Darkens Heir Dev update April 2019

Since the last announcement a whole lot of stuff has been done. The tutorial dungeon is pretty much finished, the initial level of the Catacombs is done, we have acquired about 400$ worth of game assets for the interface, sound, music and 3d objects, etc etc etc…

An introduction to those who see this for the first time. We have a 4 man team working during their free time in the evenings and weekends for the past months to create a solid Monstergirl RPG Dungeoncrawler. Fans of the old Wizardry or Might&Magic series should feel right at home. The project is realized in the Unity Engine and should run on any standard PC. The player will fight, steal and cheat his way through dungeons and capture Monstergirls along the way. Those Monstergirls can be used as partymembers for combat, or they can be used back home in your town, crafting resources and items, dancing in taverns for gold and getting their butts spanked.

Also we are working on getting a running playable demo out as soon as possible. Currently we are looking at roughly end of April to May for a stable alphaversion, which would contain the first dungeonmaps, a working dialogue system, the first town vendors and shops and a basic combat system. Depending on free time and reallife, dates are subject to change, might even happen earlier. To get your hands on the demo and also support development, please consider supporting us on Patreon. If you are inside the TFT Discord and you are within the gamedev tier, you will get first dibs on the newest builds and also have more regular updates on the progress.

Dungeon Update

A quick comparison on how the dungeons have developed:

new textures – camera movement – realtime lighting and shadows
planning the layout and hooking up events

…compared to an older screenshot:

early flat wall design – flat doors – first light experiments

Art update

Elakan has cleaned and colorized the first 2 common monstergirls for the initial dungeon, the Goblin and the Hobgoblin! They will have flat colors for now because that is easier to work with.

welcoming committee


A rundown on the commit changelog since new years:

  • CameraPan script added to PlayerObject prefab, CharCreation screen initial redesign 30/03/19
  • Props added and seams closed in Dungeons/DungeonHideout1, Torch light emission fixed 26/03/19
  • Dungeons/DungeonCatacombs1 added, Prefabs/pillar_A created, Mesh Collider added to prefab walls 26/03/19
  • Wall collision now prevents movement. Audio added for collision feedback. Changes applied to DungeonHideout1 25/03/19
  • Dungeons/DungeonHideout1 completely done with 3d assets, events placed, UTAGE not hooked up 24/03/19
  • add new Critical handling to AttackTarget, add critical hit status effects to Unit Stats 22/03/19
  • Fonts added. Dungeon 3d assets added. Prefabs created for mapmaking. 18/03/19
  • UI Party Canvas layout fixed for player slot 2 and 4. Dungeon props assets included. 28/02/19
  • fix font after tutorial deletion 19/02/19
  • add utage NPOI crap to gitignore list, delete tutorialinfo 19/02/19
  • UTAGE Version 3 upgrade base added 19/02/19
  • UTAGE removed, SampleScene cleaned of redundant objects. Prep for new version. 18/02/19
  • Cleanup some of the Roguelike tutorial leftovers, upgraded to new Unity version 17/02/19
  • Raycasting on movement in dungeon to check collisions 14/02/19
  • Link Fixed Unit Display Healthbar to PlayerParty 10/02/19
  • Add missing DeadUnit tag in project settings 10/02/19
  • Fix some debug refs 10/02/19
  • Copy Player Party canvas to Battlescene 10/02/19
  • Fill Player Party up with 4 members 10/02/19
  • Player Party interface extended for all 4 positions 10/02/19
  • Canvas interface size normalized in multiple scenes for 1980×1080, backgrounds moved to camera layer 09/02/19
  • Fix invalid scene name in RunFromBattle script 03/02/19
  • use real combat system for damage calculations, disable crit lookup for the time being, fix refs to destroyed gameOnbject of dead units when logging debug info, go back to city / title when units are dead… 03/02/19
  • Add missing DamageText implementation for BattleScene that prevented the nextTurn to be executed, fix typo for HUDCanvas in battle code, link Animators in UnitStats and Prefabs 27/01/19
  • New design for City and CharCreation, new basic button style included. UI Canvas set to 1080p scaling. 25/01/19
  • Converted music assets added, small size. Removed unnecessary assetstore files for space. 18/01/19
  • delete large stuff 16/01/19
  • Huge asset update, music added, minor UI changes for health and manabar 11/01/19

If you want to support the game or the site, please check our Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/touchfluffytailorg


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