A General’s Mercy

Commissioned by: AnonMD
Length: ~8k words

With knuckles on her cheek, Noralena kept on looking at the paper she held. A bored gaze, unfocused, hardly even reading it, just looking at the wall of text it contained. Paperwork showed no mercy to anyone, be it reports or requisition. Letting out a sigh, she left the paper over the desk and leaned her head back to rest.

“Maybe this invasion wasn’t the best idea.” She lamented. “God, so many things to keep track of…”

“To think you were dying to prove yourself to the king.” Remarked Nieri, a demon leaning against the wall of Noralena’s room cross-armed. “Where’s that energy gone?”

“Spent. I need a break.” She said, to then lean forward and rest her head over her crossed arms over the desk, closing her eyes. “I can’t remember the last time I got a good fucking. Years…?”

Nieri rolled her eyes, looking aside. ‘Had to be a lilim’, she muttered in her head. Succubi in nature, so no wonder their toughts would align. However, thoughts began to cross her mind.

“Can’t you just grab a prisoner for a night? They’re expendable. It’s not like it’ll have any ties.”

“I can’t. I have to almost constantly keep an eye on them if they start planning an escape or revolt.”

“You can have someone else watch over them.”

Noralena opened her eyes partly.

“Such as?”

Nieri shrugged. “I can do that, I suppose.”

“I didn’t take you for someone who’d volunteer for such a thing.”

“I wouldn’t, but I’d rather not risk that pent up stress fucking us over in the future while we’re in campaign.”

Noralena kept on staring, pondering the possibilities. There weren’t many reasons to not do it, now. Granted the possibility, and coming up with quite the visual imagery in her mind, she smiled as she bit her lip.

“Alright. I’m leaving it to you then. It’s about time I had some fun for once~”

To look into her eyes felt like a trap. Hypnotizing, entraning, those crystalline violet eyes looking back at him as if they pierced his very soul. Were it only that alone, he’d be petrified, but with those divine lips sliding on and on over his cock, her tongue dancing about along his shaft, there was nothing he could ever hope to do. What was he to her, but a nameless prisoner of her campaign? A nobody, and yet, here he was, serviced by a lilim of all things as he sat on her bed.

She lifted her head, sucking till her lips parted almost with a pop from his cock. The thin coating of her saliva left it sensible to the faint coldness, though so too the warmth of her hand taking it and gently stroking.

“Ever imagined being in this situation?” She asked with a seductive, almost taunting smile.

She raised herself, with not a cloth to obstruct sight of her skin like porcelain. Soft, pale, and without even underwear, revealing her ample breasts and the curvature of her body. For him, the sight stuck him in a perpetual state of deer caught in headlights, not moving a muscle nor even resisting as the lilim moved closer, climbing and laying him onto the bed.

“I may not be the queen just yet…” She said, guiding the tip of his cock to press against her labia. “But how about we get you used it already~?”

Her hips weighed upon him, letting herself slowly descend as the tip of his cock dug into her. What quiet moan she let out coincided with his choked grunt, as her warmth and fluids sliding the glans in to be met with such pressure was almost enough to throw him past climax on its own. There was no surprise there, if it was still a succubus that had dragged him to her bed.

Then she went lower, swallowing his shaft. It was not immediate, but rather a gradual descent just at the precise pace that stopped him from getting overwhelmed. Though he had no way to confirm it, that smile of bitted lip she sported almost gave him the suspicion that she knew well what she did. It may have not been coincidence. Once it was deep enough to stay in place, she let go and moved her hands to his chest, before continuing again. His hands slid onto her hips, holding onto her as she kept going lower. Little after, she comfortably sat over him with his cock inside her up to the hilt.

“So? How is it?” She asked, but knew well that he could not respond.

Even if he had any words to say, his heavy breathing already left him too focused on lasting the ordeal. That vulnerability of his, however, left her to smirk. Without warning, she lifted herself and dropped upon him, forcing a wince and flinch from him. Not like she didn’t know how he felt, if pleasure coursed through her with just as much intensity.

Then, again. Twice, thrice, at first intermitted to then find a rythm. Her breasts began to bounce ever frequently with each little jump of her hips over his, her breathing growing heavier just like his. The sensation of her walls constricting and massaging his cock back and forth made him move almost by pure stimuli, gripping her hips harder and following with her movements, aiding her up and slamming her down.

It was not long until he picked up the pace, bucking upwards each time she lowered herself.

“Eager, are we~?” She moaned.

He bucked faster and with greater intensity, till she hardly needed to move at all. From there she lowered herself, her hands beside him over the bed and her breasts firmly pressing against his chest. His hands slid elsewhere, from her hips to grasping her butt, gripping one of her cheeks as hard as he could. That alone made a lengthy, muffled moan leave her, biting her lip as her arms moved about to embrace him.

It wasn’t enough for her. Though she was already starting to lose herself, she wanted more. She locked eyes with him all as he drove inside her each time, just to bring her hands to his cheeks and move her lips closer. The moments hers touched with his, she snuck her tongue inside, letting it dance about with his own.

There were no breaks. The refused to part her lips from his, and he refused to stop thrusting on and on with enough strength to almost produce a series of slapping noises in the otherwise silent bedroom. The creaking of the bed along with their sighs and gasps in ecstasy were all that they could hear. The warmth of the other and the sweat building up, forming a thin layer mixing where their skin touched and slid against each other.

She suddenly broke away from the kiss, however, jerking her head back just to gasp. At the same time, he embraced her as tight as he could, bucking as fast as his muscles allowed, both crossing their point with one another.

“Harder,” she cried, “harder~!”

Her gasp turned into a moan, continuous, wavering with each thrust, until at the last thrust, she sighed in pure ecstasy.

His dick twitched, flooding her womb, his balls emptying inside her. For each spasm, he bucked his hips, sensitivity forcing quick, loud exhalations from both. Another, then another, until he had nothing left. He was spent, letting his muscles relax, no longer holding her in almost a bear hug. As his embrace weakened, Noralena let her weight fall on him. For now, he was her bed, resting on top.

“You’re pretty good.” She whispered to his ear, her warm breaths tickling his skin.

Nieri walked down the streets of Bianocuore, strolling at her leisure towards the prison camp. Desolate, eerie, but she could not blame many for their unwillingness to step out too often. It had barely been a week since they had taken this city from the humans.

Maybe they were not used to war, much less to be on the receiving end of conquest. Ironically, that aversion to risk had brought them such fate. Nieri remembered well, when she heard from Noralena that she had struck a deal with a kingdom in shambles, torn apart by enemies both within and without: Her aid, in exchange for the throne once the king left this realm. This city belonged to the kingdom that had refused to aid them, and so it turned into quite the ideal target for conquest.

Revenge, perhaps for the king. Nieri, however, knew Noralena was more interested in territorial gains. It was no secret that the king still didn’t trust her, so what way to prove his fears wrong than to expand the realm? Although, even though on the surface they’d be the king’s lands, it was still Noralena who would govern them. Carving her own little kingdom, while waiting for the throne.

She heard something which caught her attention. A hunch, almost, not even able to tell if it really was a noise or a trick of her mind. She kept quiet, listening, to find that it wasn’t just her imagination. It was a series of sounds, repetitive, a consistent rhythm accomanied by inconsistent noises as well. She could not tell what it was, but she could tell it came from an alley.

It had sparked her wonder and curiosity. She walked over to the wall of the buildings and quietly approached the alley. When she almost got there, she hugged the wall and snuck closer, hearing with greater clarity and even picking up hints of whispering. At the corner, she peeked into the alley.

Noralena was getting pounded from behind against the wall for dear life. The man behind her took her by the hips, thrusting his cock in hard enough to generate that rhythmical slap she had heard afar.

“Not so hard, you’re gonna get us caught~” She heard Noralena say.

“Do you really think anyone’s gonna come around?”

“Who knows, nnnffgh! Kiss me, or you’re gonna make me scream!”

He did what she said, serving to suppress her orgasmic moan as he bucked a few last times. That’s all she needed to see, taking a step back where she had come from.

These little breaks of hers had gone for a good few days. It was a new prisoner each time, as well. Who knew if she’d eventually run the supply of prisoners dry.

Her thoughts turned quiet. An idea had crossed her mind, one she found quite fascinating to think about.

Nieri arrived to the prison camp. Not much else than an overglorified pen, holding those who were defeated till something could be done about them. Ransom and execution had been the most common for mankind, though Noralena’s army knew not to take the latter, even if out of principle. At this hour, the great concentrations were outside in the open spaces rather than what they could hardly even call quarters. Seeing as those were barely more than walls and a mat on the floor, it was no surprise that they’d not stay inside too much.

They hardly paid too much mind to her. Her entrance led to more than a few glances. Those eating paused to look, those chatting silenced themselves for a second, and quite a few turned their heads. However, they remained where they were.

She found it quite the surprise that they had learned their place. It wasn’t that long ago that many saw her lonely presence as weakness to exploit. Unfortunately, quite a few bones were broken. Now they did nothing, even if she entered the camp without a single escort like the first day. She had made a name for herself already.

The sight of a few sitting and squatting in circle caught her attention, a gloomy atmosphere hanging over the group. Perhaps a good place to look for a favorable situation to test her idea. Decided, Nieri quietly walked their way.

“She’s trying to domesticate us.” She heard from one of them, all still unaware of her approach. “It’s always the ones who don’t bend the knee that never come back. Taking the strongest ones out first, leaving the weak ones… We’re bound to be executed soon, just like the others.”

Sighs, pursed lips, and shaking heads signalled an unanimous agreement, or at least that none could really hope to differ.

“Are they really getting killed off…?” Asked another, though the sorrow in his voice betrayed not a sense of doubt, but of sorrow. “One by one, this slow. Feels like a joke.”

“Almost wish we were back in the days were everyone got killed at the same time.” Sighed yet another, letting himself drop to lay down on his back. “Least you didn’t have to wonder what day was gonna be your last. Pity that it’s us rather than that old fart that got us in this mess, huh?”

“I assure you, killing you is not one of them.” Said Nieri, gaining the surprise of the group.

Their surprise soon waned, their gaze changing to a cold stare not bothering to hide their animosity. For Nieri, this only served to confirmed that their thoughts were in the right direction, even if not completely correct. Were Noralena to poke them to test their mettle, they’d surely be picked.

“…What a crock of shit.” Muttered one of them, only for Nieri to calmly turn her head to him.

“Do you really believe we’re killing you off?” She asked.

“What else are we getting ragged off for?”

Nieri smirked. They really didn’t know…

And they would refuse to believe it, knowing how ridiculous the mere idea was.

“You tell me.” She said. “A lilim is a succubus, is it not? What could a succubus be dragging strong men out for?”

Though she received no response, there was little positivity in their reactions. Some remained as they were, while others furrowed their brows in mixtures of confusion, irritation, and indignation.

“Don’t believe me?” She asked.


“Would probably still be killing us if that was the truth.” Scoffed another. “Draining us till we’re dead. That’s what succubi do.”

“They are very much alive afterwards. Perhaps they are too exhausted to do much, but they recover relatively quickly.”

“Then why have none returned?”

“They tend to have certain epiphanies about their allegiance. I’ve heard from many that they don’t have nice thoughts about their current king, the one that dictated your nation would not help the one we ended up helping, back when it needed it the most. They thought that maybe they follow the flag more than the one who holds it, so perhaps it was time for a change of regime? It’s what we’re here to do, after all.”

Hardly anyone returned words in that moment. Confusion, irritation, disbelief, all those emotions still reigned without change.

“Then why did nobody even show up to say hi?” Asked yet another of the group. “Why did nobody come around to try convince us of changing sides? How come of all the people that left, not even a single one thought of coming back to tell us that he’s alive and well?”

“I feel I’d be betraying their trust by saying this…” Answered Nieri. “But they are having a bit of fun at your expense. They keep you in the dark to have a laugh when you join them outside this camp, as has happened numerous times already. They know no harm will come to you, and that at worst we’ll break a few ribs if you act up rather than execute you, so everyone’s turn might come around. It’ll come sooner if you’re to Noralena’s taste, even.”

Sighs, jeers, all manner of negativity came out of the group. Absolute and complete disbelief, refusal to even consider it, a reaction Nieri had all too well predicted. She could hardly hide her smile in amusement.

“I don’t need you to believe it.” She continued, gaining the attention of the group once more. “It’ll happen regardless of what your thoughts on the matter are. What I need you to do is to at least remember what I told you next time you see Noralena. Maybe you’ll start seeing some hints here and there.”

Not waiting for answers, Nieri calmly turned around and left. Inevitably, the group had been left puzzled, shifting gazes between each other.

A day had passed. Her entrance to the prisoner camp killed the chatter as all eyes turned to her. A smile rested on Noralena’s face ever present, taking quite the enjoyment from such level of immediate attention day after day. It was only natural, if the general which had defeated their army arrived once more. With her presence known, she glanced around, searching for anything that’d strike her interest.

All the men she saw kept quiet. Standing, sitting, squatting, it mattered not, all remained still. Some turned their eyes as hers locked with theirs, while others remained watching yet unable to hide the nervousness from such sitation. At least, until she spotted a particular group looking at her, stern looks of defiance and scorn. Strong spirit, she figured, tempting her enough to quietly march their way.

As she arrived, one of them stood up, his visage never changing. He stood as he was, still watching with a stern frown even as she stood face to face with him.

“For a second I though I had run the brave ones extinct.” She said. “Seems there are still a few left…”

Her eyes moved down, inspecting him in full, to just then spot a few others of the group stand up in equal manner. Much like the first one, they stood tall and defiant, yet dead silent.

“Impatient to leave for good?” She asked. “It really is a pity. It’s only one at a time that you will find an end to this misery.”

None stepped back, none backed down. The confrontation would’ve continued, stuck in a deadlock between two partie, but one of the men suddenly widened his eyes. He lightly bashed the arm of another with the back of his palm, to then speak a few things too low for Noralena to listen. Upon hearing, confusion and skepticism began to show in their expressions. Then, one of those who had heard stepped forward.

“Where are you taking everyone?” He barely mustered the strength to ask.

“Outside.” She replied, blunt as it could get.

“…For what?”

Rather than reply, Noralena quietly laughed to herself.

“What do you think, boy?”

But he said nothing. Hints of fear surfaced, of hope shattered. She knew that look well. He had led himself to believe in certain assumptions, to discard them for others.

“You can’t lie to me. You think I’m killing your friends off one by one, no? Don’t worry, they’re very alive out there.”

“Then, what Nieri said–“

“Hm? Nieri shared a few words with you? Lucky you. I didn’t imagine her the type to chit-chat with prisoners. Well, what did she tell you?”

The man attempted to maintain his composure, gulping his stress. She could not blame him. If it was what she thought it was, he’d be terrified of it coming across as an insult. Were it anyone else, he’d be made an example out of in front of everyone in that case.

“…She said you took the strong ones out for things a succubus would do. That nobody returned because they were freed.”

“Do you believe her?”

“I-I… don’t know.”

“If I told you she was right, would you believe me?”

“Oh for the love of…” Muttered a prisoner hard enough to be heard, to which Noralena turned her head towards. “All the ones that don’t like you end up disappearing one by one and you think I’m gonna eat up something as stupid as that? That they, people who were out to kill you, are instead doing God knows what with you to then be freed no questions asked?”

“Is it so hard to believe that they’d reconsider where their loyalties lie after that…?”

“Yeah. Might as well cut to the point and stab me in the neck already. The food here is atrocious.”

“I see…” She answered, to then slowly return her eyes to the man from before, eyeing him up and down. He stood in place, petrified, unable to move even as Noralena took a few steps to him to remain too close for comfort. “Perhaps proof needs to be given.”

In the blink of an eye, she covered the distance in a dash to the man in front. He could not react in time before one of her hands firmly laid over his crotch and the other held him by the shoulder, to then force his lips to connect with hers. She had pushed her tongue inside, invading his mouth in a fiery kiss, as if violating his mouth with hers. In pure reflex, in fright and terror over the surprise, the man broke off stepping back and shouting once their lips parted, stumbling back only to fall to the ground on his ass.

He looked traumatized, to her. Stupefied, an inability to comprehend, a sentiment shared by all others who had witnessed the act. He brought his sleeve to his mouth to dry a drip of saliva, that of the bridge which had been cut as they had separated. At the sight, the lilim licked her lips before quietly laughing to herself.

“Well?” She asked. “Unsatisfied?”

“Y…You’re just fucking with us!” Said the one who had been most skeptical, drawing her eyes to him.

“Not yet.”

“Y-You’re a succubus, you probably drained the life out of the others!”

“I’m a lilim.” She answered, to then return her gaze to the man still on the ground.

There as he sat, her keen eye spotted something he seemed to hide in subtle manner. A certain bulge on his trousers, hinting to a raging erection. It was only natural, if just seconds before he had a passionate kiss with a lilim.

“And perhaps you need proof that what I do isn’t lethal at all…?” She continued.

A dark cloud engulfed her, just for another to appear over the man. The first cloud then dissipated into nothing, and as the second dissipated as well, Noralena appeared pinning him down.

“Oh God!!” Screamed the man, terrified and in absolute fright.

By reflex he tried to get Noralena off him, attempting to escape, but the lilim grabbed both his wrists with her hands. Nobody could act, either by dread or by shock frozen in place watching it all unfold.

“Try not to struggle so much,” she snickered, “or I might start liking it!”

Her spade tail pulled his shirt up just enough to sneak into his trousers, rummaging and finding his erection to the wrap around it and pull his trousers down. Caring not for shame of public indecency, she freed it just to start stroking quite vigorously for first contact. His struggling did not subside, though his terror had certainly been replaced in part by utter confusion.

It certainly didn’t help when she lifted herself partly, pulling his cock pointing towards her to then lower herself just enough for him to feel something. Dampness, warmth, a particular kind betraying the detail that under her skirt, unseen to him till now, she wore no panties.

He didn’t have much time to react, much less question it. As soon as the tip of his cock lined up with her labia, she let herself go, dropping with all her weight onto his pelvis. A gasp escaped from him, replacing his struggling with twitching of too great ecstasy overwhelming his senses. She had forced his cock inside her up to the hilt, much to the stupefaction of all those who stared. The only one not in shock was Noralena herself, grinning almost in sadistic amusement at the man’s reaction. So much for his vigorous struggling, that they ended so suddenly.

“Aaaah… hahah… It’s twitching inside me.” Taunted Noralena. “Ever thought you’d be with a lilim, boy?”

He could not answer. The gradual rise of her hips, the overstimulation to his shaft, kept him far too preoccupied with not climaxing in an instant. This, she saw, and what’s more, knew how much he needed. Her slow movement was no coincidence, keeping it just on the boundary to see him struggle with it himself. She still held his hands by the wrists, deciding now to move them and place them over her thighs, grasping her skin left revealed between her skirt and her thigh high boots.

Then, she dropped back down, forcing a gasp out of him again. His hands involuntarily clenched, holding her thighs in a tight grip as his cock twitched once more, threatening to climax.

Fun, she thought. However, a thought crossed her mind. Why hold back? If she wanted to have him taste a lilim, would it not be more memorable to have it be far more intense? If she wanted to show the others what she was capable of, should she not go a little rougher on him?

Her grin grew from ear to ear, terrifying the man below him further. Without delay, she rose again just to drop, to then do so again with disregard to his limits. His breathing grew heavier to be reminiscent of panting, suppressed moans mixing in as well, with his voice wavering with each drop against his hips. But she wasn’t about to hold back. She let go of his hands to then lean over and hold him by the shoulders, taking a glance back as she lifted her tail partly to reveal his cock embedded so deeply in her dripping vagina, to then mount him like an animal in heat. Up and down as hard as she could, lewd noises sounding out of fluids mixing together and struck skin against skin, all in the silent populated camp who watched in morbid curiosity and unbelieving grimaces.

The man’s limit had long been crossed, though now it visibly showed by his hips involuntarily bucking upward as his hands moved over and firmly grabbed her by her ass, digging his fingers into her cheeks. Her grin never erased itself, but rather her eyes narrowed in devious and smug enjoyment. Even if it was not for toying with him, she could not deny his cock still stirred her insides more than adequately. With the last thrust, he forced her hips down to his, emptying his aching balls inside with each spasm. His senses had been overloaded; there was nothing else in his mind other than the dopamine rush, only intensified further by a sensation not unlike being sucked in. He had already forgotten he wasn’t even in private, and did not mind at all the relative lack of comfort being on the ground gave. It exhausted him, drained him, even quite literally at that, threatening to knock him out.

Then, his spasms stopped, letting out a long, exhausted sigh. With no longer the strength to do anything but pant, he let his arm drop over his head, covering his eyes from the sun. Still, faint whimpers were forced once more out of him, for Noralena raised her hips with that sucking sensation pummelling his cock. Slowly she took it out, until as if with a silent pop, his was free from her constricting vagina. Most curiously, there was not a single drop of neither lubricant nor semen to fall. She had taken the very last drops of them, a view nobody could deny for all they stared.

“He looks pretty alive, doesn’t he?” She remarked, gracefully standing back up and dusting herself. “As alive as someone would be after getting ridden by someone of my calibre, at least.”

Hardly anyone could say a thing. Still the shock of the situation had yet to sink into many, and most certainly not aided by the man who had been, either metaphorically and literally, drained. There he rested on the ground, not even left with the strength to pull his trousers back up.

“I got what I came for, so see you all another day.” She said, stepping off to depart. “Shame that one will stay here for a while longer, just to convince you lot.”


She turned just enough to look from the corner of her eyes, to find among the crowd the one who had called. Though his appearance seemed unremarkable compared to the many others around him and those who she had been with, a glance downward hinted what was in his mind. Although he certainly wasn’t trying to show it off, he still had popped a visible tent.


“Is… this what you do to the ones you drag away?”

“Not convinced?”

Words would not leave him, though his eyes shifting aside betrayed second thoughts.

“…No.” He said, taking a step forward. “I want to see for myself what happened when the others left.”

She could tell already. It seemed less concern for the whereabouts of the others, and more asking for the obvious. It took a public display for anyone to ever ask to be taken away, after all. Even the most defiant only stood silent, not saying a word, letting only the scorn in their face do the talking. She grew a smile, one almost too smug to contain. With her back still towards him, she brought her hands to her waist.

“Go for it.”


“You’re not seriously thinking of letting me do all the work, are you?” She said, sliding her hands downward to then raise her skirt just enough to show him her firm rear. “So, are you gonna take me, or are you just all words that needs to be led everywhere?”

The taunted seemed effective, if his frown and steps forward signalled anything. One hand snuck into his trousers while the other pulled down, enough to pull his cock out. At this, Noralena angled her butt at him, leaning forward ever so slightly in an inviting presentation. His hand took her by the hip and the other guided his cock, pressing the glans against her labia.

Then, with one fluid stroke, he thrust deep and hard into her, letting out an audible slap as a moan escaped from the two. Hers, she could contain well enough to muffle as she bit her lip, but his, it seemed unrestrained by pure surprise of the sensations bombarding his organ. Noralena was no common woman after all. His sensory overload turned apparent, trembling as his hands held on for dear life onto her hips. She moved hers and held them in place, to then move her hips forward and smack her ass against his pelvis.

“How about you?” She grinned, leaning her head back, glancing at his eyes from the corner of her own. “Enjoying it?”

All she got in response were heavy breaths, hardly focusing at all on her words. Not like she expected an answer, in any case. She pondered whether to do the same to him. Might as well, as even if she was not satisfied, would the others really refuse to please her? Or at least attempt to. Bringing her hips forward and letting his cock slide out to the glans, she smacked her butt against his pelvis again, to then do it again, and again. Taking advantage of her power as a succubus, she tightened her walls, petrifying him in place till only his reflexes acted, overwhelmed to buck his hips forward with each hit.

“Come on, I thought I told you I wasn’t about to do all the work!” She taunted, to then remain still.

As if he had gotten used to the sensation, like an addict on withdrawal he immediately chased after it again, thrusting into her without a single second of hesitation. An audible clap resulted, just for another, and another, on and on as fast as he could. Did she send him past the point of no return? She didn’t care, as the pounding felt exquisite enough for her to lean forward, he mouth open slightly with her breathing growing heavier as well.

His hands moved. In a swift motion, he took her arms and used them as leverage. Surprise had befallen her, but she still used it to her advantage, letting her weight lean her forward for him to hold her as he fucked her from behind. His panting turned into grunting as his thrusts got harder, giving her the certainty of what she had wondered. Faster, harder, suppressing his own moaning as his grip on her arms turned stronger, until he smacked his pelvis against her butt a final time before she felt a certain warmth coursing through her. Again he bucked forward, ejaculating again, followed by the same a few more times before he finished.

There, he stood, as she saw once she turned her head and glanced with a devilish grin. However, his strength faltered, to then let go of her arms and stumble back, sliding his cock out in one fluid motion. Then, he fell to the ground, bordering unconsciousness just like the last.

With her hands on her knees, she caught her breath while gazing at yet another who had not lasted terribly long. Past a few seconds, she straightened up and rearranged her skirt, seeing now two men on the ground unable to even speak, let alone stand.

The rest of the camp, however, stared on in silent amazement. Her keen eye, however, knew those looks of lust and temptation. Perhaps she’s be here for a good while, after all. Then again, if she was, wouldn’t it be wise to make herself comfortable rather than remain outdoors?

Rumors had sparked Nieri’s curiosity and skepticism in the late evening. She wasn’t the only one, as even one of Noralena’s soldiers, a blue demon, joined her trip to the prison area in wonder of what must have happened, and if what she heard was true. By the demon’s slight blushing and expectant demeanor, Nieri could tell that she was expecting it to be true. Hoping, as if.

That the outdoors were completely desolate gave some credence to the rumors. An unnatural sight, if at least some prisoners would be in sight. Lights shone through the windows of the main building, that almost-hotel structure which had been repurposed to accomodate them all. The flickering, the shadows, and the almost unheard noises muffled afar gave away of a multitude within. A rowdy multitude, at that.

Nieri and the demon arrived to the shut doors, to already hear the great cacophony of voices and noises. To her surprise, or rather, disappointment, more than a few were those of women, and with quiet a joyous tone. She pushed the doors open, and past it she caught sight of the obsenities none bothered to even pretend to hide.

An orgy. On the corners, the sides, the central great table, it mattered not where. Demons of blue skin and the prisoners enjoyed each other, drunk on ecstasy and alcohol with not a care to keep their voices down. No longer muffled by the doors, she heard it almost too clearly: The slaps of skin against skin, the laughing, the cheering, and the moans which drowned everything else out as demons took cocks in whatever orifice they could shove them into.

“Hey, hot stuff.” Nieri heard a man say.

Turning her head, she saw the man greeting the demon with her, grabbing her by the waist and pulling her towards him. The demon’s eyes had widened, but a grin soon formed as her gaze fell down towards the tent in the man’s trousers.

“Here for a little fun?”

“You’ve read my mind~” She answered, facing him to then press her breasts against his chest, sliding her hands down his chest to then sneak into his trousers. With subtlety and privacy cast away, she fondled his cock for a second before lowering his pants and taking it out, stroking numerous times as she admired its girth. Without a word after, the two departed elsewhere, still with his cock in her hand.

With her brows half furrowed, Nieri stared in mild concern and annoyance. Blues. For the red demon Nieri was, she hardly viewed them as anything more than beings that sexually repressed themselves in the light to deal with these shenanigans in the dark. At least the reds took their frustrations out in battle for Noralena’s victories and campaigns, rather than need these orgies.

Still, she did not see Noralena. Pale skin, white hair, a distinct uniform or just naked now, she wasn’t that difficult to tell from a crowd. A curious glance aside to the blue demon led to a supressed sigh, as she was already having the man pound her from behind against the wall, moaning out loud with little regard to composure. It had barely even been a minute.

It mattered not. She walked forward, that stench worsening as did the cacophony that now surrounded her on all sides. Too many people, making a once spacious area look cramped. She looked around as she walked, searching for Noralena, but that was the only sight that didn’t greet her.

One glance, and she saw demons and men drinking together, laughing, drunken to extremes, getting too touchy with each other. They cheered each other, pushing their company to more obscene acts, staring ecstatic and laughing as they got two demons to begin kissing each other.

Another glance elsewhere, and Nieri found a demon riding a man cowgirl as he sat on a chair. She held a bottle in hand, drinking from it yet not swallowing. Instead, she held the alcohol in her mouth, to then kiss the man for both to drink in such manner. She had not even paused the hammering of her hips.

A third glance, and she saw a demon servicing a man sitting on a table, slathering his cock with her tongue as she stood bent over. As naked as she was, her exposed rear only invited another who snuck in with his erection out. He had grabbed her by the hips, thrusting in with no previous warning, and with enough strength to push her forward and swallow the man’s cock. What fright and terror she had suffered immediately waned, replaced by lust that drove her to keep pace.

It was all the same, though so different in indulgence. Any position she could think of, a quick look revealed a pairing – or group – doing it. In fact, she found quite the positions she had not even though of done right in front of her eyes. The blues really knew no limits when those repressed urges came out.

Then, she spotted the hint. Hair which stood out, long and flowy. Most importantly, white. A woman being held by the legs as she wrapped her arms around a man’s neck, pounded at with her back against the wall and her legs locked together behind the man. Narrowing her eyes and approaching further, she confirmed her thoughts: That really was Noralena getting fucked by a complete stranger, naked in her entirety. If her expression was anything to go by, being here for so long as to cause Nieri concern was not something she minded at all.

As she arrived, Noralena let out a moan as her embrace – both with arms and legs – tightened with spasms. Her orgasm coincided with the man’s, who emptied himself in her with a few erratic bucks, until both turned silent and immobile. There, Noralena caught glimpse of Nieri, staring expressionless and breathing heavily before a grin smile on her face.

“You’ve been good~” She said, a soothing tone by the man’s ear, calmly lowering her feet to the ground. His cock slid out, sucked dry yet still firm, though the man already showed clear signs of exhaustion. Before anything could be done, however, two demons arrived, wrapping their arms around the now concerned man.

“Done with him?” One asked.

“He can go for a few more, I’m sure~” Said the other.

At the sight, Noralena lightly chuckled.

“Have fun with him. I need to talk with someone for a bit.”

With grins and cheers, the demons took the man away. Noralena, on the other hand, remained quiet, turning to Nieri with a hand over her waist. It struck Nieri as strangely irritative, to so calm and composed like any other day despite having not a piece of cloth to cover her, shameless in her entirety without a care to being seen in such state – or having been seen getting railed against the wall. For all Nieri knew, she had been fucking strangers for hours on end, and Lord knew how many they numbered.

“I didn’t imagine seeing you around here.” Greeted Noralena. “Or any red for that matter. Did something happen?”

“You didn’t say you’d be away for this long.” She answered, frowning in concern, seeing her exposed breasts, midriff, thighs, curvature, all that skin that turned so terribly inviting for those men around that stared intently. “Thought things happened.”

A quiet laugh escaped the lilim.

“You worry too much, Nieri. Do you really think any of these people would be able to even land a hit on me?”

“I fear they’ve been doing that nonstop already.”

At that moment, another person showed up, grabbing Noralena from behind with his hands over her thighs. Noralena let out a gasp, though almost a fake one, mixed with delight rather than fright. Not a second later, he forced his erection between them, pressing her thighs together till his shaft lay sandwiched by her flesh, its glans popping out.

“Impatient, are we?” Noralena asked the man.

During that time, though, another approached, cock in hand to stand next to Nieri, though a little behind as well. She could already tell his eyes were fixated on her rear. It did not take a genius to know he held back on grabbing her ass; perhaps he knew better, if the unlucky few she had broken the ribs of spread the word enough. Returning her eyes to the front, the one behind Noralena had slid his hands over her belly, to then firmly grope her breasts as she calmly moved her hips back and forth, massaging his cock with her thighs.

“Wanna stay and have some fun with us?” Asked Noralena.

Nieri, in return, forced a smile.

“I’ll pass.”

A quiet scoff escaped the man next to her.

“Pity.” Said Noralena. She moved her tail over, gently taking that man’s arm and pulling him towards her. “We’re all here to have a good time, aren’t we? It’d be a shame for someone to go empty handed~”

With one in tail, and taking the other by the arm with her hand, she turned and walked away. Nieri stood there, watching, following her with her eyes, morbidly curious as she asked herself if Noralena really would do what she thought she’d do.

Her doubts turned stronger and stronger as she saw her stop a little away by one of the numerous blankets on the ground. The prisoners had taken them to various places for comfort, sorely lacking the furniture and actual beds necessary, but it only drove Nieri to wonder in half-disgust whether they’d plan on using them from then on. Knowing Noralena, however, they’d no longer need them, if they’d be freed the next day. Noralena laid one over the blanket, mounting him to then grab his cock and slide it inside so nonchalantly. After making herself comfortable, however, she leaned forward with her breasts pressed against the one below her, and with the tip of her tail pulled one of her cheeks aside. It stretched her ass partly, her second hole, and with a seductive look and bitten lip, she stared at the second man.

She was inviting him. It was one thing to assume such things from the lilim, but for Nieri to see it confirmed with her own eyes was another thing entirely. It didn’t take long before the second lowered himself over her, guiding the tip of his cock and placing it over her anus, to then hold onto her with firm grip.

Though Nieri could not see it up close, a loud gasp in ecstasy forced out of Noralena gave away that she had taken it balls-deep. Then, the repeated thrusting commenced, with another man approaching. Noralena was not shy at all, grasping the third cock with her hand and beginning to stroke as both her holes were hammered nonstop.

That seemed enough. Nieri had gotten what she came for, the confirmation that Noralena was… relatively ‘safe’. So much for being a general. Nieri had no reasons to stay and watch her get repeatedly plowed by the ones she had been supposed to defeat, though perhaps a change in leadership was in order since long, long ago. She was no different than a blue. She slightly shook his head, to then turn around and depart.

It seemed blissful, to wake up so slowly to the simple light entering the room. There was hardly a sound to disturb her, and much less any stress. Euphoria, almost, compared to so many days of waking up just for more work. Like an insomniac sleeping for a whole day, she felt life and energy coursing through her which she had not felt since long, long ago, almost to the point of forgetting.

She rubbed the sleep of her eyes and sat up, letting the blanket fall on its own. Then, she stretched her arms while suppressing a moan.

The memory of yesterday lingered. A surprise event even for her, not picturing it lasting as long as it did. Though it certainly was a new thing, it turned out to be quite the stress relief. Maybe she could arrange for another in the future, in fact.

Someone knocked on the door before it creaked open. Noralena then saw Nieri walk in. Though surprise befell her at first, she couldn’t deny that she had overslept quite a bit.

“Nieri.” She greeted. “Is there anything you need?”

“We’re sitting idle. Shouldn’t we be organizing the army for the next move?”

Noralena’s face betrayed a hint of aversion to the idea.

“It’s just a simple thing…” She said. “I’m sure you’re more than capable of doing that.”

“Are you… giving me control of the army?”

“Think you can handle it?”

Frowning in confusion, Nieri’s gaze lowered as thoughts and worries of workload crossed her mind.

“…Yeah, sure.” She answered, causing a smile to pop in Noralena’s face.

“Attagirl.” Said Noralena, letting herself fall back onto the bed. “Fetch me a prisoner while you’re at it. I’ll need some… help in waking up fully.”

“As you say.”

Nieri stepped out, door creaking shut. Outside Noralena’s room, Nieri stood in place. Though her expression had been a mixture of annoyance, worry, and confusion, it dissipated in the blink of an eye as a devious grin from ear to ear reigned.

Little by little, the army was becoming hers.

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  1. To me this reads really stilted and awkward.

    “‘Had to be a lilim’, she muttered in her head.” – Did she think it in her head or mutter it aloud?

    “I have to almost constantly ” – So she has to only most of the time constantly?

    “lips sliding on and on over his cock” – On and on sounds a bit off. Up and down?

    ” “But how about we get you used it already~?””

    “There was no surprise there, if it was still a succubus that had dragged him to her bed.”

    Could have really done with a read over.

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