[#1] Lucid Lust

I rarely Lucid Dream, but when I do things get weird or they get hot. So if I do manage to have one involving a Monster Girl I will certainly be writing it

I woke up in the middle of the night dying of thirst, with no tea next to my bed I had to stand up and walk to my kitchen. I soon realize something is wrong, my house is too quiet, there is usually a tv or something on somewhere. “I guess people are actually asleep tonight”. I said beginning to walk through my living room.

I peeked into one of my spare rooms next to my living room and they were completely different than they actually were, that is when it struck me that I was dreaming, and is when I suddenly heard panting behind me. I quickly turned around to see a set of flame filled eyes staring at me. Everything was pitch black besides those eyes, I couldn’t see anything but those eyes staring at me. I then quickly thought out the route from where I was standing to the front door. I went to make a dash for the door but I was grabbed by what I could describe at this time being a giant bear claw then being tossed to the ground. I obviously at this point screamed, and it was stopped by the paw of my attacker.

It covered my mouth and pretty much my nose limiting my oxygen a bit, the feeling of the paws was strong, whatever this was I knew I can’t overpower. The paw pads on this creature were smooth and soft on my skin. I let loose a yell into the paw holding me down by my face, before reaching up with my hands since whatever it was, didn’t restrain them and I grabbed something soft and squishy in my hands and palms. I heard whatever it was growl then it released my mouth and stood me up to my feet. This is when I yelled for help again but there was no response. The creature grabbed me again by my shirt and dragged me back to my bedroom and placed me on my bed. I had to see what was in my house attacking me, so I quickly reached over and hit the button on my lamp turning my room from pitch black to somewhat lit.

I gasped and felt the color drain from my body seeing what this creature was, it was a Hellhound a Monster Girl was in my home attacking me. She pounced on top of me, pinning my arms to the bed. I could smell sex on her body. Everything was incredible about her, her body was damn near perfect, her breasts were large, she was barely clothed, her thighs were thick, and both sets of her paws feet and hands were nearly the size of my face. I really had no idea what I was going to do, I knew what was about to happen to me so I prepped my mind. She leaned her face to mine and sniffed me deeply completely inhaling my scent before saying seductively “You smell so good”. I remember staring up at her breasts at this point. They were so perfect and round, I just wanted to suck on them even if I knew it might get me hurt.

She smiled lustfully then running one of her razor-sharp claws down the middle of my shirt slicing it in two exposing my bare pale chest for her. I was hoping in a way that my body wouldn’t be enough for her, but she caressed my chest and stomach with her paws gently massaging me with her soft paw pads, and her paws felt great against my chest. I now felt somewhat relaxed after feeling her paws massage me a bit even if it was only for a moment. The Hellhound stripped what little bits of cloth she was wearing now exposing her hot nude body before she spoke lustfully “You are going to taste me, sweetie”. I actually thought I was about to receive a kiss so I leaned up looking straight at her large breasts and beautiful pink nipples. “What do you think you are doing?” she asked before shoving me roughly back to my soft fluffy bed before straddling my face.

Her paws grab one side of my head each before shoving my face into her dripping hot love hole. I gasped feeling the heat that was coming off of her slick lower lips before giving it a soft lick. Her taste was bitter but so warm also good enough for me to shove my tongue deep inside her pussy and lapping up her juices. I was completely lost in her hot walls, and I had barely noticed she was rubbing my length through my pants with one of her free paws. “Good boy oh good boy.” she moaned as I licked her warm hole having her hot bitter juices flow into my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing, this was even better than my wildest fantasy. “Ah now that is enough.” the Hellhound moaned out before pushing my face away from her drenched pussy.

I wondered what I did wrong but she began to rub my cock against her clit before leaning down to whisper in my ear once more “You are going to fuck me so good boy”. She then dropped down slipping my rock hard length inside of her warm walls. I gasped deeply feeling her warm depths while she let loose a deep howl in pleasure. I was in heaven being under this beautiful monster as she roughly like one of those twenty-five cent rides outside of grocery stores. “Good boy, good boy.” she said holding me down under with her giant paw while smacking her hips against mine as she made sure every inch of me stayed inside her hot walls. I just laid there taking it from her not speaking just panting deeply and staring at her breasts bouncing.

“I love how you just take it, I hit the jackpot even though I’d rather you fight it.” she said before howling again in ecstasy. I was mesmerized by her breasts as the bounced up and down as she continued to use her hot walls to milk me for all I am worth. I moaned loudly finally reaching my orgasm spraying hot thick ropes of cum inside her making sure her walls were white. She looked down at me before starting to ride me again. I pant deeply feeling the sticky mess inside of her against my cock which instantly got hard once more. She leaned down to my face and kissed me roughly ramming her tongue into my mouth eagerly after my tongue. We kiss and mix our saliva with each other before she broke the kiss leaving strings of spit connecting our lips before she started to ride me as hard as she possibly could. “Make me cum!” she barked at me.

I started to thrust under her trying to keep up with her rhythm before saying “I-I a-am t-t-trying.” while panting out of breath and stamina. She howled once more before pulling my hands up to her breasts and making me squeeze her luscious black orbs. She grinned at me before saying “Squeeze them”. I nodded before sinking my fingers into her soft breasts. She then moaned deeply before saying “Good boy”. I kept trying to thrust inside of her with little stamina I had left while cupping and massaging her breasts, but she bounced harder against my thrusts making me feel just like what she wanted a toy. She had me pumping another hot load inside of her again in mere minutes but I guess I hit her sweet spot because she threw her head back in pleasure after I came inside of her. I laid in bed completely spent, she finally climbs off of me with a small stream of cum flowing out of her before she lays next to me wrapping her paws around me and pulls me to her body. Obviously, there was no way I was breaking her hold on me. I got another smell of her hot feral scent before closing my eyes.

I then woke up drenched in sweat and was completely exhausted it felt like what my mind just put me through actually happened. So I got out of bed and changed clothes before hopping back into bed maybe hoping to see my fluffy rape machine again.

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