Article 13 and TFT

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If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past week, you probably heard of that horrid thing the EU Parliament passed, Article 11 and Article 13. In a nutshell these things will spell doom for the european internet.

Article 13 in particular wants to stop sharing of copyrighted content, much like the PumpkinDukeXD/TheDefilerXD case we had to deal with. Technically okay, but practically what has been decided is the equivalent of taking a sledgehammer and smashing everything into submission.

What is going to happen is that all sites and internet providers will be forced to filter all uploaded content. This is flat out impossible to do with human oversight, so there will be algorithms and content filters that will deal with this. And how well automated content filters work is something we can see on YouTube. Even original content on YouTube gets regularly screwed over, blocked, demonetized and so on and so forth. I read about a curious case where one guy even had 10 hours of white noise flagged as copyright violation. In comes Nintendo or Sony or all the fat Media Giants that will stomp fan material or fair use snippets or just legit content into submission.

Well screw that.

The reason why I am talking about this is, TFT is currently hosted in the EU. On the slightest notice that things start going south, I will transfer the whole website to a different continent. I have already checked and made sure that it is possible to do so.

Now with the copyright crap I had to deal with from that one plagiarizing teenager to relocating the whole website, I frankly need some support. If shit hits the fan, I would vastly prefer having just a tiny bit more funds to counter the worst shit, like a warchest.

Plagiarism? Hire a lawyer. Artists getting ripped off? Fund their shit. Server under heavy fire? Give a no fucks and buy a new server.

If you like this site and you want to support what I do and you want to support monstergirls, if you can spare 2$ on our Patreon, it will help a lot. Every dollar is a step further to being independent from the rest of the world being shit.


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