Oops all Manticores – Results!

I’m only what, 9 days delayed for this? 10? Between one judge falling off the face of the world, Christmas fuckery and working through holidays in food service I’m amazed we got this finished this year honestly. That said, I had a great time reading all the submissions for this competition. Onto the judging!

The lineup:

Winrar – Contract Thorn
Wynn – The Man-eater’s Sister
LostAtTimes – Untitled
DM_5 – A Manticore Morning
Laaren – Ancient Power
LDR – Manticore

Judging was done by the three judges of this competition; Eyepop, Sukiru, Carthosis and myself. The standard scoring system was used, submissions were ranked 1-6 with the lower score being better.


1st – LDR (4 points)
2nd – Winrar (8 points)
3rd – Laaren (10 points)

4th – Wynn
5th – DM_5
6th – LostAtTimes

All judges will provide feedback to the entrants on request, please don’t hesitate to message any of us three for it.

Winners will be contacted shortly for prize distribution.

Well, I got the artist like I said, but at what cost? But really, thank you all for being so patient with me through all this. I really wanted to have this out before Christmas, but sometimes like just be like that and you have to roll with it.

We had a lot of interesting interpretations of Manticores in this competition and that’s the kind of shit I like to see, these were so much fun to read so well done to all of you who entered.

Next competition will be towards the end of January, a little bit more of a delay but I’d like to get through the rest of the holiday season at work in peace honestly.

See you all then!

manticore says gaoooo~

2 thoughts on “Oops all Manticores – Results!

  1. This is probably just my inner basic bitch, but I really enjoyed The Man Eater’s Sister. I mean they were all great, and frankly I’m glad not to have had to rank them in any meaningful way, but simple slice-of-life romance always gets me. Regardless, congratulations to the winners.

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