Ribbited for her pleasure

So again we have a new monstergirl. Not really new as there’s already some fiction out there. I guess it was long overdue. Give a warm applause to the undisputed queen of oral sex, the Frog Girl.

It’s basically Kermit with big tits and less hand up the butt. Unless you’re into that.

All her secretions function like viagra, which gives the favourite redneck pastime of licking toads a whole new meaning. Also tongue.

Lots of tongue.

And she prefers the cowgirl position.

Skip over to the MGE wiki and have a read yourself:

12 thoughts on “Ribbited for her pleasure

  1. She’s a srs QT3.141, those legs, cowgirl, personality, even the mucous is tolerable.

    The Gargoyle should still be one of the top 3 blowjob queens too.

    I don’t really have a joke this time… Uh… Yeah, nah, nothing.

    1. Which is weird in and of itself since she’s apparentky an amphibian.

      Also, on that train of thought, girlfriend is covered in eggs and tadpoles, yeesh.

  2. Although I’m not fan of the throat fucking, I’ve become seriously become quite fond of frog girls since I read Jingai Shunman 3 (and Toumasu/Kanemaki Thomas’s ”Easygoing Frog Girl” is my everlasting favorite of the series), and now that we’ve got Asui Tsuyu in Boku no Hero Academia (the only Shonen manga I’ve liked in years; it’s what happens when a Japanese Mangaka grows up on Marvel and DC Comics….) my fondness for them continues to grow.

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