Halloween Pumpkin Contest 2016

Another year, another silly event. This time we are going to hold a pumpkin carving contest and nominate the best entries.

stealing photos from wikipedia like a tanuki

What is in it for me? The winners will get a sketch commission done by .less and Dan and Elakan, with more possible prizes as we approach the next weekend, subject to announcement.

How to join? Do something involving a knife to any pumpkin of your choice (or a banana if you cannot find a pumpkin, but those are a bitch to keep in one piece and hold a candle inside…) and send me at least 2 pictures on the Discord server. I require at least one picture halfway done or with your signature visible and another one with the finished pumpkin to check if it is legit. Pictures can be simply dragged and dropped in Discord from your harddrive, so it should be pretty easy to do.

Please pm me on Discord with your name and contact and the required pictures, so I won’t overlook them.

When? I need to have the pictures before Halloween, so last possible entry will be on Sunday the 30th of October. Voting will begin on the 31st. As soon as the voting post is up on TFT, no more entries will be accepted.


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