A Lonely Yeti

In hindsight, hiking alone on this mountain wasn’t such a good idea. Sure I had a GPS locator with me, like anyone hiking should regardless of the size of the group they’re with, but for some reason it wasn’t working. I don’t know if the batteries died or the antenna got damaged, but it was a useless piece of electronics now. Earlier in the morning it started snowing lightly, adding to the few inches already on the ground, and the snowfall just got heavier and heavier as time went by. Right around midday was when it really started getting worse. I could barely see six feet in front of me, and if it wasn’t already considered blizzard conditions it soon would be. I had packed for typical winter mountain weather: a good tent, plenty of warm clothing, high calorie foods, a gas stove, flint and steel in case I ran out of fuel for the stove, that sort of thing. What I hadn’t brought with me was something that would protect me from the sheer unnatural cold and howling winds.
A few more hours of trudging through the increasingly deepening snow, I had to face it. I was lost. Lost in the middle of nowhere with no real way of getting back. I just hoped someone would eventually find my frozen corpse up here. As the minutes and hours slowly rolled by, I felt myself becoming number and number. I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly at the thought. My body’s starting to change to match the landscape: nothing but white and cold.
Strangely enough though I thought I could see what looked like a cabin through the snowflakes whirling about me, perhaps a yurt maybe. There wasn’t any smoke coming from the roof, and I couldn’t see the orange and yellow glow of a fire through the window either. At least it would provide me with some shelter against the piercing gale that was chilling me to the bone. My heart started to pound just a little bit faster as I tried stumbling towards temporary salvation, but instead I fell forward onto my face.
I suppose this is how it’s going to be then, dying face down in the snow in the middle of a blizzard, my icy remains buried in a matter of minutes under the torrent of white flakes only to be found months if not years in the future by some other unlucky person. The last thing I felt before passing out from exhaustion and cold was two large fluffy paws rolling me over and picking me up out of the snow and holding me against something very warm and very soft.
I was genuinely surprised when I woke up and found myself not dead. Looking around, I noticed I was on a couch in some sort of room. A few feet away there was a fire burning in the hearth, and on the far side of the space there was a simple oak table with two chairs next to it. Close by there was a bed just barely big enough for two people, and the only door to the room was on another wall, and looking out the window I could see a few light snowflakes still falling. My pack was resting by the door, and I noticed that some of the clothing I had been wearing was hanging up by it. My eyes shot open and I looked down at myself, and thankfully I still had my shirt, pants, and underwear on.
What I wasn’t expecting was the large pair of fluffy white paws wrapped around my torso and equally snowy feet wrapping around my legs. The being who was currently holding me to them had tanned skin, which felt very warm against my own. Struggling against its grip, I felt two fairly large globes rubbing against my back. Whatever is holding me must be female, and my suspicions were confirmed when I heard a feminine mumble as I squirmed about. Her grip on me lessened slightly, and I was able to raise myself up from the couch and turn around, giving me a better look at the woman who probably saved me.
Like I noticed before, her hands and feet were more like paws on a bear than actual human hands, and they were covered in incredibly soft, fluffy white fur. For some reason her legs were almost entirely bare, but that just showed off how perfectly toned yet also large her thighs were. She seemed to be wearing what looked like regular female undergarments made out of the same white fuzz that was covering her hands and feet as a way to protect her modesty. Her stomach wasn’t toned in the same way as her legs, but it was still flat even if it looked pudgy from how she was laying down. Her breasts were a nice size, right around the same size as a large cantaloupe perhaps, and they were clad in a furry white bikini top. Her indigo blue scarf just barely reached down to where her cleavage started, but it did nothing to cover her blushing face, piercing green eyes, or unruly mop of equally bright white hair.
“You’re awake!” she shouts before reaching forward to wrap her arms around me, pulling me in and making my face fall into her breasts. “When I found you outside I thought for sure that you were dead! But you weren’t, and now you’re with me!”
I flailed my arms around for a bit, my voiced protests being muffled by her warm bosom before she finally realized the predicament I was in. Thankfully she let me go, and I could swear the blush on her face got a little redder.
“H-hold on a minute. You said you found me outside? And how long has it been since you brought me in here?”
“Yeah! You were face down in the snow only like fifty feet from my door, and I couldn’t help but carry you inside and make sure you got warm. I don’t really know how long since then, but I think it’s been only a few hours or so.” she says sheepishly.
“Well uh, thanks for saving my life I guess…” I respond. “I, uh, don’t know your name.”
“Oh. It’s Nelli! What’s yours?”
“Daniel.” Right at that moment, my stomach let out a loud growl. Nelli giggled, and I could feel myself flushing with embarrassment. “Do you have any food? I haven’t eaten in several hours, and I only really have some snacks in my bag.”
Nelli got up from the couch and walked over to some cupboards by the table, and I watched her as she searched through for something to eat. As pots and cans clanged against each other, I got a good look at her from where I was on the couch as she bent over. Her hips swayed back and forth ever so slightly as she hummed some song to herself, and I couldn’t help but stare at her perfectly shaped butt. Nelli’s entire lower body flexed ever so slightly as her paws dug through the cupboard before she backed away with a few large, unlabeled cans.
“I’m not sure what’s in these, but it’s probably good anyway.” Nelli said as she set them on the table to find a pot to cook the food in.
As much as she tried to, she couldn’t seem to reach the upper shelves even when standing on just her toes. Chuckling, I get up to help her. As I stood next to her to get the pot from the top shelf, my hand brushes up against her fluffy hands causing us both to blush.
A few minutes later, I’m sitting on the couch next to Nelli eating what turned out to be beans and peas. Sure, it’s not much of a meal, but it was warm and that was fine with me.
“So, uh, Nelli. You’re a mon- Mamono, right?”
“Mhm.” she says through a mouthful of food. “A yeti, to be specific.”
“I thought yetis were supposed to be one of the more rare ones. I mean, lamias, hellhounds, kitsunes, harpies, centaurs, red and blue oni; they’re the more common types.”
“They are. We’re kind of a solitary kind.”
“Don’t yetis still live with their parents for a while though? You look kind of young.” I ask, setting down my empty bowl. Nelli’s expression seems to darken slightly from what seemed to be her usual cheery attitude, and I instantly knew I struck a nerve.
“They uh, they’re not around anymore. I-it was a few years ago when Mom and Dad went out for supplies, a-and they didn’t come back.” she struggles to say.
My heart sunk a little bit when she said that her parents never came back. A few years ago there was a news report about an avalanche near the area, and among the bodies that were found were a man and a yeti, still hugging each other. Not really thinking, I shift my position on the couch and give Nelli a hug, which she gladly reciprocates.
“I’m sorry.” I say into her shoulder.
“N-no, it’s fine.” the yeti girl sniffles, rubbing away the few tears that leaked out with one of her paws. “What about your family. What do they do?”
“Well they’re retired now, and spending their time travelling the world. I think they’re somewhere in Asia right now.”
The conversation kind of dies out after that, only for either me or Nelli to bring up another mundane topic that we talk about for only a few minutes before silence fills the cabin again. A few hours later Nelli puts the dishes on the counter near the table to be cleaned later, and joins me back on the couch and snuggles up to me without even asking. Even though the fire has since died, I still feel rather warm as the soft monstergirl wraps her arms around me and nestles her face into my shoulder. The two of us enjoy each other’s company for a bit as we watch the glowing embers slowly fade, and I can feel my eyelids start to grow a little bit heavier as the minutes go by. Looking over to the yeti cuddling with me, I notice that her gorgeous green eyes are currently closed and she’s breathing softly, her chest gently rising in time with her breaths. Smiling softly, I pick her up and carry her over to the bed in the corner and gently lower her down onto the mattress.
“Come on Nelli, you have a bed. I can sleep on the couch if I need to.”
“Nooo~, you slept on the couch earlier. You need a bed.” the yeti exclaims, and pulls me down onto the sheets. “See, isn’t this better?”
I had to admit, being hugged like this was rather nice. It’s warmer and softer than any bed I’ve slept in before, and simply being in contact with a girl like this brings a few little butterflies to my stomach, but I shake those thought away.
“Well I suppose I could sleep in the bed, but what about you Nelli?”
“It’s big enough for both of us.” she responds as she cuddles up to me tighter. Her breasts press into my back, and she rests her chin on my shoulders as she shifts the rest of her body. After becoming satisfied with her current position as the big spoon, Nelli slowly falls asleep and I soon follow her, closing my eyes and getting some rest.
The next morning I woke up wrapped in yeti paws and a tangled blanket, with the yeti’s face gently resting on my chest. Nelli’s still sound asleep, and a bit of drool is leaking from the corner of her mouth and onto my shirt, staining it. I untangle myself from her warm embrace and wipe the spit off of my shirt as best as I can before gently shaking her awake.
“Hey Nelli.”
“Nelli.” I say again.
“What is it Daniel?”
“It’s morning. I was going to make breakfast for us.”
Nelli looks up at me with a bleary face before yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes, wrapping the blanket around her as she walks over the couch and plots down on it. I set the gas stove I had in my pack on the table nearby, and started heating up a tin of breakfast mash. A few minutes later the smell of processes eggs and bacon is wafting through the cabin, and I bring two servings of food over to the couch, handing one to the yeti next to me. We eat in silence for a few minutes before placing our respective camping utensils on the small end table on one end of the couch. Of course Nelli scooches over and hugs me again, and I allow her to pull me closer to her warm body. Resting her head on my shoulder, the yeti girl looks up at me for a moment, her expression still somewhat tired.
“Still tired?” I ask, ruffling her hair.
“I’m not a morning person if you’re wondering.” Nelli responds, slightly annoyed but still with a smile on her face as she snuggles up against me a bit more. “Tell me about yourself Daniel. What do you do to make money?”
“Well, I work in a factory. I make sure all the machines are running correctly and that everything runs smoothly.”
“Sounds difficult.”
“Eh, not really. I mostly stare at a bunch of moving graphs and needles all day. It’s certainly not as hard as actually moving all the boxes around down on the factory floor.”
“Well if you work in a factory, why are you up on a mountain?” Nelli asks.
“Hiking and camping are two of my hobbies. Sometimes I take a vacation and go hiking. It goes well almost all the time, but you can probably tell it didn’t this time.”
“Ah, I see. Aren’t your friends or parents going to get worried that you’re up here with me instead of back where you’re supposed to be?” the yeti asks again, and I just barely manage to catch her struggling to hide her hesitation.
“Eventually I think. I told my boss and some of my friends where I would be going, and naturally I brought along a GPS locater but that’s not working for some reason. Once I’m not back within a few days of when I said I would, they’d make a missing person report, and then an S&R team would be sent out to look for me. That won’t be for another week or so though, give or take a few days, so until then I suppose I’ll be staying here.”
When Nelli hears that I’m going to have to stay here with her for now, her eyes light up and she pulls me in for another hug, this one a little bit tighter than the rest. The act of enveloping me in her silky paws forces some air out of my lungs, and she unintentionally pushes me onto my back.
“Gah! H-happy that I get to stay with you Nelli?” I gasp, and she realizes what she’d just done and blushes heavily before letting me go.
“N-no! I just like giving hugs, and it felt like a good time to give you one.”
“I can tell.” I respond, clutching my side. She notices me acting hurt, and a slight frown crosses her face.
“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to!”
“It’s alright, you give good hugs. Just be a little more careful next time.”
Nelli smiles again before embracing me again, and like before my face lands right between her breasts. Thankfully she notices quickly and eases her vice-like grip on me so I can get some air. She seems to want to hold me like this for a few minutes, and I don’t really mind since I don’t have anything important to do, not that I could do whatever it is anyway. A few minutes into our friendly cuddling she shifts positions so that I’m in her lap before immediately locking her paws together in front of me, preventing me from moving.
“Hey Nelli.” I speak up after a few more minutes.
“There’s snow on the ground, right?”
“Of course there is dummy. We’re on a mountain.”
“Mountains don’t always have to have snow.”
“Whatever. What are you getting at?” she asks.
“Wanna make a snowman?”
Before I can manage to finish my sentence, Nelli’s already putting her blue scarf on and pulling me up off of the couch.
“Whoa, slow down! I need proper snow clothing on!”
“Sorry!” she yells before dashing out the door.
A few minutes later I’ve joined her, and she’s already started on making the base of the snowman. A trail has been dug out from the fresh powder on the ground as Nelli starts pushing a growing ball of snow in front of her, grunting slightly from the effort. I again can’t help but stare at her toned body as she works the white orb into a more respectable size. Turning around after reaching a pine tree nearby, she catches me looking at her and I quickly glance away and feign interest in something else.
“Are you going to stand there and watch or actually help me?” she asks.
Shaking my head, I walk across the undisturbed snow and move up beside her to assist. A minute or so later we get the base to a good enough size and start working on the middle. The process continues, and when we get to the head I start rubbernecking again. Her breasts are the perfect size, and oh boy is her almost entire lower body enticing. Her legs constantly tighten and unwind as she struggles to move the head, and her ass is just so inviting. I nearly reach out to grab a handful of it, but stop myself just in time. As I help her lift the head up onto the top of the pile, our hands brush up against each other again, and I nearly grab onto hers in the heat of the moment because they’re just so soft.
“Looks good, doesn’t it?” Nelli says, standing back to admire our joint effort after we found some rocks and sticks for the eyes, mouth, and arms.
“Not as good looking as you.” I respond without thinking. Both of us freeze up and turn away from each other to hide our blushing faces.
“H-hey Daniel.”
I sputter as I try to clear the snowball from my face that the yeti just threw at me. After freeing my eyes of any remaining flakes, I look up and see Nelli standing there with a grin on her face and a hand behind her back. Diving out of the way of her next attack, I go into a roll before jumping up and hurling my own icy missile at the monster girl, and it hits her square in the chest with a resounding *poof* of sparkling snow. She has the advantage over me though due to her natural camouflage, and manages to land several solid hits while my own throws go completely wide. Several minutes later both of us are panting heavily, and I fall onto my back in the snow by the cabin.
“Oh man I haven’t done something like that in ages Nelli!”
“Me neither…”
I start moving my arms and legs back and forth, swishing them against the soft snow and creating a snow angel.
“What are you doing Daniel?” Nelli asks, rising up onto her elbows.
“Making a snow angel.”
“A what angel?”
“A snow angel. Kids do it all the time.”
The yeti girl stares at me for a few moments before lying on her back and mimicking my movements and before long two snow angels are right next to each other. One is just slightly shorter than the other, and I can tell which one Nelli made because it doesn’t really look like a snow angel at all.
“Come on Daniel, it’s getting cold out. And I’m hungry.” Nelli pouts.
“Alright, alright, fine.”
Back inside, Nelli cooks up some more canned food for the both of us and after eating she snuggles with me on the couch again.
“That was fun. When can we do it again?” she asks.
“I dunno. In a few days maybe. I kind of want to explore the area a little bit more.”
“We can do that tomorrow, but we have to do it together. I don’t want you getting lost again and freezing to death.”
I simply look over at her before giving her a hug of my own, and she sighs into my chest before motioning for me to follow her to the bed.
“Good night Daniel.” Nelli says as she wraps herself around me after we lie down on the mattress.
“Good night Nelli.”
Over the next few days Nelli and I went on a few walks around the area near the cabin talking about various things. According to what she was told, Nelli’s parents met in the woods, kind of like how I met her. Her father was a lumberjack and came across a yeti during his break who told him she was lost. She clung to him for the rest of his shift, and he decided to bring her home so she would have a roof over her head at least. For the next week or so Nelli’s mother would follow her father around on the job site, and one night they were talking about something before things happened and they had sex. A few months later they officially got married and moved out to the cabin that her father built and “consummated” their marriage, and about a year later Nelli was born.
One what I believed to be the fifth day of being with the yeti girl, I was sitting in the floor next to her in front of the fire with a mug of hot chocolate in my hands. Nelli was resting her head against my shoulder with her arms wrapped around my torso.
“I know I’ve said this a few times before, but thanks for saving my life Nelli. I don’t know how I would be able to repay you for that.”
“Being like this with you is reward enough Daniel.” she responds, looking up and me and hugging me a little bit tighter. Peering into her eyes, I can’t help but smile back at her. Her sparkling green eyes seem to bore right through me, and she starts to move her face closer to mine, her eyes starting to slowly close before she suddenly stops herself and goes to looking back at the fire.
“Is something wrong Nelli?” I ask.
“N-no. It’s nothing…”
I shrug and go back to joining her in watching the flames for a few minutes when suddenly Nelli perks up for a moment.
“You hear that Daniel?”
I strain to listen to the sound that she had picked up, and soon I hear the faint sound of helicopter blades in the distance. I look over at Nelli before getting up from the floor and half sprinting out the door. Sure enough, there’s a helicopter out in the distance, and as it gets closer I can start to make out the coloration and design on the sides.
“What’s that?” Nelli asks, walking up beside me.
“It’s a helicopter. See how the nose and tip of the tail are an orange color, while the rest is mostly white?”
“Uh huh.”
“That means it’s probably a Search and Rescue helicopter.”
“Does that mean…” she asks, looking up at me, a tear forming in the corner of her eye before rolling down her cheek. I sigh before pulling her in for a hug.
“Yes, it probably does, and I expect them to find us within a day or two.”
Nelli slowly embraces me in her fluffy paws and starts letting out quiet sobs, and I can’t think of anything to do, so I simply stand there and hold her tightly while rubbing her back. I stand there for a few minutes before trying to pull her arms off of me, but she just increases her grip on me. I carry her back inside and lay down on the bed with her.
“Please don’t leave…” Nelli whispers as she clutches me.
I silently stare at the ceiling for a bit as the yeti holding me falls asleep, unsure of whether or not if I’d ever be able to see her again. I’ve started to really enjoy my short time with Nelli, but at the same time I miss my normal life. Nelli’s a really nice girl, rather good looking too, and I can’t help but feel like I’d really miss her when I leave before I fall asleep while holding onto her.
The sun is shining through the window and directly onto my face when I wake up the next morning. There’s a pounding in my head coming from the door, and I try and roll over so I can get out of bed but Nelli is still holding onto me.
“Nelli, come on, let me up.”
“Mmm, five more minutes.” she mumbles.
“Nelli, I think they’re here.”
Her green eyes slowly open and look up at me before shifting over to the door, tears already starting to form at the edges. She buries her face in my chest again, shoulders already starting to shake with fresh sobs of anguish. I pull her in as tight as I can and hold her, trying to shush her cries as I start to tear up as well. After several moments she finally calms down enough to pull away and look at me.
“You’ll come back, right?”
“I-I don’t know, Nelli. I really don’t, and I’m not sure I’d be able to find you again if I could.”
“P-please don’t f-forget about me…” she whispers again, a few more tears falling from her eyes to stain her face.
“I promise I won’t Nelli. I’ll never forget the fluffy yeti who saved me.” I respond, pulling her in for another hug.
The knocking on the door picks up again, and we both look over at it for a moment before letting each other go. Each second seems to stretch out forever as I gather up the few bits of my kit that are scattered around the room before putting it all back into my bag and Nelli goes over to open the door with a shaking hand. She pauses for a moment when I put my hand on her shoulder, and she looks up at me again and I nod. Turning the doorknob, the yeti girl opens the door to the chill morning air, revealing the two Search & Rescue members standing out in the snow next to two snowmobiles.
“You Daniel?” one of them asks.
The man looks over at his partner and nods, and they pull out what looks like a radio of sorts and starts talking into it for a few moments before nodding and putting it away.
“Well, it looks like you’re ready to go then.”
I nod, and walk over to one of the snowmobiles and start lashing my pack on while Nelli stands there in the doorway looking at me from afar. Just as I’m about to leave, I look back at her and realize there’s one last thing I need to do.
“Can you give me a minute?” I ask the S&R person on the snowmobile. He looks back at me and then over to the yeti standing by the door.
“Sure, go ahead.”
Climbing back off of the snowmobile, I walk over to Nelli and embrace her as hard as I can, nearly picking her up off the ground as I do so. She immediately wraps her fluffy paws around me and pulls me in even closer, crushing my ribs.
“I’m going to miss you.” she says, her voice muffled as she buries her face into my chest.
“I’m going to miss you too Nelli.” I say
After kissing her on her forehead, I pull away and make the painful walk back over to the snowmobiles. I look back at Nelli one last time, and she says something but her voice is drowned out by the revving of the snowmobile’s engine as I start to move away from the cabin. Even after I lose sight of Nelli through the trees I keep on looking in her direction, hoping for one last glimpse of the monstergirl.
The drive back up to the cabin wasn’t really a long one, or at least it didn’t seem that way. I had a few things on my mind, but Nelli kept on coming back up over and over again. I really missed the girl, and after being away for a few weeks I’ll finally be able to see her again. My heart starts fluttering again as I think about the fluffy yeti girl, and I speed up a bit in the hopes that I get there faster.
I finally pull up out in front of the cabin and shut off the quad bike and grab my pack, although I suspect I won’t be needing much from it in the next few days. My heart feels like it wants to burst from my chest, and I take a deep breath before exhaling heavily and knock on the door. After a few moments I can hear soft footfalls on the other side, and the knob jiggles a bit before the door opens and on the other side is a very bewildered and surprised yeti girl.
“Remember me?” I say with a smile on my face and my arms open wide.
“Daniel!” Nelli manages to gasp before leaping into my arms and hugging me rather tightly. “You came back! Oh god you came back!” she sobs.
“You didn’t think I’d forget you?”
“N-no! O-of course not! But you came back! You remembered me!”
The two of us simply stand there hugging each other for several minutes before I manage to pry the clingy monster girl off of me.
“Do you mind? It’s kind of cold out.” I say, making Nelli smile sheepishly before grabbing my hand and dragging me inside. Right after I put my bag down on the floor by the door, Nelli immediately embraces me again and starts soaking my shirt with her tears.
“Nelli, come on, enough already. I’m back, aren’t I?”
“Y-yes, but I missed you!”
“I missed you too Nelli, I missed you too.” I say as I somehow manage to walk over to her bed and sit down on it with a yeti girl still wrapped around me. I simply lay there cuddling with Nelli and stroking her head as she continues to quietly sob into my chest.
“I-I can’t believe you came back!” she says after a few minutes, her eyes red and puffy from the crying.
“Yes, yes, I came back. Do you remember what I said earlier?”
“N-not really, n-no.”
“Not even the part about how when I came back I wouldn’t leave again?”
“Are you saying that…?” Nelli starts to say before trailing off.
“Yes, I am.”
Like a floodgate being opened, Nelli pounces me, encircling me in soft white fluffy warmth as she starts to cry even harder. I simply laugh and hug her back and enjoy the feeling of holding her close to me.
“Hey Nelli.”
“Wh-what is it Daniel?” she asks, looking at me with tears of joy in her eyes.
Letting go of her so I can grasp her face, I pull her closer to me and kiss her hard. Her eyes go wide when our lips meet before I let go. She almost immediately returns the gesture, her soft lips crashing against my own as she kisses me over and over again. We start caressing each other’s body, her giant white paws rubbing against the fabric of my shirt as I explore every contour of her smooth, tanned skin. As I continue to make out with Nelli, I admire the way her thick thighs give way to her perfectly flared hips and grabbable rear end. Kneading the soft flesh elicits a few short moans from Nelli as I fondle her ass, and she starts to press her hips into me a bit. Smiling internally, my hands glide across the supple flesh of her waist up to her pert breasts and I slip them under the only thing covering her chest.
Nelli inhales sharply when I run my thumbs across her stiffening nipples before letting out a low moan of pleasure. She grabs my wrists before pulling my hands away, only to reach around to her back to unhook her bra to take it off, tossing it to the side. Her breasts are perfectly round, and the pink areola sitting proudly atop them are just barely bigger than the tip of my thumb. Almost as soon as they are free, I dive back in to cup her melons, rolling the warm flesh in my palms even as Nelli starts grinding her crotch into mine, slowly increasing the tempo of her humping. She starts pawing at my shirt and I smile at her before pulling it off of me before moving down to help her take off the last bit of her clothing and mine before hugging her and rolling over.
Teasing her for a bit, I rub my rapidly stiffening member across her puffy vulva and silence her moaning with another smooch. She tries to grasp at my cock, but I bat her hands away and pull them around my neck. Nelli smiles at me before moving her head up to peck me on the lips.
“Daniel?” she asks.
“I-I love you.” My heart skips a beat, and I fumble for words before Nelli gently holds my face, brushing her lips against mine. “I love you Daniel. I want to be together with you, in more ways than one.”
“Nelli, I-”
“Shut up and make love to me.”
The yeti girl grabs my waist and shuffles me around, gasping slightly when the tip of my manhood slips into her. She pauses for but a moment, and I take the opportunity and push myself in up to the hilt in her burning hot confines, my thighs coming to rest against her muscled legs when I do.
“Oh god, it feels so big Daniel… Please, I want to feel you filling me up over and over again.” Nelli moans.
Wrapping her powerful limbs around my waist while her arms drape themselves around my neck, she tugs against me with her feet and I take that as my queue to start thrusting my hips into her gently.
Leaning forward, I kiss the nape of her neck before moving up to nibble her ear, making her squirm about as she moans in delight when she feels my shaft plunge in and out of her. The hot interior of the yeti girl’s sex feels like it was made for me, and my rod twitches slightly as it’s dragged in and out of the slick tunnel. Her salacious begging only spurs me on further, and I speed up my thrusts a little bit, making her breasts bounce around as small amounts of fluid squirt from around my prick. Seizing the opportunity, I give Nelli a few more kisses before moving down to her sternum and then her naked bosom, flicking my tongue across her stiff nipple. With each touch of my tongue on her breast and wet squelch as I push my way up to the hilt, the monster girl gasp in pleasure as she begs me to keep going. Taking one of her melons in my mouth, I gently suck on her breast and roll my tongue around the areola, leaving the rest of the nipple untouched as she whines out.
“D-Daniel, s-stop. I-I don’t know if I can take it anym-hah!” Nelli gasps out as I really start to speed up, my groin slapping wetly against hers as her feminine juices coat our nether regions and soak into her fur.
“Oh god! Ngh, it feels so good! Do me har-ah-harder!”
I give her just that, and my hips become a blur as the bed starts to jump from the frenzied lovemaking. Nelli’s thighs start jiggling slightly as my body smacks into hers. Grunting with the effort of giving the yeti girl what she most wanted, I start to feel myself creeping closer and closer to the point of no return.
“Nelli, I-I think I’m going to cum soon.” I gasp as I continue to pound her.
“M-me too Daniel. Don’t hold back, let’s go together.”
She hugs me close to her, and I’m forced to do short, quick thrusts rather than the fast or deep ones I was doing before. My cock twitches suddenly inside her, and I gasp out in shock.
“Nelli!” I shout before she cuts me off with a kiss, sending me over the edge as my member erupts inside of her. She cries out in delight as I unleash thick rope after thick rope of sticky jizz into her, and I can feel her pussy undulating around my prick, milking me for every last drop of my semen. I give a few more pushes into the yeti girl’s eager snatch, pushing into her as deep as I can go and not caring about the consequences.
A short while later I finally stop ejaculating into Nelli, and I collapse on top of her. She pulls me close and cuddles with me, cooing into my ear even as both of us pant from the exertion.
“I, hah, I love you Daniel.”
“I-I love you too Nelli. I love you too.”
Just a month ago I wouldn’t expect myself to respond to her the way I just did, but it felt right. I lie there with her, basking in the afterglow of the sex I just had with her. Strangely enough though, I still felt hard and it seemed like Nelli noticed as well.
“Having a second wind Daniel?” she says, looking up at me with lust-filled eyes.
“I-I guess so.”
She pushes me off of her, my rock-hard member slipping out of her with a wet squish before she straddles me, pinning me down with her powerful thighs. Raising herself up, she grabs my dick in one of her fluffy paws before aligning it with her still eager sex, dropping her pelvis down heavily when the tip brushes up against her entrance. She immediately starts bouncing on my dick, gasping out as her hips smack into my pelvis painfully. I grab at her waist and move my hands to her ass, groping and massaging the squishy flesh in my hands. Nelli seemed to start to lose control slightly, so I grab onto her ass hard and start jackhammering into her, hollow slaps ringing in my ears as I brutally pound her snatch. Her bosom jumps about wildly, and she reaches up to pinch one of her stiff nipples in between her thumb and finger, moaning out lewdly  as my hips barrel into her.
“Oh god! Oh yes! Yes! Right there! Ungh, deeper! Harder!” she yells as she plants her large paws on my chest to aid in the rough sex we’re having. A few moments later though she screams out in climax as her pussy clamps down on my manhood, sending me over the edge.
“I love you Daniel.”
“I love you Nelli.”

And with that I cum in Nelli for a second time, gasping out quietly as my cock spurts out inside her. She kisses me deeply as the iron grip from her legs eases up on me and she slides of my softening manhood. We share another hug, falling back onto the bed and lay there for several minutes before falling asleep in each other’s loving, caring embrace…

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