Valentines Day Event 2017

Hello! Today were kicking off the Valentine’s Day Event Writing and Drawing Contest!

some MGs simply can’t cook

From Feb 1 to Feb 14, writers and artists will be able to create an original piece that emphasis the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Pick a monster girl and go write or draw about them going on a romantic date or doing some other Valentine’s Day related event. Art entries and Writing entries will be kept separate, to ensure fair competition. That also means no Original Characters.

You’ve got a lot of freedom with this event so go ahead and create to your heart’s content!

What do I do? – Write a Valentines Day story with any MG you like. Or draw some Valentines Day artwork.

Limitations? – No existing OC character. Apart from that, anything goes. The content must be released within the 2 weeks until the event ends. Already previously published works are not eligible.

How do I enter? – Simply submit your Story or Art to SnowDrakE on the TFT Discord. If you don’t have Discord, use the Contact page and send me a link to the work. Remember to use a proper email in that case.

When will it end? – 14th of February, middle of the day US timezone (whenever the post will go up).

How or what do I win? – The stories and art will be judged separately by a panel of 5 people who will not participate in the contest. Top places in art and writing may be eligible for Steam prizes, nothing too fancy, subject to further announcement as Valentines approaches.

Brought to you by Aftyn and SnowDrakE
…but mostly Aftyn.

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    1. Art in general is fine. I have already been asked if we accept 3d renders and I said yes. I only referred to drawing since it’s the most common form of artwork around here.

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