A Mid-Winter Nights Dream: Karen

“There,” Bono said as he clicked the Publish button on Word Press. The new Home Improver story was published and online at Touch Fluffy Tail. Bono could feel violent shaking coming from his shoulder and a slight dampness. At first he was confused but then it dawned on him.

“Did you seriously just cum? … on my shoulder?…from me hitting the publish button…?”

“Maaaybe,” Said Leanan Sidhe shuddering in her post orgasm pleasure.

“Fuck I really need help…”

“I want a name!” The fairy demanded jumping up from his shoulder, flying in front of him.

“Hell no, that just legitimizes you as part of my fucked up imagination.”

“And you talking to me doesn’t?” She countered.

Pausing, Bono realized the fairy was right. With a groan, he held his head in his hands as he began to mumble about fairies using logic and something about witchcraft.

“My name!” She shouted at him.

“Fuck fine!” He shouted back, “Umm how about Leanne?”

The Leanan Sidhe stared at him.

“Did you just seriously rework the first part of my species name to make a name for me?”


The fairy stared at him.


She stared harder.

“Yes…” he said defeated.

“Try again dumb ass.”

“Ok ok fine,” Bono sighed, “Look you kinda remind me of this girl I know. You kinda look like her, she’s bratty as fuck too just like you.”

“And do you like this girl?” She leered at him.

“Yeah, she’s amazing.”

“Whats her name?”

“I’m not gonna tell you…but what about naming you Karen?”

“Karen huh… I like it,” she smiled.

“Here’s to many more stories Karen,” Bono said as he held up his pinky to her.

“And many more to come,” Karen agreed as she took his finger and shook it.

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