PumpkinDukeXD the saga continues

So apparently since Wattpad is dangling their feet about banning his account, he got a little bit bolder again and released this little statement:


And just so he won’t remove my comment or his post again, here please have some screenshots I made from the page:

his post
my answer

My theory is that he feels like he can keep on going forever as long as he does not get officially banned. The only time I have spoken to him was 2 days ago where I told him that I will post the news about him as below and will continue reporting him for any stolen content he uploads and also file legal DMCA strikes until his account gets banned. I do not believe that this counts as coming to an “agreement”.

The next weeks are going to be interesting! Any bets on how long my comment on the link will stay up? Please check for yourself.


Roughly 60 minutes. He took the whole thing down. URL in screenshot for your convenience. I am faintly amused.


23 thoughts on “PumpkinDukeXD the saga continues

  1. Thanks for all your work regarding this. I’m quite surprised he took any of my content as my stories are the only ones in the Hipsters Corner. But he probably thought there was less likelihood of him being caught for that reason.

    It’s a very annoying thing to happen and let’s hope he’s removed. I saw your notice about taking legal action against him though I’m not sure how to do that. But at least the stories he picked up have been taken down … mostly.

    1. Unfortunately I am forced to wait until he has something up from a writer that I can talk to, then we can DMCA him. Simply reporting didn’t work, as you can see, so a DMCA is apparently the only way to make Wattpad comply.

      This is really a massive problem with the Wattpad admins as they are impossible to reach and it seems like they don’t do anything, so a legal DMCA should do the trick.

  2. Somehow, this bastard reminds me of that ex-IGN Game Reviewer who was caught plagiarizing other reviewers works and got his shit wrecked some time back.

    Are idea thiefs in season?

    1. im sick and tired of people saying that. Iv’e got a lot of hate just cause I used the XD thing on my name. Yes I have a Wattpad account and YES DukeXD gave me his stories cause iv’e known him for a while. I do not care if he’s plagiarized as long as it doesn’t effect me, (that may sound harsh but I sick and tired of being hated on) cause I’m getting a lot of hate from people.

        1. geez you people… I was a friend of DukeXD so when he “abandoned ship” as he put it, he gave me his stories as he slowly built up his reputation again.
          (he has quite the reputation on DevianArt and Anubis.moe)

          1. Your mother must’ve drank heavily from your conception, and just kept on going to the current day watching you grow up, hunh?

          2. You’re right, you have built up quite the reputation. As a theif.
            You really think that if you change the middle part of your name and post all the stolen stories back up on a different account we’re not going to notice? How do you think we found the stolen stories in the first place?
            Your brain is in airplane mode. Grow up.

          3. I can’t speak for DeviantArt but Anubis.moe doesn’t even include Wattpad in its searches. Why do you lie so much when you’re clearly awful at it?

  3. while I may be safe for now, things are changing my friends, I know people (which is great in my situation) so careful who you deal with, I’ve spent a loooonnnngggg time building a reputation over Devian Art, Wattpad, Anubis.Moe, and Archiveofourown. and Im not letting all my work and deals go to waste!
    while you may not believe me, think of this, Wattpad has a system of blocking the email and the IP address of the UserName to stop people from just re-joining like I did, but I called in a few favors and they pulled the strings a little bit and now I’m back.
    I can pull the strings as long as I want, as long as I have my puppets with me.

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