Removal of HHHoris gallery after misconduct and lack of communication

So this has been a long time coming apparently. Since hhhori a.k.a. shindoke wants to take the passive aggressive route, I’d rather have everything open and clear so that there is no misinterpretation.

Early this year hhhori had conducted herself terribly in Discord including stalking other users, active harassment and her fanclub joining in, riling up people and more. After being confronted with her bad behaviour, she went a bit off the rails, making a parallel community and threaten to take all the artists, which didn’t turn out so well in the end as I hear, and generally being very hostile.

She left the TFT Discord on her own in a huff after being told to stop harassing other users, subsequently I banned her from entering the Discord again and made it final. There has been tons of other reports of drama surrounding her, I won’t get into many details but she has been removed from multiple other Discord servers, so I believe this is not a special case, she is just a very hostile person. However I believed that the website and the Discord are two different things and I won’t let that misconduct bleed over into my hosting and stay professional on this.

She never asked to be removed from the site. I never remove anything that I host unless there is a damn good reason for it like with MamonoMore a.k.a. EstebanVonChucha, which was the only other time I was forced to take action. The artist retains full control over all their work.

With that in mind, she still did not have enough balls or remorse to contact me directly to resolve anything or have that mess handled.
Cue her twitter:

And this is what she did to her Gallery:

Which is ultimately fine. I take this as an official request to be removed from TFT and I am actually glad not to be affiliated with her anymore. As of today, TFT will not host hhhori/shindoke in any shape or form going forward.

Well then.

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  1. Haven’t posted anything on here for months, but it’s too bad we’re losing authors because of their temperament.

    Sorry to hear of your trouble, SnowDrakE, I thought MamonoMore might be the last and least of your worries.

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