Fixing shit

Ever since the WordPress forced updates broke several features of TFT, I planned on doing yet another bloody redesign back to one of the original WordPress Themes in order to ensure the highest compability with any future update that might rape the site.

Turns out that the problem ran a lot deeper than just the theme, so there was further fixing involved.

As of now, Author pages are up and running again and will stay up and running. No more breaking within the next 24 hours again crap.

Permalinks and Site Structure had to be fundamentally redone in order to achieve that. This means that some links from outside TFT may be broken as a result. If you happen to have been blessed by such a thing, please let me know on the Discord so I can reach out to the other Site and set links straight.

The All Authors And Stories pages had to be shitcanned because they actually started breaking browsers. I am looking into a suitable replacement that first and foremost will make navigation easier and also not break anything in 1 or 2 years down the line. Will take me probably a week to test some potentials, worst case I will at least put up a proper author list to take that place.

Happy New Beer,

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