Story rating enabled

As some of you already discovered, over the weekend I have been testing a rating system that will allow users to give some extra thumbs up (or down) to the stories on TFT.

Every story will have a small rating section below it, close to the comments. As long as people read the whole thing, you should see it eventually.

looks just like this!

As for Authors, the rating is visible from the Dashboard so you have a proper overview of what is trending.

To all readers: Give your favorite writers another visit, relive some old memories from already read stories and give them a rating they deserve. I am sure they all appreciate some easy feedback.

In other news, .less supplied me with a first small batch of custom headers. If anyone else wants to pitch in, the bannersize is 1260 x 240 pixels and will also take transparency. We can rotate randomly between everything we recieve.

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