Year of the Ox competition results

So this was totally meant to be up last night but considering that I slept for 3/4 of yesterday after that surprise shift at work that kinda just didn’t happen. But hey, got it all finished today and all that jazz so here we are.

First up here’s the lineup for this competition:

Coyo – Return to Lucha
ClanCrusher – Snowdrop
Zera – Hooves in the Snow
Laaren – Minotaur in the Desert
Ore-Sama – My Holstaur (Dairy Farm)
Ilniaj – Moralities_Downfall
Vahjongofromthecongo – The_Wait
AnonMD – Greener Pastures
Year of a Moo – Joia do Rubicon

Judging was done by three judges this time; Bobanon, LDR and myself. The standard scoring system was used, with submissions being ranked 1-9 with the lower score being better.


1st – Zera (4 Points)
2nd – Year of a Moo (6 Points)
3rd – ClanCrusher (10 Points)

4th – Coyo
5th – AnonMD
6th – Laaren
7th – Vahjongo
8th – Ore Sama
9th – Ilniaj

All judges will provide feedback to entrants for their submissions upon request, so please don’t hesitate to message us to get some critique.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

And that’s another competition down! Sorry again about the delays there people, I wasn’t prepared for neither of getting called into work nor just sleeping all day the next day but we got here in the end.

Once more I really enjoyed reading all the entries for this competition, it’s always a pleasure to see not only how people are growing as writers over time but also the new faces we get. Keep on writing, and I’ll keep on hosting!

now i need to set aside a little space
for the next competition in a couple of weeks

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