Wine Women and Song

The first MG to grace us in 2016 is the Satyros. Nibbleable long ears, curled horns, fuzzy legs and hooves and she’s very very thirsty. Hopefully we can get more Faun types like her.

Is that a bottle in your pocket or…

Much like Onis (and me), Satyrs worship the god of alcohol. This girl is all about the walk of shame and gentle hangover sex. Drunken debauchery all the way.

Downside, you can’t tickle her feet.

Upside, you can grab the horns. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

As always you can read the rest of the bio over at the MGE Wiki:

4 thoughts on “Wine Women and Song

  1. Yup! She’s top grade story material. Not to mention that thinking of all these story possibilities….

    *Sees the Goatmom Tag*

    …. fill you with Determination! 😛

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