Site Redesign Live

As you can see, the redesign went live.

There will be bugs, there will be problems but I have spent considerable time hunting down most of them so hopefully it will not kill the readers experience. If you find anything, leave a comment and I will try to get to it as soon as feasible.


Dark Mode. Long requested feature. There is now a small button in the lower right, if you click that then you will enable dark mode. This may help reading at night. It may invert some pictures, so be prepared for that.

Wide Layout. More space! At the cost of a sidebar. There are some things missing, the top lists and the shoutbox for example. This will be added back again as separate pages next week.

Better Readability. Nicer standard fonts, revised sizes, working with feedback to improve the strain on your eyes.

And now I need a break.


7 thoughts on “Site Redesign Live

    1. Yes, that was identified but I am not sure how to fix that one yet. The menubar will be reworked the next week anyway so hopefully I will be able to resolve that as well.

  1. Thank you for Dark Mode. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Though it would be nice if it could be toggled, for now it seems it must be manually activated each time a new page is opened which makes browsing through stories and tags a series of blinding flashes of aggravating white.

    1. Sorry for that. I will see if I can somehow make it a toggle. The current implementation does not allow for a toggle between pages. As for the white, I have gotten feedback that I should try to go with a softer white and black, not fully saturated. That is something I want to test as well and it may be easier on the eyes.

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