Maid to Serve Ch 2

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The clock was particularly cruel that morning. There was no way in hell it could be time to get up. Cracking open an eye, David unfortunately confirmed that it was, in fact, 6am and time to get up.

Shutting off the annoying alarm. David pulled himself out of bed and got dressed.

Another day, he thought as he tied his shoes, hopefully today will be better than yesterday.

He had to get Amy up next and make them both some breakfast. Thankfully he didn’t hit the ever so temptingly deadly snooze button. It took a while to drag his daughter out of bed and there were a number of times where she was late for school and he for work thanks to both of them oversleeping.

“Morning baby! Amy! Time to get up” he called loudly, hoping that it would stir her out of her sleep. He would give her ten minutes before going into her room to grab her. In the meantime, he could start cooking.

Walking out of the hallway to the living room, David paused as looked around. It was… clean? What the hell? He checked all around and it was spotless; no dust, no grime, everything organized. The kitchen was the same with the floor being freshly mopped with a pine scent, the dishes washed and put away, the stove that normally was impossible to get fully clean was now almost glistening like it was brand new.

This- this had to be a joke, right? Any minute some camera crew is going to come in and tell me it’s a prank, David thought, it had to be. No one just breaks into a house and cleans, that’s just crazy. Yet, nothing was missing, no windows broken, and the place was pristine.

David looked everywhere in the house. Even poking his head out to the back yard and the front. Nothing. It was just Amy and himself there. He didn’t know if he should be grateful or scared, after all the culprit could have done anything to them while they were asleep.

Wait- how could they do all this without him or Amy being woken up by the noise? That sensation on his ears… did they use ear plugs or something?

“Amy! Come on! Get up!” He yelled again.

Looking around one more time just to be certain that they were alone, David started cooking breakfast. As he flipped the bacon, Amy wandered out with a bad case of bedhead but at least she was dressed for school.

“Wow daddy, you cleaned?” She asked as she slid into her seat at the kitchen table while looking around.

“Uh- Y-yeah! I did some cleaning alright!” He stammered and forced a fake laugh. There was no way he was going to tell Amy about the break in. He did console himself that he was going to get some cameras to place around the house. He hopped that this was just a weird, one time fluke but better safe than sorry.

The two ate in silence then brushed their teeth. It took David quite a while with a brush to tame Amy’s hair to where it was presentable but it was finally done and they were soon on their way to school and work.

David had made doubly sure that all of the windows and doors were closed and locked. He would be picking up the cameras today as well. No way some crazy person was going to break in and clean their house again! He paused to rethink that last thought. No matter how many times he repeated in his head, it still sounded absolutely nutty.

Just something else he now had to worry about…


Claire watched from down the street as David and his daughter drove away. Now was her chance to finish the job without any interruptions. Sneaking back in the way she came from the previous night, Claire got to work. She wanted to focus on the bathrooms and bedrooms this time as well as vacuuming the floors.

With a tentacle in the form of a vacuum and a few others cleaning the mirror and around the sink of one of the bathrooms, Claire found herself drawn to David’s room. She tisked to herself at seeing the bed was unmade and multiple drinks were littering his nightstand. This would not do at all. A tentacle gathered the glasses and shot off to the kitchen sink to be washed while Claire personally handled making the bed.

She could smell him all around as she fluffed the pillows and smoothed the blankets down. The scent was driving her crazy. David was very handsome in his own right, plus being responsible enough to take care of his daughter… well that was just the icing on the cake. She was frankly surprised that he wasn’t already snatched up by some head over heels Mamono wanting to play house with him. Yet he was still tantalizingly single. Her face flushed dark purple as she grabbed a pillow to her face and inhaled deeply.

By the dark chaos gods, yes! She could get used to this smell very easily.

Embarrassed by her actions, Claire put the pillow back on the bed and continued on with her tasks. She organized and cleaned his daughter’s room and both bathrooms. By the afternoon she had the entire house sparkling clean. Claire did a final walk and found everything to be perfect. She was quite proud of herself and basked in the euphoria of feeling accomplished. She missed the emotion dearly and wished she could experience it again on a daily basis.

The sound of a car pulling up into the driveway interrupted her bliss.

Oh Maou damn it.

She had overstayed her visit and now she was trapped! Looking around frantically, she considered her choices. She could change  into something like last night- maybe he wouldn’t notice?

Muffled voices and approaching footsteps made the decision for her as she changed back into a coat rack from last night.

Please don’t find me, please don’t find me, she prayed to herself while paralyzed with fear.

Keys rattled and the door jiggled as it was unlocked with both father and daughter entering. David glanced around as he closed the door behind them. He had a plastic bag with a few small hidden cameras that he was going to place around the house later but as of right now, something was off. The damn place seemed even cleaner!

“Daddy… did you come back and clean?” Amy asked as she too was in awe of the condition of their home.

David’s eyes narrowed as he growled, “No. Just stay behind me, ok?”

“I’m scared.” Amy wined as she quickly retreated behind her father.

Dropping the bag and taking out his phone and taser, David readied both as they checked the kitchen, the bathrooms and their own bedrooms.

While they didn’t find any intruders, every single place they looked was absolutely spotless. Beds were made, sinks and toilets scrubbed and so on. It was the strangest thing. David and Amy looked at each other in confusion. Why break into someone’s house just to clean?

“Should we call the police?” Amy asked.

David pondered doing so but what would he say? Yeah someone broke into my house and tidied up the place? He had a feeling that the cops would end up laughing and tell him to stop wasting their time.

“I’m not sure,” he said, still glancing about. But I’m going to set up some cameras so

If they come back, we’ll catch them on video.

David walked back to the living room and grabbed the plastic bag on the floor. This was going to stop right now. He unboxed the cameras and placed them about the house.

Two in the living room and one in the kitchen. That should catch anyone doing any funny business, he huffed to himself. Amy was doing her homework at the kitchen table while he worked but it was now time for dinner.

Hold on a second…

“Hey Amy, could you come here please?” David called.

“Yeah daddy?”

“Did… did we ever have a coat rack?” He asked while pointing at the foreign piece of furniture beside their couch.

“Umm no? I don’t think so?” She replied while also staring at it.

The coat rack in question started trembling and Amy let out a fearful scream as she ran behind her father. Grabbing his trusty pocket taser, David pointed it directly at the now sweating piece of furniture.

“Who are you?!” He demanded.

Very slowly, the coat rack oozed and changed becoming a very scared purple maid with her hands up.


“Why are you in my house!” David yelled angrily.

“I-I”m sorry! Please! I don’t mean anyone any harm!” She exclaimed, “I-I just wanted to pay you back for the food…”

“For the food…? What are you… wait… you’re that woman from last night! The one I gave the burger to!”

Claire nodded as calmly as she could, “I’m thankful that you remembered our interaction. Most try not to remember homeless people.”

“So you broke into my house to clean it as a thank you for the food?”

“Yes… I’m -I’m sorry! I didn’t have any other way to pay you back…” She blushed as she looked away.

Sighing, David lowered his taser and replied, “I don’t want repayment. I did it because you were down on your luck, and Amy here wanted you to have have a meal.”

Claire, who still had her hands up in surrender, smiled and nodded meekly to Amy.

“I am very grateful for that. It felt nice to be looked at and talked to as a person. Most people don’t do that for those out on the streets. But are you truly unhappy with how your house is now?”

“Well…no…” David said uncomfortably, “I mean, it’s great. I don’t think it’s ever been this clean before to be honest.”

“Then I have repaid my debt to you,” Claire confirmed but then turned apprehensive, “W-would I please be able to leave?”

“Yeah- no harm I guess,” he mumbled with a shrug, “But no more breaking in!”

“You have my solemn word, I won’t enter your house without your permission again.”

Relaxing a bit from her promise and realizing the awkwardness of the situation, he said, “You can lower your hands. I’m David and this my daughter, Amy. What’s your name?”

“I am Claire, former head maid to the Montgomery estate.” She replied with a polite bow.

“Montgomery?! Those guys are famous! What happened that you lost your job there?” He gasped.

Claire squirmed a bit, hesitant to both bring up bad memories but also the stigma of her kind.

“Hey, it’s ok, you don’t have to tell us,” David said softly.

Claire shook her head, “No, it’s only right you know. I’ve imposed on you and your family. You deserve answers. I was relieved of my position when Master-I mean Mr. Montgomery’s wife, Paula, was due to give birth to a baby boy.”

“I don’t understand, what does that have to do with anything?” David asked, confused as to why her having a kid would cause Claire to be fired.

She hesitated for a moment, then finally relented, “They were afraid… that being around me would corrupt their child…”

Both David and Amy looked at each other in disbelief.

“What do you mean?” Amy asked innocently, “Did they think you were gonna do something bad to the baby?”

Claire nodded dismally, “There is a lot of misinformation about my kind, the Shoggoths. Many believe we can corrupt people with madness or other such dark aversions. But we don’t! We aren’t like that, we desire only to serve. We want to be of use to others.”

Claire looked to the two. Amy seemed very sad but David’s face was impassive.

Sighing, she gestured towards the door and said, “If I may? I do believe I have overstayed my impromptu welcome. Once again, my deepest apologies. I did not mean any harm.”

“But where are you gonna go?” Amy asked.

Claire shrugged wistfully, “Just somewhere else. It’s a big world out there. I’ll be fine.”

“Just hold on!” The little girl ordered as she grabbed her father’s hand and lead him into the kitchen. David tucked his taser back into his hands pocket as he regarded his daughter.

“What? What’s going on?” He quietly asked.

Pulling his head down until it was level with hers, she whispered,

“I don’t wanna let her to leave. She doesn’t have a home.”

“Amy, come on, she not some stray cat we can take in. We don’t know anything about her!”

“Yeah we do! She just told us! Her mean boss kicked her out. It’s so sad…”

“Amy…” David began.

“Please daddy?” She begged as she grabbed his hands in hers, “She doesn’t have a home but she can stay with us. We can give her a home.”

“This… this is insane. She’s a stranger and you want to let her live with us?! What if she like kills us in our sleep or… or like robs us?”

“She won’t. I know she won’t.” His daughter urged.

This was insane. Utterly insane. David was seriously considering this crazy request of his nine year old. She had a heart of gold, that was for sure, but… really?

Looking out from the kitchen he could see Claire just standing there with her head miserably down and hands clasped together in front of her. He felt for Claire, he really did, but this was much different. This was inviting someone he didn’t know to live with himself and his daughter.

“She could have hurt us last night but she didn’t,” Amy whispered to him as if reading his thoughts.

Fuming to himself, he finally admitted, she was right. Plus Claire did do a really great job cleaning the house…

Gritting his teeth, David slowly growled, “Fine. We will try this. But the instant she does anything fishy, she’s out. Understand?”

“Yes! Thank you! Thank you!” Amy exclaimed as she hugged him tight.

David sighed as he patted her back in defeat. He couldn’t believe he was doing this…

“Come on, let’s go talk to her.”

Father and daughter exited the kitchen and stood once again in front of the maid.

“We would like to propose something.”

Claire curiously looked up at him, wondering what he was going to suggest.

“We have a spare bedroom here. It’s got some boxes and stuff in it but we can just throw them in the garage… a-anyway would you… like to live here with us for a bit?”

Claire froze, unable to believe what she was just asked. She could live here? She would have a roof over her head and a purpose again in life?

“But it wouldn’t be for free!” David said sternly, “You would have to pitch in and do chores. No stealing, no drugs or alcohol and no visitors. Violate any of these rules and you’re out.”

Claire had tears in her eyes as she nodded, smiling at each and every one of his terms.

“Does this mean I can be your maid?” She asked with a hopeful tone .

“I-I mean… I guess?” David said while rubbing the back of his head. This was entirely new ground for him.

“Thank you Master David!”

“Hold on, I don’t know about this whole ‘master’ thing.” He replied while holding up his hands. It felt like she was a slave or something by her referring to him as a master. He didn’t quite trust Claire yet but he wasn’t going to be an asshole to her.

“Couldn’t you just call me David?” He asked.

“It wouldn’t be proper for a maid to refer to her master by using only his name.” Claire frowned and shuddered as if disturbed by the thought.

David glanced at his watch to see it was already 7:30pm. When the hell did it get to be this late?

“Oh crap, Amy, come on, it’s late! Did you finish homework?” He asked, switching to dad mode.

“Almost, but I wanna talk to Claire more!”

“Homework first. I gotta make dinner.” He said sternly.

“Please Master! Let me prepare dinner?”

Claire asked while clasping her hands together.

David hesitated, not really sure if he wanted her to cook for them right off the bat.

“You could help Amy with her work thus saving more time.” She added.

Well, she had a point. David relented as he left Claire to do the cooking while he helped Amy on her math homework. She was good on her spelling for the upcoming test, so he quickly started pulling the boxes out Claire’s soon to be bedroom. It didn’t take David too long as he threw them in the garage, and did a quick vacuum of the floor.

In no time, a delicious scent waifed from their kitchen. David was a decent chef but nothing he ever made smelled like that.

He had just finished helping Amy with her math homework when Claire called them all to dinner.

“Please, enjoy your meal.” Claire said proudly as she placed their dishes before them. Both father and daughter gasped at the food in front of them. It was chicken carbonara and it looked delicious. He wasn’t even sure that they had the ingredients to make it. If David didn’t know any better, he would have believed that it had came from the kitchen of an expensive, downtown restaurant.

“Claire this looks amazing!” David stated as he marveled at the mouth watering dish.

“It’s soh yummy tooh!” Amy added as she chewed on a piece of the chicken

“You are both too kind,” Claire blushed as they complimented her. It truly felt so good to be of service again. She began to clean the pots and pans when David asked,

“You’re not eating with us?”

“Oh I couldn’t! It wouldn’t be proper for a maid to eat with her Master and his daughter!” She gasped.

“Nonsense. Claire, if you’re going to stay with us then you’re going to eat with us too. We’re not some billionaires who own everything and have tons of servants. We’re just everyday, normal people and we would love for you to join us.”

“I-I mean… if you insist, Master David…” Claire said hesitantly.

Claire grabbed a plate of food and awkwardly sat down next to Amy.

David still didn’t like the whole master thing and was going to address it but then noticed that Amy had stopped eating and was fiddling with something underneath the table.

“No phones when we are eating, Amy, you know that”

“Awww please? I’m almost at the next level…” She pleaded.

“I swear you’re addicted to that game.” David grumbled.

“Game?” Claire asked

“Yeah, it’s called Farm Town! And it’s the best game ever. You have a farm and you can have all kinds of animals, grow vegetables, and everything!” Amy exclaimed while leaning over to show Claire her phone, “See? This is the app right here. You start off with a barn and-“

“Amy, put it away now. I’m not going tell you again,” David said sternly to her, “You need to eat your dinner and take a shower before bed.”

“Awww ok…” Amy relented sadly while pocketing her phone.

As Claire listened to their conversation, she decided it was best to actually use her mouth and chew the food rather than just absorbing as she usually would. Claire imagined that absorbing her food probably be a bit uncomfortable for David and Amy to watch.  She knew that David was still not sure of her being there, so she had to make the best impression she could.

They ate in a mostly comfortable silence and Claire wondered, was this what it would be like to be a family? Of course she wouldn’t dare to suppose herself to be David’s wife, but still…

She figured that a little bit of body improvement couldn’t hurt to improve things with her new master. Claire’s usual humanoid form was a bit flat in a few choice areas so she slowly increased her bust and rear end while eating. A little lip enlargement wouldn’t be so bad either. It wouldn’t be too blatantly noticeable, but she was sure he wouldn’t mind if there was more of her to appreciate. After all, maids should be both hard working and ascetically pleasing for their master.

Everyone finished eating at mostly the same time. David instinctively stood, collected the dishes and made his way to the dishwasher. Shocked, Claire immediately rushed up closely to take them from him saying,

“Oh no Master, please let me!”

As she turned to place them in the sink, her enlarged posterior rubbed against his crotch and Claire instinctively pushed herself slightly back onto it. Thinking himself of doing something inappropriate, David began to sputter an apology.

“Yes Master? Is there something wrong?” Claire asked innocently with just a hint of a flirty smile as she turned her head to him.

“I um, I mean…uh… no! Nothings wrong…” he rambled but then remembered his daughter was there in the kitchen as well.

Turning to her, he could see Amy was watching the whole interaction with interest until he ordered,

“Go take a shower- now.”

“Fiiiine,” She grumbled as she slid off her chair and made her way to the bathroom.

“Perhaps you too should shower, Master,” Claire suggested as she turned her body to face him. They were still quite close and her  breasts pushed against his chest as she said with a straight face, “I can finish cleaning up. You’ve had a long day and you need your rest as well.”

Taking a step back, David peered into her stunning yellow eyes while stuttering in agreement as he quickly retreated back to the bathroom in his master bedroom.

Claire returned to the sink while grinning to herself. This was going to be even better than she ever dreamed possible. A home, a purpose and a handsome master to serve and tease. She could even smell his arousal from their innocent little encounter. Surely the gods of chaos were finally smiling down upon her.


After his own shower David sat down on his bed heavily as he tore off his towel and threw it into the hamper nearby. His emotions were frazzled as he considered what happened in the kitchen earlier. Maybe it was just a mistake and he was reading too much into things but he swore he could feel Claire grinding her ass into his crotch slightly. Plus, and maybe it was just his imagination but, her bust seemed to have grown as well? He had to admit they felt amazingly plush as they pushed up against him.

Shaking his head, David pulled on a clean pair of underwear, a t-shirt and some pajama bottoms. His mind was just playing tricks on him, it had to be it.

It did make him see Claire in a new light though. She was incredibly attractive with an exotic, violet skin tone, large, expressive yellow eyes and, if he was honest with himself, he would have loved to have grabbed her and kiss those plump, dark purple lips of hers.

David shook his head again, no it was wrong. He shouldn’t be lusting after Claire, it would be taking advantage of her situation not only that, but he felt guilty.

Both David and Amy had many therapy sessions in the past. He accepted that he was now living a life without his wife now, but he didn’t think he was ready to move on. He still lived in the house they bought, and cared for their child. Would he be betraying her by even thinking of another woman?

Standing, David went to go tuck Amy in bed. She had quite a day- they both did, so she fell asleep almost instantly as her head hit the pillow. He turned on her night light and left the door open a crack when Claire came in from  finishing in the kitchen.

“All done, Master.” She said softly.

“G-great, thank you Claire,” he whispered, still confused by his own thoughts, yet unable to ignore the resurfacing arousal of their earlier interactions.

David then foolishly realized that she had no bed to sleep on. Quickly going to the linen closet, he pulled out a bunch of thick, fluffy blankets and handed them to her.

“I’m really sorry. I forgot we don’t have an extra bed but I’ll get a frame and mattress tomorrow!”

Taking the blankets from him, she let her hand linger on his as she replied, “Oh Master thank you, but there’s no need, I haven’t slept on a bed in quite a while. Besides, I can change my shape to anything I wish, it won’t be a problem.

“Oh… I didn’t know… but still, please take the blankets?” He was surprised at her confessed ability but was also fighting the soft touch of her hand on his. It was smooth and warm, something simple, yet intimate. David realized that he missed that kind of connection.

Claire smiled gently, “Thank you, Master.”

“H-Have a good night Claire.”

“You as well, Master.”

Returning to his bedroom, David could feel his heart beating faster. Why did she have to be so… attractive? So gentle and caring? So good at being a maid? Sighing, he threw himself on the bed. Amy was down and he needed to get some sleep himself. David just prayed that she wouldn’t have another nightmare tonight. As his heavy eyelids slowly closed, he began to dream.

At first it was just normal, mundane things, he was walking alone in a park. The trees swayed with the breeze and the grass was perfectly manicured, but then it all began to change. Everything grew dark, he was no longer in the park but lying on top of a huge, heart shaped, lavender colored bed that was littered with black pillows.

David could feel a pleasurable, stimulating tingle starting to grow throughout his body, especially around his neither-regions. All was quiet at first, but then soft moans of pleasure started to fill his head along with the sounds of skin slapping together in lewd tandems. Images of purple breasts and darker purple areolas crowned with large, juicy nipples covered his vision. David could see silhouettes and shadows of people having sex in every position in the distance of where he was. Lust and want filled his mind as erotic symmetries continued to play. He desperately wanted to suck on those luscious nipples he had seen, and to squeeze those plump orbs in his hand . David’s rapidly growing erection was now straining painfully against his underwear as the feverish dream continued. He could feel himself thrusting into the air, fruitlessly hoping to find relief in the folds of a warm, wet slit.

They say that dreams sometimes do come true however, as his motions were awarded by exactly what he was seeking. A warm, pleasurably tight and slimy sheath enveloped David’s cock brining him much needed pleasure. His hands unconsciously gripped his bedsheets as the unseen sleeve began to pump him up and down. It would twist, vibrate and change tightness on its own as if it were a living thing, causing him to gasp at its ministrations.

He could hear his own voice moaning but there was another joining him. It sounded familiar but he just couldn’t recognize it. David could feel the pressure building within him. It had been so long since he had released, so long since he ever had the time or the want to masturbate. He needed to cum badly and the pumping quickened as if reading his thoughts. David finally reached his edge and a tidal wave of pleasure crashed against him as he shot out rope after rope of thick, milky white cum.

David’s eyes popped open suddenly as the powerful orgasm woke him. Breathing heavily, he basked in the afterglow of such an intense climax until the realization of what happened finally occurred to him. David put an arm over his eyes in frustration, he was a 35 year old man for gods sake, not some horny teenager in high school. He thought himself well past having wet dreams. Still though, it had been awhile since he had given himself any kind of self relief plus having a beautiful, exotic maid living in the same house now didn’t exactly help matters either.

Throwing the blankets off, David was expecting to see a wet mess seeping through his boxers, but to his own surprise, he was completely clean and dry. Not trusting his own eyes or senses, he felt around his crouch both inside and out of the fabric, with the same results. There was no sticky, sweaty residue, in fact there wasn’t any evidence of him ever having a wet dream. Maybe he really hadn’t cum?

Looking over to the clock on his nightstand, he sighed again and laid back down. 1:48am, four more hours until he had to get up and get Amy ready for school. Regardless, of what did or didn’t happen, it feel nice to have that kind of pleasure once in a while even if it only was in a dream. Drained and tired, David’s eyes slowly closed as sleep once more overtook him.


Claire licked her lips with a giddy smile as she leaned against the hallway leading to David’s room. Their task complete, the two tentacles she sent into his room had already retreated back into her body, carrying with them lingering traces of his flavor. She could still taste his cum, its thick, heady potency made her almost drunk with its spirit energy. It had been ages since she last tasted the sperm of another man and by the dark void, Davids was delicious.

Despite her satisfaction of how the dream ended, Claire did feel a pang of regret for what she did to her new master. He never asked for any kind of sexual service, yet she still forced it upon him. As a maid, it should always be the master to initiate such matters. Of course a maid could always offer or even tease her master into taking what was rightfully his, but to do so on her own, without being ordered to… it wasn’t proper.

On one tentacle, she felt shamed by her actions. It was unbecoming of a maid. On the other, she argued to herself that he was in need of release! How could any maid worth her salt stand idly by as her new master suffered in such a way?

Like many other unattached Mamono, she would normally take spirit energy supplemental alternatives to keep her urges in check. When she worked for Mr. Montgomery, they were readily available, but since losing her job, she had to go without which became…problematic.

David, a handsome, responsible, and single human male with no romantic partner was now her new master. Surely he was the most sweetest of forbidden fruits. With no sexual outlet, she could smell how pent up he was! How he needed it! How she needed it!


Claire smoothed down her apron and composed herself. This- this would be the one and only time she would let her base urges get a hold of her. She was better than that. She was no Kikimora, scratching at her masters door in the middle of the night. She was a dignified and dutiful maid, after all her master gave her purpose again as well as food and took her into his own home when she had no where else to go. He deserved her respect and devotion.

A warm, happy dark purple blush colored her face. He and Amy were the best things that could have ever happened to her since her life was turned upside down and she would serve them properly.

Merging her legs together to form her usual lower semi gelatinous mass, Claire slid noiselessly down the hallway and arrived at the entrance to Amy’s room. She slept with the door open so it made her next task all the easier.

As their new maid, Claire took it upon herself to not only make sure the house was clean and in pristine order but also to ensure her master and his offspring had pleasant dreams. In the past, before his marriage, she once offered to help Mr. Montgomery with his own, but he awkwardly turned her down saying that he preferred the more natural method.

David obviously couldn’t have slept well in his condition and thanks to her, tonight he would have a more restful slumber. It was now time for his daughter.

Claire paused in her task however as she never really had any experience with children. In fact she was hoping to learn as time went by with Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery’s newborn. But Amy certainly wasn’t an infant, she was a 9 year old girl after all.

What would be a good dream for her? Putting a finger to her chin, Claire pondered as she stared at the child’s sleeping form. She was too young for anything along the lines of what she provided to her father. Claire then remembered that Amy was playing a game on her phone at dinner. Perhaps a video game adventure?

A small tentacle reached out of her mass and trailed its way across the carpeted floor, up the blanket and gently attached itself to the left side of Amy’s temple. What was that game Master David said she was addicted to? Oh yes, Farm Town.

Claire wove blue skies with fluffy clouds, a warm yellow sun and fields of growing vegetables. She added cute farm animals and, of course, the signature red barn she briefly saw from the app icon. It would be perfect dream for Amy to run and frolic in her very own farm game brought to life.

Dozens of Claire’s glowing yellow eyes flickered open from her semiliquid body as she watched a small smile grow on the sleeping child’s face. There would be no more nightmares from now on, only good dreams

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