HeartFormer – writing application and waifu manager

I had the pleasure to testdrive a quite peculiar writing application, rather a writing environment last week. The app is called HeartFormer and it is being produced by Blu’eyes since 2015 as a side project, a labor of love kinda deal and it is still being developed.

Blu’eyes: “So basically it’s a tool for writing with a character like you’re chatting with them in like a two-sided format like a chatlog. It also has features to help you imagine their responses more openly like tarot cards and styling options to make their text “look like” their voice. It’s kind of also a mega-CYOA in that I wrote a porn novel that’s also a guide to using the app that sort of ends up in the same RP-ish format.”

The app has some curious features you can play around with like a tarot function, but that is something each user would have to explore on their own. A manual exists on the site but it is very whimsical and more of a story you can follow along than a manual, so be prepared to tinker and toy around with it. This may frustrate some people but don’t fret, a more common style manual will be made available in the future. Other awesome stuff that was hinted at includes plans to try to get this compatible with programs like the infamous A.I. Dungeon. We’ll see what the future may bring.
The way to use it, at least what I did was setup some character profiles initially, add some artwork (everything is a blank slate at start), create a book and then add documents in that book, which will let you swap between characters and add their personal flair as previously configured.
Another nice touch is the possibility to either run it through your browser without installing anything or running it standalone on your desktop. Linux and Mac included. Even Android.

If you want to check it out, go to https://app.heartformer.com/ and just dig in. There is a link to the creators Discord on there and if you wish to support the development, feel free to throw some shekels at https://www.patreon.com/heartformer


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