Can you eat her and still be vegetarian?

So for those living under a rock, KC has released another monstergirl last week, the Flow Kelp.

W-what are you doing with that italian dressing?

Looks like salad, sticks like duct tape, and her bathwater is considered a delicacy.

So the whole spiel here is that she floats around and clings to men and is annoyingly impossible to remove, much like those suntanned girls you can find around Miami. As a proud carnivore I prefer other types, but her demure and perpetually stoned expression may appeal to some of the more militant vegans out there.

But… would she get mad at you if you have green salad as sidedish? And more importantly, if an asian man gets sandwiched between a Kelp and a Mermaid, can I call that the Sushi Position?

Read all about her on the MGE Wiki:

4 thoughts on “Can you eat her and still be vegetarian?

  1. Is the bed the rice?
    I’d laugh and jokingly say das racist.
    Then anytime I’d look at either girl just giggle…

    Thanks for ruining my future flow kelp x mermaid threesome.

    1. Kind of yes, kind of no.
      He called her a vegetable, and konbu is a “vegetable” base for dashi.
      Except, botanically speaking, seaweed is (apparently) classed as algae and not a vegetable strictly speaking.
      Culinarily admin’s right, and if he has veggie is soup base even necessary?
      Don’t second guess admin, he’ll invade your country.

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