Mascot Contest officially over, sub-res design wins

The final poll will look a tiny bit different since I will clean up the whole thing from the weak attempts at manipulation from 8chans /furry/ community which caused quite a bit of amusement with the involved parties. Mooreactors entry will lose several votes and all the accounts and IP addresses involved will have their overall votes removed completely so some other entries will lose a handful of votes… but we are really just talking about 5-10. So the overall results will not change. /furry/ is getting an F for effort.

That said, the three top places go to:

by sub-res
All hail our new mascot overlord

1st place – sub-res with his delicious tan kitsune design with the black tips


All of the fluff. ALL OF IT.

2nd place – monorus with one of the fluffiest maids I have seen so far, absolutely lovely design


by .less
“Hlllrglrblmmmmmpf!” ~Kitsch 2016

3rd place – .less with Kitsch, the only flatchested entry and also the only one with a ballgag

The winners will get contacted by me and recieve a 50$, 30$ and 20$ steam gift respectively. All other participants are encouraged to contact me and are also eligible for a 2$ steam gift as a small thank you (grab a DLC or some skins).

The MGE Wiki ( is responsible for half of the prize pool and I want to express my personal thanks to Jekkers for getting involved with this and sponsoring our event.

A big fat thank you for all the support and to everyone who joined the event. It was tons of fun and the next event regarding the new mascot will hit soon. We will need a name for her (if sub-res doesn’t have one already) and we will need more artwork done. This weekend we will start a writing event featuring her, so I hope you look forward to that. It is going to be a busy month.

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