A Soldier’s Journey: Chapter 2

A Surprising Revelation

    “Well… that was… bloody close!” I wheezed to myself, gasping for breath on my back  Hoping I wouldn’t slid backwards.

    Rolling carefully onto my side and slid my pack’s straps off. Otherwise I may slip and follow that thing into the void. I hear a muffled splash from behind me, originating from the black abyss.

    So, water lay at the bottom, hmm. I could only hope that thing has died from the impact   or water tension. But I couldn’t let myself believe that. I’d nearly cocked up from my complacency.

    As I got myself up and dragged my pack away from the edge. I quietly cursed myself for not expecting there to be an ambush. If not from the beast than from something else, maybe worse. I’m still sore from where the beast had kick me. I touch the area though my clothing to figure out how much damage that kick had done me. Judging from the pain it’s probably a bruised rib or two. A sharp pain for now, but it would fade to a dull ache with time.

    With effort and a bit of pain I threw my pack back onto my back and went to retrieve my rifle. I pick it up gently, and began to give my primary armament an inspection. Checking if it had received any damage in the fall or from the strike from my attacker. I sigh a breath of relief, it appears undamaged.

    I glanced over to the large glowing crystal outcrop, the glare from the light had hidden my attacker from view. Despite the adrenaline from the skirmish, I felt a cold shiver run down my spine. The beast had set an ambush, in a bottleneck that I had to travel through. Waiting for me like in one of those old World War II aerial dogfights where the enemy fighter had hidden in the glare of the sun.

    I had to relied on my hand-to-hand training, to parry my attacker’s blows away. I begin to absent-mindedly rubbing my hands due to the soreness. The blows or rather; swipes had been powerful, if telegraphed; allowing for easier intercept. But, as the kick had demonstrated, I would have been in real trouble had more strikes have connected with me.

    Shaking my head to dispel the morbid thought, I needed to stay focused. Whilst I stayed alert for any more trouble. Right, time to set off towards the passageway and I hope it leads me somewhere out of here.

*    *    *

    The feeling of weightlessness. Combined with the impact from hitting water. Is enough to stun the beast’s body and mind. So hard was the impact, the beast’s breath was purged from its thorax as it was also plunged beneath the cold dark water’s surface.

    The only luck to be had is that the beast’s body was buoyant enough for it to naturally rise to the surface on its back. When it could finally force air back into it body with a gasping struggle and followed by a couple of coughs. For awhile, it lay there. In the dark cold water. Too dazed to think. Was that from the fall?

    For the prey to have slipped through its claws at the moment of success. The beast’s new found intelligence lead it to dwell on the bitterness of failure.

    It’s brow scrunches up into a frown. It sighs. It had never done that before! It’s new sense of self, made it aware of its flaws and question itself. What was happening to it? The beast raises one of its clawed hand in front of its face absent-mindedly, for the simple fact that it could.

    The hunger finally managed to rudely jab itself through the being’s introspection to remind it of its most basic of needs.The hunger was now a near agony. It was starving. Death would come soon. If it didn’t feed. Focusing upon the goal at hand with renewed fervour. It looks back up the cliff from which it fell from. With its inhuman night vision it can make out details of the rock-face.

    It takes only a moment for it dismiss the idea of climbing back up. The cliff-face was too steep and with no hand-holds to help it up. That left one option; swim around and find somewhere to clamber out off. Then resume the hunt.

    Turning from it’s back on to it front the beast starts to move its limbs, kicking its legs and crawling with its arms to keep its head above water and moving forward. Off in the distance, it can see a dull light being emitted. It turns its body to face the light source and using that as a destination.

*    *    *

    Guided by the light of the torch attachment, strapped to my rifle. I follow the gloomy passageways.To my great annoyance the passageway appeared to be going back bloody downwards again. I can only hope it leads me to somewhere  that’s not a dead end.

    Like the other passageways I had travelled through, this one also appeared man-made. Unnaturally straight and smooth walls, broken only by the occasional growth of that fungi and cracks in the walls and ceiling. This cavern must have been part of a very large underground complex. But what had laid it low? I snort at my internal wit at the figurative and literal meanings. But, now I think about it, what had brought this place to ruins? Beings like that beast? A natural disaster? Or a combination of many different things?

    I snap out of my musings by a light at the end of the tunnel. Quite literally in this case. Exiting the tunnel, I enter into a massive cavern that and unlike the tunnels. This was natural.

    The cavern surface area looked to be as big as a couple of football fields from what I could see. It was lit with large growths of glowing fungus and equally large outcropping of crystals, both glowing and not. The tallest is easily three or four times my height.

    Stalactites and stalagmites were present. Some of them had reached one another and joined together to form stone pillars. A large number of rocks ranging from pebbles to boulders, littered the ground in tight groups. I looked down at the cavern floor, to see what looked like a thin layer of sand and dragging my foot through it to uncovered bare rock underneath a couple of inches of sand.

    I could hear something off in the distance. The sound of running water. Perhaps I could restock on clean water. Finding drinkable water would be a boost to my survival chances. I could survive roughly a month without food, but only a few of days without water. I turn to the passage wall and scratch my mark on the wall. I set off trying to home in on the source of what sounded like water.

    Rounding a massive boulder easily the same size of a bus. I found what looked like a raised paved pathway, a few inches above the sand layer. This pathway is obviously artificial and  it must lead somewhere. I also notice that part of the path disappears under a boulder. The pathway was crushed under the weight of multi ton rock.

    Shining my torch up to the ceiling I can just make out a massive hole in the ceiling. Obviously, the boulder had once been part of the ceiling and had fallen and covered the path. Which is probably why I couldn’t see the path from the tunnel entrance. I carried on down the path till I slowly rounded the corner of a large pillar, my rifle at the ready to be aimed at an instant’s notice.

    What I find is no foe, but a T-junction in the path. The walkway I was on continued to lead onwards, with a smaller path leading off on a right hand turn. As I followed it with my eyes I could make out in the distance an archway. Like the pathway this was obviously man-made too, it was rectangular in shape. Well now, I have a way that may lead me out of the cavern. But I still wanted- no….needed to find this source of the water I was hearing. The sound is coming from off to my right, down the other route. I begin my investigation down that way.

    As I followed this new side path, I could hear the sound of water growing louder and louder. I also noted that I was passing between another boulder the size to the one near the entrance and another stone pillar.

    As I move passed these terrain  features, I stop, surprised by the scene I suddenly discover. What I’ve come across can only be described as a garden. Though, it’s like no other garden I had ever seen before. The path I was had taken me down a gentle slope into a large defile(?) in the rocky ground maybe 3 metres down. Ringing around the edges of it had flowerbeds of different  luminescent plants. Some of the flower beds have been crushed by fallen rocks from above.

    For a moment all I can do is stand here and stare at the spectacular sight before me. I shake my head, trying to clear my head and get back to the task at hand.

    The path leads down to the main feature of this underground wonderland; a pond. The pond is several metres in diameter, with the path circling around its circumference. A raised stone outcropping on either side of the pond. Pillar like structures, rise out of the water at measured points. They look like elevated stepping-stones. Heavily hinting at what could only have been a bridge, very possible a wooden one. Time had caused the structure to fail and reduced its wooden components to dust. Judging from the foundations, the bridge would have let two people to walk across side by side.

    Off to the left, at nearly a right angle to the bridge’s foundations. I can see a small stream feeding the pond. That comes from a spring that comes right out of the side of the cavern’s rock face. There is a little natural elevation next to it, that I can probably reach. A smile comes to my face when see this. That looks to be a natural spring, filtered through miles worth of rock and it wouldn’t have bacterium or other impurities in it. It would be as clean as water can get and there should be minerals dissolved into it too.

    With my heart and mind a little lighter I turn to my right and see something that surprises me nearly as much as the garden. A vast underground lake?! Then again, it stands to reason that the water would have to go somewhere. The pond drained its excess water through a small aquifer down in to the lake. From what I can see from my position, the path runs off parallel with the aquifer. Which in turn leading to a set of steps down to the lake’s shore.

    Tearing my eyes away from the lake and promising myself to investigate it later. I make my way around the water feature towards the spring. The climb up to spring wasn’t that difficult, soon I had my pack off and my water bottles out.

    Before I could start bottling the water I first had to test it with some water-purity tablets. The tablet would react to any harmful substances by fizzing and turn colour to indicate the pH that it came into contact with. Filling half of one bottle with water, I dropped a tablet in and gave it a gentle shake. No reaction, no fizzing, no colour change, nothing. I glanced down to the instructions on the side of the small tablet container to double check the results. I grinned; clean water, just as I had hoped. I began to fill each of my empty canteens.

    A grumble from my stomach loudly demands my attention. I swing my pack off, grimace from the pain and start getting my food rations out. The rations help to fill the hole I hadn’t noticed till now. As I sat against the wall, finishing off the last of the MRE that I had dished out for myself. I became aware of another need; I needed a piss. I’m not desperate, but I needed one soon.

    I’m a bit surprised in all these hours I’ve been here I only need one now. I must have been dehydrated and being distracted looking for a way out of here, that is probably cause of it. I also needed do some recon of that lake I saw. I had a plan.

    “I’ll do both”, I declared to myself, nodding as I began to pack my supplies away back in to my pack.

    As I descended the steps to the lake, I noticed it’s “shore” was in fact made of fine grains of sand, that shifter under my boots’ weight. My need to relieve myself had become a severe urge.

    A quick look around revealed there is numerous scattered groups of glowing crystals on the shore as well. Close to one groups is one of those stone pillars, close to the shore. Relieve myself of my pack and my desert jacket, whilst heading to the stone pillar. I laid my rifle up against a shin high rock next to the pillar, easily within reach. I fumbled with my trouser, tugging out my mighty cannon. Just in time before a misfire occurred. I’m rewarded with a golden stream from me to the rocky pillar.

    Sighing in relief at the simple pleasure of completing a desperate act in time. Safe in the knowledge that I wouldn’t have to bottle my own piss for drinkable water. That and knowing that I was leaving my “mark” upon the world. Yes, my mood had certainly improved. Now, I just had to find a way out of this cavern and deal with anymore of those things.

    I was briefly wondering if the lake held any fish. Till a splashing noise broke me out of my musing. A quick glance around reveals the source of the disturbance. Something out in the lake is coming this way. Some kind of underground fish? But, why would it be swimming towards the shore, on the surface no less? Better be prepared, than sorry and dead. I concluded.

    “Oh come on, how much piss do I have left in there?” I growled annoyingly, whilst glaring down at my cock, as it taking its sweet time to drain.

    The splashing from the lake is getting closer. I reach over to grab my rifle. While I struggle not to drench myself in my own piss. I can now see it through the darkness. It swims slowly towards shore. I make out what looks like it’s head above water. It’s thick mane obscuring any detail other than the general shape.

    Is this the same thing that’s been hunting-stalking me. I hear a growl before I realize it had come unintentionally out of my own mouth. The last few droplets dribble from the tip to drip on to the floor. Holding my rifle by the barrel and shaking my member with the other hand. Before roughly stuffing it back in to my boxers, ignoring the painful protest of my dick’s rough treatment.

    Another quick look back at my swimming stalker confirms that I don’t have time to reach better concealment. I’ll make my stand here then. I crouched behind the the shin high rock and waiting for it to come ashore, so I could get a clear shot at its head. There isn’t anything I know that could take a bullet to the head and not be seriously inconvenienced by that. I thought to myself, trying to calm myself. One last quick glance about to settle my nerves. Making sure I’m not going to be ambushed from the flanks, whilst I focus on the target in front of me.

    As my target continues it reaches the knee deep shallows, it begins to rise out of the water. I can see a lot more detail of it from the whitish light from the crystals. It now stands, hunched slightly over with its mane draped its face and front of its torso. The messy mane looks to its left and right. Bringing its arms up under its mane and then with an almost delicate movement. It flips its mane back over its head, and takes my breath away.

    For several heartbeats my mind can’t understand what my eyes are reporting to it. It was expecting to see some Hollywood monster, something similar to the cadavers that I’d passed by. But no. Instead, I feast upon a visage of something far more outrageous and strange. Standing in the knee deep shallows is a striking beauty!?

    With her, yes her, it’s obviously a female. If a little gaunt though. Her head slightly tilted up, eyes closed. There is a face that I’ve only seen on the cover of one of those high-class glamour magazines. Covers that everyone knows are photoshopped and even then they would fall short of her.

    She has high cheekbones, a small adorable nose. Full lips that are opened slightly, with a delicately pointed chin. As my gaze travels down her slender neck to her bare shoulders and defined collarbone. I suffer from man’s condition as my eyes lock on to her next assets. Two large, perfectly shaped breasts, jiggling with her moments. These are mounted on what appears to be fairly skinny ribcage. As if she hasn’t had a decent meal in a while. The thought of: “How the fuck can she be that gaunt and have such full rack?” Goes through my mind, as I stare almost paralytic.

    As I continue to watch, she begins to arch her back, stretching her back muscles. I can hear the cracking pops of her vertebra realigning. Causing her already impressive chest to be thrust out in an eye bulging way. I can’t tear my eyes off them until I’m forced to blink. The distraction helps to continue my journey down. Thin taut waist with muscles underneath without a sign of fat. I’ve always been a sucker for pretty, athletic woman. Well she looks half starved, but I get the feeling there won’t be any fat there anyway. Leading on to her wide birth-giving hips. Her womanhood is still in shadows cast by her thighs. Next is her athletic legs with bit of meat on her thighs despite her half starved appearance. This was what has been hunting me?

    As I stared surprised and dumbfounded at this revelation. The beautiful creature finishes stretching and begun to wade, clumsily towards the shore line. She’s wades with some stiffness as though she’s not used to walking upright. She finally sets foot on to the shore, walking off to the right hand side of where I’m crouched. I’m still staring at her like I’m some pre-teen lad that has just walked in on a nude hot young woman fresh out the shower.

    “Bloody hell”, I blink, only realizing now that those words have just left my mouth.

    I focus back on her to find she’s standing only a few metres away and her head, tilted towards me. Both of us stop and stare at one another, her eyes are a deep amethyst in colour. Her lips pull back in an impossibly wide grin. Revealing a set of white teeth, that are part human and part inhuman. Her incisors are human, yet her canines are larger, like that of an animal. I feel a shudder travel down my spine. The grin is one of a predator, having sighted her prey.

    The solid weight, resting in my hands reminds me of the presence of my rifle. My combat instinct kick in. I bring the weapon back up to target her head. Her eyes widen and grin is wiped from her face out of fear at the seeing the thing that brought harm upon her. My finger is on the trigger. A gently squeeze and this will be all over. A pity. A small part of me is regretting that I have to kill her.


    I frown, squeezing the trigger again, click again! I look down, tilting the rifle sidewards. Naturally taking my finger off and out of the trigger guard. A dud, really? I look back up at her, the grin is back on her face.

    Her jaws open wide, wider than a human’s could. I reach for my sidearm, strapped to my leg. I managed to get it out of it’s holster and try to bring it up. As a supersonic shriek hits me once again and it’s not any less uncomfortable than the last time.

    My mind and nerves are scrabbled. My body once again seizes up, refusing to responded to commands from my tortured, overwhelmed brain. I feel when the shrieking ceases, only to be tackled. The momentum causes us to hit the ground and roll a couple of times. I and my stalker come to a stop, with me on the bottom and her on top. As I regain a little control, I open my eyes again, to see her face hovering above my own.

    Those beautiful deep amethyst coloured eyes with long eyelashes stare down upon me. Another smug grin on her face that says; “Gotcha!. She’s straddling me, her arms holding on to my forearms.

    She leans over, her breasts hanging above my chest. Her areola look like small mounds crowned at the apex by erect nipples. She has patches of sand gathered from our roll on the floor, sticking to her body from her dip in the lake.

    I try to bring my arms up only to find I still have no control over them. I now notice that in the tumble I’ve lost my weapons. I try to turn my head in an attempt to find them, only for me to realize her face has gotten closer. She opened her mouth wide, wider than any human could and giving me a very good look at her mouthful of perfect white teeth. She tilts her head to the left side of my neck, ready to tear that side of my neck out.

    But then, she stops!

    Withdrawing her head, back from my neck area. A look of confusion and befuddlement has replaced her triumphal look. Her brow knitted in a frown that even now in this situation, I find utterly adorable. She continues to stare at me, until her eyes widen in surprise.

    My member is fully erect, to the point of it being painfully and it’s rubbing up against her womanhood. With only a thin piece of fabric separating us. I don’t know of what strange phenomena gives oneself sexual urges when in a moment of life/death. Maybe it’s the desperate desire to pass on one’s genes to the next generation. Under other circumstances, having a gorgeous woman straddling me would be a very good thing. But here and now, that’s simply not the case and this is fucking embarrassing too.

    Blinking in surprise, she let go of my forearms (which I still can’t move) to sit up straight and tries to look down at the area she is sitting upon. Only to find her very fine breasts in the way. Blinking rapidly, she does that a lot, I note. She brings her hands up to her chest, frowning as though she’s never noticed them before. Slowly, she cups each of her breasts, barely able to hold either due to their size. A small moan of pleasure leaves her lips, as she starts to slowly fondling them gently.

    I watched as she began to what appears to be; discovering herself. I wouldn’t deny I was enjoying the show. Abruptly her back goes rigid and her eyes fly downwards. I feel a twinging jerk, my manhood is making itself known in the most unmistakable way possible.

    Releasing her breasts, she looks downwards from left to right. Lifting herself off my pelvis and realizes she needs to investigate this new mystery. Whilst kneeling she turns around, pinning my forearms again with her shins. And plops herself back down on my chest causing me to wheeze. She tilts her head to look over her shoulder at me and then returns her attentions back to the mystery in my underwear.

    Once again I’m a hostage to a new view of her silky hair and behind that a well chiselled yet feminine back. I subconsciously tilt my head downwards to see a beautiful full butt. As she begins to fumble with my trousers, trying to pull them down and then suddenly feel a powerful yank. Till now I could have chalked up my lack of resistance to my temporary immovability and the shear surrealism of the situation I found myself in. But now, the thought of an inhuman woman getting access to my little trooper. And what she would do with it, that thought left me with a cold shiver of dread running down my spine in a way my combat training couldn’t prepare me for.

    While I’m having my little crisis, the said woman has yanked my trousers and boxers down to my ankles. Having succeed in freeing my cock from its bondage and is now from what I can see is content to stare at it. Part of my instinct causes me to freeze up, till I feel a poke to my exposed glans. This is more than enough to trigger my survival instincts. Causing me to try and lash out at the humanoid creature, that is currently has me pinned.

    This, to my panic stricken mind, could be some strange eating behaviour. Like a cat toying with its meal before eating it. To my surprise, my body has finally start to responding again. I start by bucking my body in a maddening desire to escape from this predator’s grasp. It also takes my stalker unawares, as she tries to remain on top.

    She grabs my legs for both stability and pin my wayward limbs. At the same time, she raise her considerable butt off me. Only to bring it back down with force, winding me again. My eyes are jammed shut due to the pain of the impact. The damage from that kick she gave me earlier didn’t help either.

    I don’t really know what happened next, but I think she slipped forwards. Her face is probably uncomfortably close to by junk. Now I can feel her laying horizontally along my body. My body at this moment decides now is a great time start coughing. As my body is rocked by a hacking, wheezing cough. A part of my body sends a new report to my stressed brain. Something feels warm and wet.

    I freeze, she has my dick in her mouth! In this position I fear, that any movement will encourage her to bite down. But what happens next threatens to sends my over stressed mind over the edge. I hear a moan, or rather feel it. I can feel my manhood being tumbled around in her drooling mouth. She’s a little clumsy, but not lacking in enthusiasm. The sensation of what she’s doing, hits me before I realize what’s happening does. My own moan joins hers.

    As she takes me out of her mouth, her tongue plays with my glans and around the back of the hood. Then she put me back in her mouth and slowly begin to try and bring more of me into her mouth. She tries to take me to my base, but gags a little and pulls back. As she regains her determination she returns for more, as she gets further down my shaft.

    It’s now that she nears my base of my cock, do I feel something else. Something is playing with my balls, its wet and slippery. Her inhumanly long tongue starts sliding around my right testicle and finally starts playing with my left with its tip. Her tongue cupping and massaging them. Her tongue only relinquish it’s hold on them as she withdraws my member from her oral orifice. But she never takes it fully out, and rams it back in like a greedy girl without an ounce of restraint.

    Another long and resonating moan, originates from the back of her throat. The vibration travels through my glans, down my hard shaft and to the base. My legs and toes twitch each time my tip and underside rubs on the back of her soft throat. I slowly open my eyes, to see quite the sight; a flushed drooling vulva.

    Barely several inches from my head and it’s just in reach. I can make out a little patch of pubic hair surrounding her womanhood. Her clitoris large and engorged and her moist labia. My lust has been building and my instincts to fight back finally have a target for me. I build up tension in my muscles and launch my head at her swollen crease.

    I give her hardening fleshly pearl a quick flick and then a slow flat lick from bottom to up of her slit. A sharp yelp comes from the girl and then a deep pleasure filled groan. I’m a bit concerned that she might bite down. But a fresh wave of pussy juice soon distracts me. As well as an increase in pace of her mouth and a very enthusiastic tongue. A few alternating kisses and licks, before I decide to go farther.

    I begin with a full kiss to her labia, creating a little suction. Then I slowly push my tongue into her, giving it a little wriggle. Damn, she’s tight. She begin shakes her perfect ass, causing me to nearly lose all my purchase inside her. I get frustrated at losing my prize, that I yank my arms out from under her. Freed, my hands grab hold of her thighs to stead her, gaining leverage to continue my renewed assault upon her delicious depths.

    As my oral organ probes her, Her legs begin to give away while she tries  bringing her ass closer to me. Gaining a few extra inches, my tongue probes to find a little nub. I toy around with it, which elicits quite a reaction from her. Shit, I’m close to losing it and blowing my wad right into her mouth. But I got to hold on, what kind of asshole cums before the girl?

    Suddenly, she releases my cock from it’s velvety prison. She arches her back and lets loose a blissful moan. Whilst my face is drenched in a flood of her femcum. That tastes remarkably like sweet flavoursome apples.

    After what feels like eternity. She collapse to one side, rolling onto her back. Laying there, in the bliss of her afterglow. It takes me a few moments for the lust to clear from my mind. I force myself into a sitting position. I look at the sexy woman who had just been riding my face. A twitch from my loins declares it’s unfulfilled need. Realization hits me hard like a 7.62×51mm NATO round.

    Is that it…

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  1. I really like the way this story is progressing. The characters are interesting, the switching perspective is very unique and the setting is being described in a way that it makes you curious about its story.

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