A Great Trial

Elena Springbrook is about as stereotypical looking as an Elf could be. She has long, blonde hair that felt as smooth as silk to the touch. Her eyes are as blue as the sky on a clear sunny day, and most of her outfits consist of different shades of green. But there is one thing about her that is very different from a stereotypical Elf, and that is she has a human boyfriend.

I am that boyfriend. This is a fact that a lot of people never believe the first time I tell them, but they’re then surprised when they see us together. She’s not afraid to show people her affection to me in public. We hold hands, we kiss, and she’s always walking close to me.

How did we become an item? It was about a year ago when I was walking back from work when I noticed a bit of a commotion. Curiosity lead me closer to where I found a small group of Dark Elves harassing an Elf.

Being the gentleman I was, I kindly asked them to stop. They then started whipping me. Fortunately, I didn’t feel so much pain as it was a feeling I don’t really want to admit to. Before they could do any real damage, the Elf was able to drive them off using a bit of wind magic.

She then surprises me by offering to take me out to dinner for thanks, though I told her I owe her dinner for the save. We both agree to split the bill and go out to a nice little place to eat.

There, we talked a bit about each other. She introducing herself and told me she was currently taking classes, and I introduce myself and told her I had recently graduated and was currently working. We enjoyed talking to each other so we agreed to hang out more often.

The more we hung out, the more I noticed that she actually enjoyed my company. I decided to just go for it and ask her out properly. She then joked and said we basically already were. That’s also when we shared our first kiss together. It was magical.

Now it was time to do something I really didn’t want to do: meeting Elena’s parents. I was at first hopeful that Elena’s parents were as open minded as she was. I heard they were pretty high class so that basically created another worry for me.

The night I was going to meet Elena’s parents had finally arrived. I was driving myself and Elena to a fairly fancy restaurant downtown, wearing the best outfit I had, begging Elena for help picking it out. Elena, herself, went with a nice, flowing dress that was also many shades of green. I really need to get her into more colors.

The ride was fairly quiet, since I’ve been feeling super nervous about this meeting. I knew when I first started dating Elena that I would have to do this eventually. Didn’t mean I wish this could have been postponed till forever.

“It’s going to be alright. Once they get to know you, I’m sure they’ll warm up to you,” Elena says, trying her hardest to comfort me. She squeezes my free hand for emphasis.

“Easier said than done,” I reply, as we pull into a parking lot for the restaurant.

We both exit the car and head over to the entrance. Inside, I see that is really was a remarkable place of dining with even a Kikimora hostess standing behind a podium.

“Do you have a reservation?” the Kikimora asked in a sweet voice and a charming smile to match.

“Springbrook party,” Elena says as the Kikimora looks through a book.

“Right this way, please. Other members of your group are already waiting for you.” The Kikimora closes her book, taking a couple of menus, and lead us to our table.

It’s not long before I see two more Elves sitting at a table, both with the same blonde hair, blue eyes, and obviously pointed ears. The woman looked a lot like Elena but just slightly older, but the male Elf looked tall, had sunken in cheeks, and a stare that could pierce your soul. I gulped, slightly.

“Mother, Father, it is so good to see you both,” Elena said walking over to each of her parents and giving them a hug.

“It is good to see you too, dear,” Elena mother said with a small smile and her father just hums in agreement.

“Mother, Father, I would like to introduce you to my boyfriend, John Doe.” Elena introduces me and both just stare at me with blank expressions. It wasn’t a look of disdain, so I’ll take that as a plus.

“I’m very honored to meet you both, Mr. and Mrs. Springbrook,” I say putting my hand out to Elena’s father.

“That’s Sir and Lady Springbrook to you,” ‘Sir’ Springbrook stateed in an almost monotone voice, but signs of irritation were very evident in his voice and both of their stares. Well, there goes whatever good first-impression I had.

“I’m terribly sorry…” I said a bit solemnly.

“I’m sorry, John. I should have told you my parents were pretty strict on titles.” Elena puts a hand on my shoulder while giving her parents a slight glare, the two seemingly ignoring it.

Elena and I took our seats and the Kikimora, bless her for having to stand and witness that, give us our menus and nervously walks away. It didn’t take long before a waitress came and took our orders.

While we waited and got our drinks and a little later food, Elena and her parents talked about many things. Elena told them about her school and studies while her parents told her about all the happenings back home. I was just sitting there, listening and trying not to be rude. I was basically being ignored for the most part.

“Tell us…John, what do you do? Are you too taking classes, or perhaps working?” Lady Springbrook asked, kind of shaking me from my stupor and registering what she just asked me.

“Oh, I’ve done some classes and now just focusing on my job,” I answered.

“And where do you work?” Sir Springbrook asked.

“I…work at a grocery store.”

“Are you the store’s manager?”

“…I stock shelves.”

The look of disappointment spread across both of the Elves faces. I’m wasn’t really sure they were trying to hide it either.

“With a job like that, it must be difficult paying for a house, isn’t it?” Lady Springbrook asked. I wished I could just disappear right then.

“Elena and I share an apartment together,” I admitted seeing the look of utter shock on both of their faces. That was obviously not what either of them wanted to hear. Elena’s face was beginning to look more and more worried.

“Then I guess its official now. Elena, after you are done with classes you should return home,” Sir Springbrook stated, surprising both Elena and I.

“Father, what are you saying?”

“Dear, I think this phase has gone on long enough. You should come home and find an Elf that is much better off than…this one,” Lady Springbrook stated looking over towards me and giving me a sharp look. Elena’s face shifts from surprise to irritation.

“This isn’t some phase, Mother, I like- no I love, John,” Elena stated.

“Elena, please be reasonable. This man has nothing to offer you,” Sir Springbrook tried to argue, but Elena just shook her head.

“He does have something to offer me. He cares for me almost as much as I do for him,” Elena stated, her voice rising. “If you can’t see more of John than his status, then the next time you see me, we’ll be HAPPILY MARRIED!”

Elena then stormed off with both of her parents calling out after her. Was this sudden outburst necessary? I wondered if there were other interactions that had led to this. I took a second, mostly just absorbing what Elena had said, and got up to go after her. But I had something to say first.

“Listen, I know I’m not the best your daughter could have, and there are probably plenty of men or Elves better suited. But if there is one thing I can promise, it’s that Elena’s happiness will always come first. I chose not to continue school just so I could support her while she had classes.” I took some bills out of my wallet and sat them on the table. “Another thing I can promise both of you, Sir and Lady Springbrook, is that I love Elena.”

Without looking back and passing by the Kikimora, who thanked me for my patronage, I headed out of the restaurant. As soon as I stepped outside, I found Elena sniffling and wiping away some tears. I didn’t say anything as I just walked up to her and embraced her, Elena returning it.

“I’m so sorry about them,” Elena said, her face buried in my shoulder.

“Honestly, I think that went better than I expected,” I chuckled, lifting Elena’s chin up and planting a kiss on her lips. “Let’s head home.”

Elena nodded but it took her a few more seconds before she finally separated from me. I took her hand and we both started heading over to my car. I was then struck with a sudden realization, and looked over to Elena with a sly grin on my face.

“Soooooo, what was that about marriage?” I asked. Elena suddenly stopped and turned her head away from me. Despite that and it being night, I could see her face start to turn a deep shade of red. She then ran a few feet in front of me before turning around.

“Idiot!” Elena shouted with a huge grin on her face. She then turned around and started jogging to the car, which wass pretty impressive considering she was wearing heels.

I smiled and started chasing after the Elf and managed to catch her from behind, swinging her around, setting her down, and bringing her face to mine for another kiss.

My girlfriend is an Elf, and she loves me for who I am.

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