Bigger galleries and a new way to browse

So this was one busy week for me and I am proud to finally announce some upgrades to TFT!

First off, I have retired the Search Stories page from the menu, since it wasn’t widely used. However I have a solid replacement that I scouted a month earlier and now grabbed… I present to y’all the Library

click me like one of your french girls

This is a fairly big upgrade to the way you can browse stories and it is necessary due to the sheer amount of content we have now. 1091 stories and growing. The Latest Stories listing is a bit nicer on the eyes and also shows banner artwork, but it worked better when we didn’t have several hundreds of entries. Furthermore, the content filters are nestled in a nice dropdown menu in the left corner, which is why the Search Stories page is now obsolete.

Downsides there that I am not terribly happy about is that the Tags and Author column isn’t searchable, which is a performance limitation. I can enable it but I have seen page load times increase to over 20 seconds and for the amount of traffic we get it is simply not doable. I don’t want to set fire to the server just yet.

Another sideeffect of the implementation is that I can now offer a wider Gallery view without the right sidebar to all hosted artists. If you want to have a look, .Less has already requested the new layout. Poke me on Discord if you want to transition, takes less than 2 minutes but it may make some design changes on your side necessary.

wider than your waifus hips

Last but not least, the servers were paid for another 3 months. This upgrade plus the hosting was funded almost completely by Patreon, so this is again a big fat thank you for all our supporters!


2 thoughts on “Bigger galleries and a new way to browse

  1. Whoa! Gotta say, I wasn’t expecting this, and so far it looks impressive.

    Only Issue I’ve found so far is that chapters don’t quite get ordered right if you search alphabetically; every 10th chapter gets thrown between the 1st and 2nd.

    But still, I’m sure you’ll be polishing the functions for a while now, so these minor things will probably get polished out.

    1. This would have to be changed on the authors level, basically it is following the same straightforward sorting rules every computer follows… if your chapters go beyond 9, you would have to change the title to 01, 02, 03,… you get the picture.

      Technically I guess I could do that over the weekend in my free time, send a heads up to the authors and standardize some story titles. We’ll see if people would be upset about it or no.

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