Halloween Writing Event

Time to get the creative juices flowing again. This event will be different from the previous speedwriting contests because everyone will have 2 weeks (until Halloween) to finish their submission.

Here are the rules:

1. Write a spooky or halloween themed story.
2. The Story has to contain undead. One or lots of them.
3. Keep the story as a DRAFT until 30th October.
4a. Send a PM to “snowdrake” that you want to participate.
4b. Alternatively join IRC and poke me.

This whole thing is an experiment on how you folks enjoy a more loose set of rules and the 2 weeks of time should give enough time to create some good stuff. I will also put a countdown in the left sidebar until publishing time.

I am looking forward to hearing from you all!

14 thoughts on “Halloween Writing Event

      1. Can’t wait for the story where nothung happens except a kid sits and chats to a Cu Sith about The Great Pumpkin, rising from His Patch on October 31st.

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