Next Writing Contest

Let’s get some more action in here, shall we?

The next writing event will be held on Friday the 10th, 20:00 US Central Time (UTC-6).

This is the same time as the last event was held and hopefully cause no problems for anyone. I hope to see lots of people again from last time and a good portion of those who couldn’t make it in June.

The Event Countdown on the left will be running again for convenience.

Also, after this event all participants can directly discuss some further events that I have planned out. Ideally I want to get one more crammed into July if enough people are cool with that.

4 thoughts on “Next Writing Contest

  1. Rules are not public yet, I still have to decide between a Speedwriting Contest like last time (which was good fun) or whether we will try something different.

    Rules will be announced 24 hours before the contest. A new post will go up like last time to provide participants with information regarding tools, guidelines, IRC contact and so on.

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