Getting stoned

Soooooo last week we saw the release of a new girl, the Basilisk. She’s nothing like the european mythology version, but she does come with a built-in featherduster in her tail, making her the best lamia type for seeking employment as a maid.

“Dude, she looked at me and I got rock hard”

So what makes her different from most monstergirls or lamias in general? She has a very passive nature and tries to keep away from humans. Like a NEET. Also they apparently blush furiously and collapse if you talk to them. Like a NEET. Other than that, a single gaze from her will reduce a victim into a tranquilized mass of penis, the only cure being getting raped until he becomes an Incubus. Welp.

The full profile is available on the Monstergirl Wiki:

4 thoughts on “Getting stoned

  1. Oh. This might be as close as we get to a Quetzalcoatl-girl.
    Unless you give a basilisk a redbull.

    Somebody post that one Oglaf comic I can’t be bothered to find.

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