The Mob goes Wild 3

Stop it
Cut it out
Damn bitch.
Cut the shit.
”Eef yew keeps fidgeting you vill only make me take lunger.”
Well damn if you didn’t have talons in my chest and throat maybe I’d be able to stay still.
Son of a bitch
The Arachne doctor worked away feeling your chest with long black razor like talons, at least thats how they felt. She scanned for any bones out of where they should bel besides the two ribs there were almost already breaking the skin. But good news! Apparently those just bent inward from the airbag and weren’t in a good position to pierce any organs anyway. Wooooooo.
Karen was anxiously pacing back and forth around the room, fists clenched at her waist, angered to no end at your current shitnanigans. Ranting on and on about how pissed she was or something. Didn’t seem like she even knew you nailed an oni-girl to the cross, best keep that a secret for now.
“Schtop moving, Meester Anon~!”
”Not one day, not one FUCKING day out of the hospital and you almost kill yourself. You’d think you could be even the slightest bit more careful with your own damn life, yours and Elizabeth’s and Meli’s. You’re going to give me a heart attack Anon, what if you died?! What about Hilde? What about me?!”
The Arachne snapping your forehead with her fingers, trying to make you stop squirming. Good luck on that, maybe if her gorilla claws weren’t trying to aim to skewer it’d be easier.
”Are you even listening to me? Were you doped up on pain meds? Why the hell wasn’t Elizabeth driving? Why have you been acting so weird since the hospital?” Was it really that hard to guess?
”Zis iz… going zu hurt~”
”AHHHHHHHHHHH!! Hathor…” Doc-eightlegs applying a generous amount of pressure on your ribs to reset one of them, and then a second darting pain realigning the second one.
”Na bitte~! Now, hold schtill, zeriously zis time I’m going zu use mein veb to make a shling, you can’t move ur ze vebbing von’t hold.” Pressing three of her spider tendrils into your fractured arm, her hands pull up a gooey substance she used to encase your arm in a thick crude cast like structure.
”Hard not to hear you Karen.”
”Good! Then maybe you’ll start thinking of yourself more and the people around you that care about you!” The Arachne was quite skilled as to ignore her surroundings, ignoring a yelling dragon was probably no easy feat.
Shaking your head you look away denying her any more answers.
”You are priceless to me Anon…”
Bringing out the ‘P’ word huh?
”Can you say anything?!”
A firm grip brought your attention back to hers, her cold scaley hand pulling you to look at her.
“Look at me! What the hell is with you, why have you been acting so weird?!” Her natural dragon fire never as burned as hot as the way you were looking at her now.
”Don’t you have work to finish?”
The face she turned could curl milk
She could not win anything with you, good.
You could swear you heard a slight whimper before she quickly turned away. Leaving the room, she is cut off by an entering Elizabeth whom quickly sidestepped that forming trainwreck to allow the seething dragon to pass.
Eliza waited a few moments to surely make sure anger queen was long out of earshot.
”She looked pissed. I guess you chose the silent route?”
”I vas also culprit vit zat too, I’m a’faid. Vhen I needs hims zu do zomezhing, I can’t afford zu vait. Zhat und being qviet zeemed zu do zome gut.”
Damn nazis’
”Shes gonna have to get used to it for a long time. Eliza, please go get Hilde.” She meandered out of the room for abit only to yell out into the hall.
”Hildy! Sweetie, your daddy needs you!”
”Doc I need you to do something for me.”
”If I haves ze tools, I’ll be more zhan happi zu~”
”I need to take a paternity test.”
”Oooooh how shcandalous~ I zhink I has a few needles und vials in mein bag.” The little dragon pup finally wandered in, clutching her little purple doll in a death grip. Eliza lifting the little girl onto the bed.
”Hey theres my little lovebug. How’re you sweetie?”
”I’m so happy you are. For a second there, I didn’t think… YOU WERE HAPPY ENOUGH!” Your hands went to tickle the little girl and lighten her mood, turning the little thing into a squirming and giggling mess. The Arachnid doctor giving you the thumbs up that she was ready. Keeping up the tickling you stop momentarily allowing the doctor to make a quick prick on Hilde’s calf.
”Oww?” Hildegard wrapping her tiny body around to try and look at the pricking sensation. Seeing blood, she began to hyperventilate.
Think fast Dad.
”OH NO!” The little girl zoning in on your sudden distraction, shivering like it was ninety below. “Thats blood! You know what that means?!”
Hilde shaking her head frantically ready to initiate full blown panic.
”Thats a Spiferdoodle bug!” A brief pause and a deep gasp. “YOUR GONNA TURN INTO A SPIFERDOODLE!”
”NOOOOOOO! I don’ wa’ be Splifferduuuuud.” Her signature squeal took over, the little bundle of panic bolting off the bed and down the hall. You motion to Eliza to go contain your little bundle of joy before she destroyed the house. Nodding she does so with a smile on her face.
”Uh Ooooh! Hilde, I’m turning into a Spliferdoodle, I’m hungry for dragooooooons~! Rawwwwr! I’m gon’ get cha’!”
”Noooooooooooooo!” cried the little girl running through the house.
”Are yew shure ju vish zu take ze test? Juu make ein great vater. Everyzhing zat little girls needs.”
”Yes I am, do it.” Extending a finger.
”As yew vish.” A prick and a dab of the blood and she was done.
”How long can you get it done?”
”It vill take ein few days ja. I’ll get back zu yew as zoon as possible.”
”How much to get it back tomorrow?”
”I’ll do mein best zir~ I can’t make any promeezes.” Grasping your finger she’d quickly intake it up to the knuckle leaving her saliva to roll into your palm.
”What the hell was that Doc?” Could swear you heard an “Delicious~” whisper coming from that toothy mouth.
And a crash from somewhere in the house followed by – “I’ll fix it!”
”I’m zure eet vouldn’t take zu long, I’ll get started az zoon as I get back to mein lab.” She was making her escape.
”Hey, hey! Why did you suck on my finger? What the hell?!”
”Zeese zhings can be so tricky, one minute its in, the next its gone.” Damn Spider was already out of the room, ranting on about God knows what. Not bleeding though, some kind of sealant?
”Zee you in ein few daaaaaaaaays~, now I know vhy Karen likes you.”
Eliza came back into the room blowing raspberries into your daughters stomach.
”She done?” The sheep huffed and puffed, all tuckered out. Hildegarde digging her head into Eliza’s neck. That poor thing was going to need a lot of help.
”Yeah, now we just have to wait a few days?”
”A few days for wut daddy?”
”The best movies ever!!”
You reached up take the girl from the Sheep, a twinge a pain, suck it up asshole. Pulling the dragon pup into your laps and resuming the tickle-fest. For once Elizabeth wasn’t in her suit but more leisurely clothes. A little white tank-top and sweatpants with little images of sheep jumping over things. She sat down on the edge of the bed joining in by playing with Hilde’s hair.
”Staaaawp. Nooooo!”
”My little lovebug became a gigglebug.”
”I evolved, hehehe.”
You and Elizabeth giggling as well which caught both of your attentions. She was beautiful, both Hildeharde and Elizabeth. Elizabeth looking longingly into your eyes with a genuine smile and blush.
She felt it, you felt it, but the time for that had long since passed. Maybe then Hildegarde would’ve been a weresheep and not a dragon. Then again in all of your years of marriage Elizabeth had shown up right when you and Karen found out she was pregnant. Having proved herself early  in a shootout, managed to save yours and Karen’s life, earning her a permanent spot in the family as well as your personal bodyguard.
In another life, in another time.
”So plan A enacted against “you-know-who”-”
”Voldelich?! We gon’ watch Harriette Potter daddy?!”
”I’m sure we can, go find it the dvd and bring it back here.”
”Okokok.” She’d quickly scurry off.
”Doc Jock took our blood samples, and we wait until she gets back to us. If I am… then I’ll let you know what I’ll do. If not… I’ll leave without anyone noticing.” A warmth and tickling at your hand as Liza grasped your fingers, those beautiful blue eyes had such a sadness to them you’ve never seen her even capable of.
”Do you think you can really do that?”
”Ahhhhh… I… I don’t knoooooow. She even put me through school! She paid $25,000 to Cornell a semester without even blinking an eye. Buying a house nearby and even making long commutes to the city for work. I don’t understand how she could do it.”
”Don’t tell me you were under contract…”
”I… learned to love her… and it was genuine.”
“What’d you major in?”
”I got a bachelor’s in “________” and minored in “________”.
”How come I don’t know this?”
”Because you didn’t know us at the time. Karen got pregnant after I graduated… as part the contract. The terms were she’d pay for my schooling if I was able to finish a bachelors in three years with extra classes then marry her and give her a kid. Not a bad deal if you asked me. I would get to marry a beautiful woman I could learn to love and have all my debts paid and even be taken care of, at the cost of a kid I would’ve had anyway… But, if I knew then what I knew now… What about you? Did you go to school? What’d you major in?”
”Anon… I’m a hit-woman in the mafia.”
”So archey? Nonono, Astronomy… Or is it astrology? I always mix those up-Neuroscience!”
Karen sat at her desk, vilified at order of the day. A severely distant husband, a distraught daughter that seems to be heading the same way, and what looked like a little Sheep to be moving in on her own turf. Even then Karen knew she didn’t have any room to say anything. She’d gulp down the remaining contents of her shot glass, angrily throwing the glass cup across her office, which no doubt was probably the most lavished and expensively decorated part of the house. Gold inlaid rugs, mastercrafted +3 antique bookcases, gold trimmed ebony black desk of which the only hint it was still wood was the dark red grain patterns. The rest of the room designed to have a theme to match the desk, of which purposefully, subliminally, and architecturally pointed to the desk which sat the mafia godmother Karen. Everything this singular room would have to make anyone think someone with an inferiority complex or a need to impress would have. Hell there was even a large time worn teak globe in the center of the room. This was perhaps the diamond atop the tiara if this room was the be compared to a crown, intricate details meticulously carved with only a master’s hands, of which had many dragon like depictions across the continents to form something like a story. Even the water of the globe held perfected texture.
The glass she threw shattered on the wall against a smiling family portrait of you, her, and the baby toddler form of Hildegarde, on the wall directly across from her.
Another glass was placed on the table from her side. Filled with a golden amber liquid which was immediately downed again.
”Should not be drinking so much Miss Karen. At least if you’re not going to take the day off.”
”I pay you to be my assistant, not tell me what to do.” Her’s fingers teased and rotated the golden ring on her left ring finger. Karen rose from her chair staring at you in the portrait, gracefully walking to the painted canvas, wiping off a bit of the liquor off your picture’s cheek before lowering her head into it.
”You look like shit Miss Karen.”
”I fucked up Erika.”
”How big and how much damage control are we looking at?”
”About a two years worth.”
Erika put away the alcohol into the desk, drawing out a thinner, probably more potent series bottle of alcohol.
”By Hathor’s saggy tits, I fucked up.”
”Couldn’t be too hard of a fix.”
”Erika, Do you know anything about this globe?” Obviously referring to the globe in the center of the room.
”The globe?”
”That globe is an original by Edniva Van Tiff.”
”Theeeeeeee Van Tiff?!”
”My great-grandmother commissioned it over one-hundred and five years ago for her horde and has been passed down in my family for generations; it was given to her daughter, to my mother, which was given to me, which I will give to Hildegarde who will hand it down to her daughter and I would give up that damn globe and everything in this house, even my daughter… to take everything back. I really… fucked… up.” Annunciation her words by raising her head and hitting the wall with a slight thud. “Pour me another drink.”
“Thats fucked up. You’d give up your daughter?”

“OF FUCKING- Of course not. It was just an analogy. Besides, if I could go back in time and stop what I did. Hildegarde wouldn’t have been born yet and she was still going to be born anyway. Even then, if I could take it back. She wouldn’t have been born anyway for us to know she even existed. Don’t you fuck up my words either when I say I love my little girl with all my heart. Don’t you fucking question me on that
“Thats still fucked up. But… logically, I can see your point. If she didn’t exist no one would know she was even a possibility.”
“Oh god, now I feel worse for even saying that. I’m sorry my baby. Mommy loves you, she’d never get rid of you or wish for that.” Karen returned to the desk to perform a magic disappearing act and make the liquor vanish. Feeling worse than she already was.
”If you did something wrong against -him-, then maybe I would be one to suggest you take him out to a nice restaurant. Maybe, treat him well, I don’t know… try to spill your heart then. Make him feel like hes the center of your universe.” Cyclops was being a real Sis-clops at the moment.
”That… is actually a good idea, I’ll take him out, maybe a stroll through the park, flowers and things. Yeah.”
”Perhaps I could recommend the Le Bernadin? My boyfriend took me there for our two year anniversary, quite delicious.”
”No, Ripert doesn’t exactly like it when I make reservations for ten people or more people. Especially after last time. Oh~ I know!” Karen went tapping away at her PC on the desk, then took up her phone.
”~Good afternoon! Thank you for calling Masa, New Yorks highest rated Japanese and Sushi restaurant. Can I assume you’d like to make a reservation?~”
”Yes, I would. I would like to make reservation for two people tomorrow night and then another for three.”
”Umm, I’m sorry ma’am, but reservations are taken three weeks in advanced and…”
”Tell Masayoshi that Mrs. Karen Jawfnovese would like to make a personal reservation for eight thirty tomorrow night.”
>”O-One moment please.”
… …
… … …
… …
”Yes ma’am your table will be ready.”
”Thank you so much, and tell Masayoshi that Karen says hello~”
A pristine white coat clad Japanese Chef is yelling obscenities and other profanities in his kitchen.
”I know he’ll just love it Karen.” The affirmation in her tone actually put a smile on Karen’s face.
clipclapclipclapclipclap of sweet little scaled footsteps in the hall.
”Sweetie?” Hildegard stopped short of the door. Karen setting the phone aside and calling out to her.
”What’re you doing sweetie?”
”Me and daddy and Wizzbef, gon’ watch movies! A lot!”
”Movies? How about mommy joins you after shes done with her work?”
”Would you and daddy like that?”
”Y-Yeah.” Hilde was quick on the draw to say that, but held a bit of reservation to the idea.
”Ok, Mommy will be done soon, save some room for me ok?”
”Ok… mmm… o-ok.” She stammered out before heading on down the hall. Karen and her cyclops PA shared a smile, Erika giving her a thumbs up.
It took some time to get things in order, that small time two-bit shit crew on the lower side of the Bronx unable to get their shit together. This is why you always needed macromanagers, stupid shit where one little drug-mule can’t push powder or a little dealer who wants more of a cut and will threaten to rat out one of the drug labs, or a prostitution worker’s strike sends everything to hell. who knew they even tried to unionize an illegal racket. Erika was busy shuffling papers in and out of Karen’s face to be signed or looked at, all the while filing said papers and talking into her own phone. Those were the more legal papers to fill out, the family business of contracts at the incineration plant, the manufacturing yard, two nightclubs, fuck the papers didn’t stop coming and Karen still had to yell at the capos’ to get shit straight. Money didn’t make itself and when one little toothpick was sent into a well-oiled machine, people died. She really needed to delegate more power out again.
”Then put two in his leg and send him to a doctor… … … I don’t give a fuck if he sees a doctor or not, you do it or it’ll be your legs, I’m tired of having this conversation with you. I like you Ophelia, but this shit stops or I’ll make YOU stop!” And slam the phone down with authority.
”This one needs signature and initials.”
”Give me one second, Erika.” The life of a boss was hard but a rewarding one. Groaning exhausting and rubbing the bags forming under her eyes. High risk/very high reward. It gave you and Karen a 19,000 square foot mansion in the best part of the city. A handsome husband, beautiful baby girl, an underground parking garage, indoor pool (That wasn’t even being counted in the 19,000 living space), spa on the roof, and everything else a girl could ask for. All at the cost of being shot at on a regular basis, but that was calming down under Karen’s new management instead of her mother’s old way of running things. It was easier, safer, and faster for the family to just buy out competing families businesses than it was to blow them to hell, everyone was happier with bigger pockets. Karen’s brains allowed her to maneuver her family into being the most powerful in the city, and with the littlest blood spilt. Sure they weren’t the ‘biggest’, but the sheer amount of capital controlled and with the right strings pulled and plucked at the right times no one dared questioned her authority, at least without repercussions. And thats what seemed to be happening now, another know-nothing family was trying to push in on Karen’s businesses and drug trades. The only thing to decide was to figure out if it was going to be done with a gun or a signature. But that was enough for now, too much stress for one night, it was time to spend time with the husbando and daughteru.
”Ericka. Go ahead and head home, thats enough for today. I’ll have you check paycheck cased by monday.”
”I was also wondering ma’am, if it was ok that I take the weekend off. My boyfriend wanted to do something special this weekend and wanted to leave it a surprise.”
”Yes, thats fine. We got a lot done today, so there shouldn’t be much-Actually, I need you to give these to the post office tomorrow and I’ll consider that your payment for taking off.”
”Yes ma’am!” Gleefully taking up a bin of letters to mail before heading out.
Karen signed off on one last paper before rolling her head back, sighing and rubbing her eyes once more, but this time was out of sheer exhaustion rather than of earlier events. Exhausted day after day, but oh-so-worth-it. Until she happened to fall asleep in her LazyJinko brand chair.
”Ahh!” Karen woke up an indeterminate time later. “Oh god what time is it?” Fuck it, change and get to them. She bolted out of her office and into the living room where an assortment of suit clad monster women were generally enjoying themselves and helping themselves to the fridge, 82” TV, a game system connected to it, billiards and so forth on entertainment. Most of whom still wore their black suits in as much of a casual manner as possible. All eyes were on the panicky dragon as she bolted across the living room and down another hall to your shared bedroom. Stripping down to nudity she only stopped to examine her nude form in the mirror, turning left, then right, grasping her breast in the mirror, wondering if her butt was too big, and slipped on a sheer nighty that matched her scales. Again she bolted out the master bedroom, through another hall, past the crowd of women (still staring) and into the hall where you were staying in the guest bedroom. Only to find…
The three of you were already asleep.
Karen let out a deep seated sigh, leaning against the door frame. Due to your damaged form you were restricted to only the lightest of activity to prevent any more bones from slipping, many dvd discs littered the floor of the room. You were there propped up by a few pillows, Hildegarde was nestled under your arm, and Elizabeth was hanging off the bed with only one hoof actually on it.
All of you sawing logs, the little dickens.
A dejected Karen, sad at missing her own set aside family time crept up to the bed and slowly worked her way in. Gently, softly, carefully pulling your arm over her back, cuddling Hilde into her chest and wrapping an arm around your leg. Silently crying herself to sleep. At least this was better than nothing.
Chirpchirpchirp too you loud assholes.
The painkillers offered an incredible night sleep, one you haven’t had in a long time. One that was hard to rouse from. With a big ole’ stretch you move your uncasted arm to scratch you little girls back only to feel a thick fold of what seemed like leather.
That was one of Karen’s unfolded wings, shit did she sneak in last night? Your little one was cramped up cozily between you and her, that arm around your leg was unwelcome though. You rotate around the bed to get a feel for your condition, as much as the grasping dragon lets you. Either those painkillers were still fucking you up or the healing process was going rather well. With your unwrapped hand you smacked the Sheep’s leg.
”Liz up. Cmon.”
”Uhsdjgfnmkbd I didn’t do it!” Sheepie darting her eyes around the room to regain her bearings. Something about laughing so hard she fell out of the bed and claimed comfort there, besides she didn’t want to be caught by Karen in the bed with you anyway.
”Cmon. I’m feeling good enough to do some minor things. Lets go run, if Hilde wore you out, I think we both need it.”
”Yeah ok. I’m up… in…five…minutes just…”
”Now… cmon.”
”Tch, Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” You pry yourself free of Karen that spurns her and Hilde awake at the same time, both the dragons going into animalistic like stretches, opening their mouths farm beyond the human norm.
”Shyeeeeet!” Elizabeth spazzed out abit, freaking the fuck out at the sight of Karen lying with you, in her mind, Karen probably oversaw her and would attack on sight.
”Mmmmm, Morning already?” Karen blurted out rubbing one eye intentionally keeping her arm wrapped up on you. It took much to pry yourself free from the woman, starting of the day with two scoops of a very sad dragon. You left the room by this point, the Sheep looking between you and Karen and quickly exiting. Her eyes locking with the Weresheep’s, no doubt thinking of death.
”Daddy, I’m hungry.”
Women were passed out across the living room, although much fewer than last night as some of these girls were the most trusted and had their own rooms in the mansion.
”Would one of you fine ladies mind cooking Hildegarde breakfast?”
”It would be a pleasure sir.” A fancifully dressed Kikimora appeared chirped up before any of the hungover women were able too, appearing from one of the myriad of hallways, bowing. “Come Lady Hildegarde, would you like some bacon and pork?”
”Yeeeeeeeah.” The little punk rubbed her eyes, you leaning over to kiss her head and ruffle her bed head. Hilde taking the Kiki’s hand and moving off to the lavish kitchen, starting the pup off on a spoonful of brownie batter mix.
Karen came hobbling out, still left in a half sleeping stupor, covering herself in her transparent nighty.
”If you plan to destroy my living room, you will clean it back up. I’ll let Janet take the day off and force you fucks to do everything.” That made the Kikimora’s brow twitch, hidden by a lovely smile.
”But the Kiki-”
”What did I say Anura?”
”Yes, ma’am.” That sure roused the ladies of the living room.
You however went off to the master bedroom to change your clothes to something more exercise-y, gym shirt, nylon shorts, two ounce running shoes, the works. You met Elizabeth out in large backyard that connected to the lightly wooded wilderness trails. She wore something that made you draw a few questions. A sports bra covered by one of her suit jackets, her pants being skinny jeans.
”Why the hell are you wearing that? Go change.”
”Because I’m always wearing a suit, so I have to train to be perform in tight clothes, especially if you’re going to do what you’re thinking.”
”Your the boss.” Clopclopclop, off the two of you went.
Karen was out back in the living by this point.
”Where my husband?”
”Running.” Most of them yelled out, these girls multi-talented, able to clean on command and piss off the Kikimora.
”And some of you aren’t with him?”
”Elizabeth is with him, Lady Karen. I thought you’d already knew.” The Kikimora said, sliding bacon, pulled pork, eggs, and toast on a plate for Hildegarde sitting at the bar. dancing side to side in her chair
Karen let out a groan, slipping back into the recesses of the mansion, slinking into the master bedroom to pass out, cuddling up in your shared bed. Stuffing her face into your pillows and inhaling deeply.
It took a few more hours until Karen decided to get out of bed and get dressed. She took to the kitchen. The girls there keeping themselves entertained as usual, their only real job, keeping you, herself, and Hildegarde safe. Some of the girls were playing with Hilde having a little tea party, that little girl still hadn’t even so much as let that little purple stuffed dinosaur out of her sight. Karen found the strongest bottle of alcohol in her liquor room and proceeded straight to the office, not even out of the living room and downing gulps straight from the bottle.
She took a seat at her desk, the alcohol container already noticeably missing contents and staring her dead in the face. She took another large swig from the container, its proof strong enough that it was ready to ignite merely entering her mouth.
What the hell?
Must be the girls in the shooting range below the office, lets see. Karen stomped heavily on the floor a few times to get the shooter’s attention.
It was you and Elizabeth at the range. You went ahead and immediately finished the rest of the rounds in the Magazine. Well that gave Karen an answer. Continuing to pull the trigger despite the cocked action.
”Lets switch to a smaller caliber and not piss off your wife.” Elizabeth went ahead and switched out the 1911 in your has for a smaller six-round Ruger, immediately and without looking you fired off that entire clip down range.
”Thirty bucks says shes comes down here and kicks Anon’s ass.” A Wolf-girl exclaimed.
”Deal.” An Oni.
”Raise that by thirty.” Cat girl.
”Fifty.” The Kikimora.
”Seventy – she doesn’t!” Elizabeth.
Yeah, you were also surrounded by five girls not including Elizabeth which were there to have a shooting competition were now betting on your sweet ass.
At this point the alcohol was even more drowned at this point.
”Mrs. Karen!” Erika did do declare.
”I…*hic* I have you off today. The Shlits youuuuuse doooin hur?”
”I forgot my bag, but Mrs. Karen, you’re drunk! Its not even twelve yet!”
”Hey! ………………………………..I pay you to help be meinith PA. Not my personal advisor dick, I have one of thosh.”
”Ma’am, please, I don’t think you need to be drinking this early!”
”And I don’t think you need to mind you own bishness!”
”Miss please. You need to lay off the 180 proof! Is it already a fourth gone?!”
”I do what I want, you’re not my real parole officer! Your not my husband in his stripper-cop outfit!” Theres more information than needs to be let out. Erika moved to seize the bottle from Karen’s desk, which wasn’t that hard considering Karen’s inebriated disposition. Trying to get the bottle back but tripping over her suede chairs. Full blown crying on the ground, full supine and reaching up to the ceiling.
”My husband doesn’t love me!”
”Good thing I forgot my bag and had to come back. If you keep this attitude up he won’t! You have to save yourself! How would you feel if you really lost him? If another woman scoops him up?!”
”He is my jewel, he is my horde, without him I have nothing!”
”Then sober yourself up and work to win him back!”
”… Yes, Yesyesyes. He knows what I did to him, but… I can fix it right?! I can, and I will!”
”Thats the spirit Miss Karen, win back the love of your life from whatever damage you caused.”
”Just after a few more sips.” Somehow Karen had found another bottle that had to be pried away by Erika.
Hours later, you were in the living playing the Wolf girl in a game of billiards. Hilde was playing on the carpet infront of the TV with her monster dolls. Anura, a cat-girl playing “Call of Booty: Modern Rapefare” on the large screen TV.
”I bet you eat cunt, leeeeeeeeesssssbiiiiiiiaaaaaaan.” Anura was arguing with sixteen year olds over a game again. “Unnn! Eat this pussy butch, I bet you’ve never been rammed huh? ……. Get wrecked! I’m gonna fuck you and then fuck your dad later. I bet he’ll like it like the whore he is.”
”Anura… language… daughter.”
”Yes sir! Sorry sir!”
”You listen to a guy?! HAHAHAH” Laughter came through the TV.
”Anura… language.” A sultry voice appeared from the hallway, out walking the sobering Karen in a beautiful violet satin dress that reached the ground, carefully crafted wrist slits to fit over her scaley hands and not be torn, Hair pulled up into a bun with diamond encrusted picks to hold it in place. Wispy smoky seductive eyes to lure you in, the icing on the cake being the minimal amount of passion purple lipstick. The house Kikimora came from another hallway bringing Karen a tote bag.
”Yes Ma’am!” That response louder and more responsive than to you.
”Anon… I made dinner plans and would love it if you could join me, I have reservations at Masa’s. And then I was thinking about a stroll through the park and some fried ice cream, just the two of us.”
”I’m not hungry.” Plock~ missed that bank shot.
”Please… Anon.”
”I ate earlier.” You nod to the Wolf-girl who remained frozen in fear of doing anything in Karen’s presence.
”If you’re not taking a shot I will.” You went ahead and stole away another ball from the Wolf-girl.
”Ok…” Karen’s gaze hung low to the ground and moved to leave. “Ladies…” An assortment of girl pulling on their suit jackets and ties and fixing their clothes followed Karen out. Many of them staring at you, a few knowing your reason for being so cold. Out of the many girls that were originally with you, the ones that remained were Wolfy, Anura still gaming, Elizabeth in the shower, and the Kikimora.
”Take your shot Allison. Your turn.” The Wolf-girl help only a hapless expression looking at you, biting her lip before taking a shot. Before her shot even settled you placed your pool cue onto the marble table. With Karen now thoroughly gone from the sight of lights leaving the drive, “I’m hungry. Lets see what we got to eat.”
>You moved the the pool table into the kitchen to raid the fridge snooping through whatever there was left.
Elizabeth was finally able to join the party rubbing her head with a tower and polishing her horns. She was greeting by an anxiety filled room that not even Anura could break to insult some punk over the internet.
”Whaaaaaaaaaaaaats going on? Why is everyone so quiet? Allison? Anura?”
Allison was the first to return anything of a response. “Karen just left.”
”Where to?”
”Anon!” Elizabeth’s anger was now at you. “What the shit, you didn’t go eat dinner? With your Wife?”
Now you showed her “You shitting me right” face with full jaw drop. “Hey, language. Hilde, these are very bad words ok. You’re a good girl and dont say them ok?”
“Ok daddy.”
”Anura you still playing that stupid game?”
”Thats alot to say coming from you ~Mr. Prestige 2~”
Elizabeth came to you, snapping your forehead with her fingers. Her voice was at a whisper in case the other girls and especially Hilde wouldn’t hear. “The fuck is wrong with you, don’t you see shes dying inside? Shes trying to keep you and make you happy. You’ve been giving her hell for three days, don’t think think this is enough? You’re tearing that woman apart!”
Three days? Three fucking days of giving her shit when she’s been slumming around for who knows how the fuck long?
“I have two words for you. Fuck… Her… Now I’m going to start cooking, I’m thinking of using that leftover rice and that large tuna and salmon in there to make sushi. You can enjoy it with me or you can make your own food and… as I’m sure Anura and Allison would also enjoy, right ladies?”
The wolf and cat were trying their best to stay out of the conversation but the offer of food and sushi at that was too tempting. They were already sitting at the bar, yet unable to make eye contact with you, or anyone else for that matter, maybe they heard too much. How much they heard despite your battling-whispers with Elizabeth was arguable.
As much as she didn’t want to, Elizabeth agreed with you. She cared about You, Hilde, and Karen, however you and Hilde came first. Elizabeth shook her head, still hating the choice you made quickly prepared some Aunt Myrmidon’s quick rice, not the best rice to use but it’ll work.
”Hilde, come up to the table. Dinner’s almost ready.” You continued to slice up both the Tuna and Salmon into strips. Janet helping out by getting sauces and vegetables ready
”Am not hungwy.”
”I know you are, you haven’t eaten since breakfast. Put cha’ butt down in this chair.”
”I don’ wanna daddy.”
”Hildegarde Leblanc Blanchette Jawfnovese! Come sit your butt down at this bar and eat dinner, its really good. Its sushi, its fish, I know you like fish.” The little girl got up at the first sign of the middle name coming out and joined at the table.
You set a plate of food before your little loin-pup first, then Anura and Allison, Elizabeth and yourself last. There was plenty to go around and even with the five of you, despite large portion sizes was still enough to feed everyone that was here earlier twice. All of you deliciously getting down with that ghetto home made sushi.
The restaurant was hustlin’ and bustlin’. Mainly from the noise of Karen’s bodyguards that came to join her in your place. The rest of the patrons were trying to enjoy a quiet evening, wrong time wrong palce when Karen’s girls were on the scene. The girls were joking and laughing nudging each other; harassing male patrons, servers, and the chefs, tyring to look for easy pickups, even for guys that looked obviously taken or were covering in marriage fumes. Karen never looked lonelier, softly nursing her drink and eating whatever the chefs put on the plate before her. It was good though. She just wanted her husband, yeah she fucked up but at least she recognized it and it was causing her pain. The chefs placed another plate of sushi in front of her, trying to get her attention with a smile, but couldn’t even etch a smile into the corners of Karen’s mouth.
(Mood music: repeat as needed)
(I understand this part may be confusing to understand, but I can’t resist writing this like a montage or something. If need be, I’ll rewrite with more clarification)
Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone.
Its not warm when he’s away.
She fucked up and she had to live with the consequences.
God why did she have to do this, she destroyed herself in her own self-deprecating way. She had no willpower
Ain’t no sunshine when He’s gone
And he’ always gone too long.
Anytime he goes away.
At least some of them were having fun. Bill was gonna make this montage weight down like a bitch though.
A flicker in the corner of her sight caught her eye.
A guy looking right at her, tall, nice fair complexion, bright green emerald colored eyes. “No, please, not here, please not now.” He was looking right at Karen, rolling his jaw, gnawing on a straw and playing with a piece of paper in his hands, rolling it between his finger. “Oh god, no, please stop. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm~”
Karen slowly removed her wedding ring from that left hand, hiding it from sight.
Karen, leave that young thing alone~
But ain’t no sunshine when hes gone
Wonder this time where she’s gone.
Wonder if shes gon’ to stay
You managed to liven the mood and actually bring about smiles and laughter back home.
The girls able to make jokes and cracks at each other. Hildegarde flashing you a large smile yet still clasping that purple dinosaur. >You giving your daughteru a similar big smile, serving up food left and right.
Aint no sunshine when shes gone
and this house just ain’t no home
anytime she goes away
I brought this on him
I keep doing this to her
Ain’t no sunshine when their gone
Anytime they go away
Three AM had rolled around before the lights returned in front of the house. In stumbling a large rowdy group of drunk monster girls and their designated driving cyclops. Why the hell would they give that responsibility to her anyway?
”Shhhh heheheh Shhhhhhh no shat up shhhhhhhhh faggots shhhh heheheh.”
Karen looked complete haggard, ruined dress, ruined makeup, crumpled and rough.
”Shhhhh, their Scleeepin you shitburgers!”
”Wash your mouf around Hildegard you taint photographer!”
Your companions were passed out around the house. You on the couch infront of the TV with a controller in your lap, Hildegarde cuddling up in your lap, Elizabeth on the other side with her head as well in your lap. Allison passed out on the cold floor, and Anura doing that cat pose over the arm of the plush sofa. Must’ve gotten crunk.
Your head was thrown back over the sofa, damn near drooling.
The rest of the girls stood back, some of them sneaking off to their respective rooms, other watching the scene. Karen removed her heels to be a pinch quieter, at least she knew how to make herself silent with the scales on her feet than heels. The sight of Elizabeth in your lap formed a heavy egg on her stomach, but even disgraced her more with this night. She moved to you, using a napkin to wipe up your drool, her hand running through your hair, she left a kiss on your forehead.
Tears welling in her eyes once more, she slithered off to your room to attempt to wash off the shame. Walking back to the hall she passed the kitchen, an even deeper blow to see the destroyed fish and rice covering the counter top.
“Asshole…” The Kikimora swept in front of Karen before she could get into the hall, with a slight whisper as to not to wake our sleeping heroes. “Good morning Lady Karen. Had… fun tonight?” Oh fuck don’t say the Kikimora could smell it.
”Allow me to take your purse and put it up.”
”….Thank you Janet.” Voice weak, Karen cautiously handed the Kiki her purse.
The Kikimora backpedaled to allow Karen passage to the master bedroom.
”I hope it is worth the weight on your conscious Lady Karen.”
Don’t cry Karen.
Try not cry.
At least make it to the shower.
Cry deeply.
Today was a day for fun and joyous occasion. You had popped a full tramadol and everything was pretty chill, these colors on the wall tasted pretty nice. GOnaNu have to see the king of Swirdlovsky for a recipe on that.
Things were healing nicely and you were gaining greater ranges of function every day. You were in the gym with Elizabeth as she was coaching you on your kickboxing technique, you were ducking and weaving, albeit at a much slower rate to avoid slippage. Elizabeth with the pads of course.
Left overhead.
Right straight
Swim right
Right hook to the ribs sooooooooftly.
”Good Anon, just remember to keep turning your foot in when you hook, need to transfer that power.”
Right hook
Right hook
Right straight
”Good good. Now combo i-”
”Hold up for a sec. Phone. Hello? Hello doctor, the results are done? Good or bad news?”
Elizabeth dropped the pads like bricks when she saw tears in your eyes.
”Are you sure doctor, theres no margin of error?”
”Anon… What’d she say?”
”Oh God. Fuck… Fuck me. Fuck me Fuck me. FUCK ME!! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!” You screamed throwing the phone at the wall to watch it vaporize on impact.
”Anon! Anon! Whats wrong. What did she say?” She was holding you at this point, concern flowing with your tears.
A group of monster girls rush into the room weapons drawn. Elizabeth shoving them off with silent no’s and hand gestures. Angered over a lack of action, guess that phone was pretty loud, they return inside.
The tears burst forth. Your face immediately red your hands going to cover your mouth. Eliza entered full panic.
”I’m the father.”
“I’m the father…”
Overwhelmed with emotion you could only fall to your knees unable to keep back the tears.
”Doctor said the DNA tests were conclusive. 99% chance I’m the father.”
”Is that a good thing or bad thing anon?”
A heavy pause later.
”I don’t know.”
Elizabeth was dumbfounded like being hit with a brick. She had no idea what to do except hold you and comfort you.


”But I will tell you what we will do!” You rose, tears still streaming and diging your index finger into Liza’s chest. “We are g-g-going to find those mother fffffucker’s that molested my baby girl. We will….We w-will find them! And… *sniff*  we-we will MURDER THEM!! A-And and if Karen w-won’t do anything about it. I… WILL MAKE… THEM… FUCKING… PAY!”

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  1. ”If you did something wrong against -him-, then maybe I would be one to suggest you take him out to a nice restaurant. Maybe, treat him well, I don’t know… try to spill your heart then. Make him feel like hes the center of your universe.” Cyclops was being a real Sis-clops at the moment.

    Erika doesn’t know what she did at this point, does she? I’ve never been in either position, but “try to take the victimized party out on a date” doesn’t seem like the best first step to reconciliation.

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