A Griffon’s Photoshoot

“But that’s lewd!”

The wolf monster girl sitting across from her looked at the flustered griffon blankly before letting out a hearty laugh.

“We’re monster girls Alena; lewd is in our nature.” The wolf monster girl known as Tess explained with a sly grin.

The winged griffon could only stare at her friend awestruck as she raised the mug to her lips and gulped down the golden ale. The griffon hung her mouth agape as she tried to process the information, her own drink clutched tightly in her clawed hands. The bar was especially crowded tonight, and the young griffon was already having a tough time trying to keep her wings tucked in as various people walked around the pair.

“But people are going to see you! What if they…masturbate to you?” The griffon said bringing her voice down to a hush, as if what she wasn’t allowed to say anything naughty in public.

The silver haired wolf monster girl’s mug paused at her lips as she thought about it, but merely shrugged and smiled.

“I mean, it was for a lingerie magazine, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if people fapped to me. In fact, I’d just take it as a compliment then.” Tess quipped proudly, showing off a toothy grin.

The sandy blonde haired griffon could only sigh and watch her friend order her third drink. She looked down at her own drink, her reflection peering back at her; she was still on her first.

“So you just let some random guy take pictures of you in your underwear?”

The wolf girl slammed her now empty mug down and let out a satisfied sigh before she turned her attention to the Griffon.

“That’s my friend you’re talking about Alena; I’ve known him since high school. I heard he’s got his own art gallery now.” The wolf explained. “And I got a couple hundred dollars out of it for a few hours of work, with the lingerie on top of that for free,” she said as-a-matter of factly.

The wolf girl looked over to Alena and squinted at her, a wry grin on her face as she lazily began to point her now empty mug at the Griffon.

“Oh, but I forgot. Little miss ‘perfect’ over here is too pure to be staring in ‘porn’. Heavens forbid someone catches you showing a bra strap!”

Alena sat there, fuming at her words, her cheeks glowing red.

“…could do it.”

“Hm?” The wolf monster girl raised an eyebrow, bemused at the reaction of the flustered griffon.

“I could do it!” Alena yelled out.

Several other patrons turned to look at the source of the sudden outburst, surprised at first to find that it was the lion limbed griffon, but even more surprised when her wolf monster girl sitting across from her burst out laughing, slamming her wolf paw down on the table.

“Alena, please! You could barely handle a shot of strawberry schnapps much less bare your butt in front of a camera.”

Alena gritted her teeth, her tail thrashing back and forth as she was further made fun of by her life-long friend; she could do better.
She knew she could.

She quickly downed her drink, gulping down the amber liquid so fast that it left the wolf monster girl visibly stunned. She struggled at first, but managed to finish without spilling all over herself or choking. For now though, it just managed to shut up the wolf-girl who was left speechless at the spectacle.

The Griffon’s eyes began to water and her throat tingled as she fought the urge to hiccup and lose face now.

“Call him…”

The wolf girl ears seemed lost for a moment, her ears twitching once, and then twice again.


Whether it was the drink or Alena’s own sheer stubbornness the winged Griffon silenced the entire bar with her sudden outburst

“Call him! You think I can’t do it!? I can do it! Anyone can do it! Call him! Right now! I dare you!”

The wolf monster girl simply raised an eyebrow at her.

Of course these were words that Alena would later come to regret as one week later she found herself sitting on a luxurious bench, shaking in both fear and excitement in one of the most famous landmarks in all of Monster Girl City; The Bordeaux.
Out of all the highest, most expensive, and exclusive luxury resort hotels in Monster Girl City, The Bordeaux was the only one that proudly held all three distinctions. Almost everyone in the city knew about the shining glass spire that was rose up from the sprawling city, built specifically to dwarf all the other buildings around it. The luxury hotel was a distinct landmark, to the point that even movies and commercials had featured the all-but-in-name palace. Alena had once heard rumors that a wealthy foreign Anubis princess had even refused to leave here. Although the building itself was modern piece of architecture, the foyer was designed in such way, that with its gold and burgundy design, expensive looking décor and paintings, one but couldn’t help but imagine that they were royalty when walking through its revolving doors. And if that didn’t stress how opulent this place was, they even had the First Hero’s Sword on display; as if they thought the guests wouldn’t be impressed enough.

Alena currently found herself sitting on a bench in a hallway on the top most floor of the luxury hotel. Although the griffon had no fear of heights, she was on the verge of clear panic now. She struggled to remember what hotels called their topmost floors. The presidential suite? Was that right? Did that mean presidents had stayed here? The poor griffon noticed her hands were shaking and she quickly clasped them together and tried to take deep breaths as she waited outside a set of heavy looking double wide doors. She began to think that she had gotten ahead of herself. She had been drinking that night. It wasn’t her fault that she was in this situation. She wondered if they wouldn’t be too mad if she walked away right now. But before she could entertain that thought, the double wide doors suddenly opened, and a girls head popped out.

Or rather, a monster girl’s head, her furry ears clearly distinguished atop her head. Judging by her dark skin, black freckles and bright blonde hair, Alena assumed she must have been a cheetah monster girl. The dark skinned monster girl’s head quickly snapped to Alena, her dull yellow eyes brightening up as she spotted the griffon.

“Oh good, you’re here! We’re all set and ready for you!” the cheetah monster girl happily exclaimed as she hopped over and grasped the dumbstruck griffon’s hands and shook vigorously. The cheetah monster girl wore a sleeveless denim vest over a simple tank top, her khaki shorts ending just above her mid thigh.

“H-Hi…?” Alena replied, remembering to use her words as her arm vibrated in the lithe paws of the cheetah girl.

“Hi! I’m Nyra! I’ll be the assistant today!” the perky cheetah girl seemed to exuberate with energy as she began to lead the Griffon into the room.

“You’re not the photographer then? Then whose…oh…wow…”

Alena’s jaw dropped as she was led inside and was immediately taken aback by the sight. The openly designed room itself was massive, the walls merely giant glass windows that allowed the sun to shine in, illuminating the room with an almost majestic glow. The cream colored carpet spilled throughout the room, leading to various amenities such as a fully stocked bar and pool and tables, a fire pit that currently wasn’t lit , and a set of posh looking leather furniture that had some luggage and plastic containers oddly stacked on it . All of this however, paled in comparison to the massive bed, neatly made and also clad in the burgundy and gold theme. The only thing that seemed out of place was a man sitting atop of a ladder, peering into a camera that was equipped with a bulky lens that hung around his neck.

It was the door shutting behind the griffon and cheetah monster girl that snapped the human back to reality. He quickly climbed down from the ladder and brushed himself off before extending his hand out for the griffon.

“Hello! You must be Alena? Tess has told me a lot about you.” The young man said with a warm smile.

The man didn’t appear that special himself; he wore just some jeans and a simple button up shirt, far from the image of what she was expecting. Save perhaps for the gigantic camera that dangled from his neck, he seemed oddly underdressed for such an extravagant room.

“Yes, hello. I’m Alena.” The poor griffon said in a fluster, reaching out to shake his hand as she accidentally re-introduced herself. Alena’s wings fluttered a bit as she realized her mistake but he didn’t seem to notice.

“I’m Ian and I’ll be your photographer for today. You’ve already met my assistant, Nyra.”

The cheetah monster girl gave a slight wave as she hurried to remove various items out of the cases.

“Alright, lets get started then. Nyra, you want to do some touch ups and then get her suited up?”

“Yep!” the Cheetah girl happily responded, hopping over the couch to grab Alena by the hand and dragging her away to a separate smaller guest room.

Although smaller, the guest room was just as lavishly furnished and Alena was quickly sat down in front of a giant vanity. Nyra with cat-like reflexes, pulled out a variety of cosmetics and supplies, applying just the lightest touches of makeup to the griffon, who tried her best to remain still even though her heart was pounding.

“So uhm…this isn’t too difficult right?” The griffon asked hopefully.

“Not at all! All you have to do is strike a few poses, make a kissy face or two, show off your butt and you’re done!”

“Show off my what?” Alena squeaked out in a panic.

“Its fine! You’ll love it!” The cheetah girl assured her as she finished applying the last touches of makeup. “Annnd, finished!
Now lets get you stripped and e-quipped!”

The Cheetah girl was enjoying this far too much.

“Strip…naked?” She griffon asked fearfully.

The blue-eyed griffon’s voice caught in her throat as the cheetah girl began to pull on her arm once more, leading her to the bed where a variety of lingerie was already laid out. To Alena’s horror and by her own standards, it was all very lewd looking. This wasn’t casual everyday underwear but underwear designed to draw the eye and break the steadfast morals of even the most resilient of men. Black lace stockings and garter belts, dark royal blue satin bras, and there was even a corset as well among others. If they could, Alena’s feathered ears would have glowed red as the cheetah girl began to pick up various pieces and hold them up against the griffon.

“Of course! Although we don’t have a lot for you to try on today; it was nice enough for Tess to give use your measurements though.”

‘She knows my measurements?!’ the griffon screamed internally.

“I can’t remember who designed this set but I know were very lucky to have you! I just wish I could wear stuff like this…but you know…” Nyra said solemnly as she looked down to her noticeably flatter chest.

For a moment, Alena felt a pang of guilt for the cheetah monster girl. But that was before the monster girl suddenly perked up with energy and shouted “Alright, lets get you naked!” and with the speed and deftness of a predator, she made quick work of the poor griffon’s clothing.

Eventually the doors of the guest room would open and out strolled a very satisfied cheetah monster girl and a rather reluctant griffon behind her.

“Alright, we’re all set!” Nyra stated as the two of them rounded the corner.

But Alena’s feet froze. A sudden feeling of panic had overtaken her and all she wanted to do was to be somewhere else. Someplace where she could just hide underneath a blanket and disappear. She was desperately trying to use her arms to cover herself in any way possible. But tried as she might, there was too much showing to try and cover anything. She let out a panicked ‘meep’ as she felt a paw grab onto her and pull her around the corner, face to face with the photographer.

“And here’s our star now!” Nyra exclaimed energetically.

Alena, stripped from her casual clothes, was now wearing nothing more than a pair of black and blue lacy panties that hugged her hips and did nothing to hide her rear. Although it did match her black and blue laced bra perfectly, supporting and even enhancing handful sized breasts, showing off an ample amount of cleavage. The poor griffon tried to use her arms to cover herself up, looking away as she could feel the photographers eyes wander up and down her body, reviewing her. Alena wanted nothing more than to curl up into a ball with her wings and cry.

“Looks good; it matches your eyes.”

Alena looked back at the photographer, stunned at his casual compliment and attitude. Instead, he looked back down at his camera and began to fiddle with the settings.

“It’s not too tight is it?” Ian asked without looking up from his camera.

“It’s snug in a few places, but other than that, I think it’s perfect on her. The rest shouldn’t be a problem at all.” Nyra replied swiftly before running off to attend to another errand.

The winged griffon was flabbergasted at the amount of professionalism the two exhibited. The two were well-coordinated and obviously knew what they were doing. She had to remind herself that the two did this for a living. For a moment, the blonde haired griffon felt a bit silly for over reacting just a moment ago.

“Oh, and you should see her ass! Its divine!” The cheetah girl chimed.

Alena trembled and let out a flustered sigh.

The photographer still didn’t look up from his camera as he casually chastised her, “Nyra, be nice to the models.”

“Well she does!” The cheetah girl exclaimed once more.

The griffon squirmed where she stood as she hugged her arm with her hand, still trying to cover herself.

“So…do I have to do anything?” Alena cautiously asked.

The photographer looked up from hsi camera for once and before Alena could react, quickly brought it up and snapped a picture.
“I wasn’t ready!” Alena protested, her wings fluttering about.

Ian only laughed.

“Well that’s just how easy it is, really. Look. Try putting your hands behind your back.”

The griffon seemed confused for a moment but soon followed his suggestion and clasped her hands behind her back. There was another loud snap as the photographer brought up his camera and took another photo. He seemed quite satisfied at the result, leaving Alena to wonder if this was really all she had to do.

“See that simple.” He said once more with a warm smile. “Now try looking over there for me.”

Alena followed where his finger was pointing, at first curious as to what he was pointing at, but soon realizing that he simply wanted her to strike various poses for him. With some encouragement and direction, she began to understand what to do. As if she was choreographing a dance, with Alena tried various positions and stances; A hand on her hip staring longfully into the camera, both of her hands running through her hair and arching her back, and even nibbling on her finger. Alena admitted that this was by far easier than what she had expected.

“Okay, now can I get you leaning against the wall?” Ian asked, positioning himself in such a way that he stood off to the side of the scantily clad griffon.

Alena seemed to hesitant for a moment, wondering what he was trying to accomplish but followed his suggestion anyway, placing her nubbed talons on the stone wall.

“Uhmm…Like this?” she said with a hint of uneasiness in her voice.

“Almost. Could I get your elbows touching the wall? And arching your back while standing on your toes, please?”

She could feel her cheeks reddening as she wordlessly followed his instructions and placed her arms flat against the wall while bending forward slightly to arch her back. By standing on her toes, she was more than conscious of the fact that she was essentially showing off her butt to the camera. Her mouth was agape as she breathed shallowly, a new feeling rising in her chest, one of power and confidence; it was hard to describe but she felt…

“Great! Now look over your shoulder, and spread your wings out as far as you can!” Ian exclaimed with enthusiasm as he suddenly jumped back.

Alena did as she was told and spread her wings to full length while straining her neck to look behind her, her tail swishing sharply as the camera snapped her picture once more.

…she felt lewd.

“Fantastic! That’s enough for this one, lets try on another one.”

Time seemed to fly by as Alena donned different sets of lingerie. Her favorite by far was the black and white stripped bra and panties. They were made of cotton and felt like a cloud, not to mention the fact that it multiplied the amount of cleavage she already had. She hated the blood red set that came with a corset. Nyra had to plant a foot to her back to lace it up and even then, she could hardly breathe or move at all. She increasingly found herself posing in more and more risqué position, like climbing onto the poker table and posing on all fours, with her back arched and her rear raised high into the air. The bed was the next “scene” as Ian called it, and Alena found herself sprawled out on the luxurious massive bed as the photographer positioned himself atop the ladder and focused on the griffon beneath him. To their credit, the two of them worked diligently to bring out the best in Alena; Ian only offered works of encouragement and Nyra hurried from side to side holding up a reflector screen to offer more or less light. Alena slowly grew more confident, and surprisingly even began to enjoy herself; at least until she saw the next piece she had to model.

“Nyra…wheres the top for this one?” the griffon asked as she held up a rather lacy black thong that seemed to be held together by string.

“Hmmm….this one doesn’t have a top. Its just the thong.” Nyra confirmed, looking under the griffon’s wing as she fixed Alena’s hair.

“Ah…” the griffon let out a panicky sigh.

“Whelp. You knew what you were getting yourself into!” the cheetah monster girl said, clapping Alena on the shoulder and offering words of encouragement.

‘Did I?’ the poor gryphon thought to herself.

Well, she came too far to turn back now.

She and Nyra left the guest room once more, this time with a noticeably more bashful Alena as she walked out in nothing more than a black thong, her ass practically on display while she hugged her breasts in her folded arms, holding onto her last shred of modesty. Ian however, seemed much more enthusiastic.

“Oh hey, that’s perfect! Hold that pose…chin up a bit.” He said, shifting the camera in his hands as he swiveled it to a vertical position.

Alena hastily complied, raising her chin just a bit for the photographer, who quickly snapped a picture of her. She wondered if the device would be able to capture how red her cheeks felt.

“Great! Now can I get one of you from behind?”

Alena complied once more, but not before remembering that all she was wearing was just a thing piece of string that fit snuggly between her butt cheeks. Still, she turned around and waited for the familiar sound of the shutter snapping.


“Yes?” the griffon responded, worried that she might have done something wrong.

“Could you relax for me? You’re tensing.”

“Oh…sorry…” she laughed nervously. She handn’t even noticed she was doing that. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, forcing herself and her muscles to relax. The sound of the camera snapping brought her some relief.

“Perfect! Now can I get you to hook the underwear with your thumb?”

Once again she did as she was told, shifting her arm so that it came across her breasts, while her now free hand came around to hook the waist string of the thong with her thumb to tug on it slightly.

“Fantastic! Now hold that pose for me.”

With lightning speed, the photographer took pictures of her from all angles, shifting from one place to another, circling around her. Alena tried her best to stay still, focusing on the ceiling lamp as he made his way around her. She made sure to take steady breaths and calm herself so that she wouldn’t tense up like she did before. Once finished with his orbit, Ian positioned himself behind the griffon once again.

“Now, could you drop your arms to the sides? And try looking over your shoulders?”

Her calm breathing was interrupted by the suggestion. Her arms hesitated for only the briefest of moments before she finally forced them down to her sides, freeing her breasts. He seemed to be predominantly interested in her butt, she noticed. It seemed like an eternity as he spent the longest amount of time taking these series of photographs. Alena tried different poses while he worked, placing an arm on her waist and leaning on one leg, or even running her nubbed talons through her hair; everything seemed to work.

“Amazing. Now for this one, could I get you to lean against the window here?” Ian pointed to the large penthouse window that took
up almost an entire wall.

“Eh? Like…over the city?” she asked with a panicky tone in her voice, she had spun around, cupping her breasts with her hands to meet the photograph.

“Of course. The sun going down casts the perfect lighting over the city.” The photographer explained as he made his way over to the window.

Alena only shifted uncomfortably where she stood.

“I’m uhm…topless here,” the poor griffon quietly admitted to him.

For the first time, Alena noticed a look of surprise on his face as he registered this information. He was at a loss, taken aback as he rubbed his neck with his hand.

“Ah…sorry, I thought you were using cups or some pasties. I mean…we could probably find some tape, or if you’re not comfortable doing it…“ He quickly turned to his assistant for help. Nyra quickly saluted and dove into one of the containers to try and find something that fix the situation.

“Its fine!” she suddenly blurted out.

The two of them looked back at the almost nude griffon girl, making her to blush even harder.

“I can do it.”

Wordlessly, she began to make her way over to the massive window. She could see the reflection of her almost nude form in the clear glass as she got closer to it. Beyond it lay the entirety of Monster Girl City, the sprawling mass continuing on for miles. Nearby were the other sky scrapers, various office buildings and company headquarters. They were close enough that even with her vision, she could make out the curtains and desks of the various floors. If anyone was there, all they had to do was look up and outwards to find an almost nude griffon, presenting herself for the entire city to see. In the back of her mind, she knew that the longer she stood here, the chances of that actually happening were very possible; if it didn’t happen already. She took a deep breath released her breasts from her hands, placing the nubbed talons on the glass as she brought her chest forward. Her breath caught in her throat as her breasts came into contact with the glass; it was cold. Remembering to arch her back, she bent her lion like legs and splayed her wings, presenting her rear while trying her best to look over her shoulder. All the while her breasts were placed naked against the glass for all the world to see.

“H-Hows this?”

Both Ian and Nyra snapped back into reality, having been transfixed by the young griffon’s ceremonial like procession to the window. Ian quickly took his stance and quickly began to snap pictures, while Nyra stood off to the side to allow the best amount of natural sunlight to come filtering over Alena’s wings. The photographer seemed to linger here the longest, making sure to cover every angle he could. All Alena could do was stand there. Eventually, Ian signaled that he was finished. Alena breathed a sigh of relief and pushed herself off the glass. To her own mild amusement, her breasts peeled off the glass, and left in their place was a distinct foggy outline of where her boob had once been. She cupped her breasts once again, noting that her nipples had hardened, most likely due to the cold glass. She spun around and walked away from the window, satisfied that she wasn’t as exposed anymore.

Ian however, seemed to be more interested in his camera, shifting through the pictures as he looked down into the small screen. He was nibbling on his bottom lip, obviously struggling with something on his mind.

“Alena…” he began, “I know this is a bit sudden, but I have this gallery up in New York…”

“What?!” Nyra gasped in astonishment, dropping her light reflector. “But we’ve only just met her! Do you really think she’s good material?”

Ian looked back at her, shrugging his shoulders. “I’d be willing to try…”

He turned to face the griffon. “Alena, would you like to contribute? You can remain anonymous if you want to, but I would love to have you be a part of it.”

The griffon merely cocked her head and let out a light hearted laugh. “Uhm…sure, I guess I can help. If you think I’m good enough.” She said flattered.

The thought of staring in an art gallery did intrigue her. Maybe this was her chance to become famous even. An art gallery? She had been to a few when she was younger, but mostly on school field trips. Now she was going to become a part of it. The thought of becoming famous gave her a giddy feeling.

“But I have to warn you…its…uhm…how do I say this…it’s a…” he seemed to struggle to find the right words. “…it’s a nude art gallery.”

Alena’s tail froze in the air.

“Nu-nude….like…nude, nude?” she tried to confirm, still holding her breasts in her hands.

“Yeah. Its an homage to the natural beauty of the feminine form. If you don’t want to do to it, that’s perfectly fine, I can understand…” Ian spoke with sympathy but Alena could hear the hopeful enthusiasm in his voice.

‘So that’s what he meant by wanting to be anonymous.’ Alena thought to herself.

She wondered what the implications would be. What would her parents say if they found out? Her friends even? Her mind raced with the thought of hundreds if not thousands of people stopping to stare at her naked body in an art gallery. What would they think when they saw her, she wondered. What if they thought it was just porn?

What if they masturbated to her.

The sudden realization of that notion, to her own amazement, didn’t shock or disturb the young griffon but rather…excited her.

What did Tess say?

-I wouldn’t be surprised at all if people fapped to me. In fact, I’ll just take it as a compliment…-

‘So this is what she meant when she said monster girls were lewd in nature.’ The griffon finally realized.

In the end, the almost naked griffon convinced herself. She was just standing there in nothing more than a flimsy thong. What more did she have to hide?

“I…I wouldn’t mind.” The griffon finally replied with a sense of newfound pride.

Ian’s expression turned to joy, while Nyra was left standing in amazement. Alena looked down at her chest, her nubbed talons still cupping her breasts with each hand. Slowly, she let her arms drop to reveal her stiffened nipples and c- sized breasts to the two of them.

“I guess I don’t need this anymore.” Alena said with a slight laugh, trying to muster the courage to strip in front of them.

Bending forward slightly, she hooked the thong with both her thumbs and shimmed them down, letting the piece of fabric fall around her ankles before stepping out of them. She gingerly picked up the lacy thong and tossed it aside as she stood there fully naked. Ian seemed to look on in wonder, while Alena noted Nyra’s ears and tail flickering wildly; maybe it was just in her imagination, but she thought she spied a hint of jealousy behind the cheetah girls dull yellow eyes. Alena stood there, her arms clasped behind her back nervously.

“So…uhm…what would you like me to do?” the now fully naked griffon asked.

Ian methodically brought the camera up, “How about just you being you? Try walking around for bit.”

Alena followed his suggestion, twirling on the heel of her lion paw as she casually began to walk through the gilded room. She stretched her arms and wings out, having become a bit sore from all the previous posing she had done before. Slowly, she made her way around the room, experiencing what it felt like to be completely nude. Admittedly, she did find it…refreshing. She traced a hand along a high backed chair, making sure to angle her wing as she passed over it. All the while, the camera snapped incessantly behind her. Spontaneously, Alena quickly spun around and squished her boobs together with her arms for the camera, giggling as she spun back around teasingly. She didn’t know why she did that, but at this point, it was just fun.

When she was finished, Ian had her making poses once again. He had her sit on one of the bar stools, her back completely straight as she took pictures from behind. The leather was cold on butt, but that didn’t even compare when he made her rest her breasts on the bar table; it was seething cold. She liked sitting on the couch, crossing her legs over and resting her hands on her knee as Ian took pictures in front of her; it made her feel powerful. She slid to the floor and proceeded to do a variety of stretches and poses, waving her butt and tail in the air while the photographer shifted his own position, standing and kneeling and even lying flat on the floor to capture the griffon. Nyra hgowever seemed to become much more docile as the two became involved in their own worlds. They soon shifted to the bed, with Alena becoming wrapped in the gold linens, smiling coyly at the camera as the bed sheets partially covered her face and her breast.

“Beautiful. Now can I get you lying face up? And arms above your head?” He asked, climbing the ladder that was position above the bed once more.

Alena rolled over to her back, making sure her wings were comfortable as she looked up at the camera. There was another series of snaps as Ian immortalized the naked griffon beneath him. She didn’t know what kind of expression she was making, but he seemed to be satisfied with the result.

“Great! Now could roll over on your stomach?”

‘He does seem fond of my ass…’Alena thought to herself as she leaned forward to roll over for him.

Once on her stomach, she snuggled into the blankets, stretching out her toes as the camera snapped above her. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the spotted cheetah girl, looking much less energetic now. She wasn’t even holding up the reflector screen anymore. It was a stark contrast to the excited attitude she had previously. An idea suddenly popped into the feathered griffons head; hopefully, she wouldn’t mind too much.

“Uhm…Ian?” Alena asked, pushing herself off the bed. “Could I ask a favor?”

Ian was already looking into the cameras screen, reviewing the pictures. “Sure, Alena. What do you want?”

“Could Nyra pose with me?”

Ian’s head jerked up from his camera.


“What?!” Nyra exclaimed snapping back to reality, dropping the reflector screen.

Ian seemed once again at a loss for words. “Ah well…Nyra is my assistant and uhmm….it wouldn’t be very professional if I…”

“I can do it!”

The griffon and human photographer looked at the cheetah monster girl, who had suddenly regained her lost energy as she desperately waved her hand around in the air like an excited school child. Ian rubbed the back of his neck again, and for the first time, Alena noticed that he seemed somewhat flustered. He lowered his voice as he spoke with her.

“Nyra, you’re my friend …” he said in a hushed tone.

“But I can do it! I wanna do it!” she argued back making her case, her tail swishing.

Alena simply watched the two of them; Ian pinching the bridge of his nose as Nyra used all the dougy kitty eyed power she had. The photographer let out a final sigh as his shoulders slumped.

“Alright fine…”

“Yaay!” she cheered loudly, thrusting her arms into the air.

In an instant, she threw off her denim jacket and proceeded to pull up her tank top before she noticed Ian was still standing there.

“Turn around!” she yelped at him.

The photographer promptly did so, allowing the cheetah monster girl to remove her tank top and the rest of her clothing. She unzipped the khaki shorts and slid them done her thin legs, along with her magenta colored panties. She was remarkably thin, lithe even; like a gymnast. Her stomach was surprisingly toned while her smaller sized breasts, left much to be desired in compared to Alena’s. Although to her credit, they were rather perky.

“Finished!” the now naked monster girl announced proudly.

The photographer slowly turned around to find his assistant and friend fully naked before him. Alena could see his eyes wonder up and down her body, and not in the way he had done with her. The cheetah monster girl also noticed his eyes wandering, taking in her naked body.

“Don’t stare so much…its embarrassing.” She pouted, covering her breasts with a furry arm.

Ian quickly looked away, his ears beginning to turn red as he quickly dove back into his camera.

“Right, sorry. Uhm…why don’t you just go over there with Alena…” he said.

At this point, Alena, who had been sitting on the edge of the bed was tackled by Nyra, their nude bodies colliding into each other as Nyra tightly hugged her.

“Thanks…” she whispered into the griffons feathered ear before breaking away. Alena smiled and nodded to her.

“Alight uhm…did you have something in mind for the two of you, Alena?” Ian asked, still visibly shaken.

Alena thought for a moment, thinking of what the two of them could do together. But one idea stood out from all the rest.

“Well, we could stand side by side touching with our hips together. And then we could place our hands on the others hips.”

Ian let out a shaky breath as he prepared to hold the camera up. “That…seems lovely.”
The two monster girl quickly took their positions turning to face the camera in their fully nude forms, with Alena placing a nubbed talon on Nyra’s outer hip, while Alena could feel a padded paw hold her own. The griffon was most surprised to find that her black spots continued up along her thighs sides and descended down her neck and along her back. Compared to the milk creamed griffon, the caramel colored cheetah monster girl looked quite exotic.

Once more the camera snapped for the two of them.

“And one from behind!” Nyra declared loudly.

Alena could only laugh as the two monster girls embraced their nudity and spun around for the camera. Once again the camera snapped the two of them, their rears fully on display. Suddenly, Alena let out yelp and jumped a bit as she felt a furry paw grab one of her butt cheeks. She looked down at the shorter cheetah monster girl smiling lewdly at her. Returning the favor, Alena grabbed her butt check in return, giving it a light squeeze and causing her to yelp out in surprise as well. They heard a heavy sigh come from behind them.

“Well say cheese…” the photographer said defeatedly behind them.

As if on the cue, both Nyra and Alena turned their heads around and flashed the camera their widest grins, content on the fact that the both of them were having fun.

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3 thoughts on “A Griffon’s Photoshoot

  1. >not using your friends for models since they’re stupid enough to do it for free usually.
    >using “an exploration of the beauty of the female form” as a non-ironic brief.

    C’mon photographer, get yo’ shit together.

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