, and then gauge their reactions.

To her credit, each woman was more alluring than the last.

An arcmage with shining silver hair and alabaster skin couldn’t stop fumbling over her words while staring at him. A former vampire knight whose battle scars only heightened her mysterious beauty jokingly remarked that she would have liked to spar against his ‘longsword’. An heiress lounging in the nude didn’t even look up from her phone, and simply had her equally beautiful and equally nude servant her room key.

The scene repeated itself over and over, but no matter what answer Akai gave and no matter who they met, Faye wasn’t satisfied with his response.

“Like I said, I’m not looking for a casual lay,” Akai protested, all the while they continued down the endless corridors.

“And like I said, we just have to find you someone that actually interests you,” Faye countered back. 

Akai was about to protest her wild antics again when he began to notice something.

Finally alone together in another hallway, and without the images of alluring women to distract him, he began to put the pieces. 

“How is it that you know so much about people here? You practically have an encyclopedic knowledge of everyone we met,” he asked intrigued.

Faye simply shrugged, keeping a watchful eye as they passed by another lounging area.

“I’ve been here awhile. I’m a veteran, remember?”

“Yeah, about that. The man that approached you earlier didn’t seem to know you,” Akai reasoned. “And something about what that Anubis said from before.”

Faye glanced over her shoulder and for the first time, Akai noted that her usual mischievous gleam had disappeared from her eyes.

“I am a veteran here. It’s just I never actually had the chance to experience this place,” she said releasing Akai, her voice suddenly sullen. 

She clasped her hands behind her back and explained.

“My official day job title is ‘advisor’. But I’m pretty much a glorified assistant. I came here so often while on duty that I never actually got the chance to enjoy the facilities myself. But I suppose I’ve been here so much that the management even felt bad about me, and gave me a freebie stay.” 

She laughed.

“I liked to think of it as using up my point card.”

Akai didn’t say anything. 

But it only made sense. 

Everyone Akai met belonged on the cover of a fashion model magazine. As callous as it was to say, if one were solely focused on procreating the best possible offspring, there would be no finer stock here. 

Faye was anything but.

She was smaller than everyone else. More personable and approachable. Everyone else had merely seen him as if they were selecting a prized lobster to be devoured. 

He detested such an idea. 

He wanted to get to know them first. 

To learn about them.

Faye was perhaps the most interesting person he had met here. She was funny, kind, and strangely, she made him laugh.

He looked back at Faye and found his cock beginning to throb for her.

“Hey, what’s down that hallway?” he said, pointing down a random hallway while trying to distract himself from thoughts of Faye.

“I actually don’t know,” she innocently replied, unaware of the hardened phallus following closely behind her. 

They descended down the hallway, and found recessed into the wall a screen door with a thick wooden chest high desk was placed before it. Behind, a woman stood wearing a red and white fox style mask that covered the top half of her face.

Unlike Akai Faye, she at least wore some clothing. If it could be called that. It consisted on only of sleeves that draped off her arms and thigh high ornate leggings. The rest of her body, was completely exposed.

“Hello,” She greeted them with a slight bow. “Are you interested in joining the Enhanced Recreation room?”

“Enhanced Recreation? The hell is that?” Faye asked. 

“You don’t know?” Akai chimed in, surprised that her vast knowledge of the resort and its guests was finally stumped.

Faye shook her head. 

“Must be new. I never heard of it.”

The masked woman politely bowed again.

“Yes. By popular request, the establishment has designated this wing for the purposes of our guests to become better acquainted with one another. On a more intimate level.”

Faye shifted her stance, still confused.

“So like a meet and greet? Speed dating rounds? Or we talking more like-”

“It’s an orgy room,” Akai blurted out, immediately recognizing what the masked woman was hinting at. 

Both women turned to Akai.

“We dissuade use of that term, but yes, it has been called that. The regulations of the establishment are not formally applicable beyond these doors,” the fox masked woman politely explained, motioning to the screen doors behind her.

Faye couldn’t help but laugh.

“Wait, so you’re telling me that just behind that door there, there’s a whole flesh pile of people just getting fucked away?” 

“There are still rules,” the masked woman quickly interjected.

“We ask that you be kind and courteous to other guests. Respect each other’s desires. And of course, communication and consent are paramount.”

She reached below her desk and produced two clipboards for each of them. 

“The rest of the rules are explained here.”

Without even thinking, Akai took one of the clipboards and began to read it over. It was all quite reasonably explained, he thought to himself. It was only when he neared the bottom of the form that he finally snapped back to reality.

“Oh c’mon. We’re not really interested in this, are we?” Akai said, turning towards Faye. 

Like him, she had been lost in thought reading the document before Akai startled her.

“Ye-yeah! We’re just passing through,” Faye affirmed.

The masked woman took the clipboards back from them.

“If that is the case, we do have non-participation wristbands. For those who wish to observe but are not yet ready to decide their intentions.”

Akai watched as she held up two bright blue ornately woven wristbands. Immediately he felt his heart rate quicken. He glanced back at Faye, who was eying the wrist bands like that of a child debating on taking a freshly baked cookie from a still hot pan.

She must have noticed Akai staring at her, who looked back up at him.

“We probably shouldn’t…right?” Faye asked weakly.

Akai let out a long winded sigh and took the wrist bands.

“You don’t need to use puppy dog eyes on me,” Akai declared before beginning to affix one to himself.

“Really? I’m surprised you said yes,” Faye said cooly, trying to hide the excitement in her voice. 

She held out her slender wrist, allowing Akai to attach hers for her. 

“I’m fine so long as we’re not participating. And since you’ve never been in here, and I’ve seen my fair share, I can at least show you around.” 

He tried his best not to stare at her body, and kept his attention focused on attaching her wristband.

“As thanks for showing me back to my room,” he smiled.

In addition, it would be the perfect way to test his resolve, he thought to himself. He could show her how far he’d come overcoming his carnal desires. After all, it was the gratuitous displays such as this that helped him to decide to turn away from his own kind.

He steeled himself. 

“Alright, ready?”

Faye nodded.

“Right behind you.”

The masked woman bowed once more as Akai and Faye rounded her desk and slid open the screen door.

“Please enjoy yourselves,” she said to them before Akai shut the screen door behind them.

They traversed through a small closet sized room before passing through another set of paper screen doors.

Immediately he knew they had arrived. 

The smell hit him first. 

A sickly sweet smell of lavender and other sweet smelling aromas intended to cover the heavy scent of sex. 

The room itself was of eastern style, complete with tatami style flooring. There was little lighting though he had no trouble seeing through the dimness. On either side of them, a narrow hallway extended onwards, with the center of the room itself being surprisingly spacious. Centered in the middle of the room stood a single circular table. On it, neatly stacked in rows on silver trays were a variety of snacks, drinks, and other hor’s d’oeuvres. 

It contrasted starkly with the condoms in various shapes and colors, along with towels, and other sexual devices that also lined the table.

“At least they got food,” Faye joked.

“The food spread can actually make or break an orgy. But try and keep your guard up. Alot weird things can happen here,” Akai cautiously warned. 

He looked around at the otherwise empty room they found themselves in.

“Seems like not alot of action going on,” he noted.

“You can’t hear it?” Faye asked.

“Hear wha- oh.”

Muffled through walls and mixed with the sound of banging furniture and the dull sound thudding bodies, a low chorus of moans joined in a cacophony of lust. High pitched squeals competed with deep machine gun grunting. Somewhere off in the distance, a woman pleaded for her partner to go faster, while another voice reached a euphoric climax.

“Oooookay,” Faye exclaimed, hugging herself.

Akai smiled dryly at her reaction.

“Yeah. It’s pretty much what you’d expect. Just try not to make eye contact with anyone. ”

As if on cue, they heard a door slam. They turned to find a hellhound woman approaching them from one of the narrow hallways. She was nude, full breasts bouncing with each step she took. Etched into her glistening ashen grey skin was a series of intricate runic tattoos that snaked along her body.

Though that was not what Akai noticed at first. 

Glazed across her body, like a walking of abstract splatter art painting , were the unmistakable ropey globule strands of semen and ejaculate. She paid no heed to her own state, and didn’t even bat an eye at Akai and Faye as she walked past them and headed to the circular table, grabbed a water bottle and cracked it open. They watched as she drained it. Water spilled from her lips and dribbled down her chin, mixing with the bodily fluids that still adorned her.

She slicked back her dark mane and finally turned her attention towards Akai.

“You up for a round?” the hellhound asked casually, as if nothing was wrong with her appearance.

Akai paused before he raised his hand, unable to take his eyes away from the bizarre sight.

He jingeled his wrist band.

“I’m…just visiting,” he replied.

The hellhound turned her attention towards Faye.

“What about you, short stuff?” 

Faye’s eyes widened at the sudden invitation, but quickly she quickly mimicked Akai, pointing awkwardly at her own wrist.

“Also visiting.”

The hellhound’s crimson eyes inspected the bunny girl from bunny ear to toe before she suddenly scoffed, disappointed at her decision but accepting it nonetheless.

“Shame,” She said, crunching the now empty water bottle in her hand. “Ima take a shower. You guys wanna have some fun, I’m in Stall 4.”

With that, she turned and left without a care, leaving Akai and Faye alone. It took some time for the both of them to process what had just occurred before Faye spoke first. 

“She said stall,” she noted.

Akai slowly nodded.

“Yeah. She sure did.” 

He reached down and grabbed Faye’s hand.

“Let’s try not to get separated.”

Akai felt Faye grip his hand in return.

“I’ll follow your lead then.”

Together, still nude and hand in hand, they ventured deeper inside. 

Much of it appeared to be the same as the main part of the resort, save for the dimly lit amber hued hallways and its more lascivious guests. Occasionally, they would pass by secluded alcoves where couples were busy getting to know each other on a more ‘intimate’ level. 

Courteously, Akai ignored them and continued down the hallways, with Faye towing behind.

When they turned the corner of another hallway Akai couldn’t help but stop in amazement.


“Hm? What’s going on?” Faye said, attempting to peer over his shoulder.

He brought her around and together they descended down the new corridor.

One of the walls was replaced with massive glass panels that stretched from floor to ceiling, from which they could see out into yet another onsen. 

Unlike the calm picturesque scenes they had seen previously seen, this one was anything but.

The rocky onsen was filled with guests in various stages of coitus, to put it politely, while others seemed to enjoy the onsen itself, unperturbed about the indecency happening around them. 

It was a stark contrast watching a stark naked angel sit at the water’s edge, casually sipping from her sake cup without a care in the world, while just a few feet away, a dragon girl vigorously bounced herself on a man who held on to her for dear life as if the world was about to end. 

In another corner of the onsen, two muscular looking men held a woman between them, her holes filled with their respective cocks. Her tongue lolled out like a panting dog as the two men worked together in unison like an engine piston on her. 

In the other corner of the onsen, a post with four shower heads constantly ran. A pale lanky looking man made his way to it, rinsed himself off of his latest deed and didn’t even have time to make it back to the onsen before he was picked off by a olive hued horned woman with wide hips and white hair tied back into a messy bun. She led him without a word to the edge of the water and sat him down before positioning herself in front of him. With a hungry grin, she spread his legs and bent down, arching her back and helping herself to his shaft before quickly taking him down to the base. Her head bobbed methodically, all the while her naked rear waved exposed for all to the rest of the onsen; An open invitation that was soon eagerly accepted.

“Well,” Akai exaled, “I guess that answers my question on where all the guys went.” 

Faye nodded.

“Yep. Guess I can’t blame them though.”

Faye cupped her massive bunny ears and began swiveling them around.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Faye shook her head.

“It’s weird. I can’t hear a thing.”


Akai took a step forward and tapped a single finger on the massive pane of glass.

“Ha! Sound proof,” he exclaimed looking back at Faye. “It’s like a giant aquarium.”

Faye grinned. 

“More like watching porn in high definition with the sound muted,” Faye said, before suddenly laughing.

Akai began to laugh as well.

He couldn’t help it.

Through the absurdity of it all, together they laughed at the strangeness they found themselves in.


They were interrupted when a gray haired wolf girl was slammed into the glass directly in front of them. Her athletic mocha hued body was pressed tightly against the crystal clear glass, squishing her well-endowed breasts and leaving nothing to the imagination while her partner gripped her hips and railed into her from behind. Her tongue hung out in a heat fueled sex haze. Rampant breathing quickly fogged up the otherwise clear glass as her body was pounded against it.

Her ruby hued eyes locked onto Akai.

With each thrust, she bent herself downwards. Her partner, seemingly reading her intentions, quickly grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back, leaving her bent forwards at an angle.

With her face pressed against the glass, Akai watched as the wolf’s girl attention became solely fixated on his erect cock. 

Like a hungry animal, she began to lick the glass, his cock and her lips separated by only a few inches of high grade sound proof window pane.

“I guess this isn’t one-way,” Akai quickly realized.

“Uh-huh. Let’s go,” Faye replied earnestly.

They briskly made their way down the hallway, ignoring the scene they left behind. Akai was grateful. Such a sight would have nearly broken him. And though he hated to admit it, a part of himself was disappointed to leave. But at the same time, he was also proud that he didn’t succumb.

He didn’t have long to relish the feeling.

They passed through a doorway curtain and suddenly found themselves blinded in light. Akai’s eyes quickly adjusted, and soon and they found himself standing in a colossal open room with a high vaulted paneled ceiling. Bright lights and paper chandeliers illuminated the room, revealing large mahogany tables recessed into the floor, with square maroon pillows placed at the edge acting as seats for guests.

And there were a dizzying amount of guests.

The sight of which was more akin to a lively tavern brothel than a relaxing refined onsen resort.  

And thanks to his towering height, he could see everything.

Women in various states of undress or just completely nude commingled with men in similar attire; or lack thereof.  They sat, six or more to a  table toasting each other, grabbing each other where they pleased, laughing, and clanging glasses, all the while lewd acts were being performed around them. 

A woman with a high auburn ponytail and thick round glasses chatted and laughed with her friends, all the while she continued to stroke off another man beside her, without paying any heed or attention towards him.

A grizzled bald man who looked as if he could strangle a bear with a single grip became the helpless cock throne of an almond hued woman, who slowly rocked her hips back and forth, teasing reactions out of his otherwise stoic expression.

At another table, two identical women with shining red hair and matching green eyes sat either side of another guest, their nude bodies perfect reflections of each other, save for their identical mirrored tattoos. They toyed and played with the man between them, running their hands along his erect shaft and rubbing their naked breasts across his arms.

The table behind them had a drow woman sprawled naked atop it.  Her head dangeled back off the edge while another guest gently helped himself to her throat, while at the same time their neighbors simply ate and drank around her naked body. They teased reactions out of the amorous couple by playing and pinching her dark hued nipples.

Akai and Faye watched in awed silence as one nude girl walked briskly through the room, her nubile self exposed to all save for the black piece of cloth that covered her eyes. Splattered across and dripping down her face and body was a fresh load of semen. Her brisk pace earned cheers and raised glasses from the other guests, to which she meekly waved back and tried to cover herself as she hurried on to the other side of the room.

How she was able to see through the blindfold or the semen, he couldn’t tell.

One well-endowed man made his way to another table, stroking himself the entire time. There, he approached a nude valkyrie, sitting by herself. Her wings glowed faintly, radiating her pale ivory body in light.  

Akai watched as the man seemed to ask her something. 

The valkyrie happily reciprocated, thrusted her sizable chest out and lifted her chin. The next thing Akai knew, the man was climaxing onto her. Thick strands of cum splashed across her visage, pearly white liquid adorning her face, breasts, and body like fine silver chainware.

The man made sure to stroke himself dry before finally wiping the tip of his cock clean across her chin.

The valkyrie opened one eye and gave him a sultry wink, and either thanked or congratulated him before as suddenly as the event occurred, it was over, with the man offering his own thanks before floating away, balls entirely spent. 

Just as he left, a masked attendant appeared next to the valkyrie, offering her a hot towel.

More attendants milled around, carrying trays containing drinks, food, towels, and condoms. They too wore the same fox-like attire and mask to obscure their features. They diligently went from table to table, cleaning up messes, switching out pillows, and offering drinks and hot towels to guests.

It was only then that he noticed a number of guests were wearing wrist bands like themselves. 

There were a myriad of different colors. Greens, yellows, whites, a few black bands; the valkyrie wore a pink wristband. 

Some guests wore none at all.

Akai spotted a lone black cat girl with a long woven braid that reached down to her waist. Like themselves, she wore a bright blue wristband. She went from table to table, looking for something, unflustered by her own nude appearance, when another younger man clumsily approached her. 

They awkwardly exchanged greetings and shook hands before he held up a prophylactic. 

She hesitantly considered his proposal before she smiled and snapped off her own wristband. 

She took the man by the hand and began to lead him to a section that had knee high wall panels separating it from the rest of the raucous room. There, placed in a similar grid like pattern where a number of floor mattresses spaced evenly in a row. 

Several of these mattresses were already occupied with a number of partners already lost in the throes of passion thrown unhindered to the wind. 

They didn’t even notice the cat girl joining them on an occupied mattress. 

She threw her hips in a wide circle, lazily laying back and spreading her legs while she watched the younger man hurriedly rip open his condom, sheath himself into it and soon after, her.

It was strange watching the spontaneous sexual act, and yet Akai couldn’t bring himself to look away as the young man began to buck into her, starting from a slow sensual pace to an increasing rate, soon matching that of their neighbors.

He couldn’t believe how quickly cordial greetings could descend into looks of ecstasy.  

It wasn’t long after, the young man released himself into her. She locked her legs around him, pulling him down as he emptied himself into her. Perhaps lost in the moment, the younger man went in for a kiss, to which she was kind enough to reply. They soon broke away, exchanged a few words, and the young man pulled himself off of her, his condom now bulging with his seed. 

He awkwardly gave the cat girl one last clumsy wave and even a slight bow before he left.

His passing back through the tables earned him more cheers and raised glasses. Clearly embarrassed, his face reddened as he awkwardly and hurriedly gave his condom to a passing attendant and rejoined his comrades at their own table. They boisterously welcomed him back like a victorious soldier returning home, and slapped him across the back and began to fill a glass for him.

Akai returned his attention back to the cat girl who was still lying on the mattress, her chest heaving while she caught her breath. 

Another patron passed by, a white wolf-man with snow white fur and almost as tall as Akai, stopped upon noticing the cat girl lying alone on the mattress. Unlike most of the other guests, his robe was securely fixed. 

He stood still, silently watching her until she finally noticed him. 

They exchanged a few brief words before the wolfman pulled at his sash, unraveled it, and unfurled his long robe.

From it, he revealed an imposing foriegn appendage, erect and standing tall, complete with bulbous base.

The cat girl immediately laughed, clearly startled at the sudden reveal and began to shake her head politely. It wasn’t until the wolf man held up a much larger prophylactic that the cat girl seemed to consider his words. 

Her ears went flat, her head darted from side to side, and a moment later, she nodded.

The wolf-man easily stepped over the panels and carefully disrobed himself. He knelt down on the mattress with her, dwarfing the cat girl while he took his time to fold his robe neatly in a tight square before setting it aside. 

Meanwhile, the cat girl watched transfixed at the ritualistic motions until finally the wolfman unrolled the bright red condom onto himself.

He mentioned something, and the cat girl’s trance became broken as they began to converse once more, almost to the point of arguing. Finally, with some reluctance in her movement, the cat girl turned herself over and raised her rear to him, presenting herself. 

The wolfman carefully inched himself forward and positioned himself directly at her entrance before his massive hands grasped her hips, nearly wrapping entirely around her waist.  

He asked something.

The cat girl gave a thumbs up.

Slowly, the wolfman pulled her into him, sheathing his cock into the cat girl and lifting her hips up to meet his. The cat girl’s legs spasmed, and Akai saw her grip the mattress tightly in her hands.

“Huh, I think she came just from that,” Faye said aloud.

Akai looked down at Fay and realized that they were both watching the same scene unfold.  

“Yeah, I guess so,” Akai breathed.

He turned his attention back to the wolfman. 

His pace was slow and steady, caring even while his neighbors beside him quickly became lost in carnal fucking. He clearly knew what he was doing, handling the cat girl gently like a porcelain doll, all the while he still continued to ride through her orgasmic state.

She turned back to say something and for a moment, the wolf-man paused before readjusting his grip. 

His pace quickly increased.

With each thrust, the cat girl’s oily black tail slapped against his white chest. It wasn’t long before her arms wobbled and robbed of her strength, she fell limp, leaving her ass high in the air for the wolfman to have his way with.

It was at that moment that Akai felt someone grab him.

He looked down, and found holding his still hardened shaft was a hand that was barely able to wrap itself around him.

He looked over, and found the hand belonged to Faye.

She gazed off in the direction of the mattresses, ignoring Akai’s bewildered stare.

“I thought we were non-participating,” he breathed, licking his lips.

Faye gave a half hearted shrug. 

“If that’s the case, then all you need to do is tell me to stop,” she whispered quietly.

The thought hung in his mind like a blinking neon sign. A simple one word command that all he needed to do was say. 

But he couldn’t find the strength to say for it. 

Her supple hand felt like a warm welcoming massage. 

His body shivered at the sensation.  

“Do you think she can take the knot?” Faye asked, her once confident voice replaced with one of sultry tone.

The wolfman had placed its front paws on the cat girl’s shoulders, causing her to arch her back, allowing his full weight to drive into her. Even over the cacophony of the already rowdy room, Akai could hear her sing like a lewd cat in heat. 

Her emphatic mewling drew the attention of her neighbor, a blue haired fox girl, who was herself in the process of getting mating pressed. She was kind enough to offer her own hand to the prone cat girl who instinctively grasped it for dear life. Together they held hands while their respective partners focused on their work.

A second later, cat girl’s body spasmed and her cries abruptly jumped an octave higher. 

“Aw, good for her,” Faye cooed.

The wolf-man pressed himself against her, causing the cat girl beneath him to disappear underneath his large frame. He stayed there for some time, no doubt ensuring the last vestiges of his seed was milked out before finally he pulled back and removed himself.

He wiped his forehead with an arm and bowed once again to the cat girl, perhaps thanking her for her time before grabbing his robe and standing up. 

His condom, now dangling from his cock, bulged with his seed that would have otherwise been deposited deeply into the prone cat girl who still quivered and mewled from her post-coitus state. 

He carefully peeled off the prophylactic and handed it over to a passing attendant, the weight of which nearly caused the entire tray to tip over.

No sooner had he stepped back over the panels was he beset by no less than three other women, who all immediately began to introduce themselves and vie for his attention, much to the reluctance of the wolf-man.

Akai watched as one lucky blonde kitsune managed to slip past her rivals, and quickly snatched up the wolf-man. 

She immediately began to lead him to another unoccupied mattress. 

But the wolf-mans lack of enthusiasm was clearly evident.

The kitsune was only half his size and still a budding woman herself, with only four tails adorning her body.

But all she had to do to convince her point was to simply press her naked body against his. 

Instantly the wolf-man’s demeanor changed, diamond shaped ears flickered back and forth as he looked down at the kitsune who struggled to contain his slick cock between her modest mounds.

He let out a sigh before reaching into his robe draped across his shoulder. 

From within he produced another large condom. 

The kitsune however, reached up and instantly snatched it from him.

She looked at it mockingly before tossing it over her shoulder. 

The wolf-man didn’t even have time to offer a reaction before the kitsune, with surprising strength, pushed him over the panels, causing him to tumble back onto the floor mattress.

A second later, she was upon him. 

“That could be you, you know.” Faye said, finally looking back up to Akai, bright red eyes filled with a familiar mischievous, if not lustful gleam. 

All the while, she continued to stroke him, slowly twisting her hand around the entirety of his shaft, from tip to base. She dragged her fingertips across his sensitive flesh causing his body to shiver as he shakily exhaled an excited breath.

“All you have to do is snap off that little bracelet of yours.”

Akai looked back at the room..

It was all so tempting.

No doubt he would have been the life of the party.

No introduction would have been necessary.

He wouldn’t have even made it five steps before he found a woman hanging onto his arm.

Or perhaps several. 

They would have led him to a lively table, making small talk and playful banter. The conversation would quickly grow lewd, with hands beginning to roam bodies. It wouldn’t have been long before he found himself lying backwards, looking down at salivating tongues and open mouths all competing and vying for the real estate that was his pulsing cock. 

Akai could only watch as one lucky winner would break out from among the rest, crowning herself the winner by hilting his cock.

The thought alone made his cock throb in unison with his beating heart.

His body yearned to snap off the bracelet and take just a single step forward.

And yet…

Akai suddenly took a deep breath and exhaled loudly.

“You know what? I think I’m good.” 

The sudden declaration caused Faye to recoil back in shock.

“You’re…you’re good?” She asked, dumbfounded.

He looked down at the smaller bunny woman beside him. 

“Yeah. I think I am.”

Faye stared back at him, clearly bemused by his strange reaction.

“And how do you figure that?” she asked.

Akai folded his arms together and began scratching his chin as if he were lost in thought.

“Well, if you’ll allow me to use an analogy you used earlier, I may be the starving monk. But I certainly don’t need an entire buffet. If anything, all I’d need is a snack.”

Faye looked up at him as if he had said something insane. 

Which, for all intents and purposes, he did. 

Faye however simply sighed and shook her head.

“Alright, fine then. So who’s the lucky snack out there that caught your eye?”

Akai glanced over at the bunny girl beside him.

She quickly caught him staring at her, and when he didn’t break away, Faye’s demeanor quickly changed.

Her head quickly darted back and forth between him and the crowd, wondering if he was completely sane.

She pointed to herself.

“Wha- You mean me?” Faye sputtered.

Akai’s cock bounced like a happy puppy at her heels, as if confirming her answer. 

She quickly stifled a laugh. 

“You have the world’s most curated selection of pussy right here in front of you. And you choose little old me,” Faye said, shaking her head.

“So what do we do now then?” 

Akai shrugged. 

“Maybe we can finally head back to my room.”

Faye turned and raised an eyebrow at him.

“And do what exactly?” she said with a coy grin.

“We can converse. Get to know each other more.” Akai asserted, reading through Faye’s implied tone.  

“Sex dosn’t have to be the end all of a healthy relationship between adults. I think you’re an interesting person. We’re both mature adults. I think we can rise above our baser desires and simply converse with each other as friends and equals.”

Faye’s ears swiveled towards Akai.

“So we’re friends now?”

Akai smiled reassuringly.

“I’d like us to be.

Faye playfully feigned mulling over his reasoning, tilting her head from side to side before finally clasping her hands behind her back.

“Just conversation,” she nodded thoughtfully. 

“Yep. Just to converse,” Akai replied.

A momentary silence enveloped them before Faye finally turned around.

“Well then, I suppose we should leave this debaucherous place behind us. Seeing as we’re both intelligent beings. Above our base instincts. So that we can just converse with one another.”

Akai spun around with her, turning his back upon the lascivious scene.

He wrapped an arm around Faye’s waist, pulling her close to him as they began to make their way towards the exit they had come through.

“Of course; just to converse,” Akai stressed once more.

As they made their way back into the hall with the window looking out into the onsen, Faye said nothing when Akai’s hand slowly drifted down from her waist and rested comfortably upon her butt, gripping it softly with his hand.

Nor did Akai say anything when Faye swiped a handful of mini-bottles clearly marked ‘lubricant’ as they passed by the round table and back into the hallway of the main resort.

Luckily for them, Akai’s room was quickly located, and before they even made it through the doorway, their conversation began in earnest.

They conversed in all manner of topics. 

In various places 

And in various positions. 

On more than one occasion, Akai had worried that his insatiable appetite for getting to know his new friend would be too much for the much smaller girl to handle.

He was pleasantly surprised when she enthusiastically voiced her own willingness to continue. 

Akai quickly learned that Faye was more than a match as a conversational partner.

She was pliable, engaging, and flexible on her positions, matching him in both eagerness and enthusiasm. The more they conversed the more Akai grew intrigued, and the more he wanted to learn about her.

And eventually, as the hours passed, he grew to know her; inside and out.

They continued on, the hours becoming a blur to them before finally the morning sun rose through paper tinted windows. 

Akai readjusted himself against the makeshift pile of pillows that propped his head up. 

In one hand, was a book. 

He wasn’t particularly interested in the book. 

It was just something he had picked up before his flight to occupy his time. His eyes skimmed over passages, barely taking into account what was being written. If someone were to ask him what it was about, he wouldn’t have been able to tell them.

What was in his other hand though, was far more interesting.

Draped atop his body and resting against his chest was Faye, who quietly began to stir awake in his arms

“Hmmm,” she moaned half-asleep.

Akai couldn’t help but smile as she gently patted her head and helped nuzzle her awake.

She wrapped her arms around his broad chest, cuddling up to him.

“How long was I out?” She asked, groggily.

“Only a few hours,” Akai replied softly, letting his hand roam down her nude back, petting her like a cat.

She winked open an eye and quickly took in her surroundings before hugging Akai even tighter.

“Good book?” she asked.

“It’s decent,” Akai replied. “But not as interesting as you.”

She moaned her appreciation, but it instantly turned into a surprised gasp after Akai flexed a certain appendage.

Bemused, Faye looked up at him.

“You’re still in me.” 

Akai couldn’t help but reveal a boyish grin.

“Well, you never let me go.”

Faye smirked and began to wiggle herself atop him. 

Akai closed his book and placed it down on the table next to him before he hugged the petite bunny girl in his arms.

“You ready to go again?”

Faye shot him a wry look.

“Do you even need to ask?”

Akai could only smirk back as he leaned in and kissed her. Soft lips met his, and together they melted into a warm embrace. Akai quickly took the initiative, his tongue sneaking past her lips and deep to her mouth where he quickly enveloped and claimed her tongue. Faye offered no resistance as she gave way, allowing Akai to fully explore the mouth, caressing her teeth, and even tasting the back of her throat. 

They both gasped for breath when they finally broke away. 

“Ah, you bastard,” Faye choked, wiping away spittle from her chin.

Akai smirked at her reaction.

“Sorry, forgot to warn you,” He said leaning back. 

Slowly once more, they began to get back into the rhythm they had so enthusiastically rehearsed for hours now. Faye slowly circled herself atop of him, before leaning herself forward and beginning to raise her hips, before sliding herself back down upon his towering shaft.

Akai grabbed her waist, helping her along as they slowly increased their pace when they heard a knock on the door.

Both of them ignored as they began to go faster, their breaths growing ragged as they continued.

Once again, there was a knock.

“Someone’s at the door.” Akai grunted, all the while he focused on the bunny girl hopping atop his cock.

“Room service!” Faye moaned. “They can come in. I bet they- Ah! Seen worse!”

Akai smirked before yelling for whoever it was to enter.

Faye leaned back, propping herself up with her arms and allowing Akai to hammer up into her and affording him a full view of her nude body as she bounced atop him.

He should have been more concerned about the staff who entered, but all common sense had left him.

All he was concerned about now was the bunny girl who coiled herself around his cock.

“I fucking knew it!” A melodic voice suddenly shouted.

Instantly Akai’s snapped towards the source.

A woman with pink hair bound up into a single pony-tail stared daggers at him. She crossed her arms across her near flat chest, which was clearly evident as her only article of clothing was a white cotton towel. 

Akai could only stare in shock.

“Haohi!?” he gaped, in shock. “What are you-”

“I found him!” She called out behind herself. 

Soon after, another figure entered the room.

She too wore a simple white towel, but in addition, sitting atop her head was a massive floppy witch hat. The towel itself did nothing to hide her curvacious figure, with her cleavage nearly spilling out of the towel that struggled to contain her generous assets. 

“Ah, I told you they’d be here. All we just had to ask the receptionist,” She said confidently.

Akai’s brain struggled to handle what he was seeing.

“Calliach? What- What are you both doing here?” 

The famed bunny witch merely smiled down at him.

“It appears we also got an invitation to this place, but our letters got lost in the mail. How tragically inconvenient for us, isn’t that right sister?”

Akai’s brow furrowed, confused on what she was saying when Faye suddenly spoke. 

“What? You assume -anh! I had something to do with that?” Faye responded.

Akai looked back at the bunny girl who was currently still riding his cock. 

“No way…”

“Akai,” Calliach began. “Allow me to introduce you to one of my younger sisters, Faye. Famed advisor and bunny witch extraordinaire. Although I suppose…” 

Calliach leaned forward.

“You two are already more than acquaintances.” 

Akai looked back at the red headed younger sister of the purple haired witch.

Faye met his gaze.

“Sorry, wanted it to be a surprise,” she managed to smirk before her head lolled away in pleasure.

“Akai! What do you have to say for yourself!?” Haohi roared. “It hasn’t even been two days since we last saw each other, and you’re already shacking up with another woman!”

“Im sorry,” Akai meekly apologized. “I was weak.”

Haohi could only fume as Akai’s hips, which had never stopped moving, began to pick up pace.

Haohi’s eyes narrowed.

“Akai, stop fucking her.”

“Okay, I just…are you mad? Can we talk about this?”

“Of course we can,” Haohi replied. “But first, you need stop fucking that bunny girl!”

“I want you to know, you’re absolutely right,” Akai apologized. “And I’m wrong. And I just-”

“Stop fucking her!” Haohi groweld.

“Okay! I will! It’s just….I was so stressed lately, and maybe it’s just me but-”

“All this time you’re telling me this, and you’re still fucking that bunny hussy!”

“Hey,” Calliach interjected. “That’s my sister you’re talking about.”

“Am I wrong!?” Haohi shouted.

“Oh not at all,” Calliach replied.

“Look isn’t this something that we can talk about later?” Akai asked innocently.

Haohi whipped back towards him.

“I can’t believe you can look me in the eye, while you drain your balls into someone else – whose not me!”

“Or me,” Calliach smirked.

“Shut! Up!” Haohi chirped back at her.

She whipped back to the demon.

“Akai! Stop fucking her!”

“Okay! I will!” Akai shouted back.

“Stop!” She shouted again.

“Okay- wait-!”


“Hold on!”


“Haohi!” Akai pleaded, all the while he continued holding onto Faye’s hips, hilting her with each thrust.

The awkward sounds of Faye’s moans and flesh slapping against each other filled the otherwise quiet room.

Haohi stared daggers at him.



Akai reached around and grasped Faye in a tight hug. With a final thrust he reached his climax and unleashed a torrent inside the bunny girl clutched in his arms. She threw her head back, a wordless moan escaping her lips as her convulsing walls closed hard around his shaft, even as he continued to empty himself. He continued pumping into her, ensuring the last vestiges of his seed was finally drained.

Only then did he release his grip on Faye, who fell limp in his arms from her post-coitus state.

“Okay,” Akai said, catching his breath. “I’m finished now.”

Carefully, he rolled Faye off of him, unsheathing himself from the bunny girl. He had filled her to the brim. A pearly flood of his seed spilled out as he gently laid her off to the side.

He then stood up, still entirely nude, muscles aching from the night’s previous activities.

Though Haohi and Calliach didn’t notice.

Instead, both their eyes instantly locked onto his still erect phallus, soaked and glistening with the mixed juices of both himself and Faye. 

But still hard as a rock. 

“I’m going to go take a shower. We can talk about what happened after that,” he declared, all the while thin strands of bodily fluid dripped from his still erect cock.

He brushed past them, making his way to the bathroom, leaving Haohi and Calliach standing alone. 

They stood there in silence.

Calliach, with a single finger, suddenly tugged the knot of her towel, causing it to fall away, leaving her stark nude.

“Wha-Hey! Where do you think you’re going!?” Haohi called out as Calliach began to follow him.

Haohi stood alone, fists curled, shaking with contempt before she too let out a frustrated sigh. 

She rolled her eyes and ripped away her towel.

“Hey! Don’t you dare start without me!” she called out before disappearing around the corner.

Faye however, remained where she was, basking in her afterglow of her most recent experience when Calliach’s head suddenly popped back around the corner.

“Hey,” Calliach called out.

Faye swiveled her head to her older sister.

Calliach grinned.

“Welcome to the harem.” 


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