This is not the tooth fairy

KCs new monstergirl is something resembling a fairy queen and unlike most fairies, she’s big enough to molest have tender sex with. I present to you the Titania.

those tits can sink ships

Unfortunately she’s just as retarded childlike as all the other fairies, but then again you get something like a sex goddess with the mind of a little girl and the behaviour of a mother.

Freud would have a field day with her.

See the full profile over at the MGE wiki:

3 thoughts on “This is not the tooth fairy

      1. I have /never/ seen that onomatopoeia rendered like that. It threw me for a second.

        So she just has tits whilst being fairy brand Dropped-on-their-head-as-a-child/10?

        I, for one, think KC missed a /fabulous/ opportunity to cater for the weirdo reverse-trap niche again, after the alp, with this “Fairy Queen”. An entire magnitude of mincing is required before she gets anywhere near a fairy Queen lvl.

        Also: what the fuck do these girls do when they go to a summit of fairy queens?
        >100 ditzes as one reply as one.
        But srsly. Are the fairys wot are big, therefore queens, and therefore Titanea? Or is Titania the name for the sub species, and being born to this species is what makes you a fairy queen?
        Should we assume that Titania is a title, a species name only, a last name or a first name?
        Can we have “Her grace, the Titania, Incontinentia Titania”?
        What if a Titania hath no kingdom, wot having pawned it for a horse? A Titania? Titanea? Titan?
        I have so many questions!

        She’s going to get less love than even the fairies, there are girls that do what she does better.
        I can only think of one idea off the top of my head, and even then /she’s tangential to her own story./

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