Thanks to PHP for being a dick

Apparently there are now issues with some deprecated stuff not being available anymore and we started to get trouble on TFT with some bugs.

As a short term solution I had to remove some functionality, most noteable and visible the automatic listing of Stories for individual Author Archives.

I will be looking into solutions for this as quickly as possible and keep you all updated. The rest of the site should still work flawlessly. Nothing got deleted, this is just a display problem. In the meantime you can still look up all stories by an Author via the All Authors and Stories page.

Addendum: The actual Stories Archive listing (sorted by newest) still works fine.

3 thoughts on “Thanks to PHP for being a dick

    1. Impossible. I have to branch out the functions.php core with all TFT specific modifications into their own folders and tie that into the original. In order for that to work, I need to redo a lot of groundwork from scratch on the theme.

      Lots of functionality on TFT is actually coded by myself, not with plugins that can be simply configured. The issue we are facing is basically disabling everything if I don’t do it this way.

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