Writing, Quality and You

Today TFT will launch an Author-only section hosting guides, resources and tips and tricks for writers.

This is accessible through the menu bar and will be only visible if you are a registered Author and logged in. This will also allow some discussion to take place outside of the public eye.

I will continue to add more content and I hope to see some discussions over it in the near future. I know that some writers have been struggling or questioning themselves if their stories are good enough to publish. This will not magically turn you into a better writer, but if you put in effort to improve yourself, it will happen. Talk to fellow writers, exchange ideas, ask for critique. And most importantly, be prepared for hard criticism. Negative feedback isn’t always nice, but it’s worth it in the long run if you can fix mistakes and ultimately get better.

Keep on writing and do your best. We’re here for you.

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