A Very Last Minute Halloween Story

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“Stop fussing. You look fine.”

Akai, tugging his collar, didn’t think so.

Out of all the Halloween costumes in the world that were available to him, this one, he felt, made him look the most idiotic.

He wore a fitted black suit, complete with black tie and matching glossy oxford shoes. If one were to take a passing glance at him, they could have easily mistaken him for a high brow businessman or maybe even a funeral home director.

If only he could be so lucky.

“You do realize that making a demon go as a lawyer for Halloween is pretty stereotypical, right?” Akai said. “In fact, some would even call it racist.”

“Oh relax. The point of this holiday is to dress as something you aren’t,” a certain angel replied.

Akai turned to look Hoahi.

His angelic wife’s Halloween attire was even more mundane than his. Atop her maroon colored hair sat a pair of black fluffy cat ears and drawn upon her face were cat whisker marks. Other than that, she wore her knee-length coat to protect herself from the cool autumn night air.

It was a low effort costume by all accounts.

At least to the outside observer.

They continued walking down the near empty street, the passing glow of street lights illuminating their path as they passed by the small town shops closed for the night before finally arriving at a nondescript store with a heavy wooden door.

It too was closed for the night, but for them, that didn’t matter.

Haohi reached up and knocked on the wooden door.

“Now remember,” She said, turning to Akai. “We go in. Stick around long enough to say hello. And leave. In and out.”

Akai nodded, begrudgingly agreeing with her.

In truth, he would have liked to stick around for the Halloween party they had been invited to, as it was rare for just the two of them to go out.

But even he knew it was a bad idea to leave their demon of a daughter (literally) alone.

Especially on this night of all nights.

Akai thought back to last year, when their daughter managed to somehow raise and enlist the skeletons buried in the local cemetery to rise and do her bidding before making an audacious attempt to take over the town.

It took the better part of the night trying to fix that particular debacle, and Akai had lost count of how many times he had said ‘sorry’ to the mayor.

He would have liked to avoid a similar event from happening this year as well.

So Akai understand his wife’s attempt at keeping up with the barest minimal amount of social obligation.

Partly, at least.

In truth, he knew there was an ulterior motive.

Before he could mull it over any further, the door before them, which had been locked and bolted shut for the night, suddenly swung open.

Akai and Haohi wasted no time in stepping inside.

He felt a slight tingle ripple through his body as he stepped over the threshold, a sure sign that powerful magic was involved.

It came as no surprise.

After all, The Witch’s Cauldron, didn’t exist in any physical location. The famed bar could appear behind any door; a street side shop entrance, a utility closet door, the emergency exit of a laundromat, it didn’t matter. What mattered was that one could only enter such a fantastical place if they had the proper invitation.

Akai had once asked how it all worked, but the only answer he ever got was “It’s magic. You wouldn’t understand.”

The door shut behind them, leaving the two standing alone in an empty hallway illuminated only by a dimly light bulb.

They didn’t have to wait long before out of the darkness, a voiced called out.

“Welcome to the Witch’s Cauldron.”

Akai turned to find standing next him was a cheshire cat girl, her features hidden behind a painted mask.

He could have sworn that no one was standing there a second ago.

But then again, the employees of the Witch’s Cauldron were just as mysterious as its owner.

“I can take your coats and any props you may have, if you wish,” the Cheshire spoke in a monotone voice.

Akai handed her his only prop, a suitcase, glad to be rid of it.

At least now he looked somewhat normal; just another demon in a suit.

Cliché, but at least he knew he looked good in a suit.

His wife on the other hand, was a different story.

Akai looked on with a strange sense of fascination as his wife began to unbutton her coat and proceed to slide out of it before folding it once over and handing it to the masked Cheshire, who wordlessly accepted it.

There Haohi stood in her full Halloween costume; or lack thereof.

She would have been nude, if not for the shimmering oily black velvet that ran along the side of her body. Her breasts and nethers were covered by the same material in an attempt of modesty, but besides this, the rest of her body was fully exposed. Akai scanned her open back, tracing his eyes over her figure before eying the black velvet cat tail that hung just below where her own spine ended.

He sighed.

“Are you sure you’re okay like that?”

“I didn’t hear any complaints before we left,” Haohi mused, more focused on fixing her ears than answering him.

Akai glanced away.

That was true enough.

It took over an hour to paste all the material on her body. And then after a thorough rough inspection, another hour to glue it all back on again.

Once satisfied her cat ears were more than perfect and her costume set, Haohi turned to face him and flashed a confident smile.


Akai regarded his wife with a wry grin.

For as long as they had been together, and as long as they had known each other, he sometimes wondered if he truly understood her.

“After you, Kitten.”


Akai reached out with his hand, which Haohi gingerly grasped as the two made their way down the narrow hallway and onto the main room of the bar.

The sight of which nearly assailed his senses.

Instead of the usual decor of the bar, the entire room had gone through a Halloween transformation. Everything from the walls, to the bar stools, to the lights and ceiling had been decorated or outright replaced with Halloween adornments. Spider webs clung to fixtures, orange, black and purple lights flickered across the room, jack-o-lanterns floated lazily in the air.

Akai wondered if he was actually standing in a bar or if a Halloween decoration store had been converted into one.

And if that wasn’t enough, the entire room was absolutely packed. Ghouls, mummies, werewolves, demon and devils, both costumed and real, mingled together. Wisps and ghosts flickered about, booths were stuffed with drunken revelers, a band of skeletons played music on strange with instruments in one corner, and the usual bartender was replaced with a multi-armed animated scarecrow that churned out brightly colored drinks as fast as partygoers could order them.

This was the first time he had ever seen the bar so lively.

Haohi pushed herself back into him, narrowly avoiding a stumbling zombie that shuffled by.

Haohi gazed up at her husband.


Akai gave her a reassuring smile.

“Stick close to me then.”

Holding her by the hips, Akai began to guide her through the crowd, parting through them like an ice breaker as the two made their way towards the bar itself.

Akai couldn’t help but marvel at the sights.

Spine-chilling monsters and spooky creatures of legend intermingled and laughed freely with costumed part-goers without a care in the world. He caught glimpses of a hellhound dressed as a fireman, The Headless Horseman letting the curious try on his jack-o-lantern head, a succubus dressed as a nun, and more people dressed as witches than he could count. Or maybe they were actual witches. It was hard to tell.

He quick to spy more scandalous Halloween costumes as well, content that his wife wouldn’t be the only one standing out. There was an anubis with a smoking cocktail in hand, wearing what Akai could only describe was mummy shibari, a raiju whose breasts threatened to burst out of her much too small nurse outfit, and a blindfolded kikimora wearing a black and white leotard that rode all the way up.

“What are you looking at?” Haohi accused in a teasing tone.

Akai smiled down at her and gave her a reassuring squeeze.


Haohi gave him a knowing look but simply rolled her eyes.

As if to try and anchor his attention, she began to roll her hips and exaggerate her stride.

“Remember, you got a mission,” Akai reminded her.

“I know,” Haohi mused, but continued nonetheless.

It wasn’t long before there was a break in the crowd and they were able to press their way to the bar. Haohi leaned forward on the bar top, waving to the animated scarecrow.

“Hey straws! Where’s the big rabbit herself?”

She had to shout over the cacophony of chatter and loud music. But instead of answering, the animated scarecrow’s arms bent and moved in a flurry of motion before a bubbling, smoking glass filled with green liquid slid down the counter top, passing other patrons before stopping expertly before her.

Haohi stared at the glass for several seconds before picking it up.

“I guess that’s what I get for asking a scarecrow,” she complained to Akai.

Akai shrugged.

The only reason they had agreed to come to the Halloween Party in the first place was because Haohi had wanted to show off, or rather show up, the master of ceremonies’ Halloween costume with her own.

And yet, Calliach was nowhere to be seen.

It was odd, considering that she would have normally been behind the bar. And even after scanning through the crowd, Akai would have noticed her trademark purple hat and long bunny ears, even in the sea of witch hats.

It was strange indeed.

“I’m going to go look in that corner over there,” Haohi said pointing in a direction before sipping her drink. “You go search over there.”

Akai watched as she pushed through and quickly disappeared into the crowd.

Once she was focused on a task, it was a hard to dissuade her.

With nothing better to do, and wanting to get away from the noisy bar, Akai once again waded through the sea of costumed party goers, using his natural height to his advantage.

Several times he accidentally bumped into someone or stepped on their costume and by the time he had crossed the room he lost count of how many times he had said “excusemesorry”.

Suddenly, the room erupted in a cheer.

Akai turned to find hands and claws raised, whistles piercing the air, and people clapping, leaving Akai to wonder what was going on.

Across the room, walking up on stage and for all to see, was the famed owner of the Witch’s Cauldron, Calliach.

Akai’s mouth dropped at the sight of her; for two reasons.

The first was her choice of a Halloween costume.

In breaking with tradition, Calliach was not wearing the usual leotard that she was well known for.

But that was to be expected of course.

It was Halloween after all.

She still wore her distinctive hat and leggings, but now she also wore a strange top that partly covered her shoulders and arms as well.

And nothing else.

Everything from her chest to her upper thighs was fully exposed, the only thing not leaving her bare were three bright orange and black jack-o-lantern stickers placed precariously on her most intimate parts.

The second reason his jaw dropped, was because for the first time since in the entirety that he had known her, the normally cool, stoic, indomitable, bar mistress who never lost face, looked…embarrassed.

“Alright, alright settle down you horn dogs,” Calliach said speaking into the standing microphone on stage.

Once again the room erupted into a cheer, this time accompanied with the howling of several were- wolves as well, which earned a roar of laughter across the room.

Akai watched as she brushed her hair back, accepting their rambunctious cheering, all the while fidgeting like a nervous school girl accepting an award in front of the whole school.

She waited patiently for the cheering to die down before continuing.

“Enjoy it while it lasts, boys. At any rate, welcome to another special Halloween night here at the Cauldron. As always, your continued patronage is more than appreciated and we look forward to…”

At that point Akai had already stopped listening.

His entire attention was transfixed on the single image in front of him.

It was true he was more than intimately aware of every single detail of the woman standing on stage.

Yet, the visage of the bunny witch standing there, near naked, awoke a new carnal desire in him. He eyed her like a hungry animal, his eyes roaming across every inch of her bared body studying every detail.

Her skin radiated underneath the single spotlight that shone on her, further highlighting and emphasizing her figure. Without the support of her leotard, her breasts gave a gentle alluring bounce with every breath she took.

The slightest gesture she made caused them to jiggle. Well defined hips and shapely thighs practically marked her for a singular total purpose.


But perhaps, what he was most attracted to wasn’t the near naked woman standing on that stage, but rather her confidence.

Calliach was well known for never leaving her bar.

Akai had guessed that she must have had some slight fear of open places, or maybe even large crowds of people.

And yet the bar was packed.

And now there she was standing on stage, baring her body for hundreds to leer and stare at, no doubt many filling in with their imaginations what those stickers barely covered.

“…and with that finally said, enjoy your drinks, tips your waiters, and have a Happy Halloween!”

The sound of people cheering and clapping broke Akai out of his enraptured trance as Calliach finished her speech and bowed, which only grew louder as she turned to leave.

Unlike her front, there were no stickers on her back, leaving her butt entirely exposed save for her purpled hued fluffy bunny tail.

Several more piercing whistles erupted through the air as she was helped off stage by masked cheshire before disappearing into the crowd below.



Like a hungry shark, Akai followed.

It wasn’t difficult following the purple witch hat.

Several times, he spied her through the crowd, seeing the near nude witch engaging in conversation with someone or another before once again continuing on.

Silently he followed.

A predator in a sea of people.

Akai watched and waited as Calliach finished another conversation with a pair of floating ethereal ghosts before disappearing into the back rooms.

He followed after, undeterred by the “Employees Only” sign.

He suspected he would have been stopped by one of the bar’s masked cheshires if he really wasn’t allowed back here.

He also had a hunch that Calliach was expecting him.

Rounding the corner, he entered the storage room.

He found Calliach standing at a table her back towards him as she vigorously worked a mortar and pestle in hand.

“You know you’re late, right?” Calliach called out to him, without turning around.  “For a moment, I thought you weren’t going to show up.”

Akai leaned against a crate and watched her work.

“It was a bit last minute.” He said, crossing his arms, watching her cotton tail butt shimmy as she worked the pestle.

“Love the costume by the way. Reverse bunny suit is a good look for you.”

Calliach dropped the mortar with a clatter and turned toward him.

Even in the dim light of the room, he could make out the hint of red on her face, and the pink hue of areola that the stickers failed to cover.

“Damn reverse bunny suits,” she smiled, cursing. “You know I can’t even bend over in this thing?”

“Too much?” Akai asked, moving toward her. Calliach made no effort to resist as he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close.

“You know I’m a purist,” Calliach whispered back, her hot breath tickling his chin.

Akai responded by leaning down and claiming her lips.

What started as a simple kiss quickly grew into something more passionate as the two gently began to battle for dominance, quickly becoming lost in the moment. His hands roamed freely across her near nude body, grasping and squeezing her bare butt and eliciting gentle moans from the witch.

His lips followed hers, matching her every movement. He slipped in his tongue, intent on exploring further, probing her teeth for entry, but was denied with a teasing moan.

Akai replied in kind by firmly squeezing her butt.

She jolted and gasped sharply, and seizing the opportunity, Akai easily slipped past her defenses. There was little resistance afterwards, as Calliach was content on letting Akai explore every inch of her mouth. When Calliach began probing him, he eagerly allowed her entry, letting the witch run her tongue across his teeth.

But it was Akai who broke away first, gasping for air.

Calliach gasped for breath as well, chest heaving.

She wore a self-satisfied expression, as if proud for having outlasted him.

Akai simply looked down at her heaving chest and grasped one of the jack-o-lantern stickers that adorned her breast.

“No, wait they’re-“

And pulled sharply.

Calliach stymied a squeal, her body rocking as her nipple had refused to relinquish the sticker.

Akai looked at the peeled jack-o-lantern sticker stuck to his thumb.

“Wow, those are really stuck on,” he mused.

“Yes, asshole…” Calliach shot back.

Akai had thought she was mad at him, but she instead presented him with her other breast.

“…so be gentle.”

Akai took the suggestion.

He leaned down, taking her breast in hand and bringing the sizable mound to his mouth where he engulfed her nipple, sticker and all. Calliach let out a soft coo as Akai used his tongue to work his way underneath the sticker to peel up an edge. Once the edge was raised, he gingerly grasped it with his teeth and slowly brought his head up, taking her breast with him as the sticker slowly began to peel away from her flesh. Akai watched with a strange fascination as the sticker finally peeled away and her tit dropped back down, bouncing and finally leaving her properly topless.

Akai grasped her breasts, lightly kneading the flesh in his hands.

“You okay?” Akai asked, his fingers focusing on her perky hardened nipples, giving them light pinches.

Calliach writhed beneath his touch.

“Are you asking about me or my boobs?” she answered coyly.

Akai grinned.

Only one sticker remained now.

Akai picked Calliach up and heaved her onto the table behind her, spreading her legs to reveal the last sticker placed precariously at her entrance.

“Do try and be gentle,” Calliach said in a toying, sarcastic tone. “I have a party to get back to.”

Akai smiled back.

“No promises.”

But before they could continue further, they were interrupted by the sound Haohi bursting through the storage room door.

“Where is that bitch of a witch!?”

Akai whipped around to find his wife standing there, fuming.

Strangely however, even in the precarious position she had found them in, Akai noticed her anger wasn’t directed to him specifically.

In fact, now that he noticed, there was something definitely different about her.

“What did you do to me!?” Haohi demanded to know.

Calliach looked at her with surprise.

“Oh my, it took that long to take effect? I’ll have to work on that,” She thought to herself.

Akai looked over to Haohi, trying to figure out what was wrong with her when he suddenly noticed her ear twitch.

And not her natural ear.

But rather the pinkish hued cat ear that adorned her head.

Wasn’t that black before?

The realization finally hit him.

He turned back to Calliach.

“…You didn’t”

Calliach grinned evilly.

“First rule of Halloween. Trick-or-Treat.”

Akai turned back to the enraged Haohi, who had kept her hands firmly nestled between her thighs. It was then that he also noticed that her bottom piece was entirely missing as well, and perhaps most startling; a pinkish hued cat tail roiled and writhed with life behind her.

“You turned me into a damn cat!” Haohi growled. “I expected a lot of things from you, but this is by far the worst thing you’ve done. And you made me ruin my costume!”

At this point, Akai couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight.

“Don’t you dare laugh!” Haohi shot back.

But try as he might, he couldn’t help himself.

“The potion will wear off by tomorrow morning,” Calliach said, pushing herself off the table and planting a quick kiss on Akai’s cheek

We’ll fuck later,’ she quietly mouthed to him before turning her full attention to Haohi.

She stroked her chin, a gleam in her eye as she looked over Haohi.

“As for the state of your costume, I got something you can do…”



Akai watched with a prideful sense of awe as the packed bar that had once made been such a struggle to wade through suddenly parted and opened before him.

“Well if I knew this worked, we should have done this sooner,” Akai said aloud.

“That’s easy for you to say,” Haohi said, sticking close to him. “At least you’re wearing something.”

“Well you did want to show off,” Akai countered. “And you’re definitely showing off now.”

Haohi’s original costume had to be altered due to her new tail getting in the way of her old costume, and now instead of the oily black velvet that covered her nethers like a bikini, the entire costume had been replaced with a black and orange jack-o-lantern sticker. Two similar stickers covered her nipples as well, leaving the rest of her body exposed for all to see.

She suddenly yelped and clung to Akai’s arm.

“Someone just touched my butt!” She whispered in a hushed tone.

Akai simply smiled and pulled her in close to him, keeping a firm grip on her naked butt.

“That’s fine. That just means people like you. When the party’s over, we’ll get you a nice leash and collar to let everyone know that you belong to me.”

Haohi seemed to consider the idea for the slightest of moments before quickly jabbing him in the ribs.

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