Month in Review – December 2018

New Stories:

Astrumratio added Family (Chapters 8-9)
also Family (Chapters 10-12)
and Family (Chapters 13-14)
I almost skipped Family (Chapters 15-16)
as well as Family (Chapters 17-18)
plus Family (Chapters 19-20)
also starring Family (Chapters 21-22)
special guest Family (Chapters 23-24)
this is a lot Family (Chapters 25-26)
this guy is pretty prolific Family (Final Chapters)
BurnedPineapple added Noxia 20
also Noxia 21
Ninjapacman added Clara’s Yard
TimidDarkSpy added Monster Miracle Handbook 101 (Chupacabra)
BreakawayRepublic added Dreamcatcher
also North Woods Christmas
Darkwynn added Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 1
along with Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 2
also Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 3
and Night School
as well as Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 4
plus Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 5
this is a lot Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 6
I like kobolds Wisdom in Shadow, Chapter 7
BigMicro added The Hound Ch 5
Streggae added Chaotic Harem Series: Demon Vs. Dark Valkyrie Second Act (End)
Wait, Losenis writes? Haunted

Well. It has been a while. Last one of these I did was in March 2017, wasn’t it? My how the time flies. Anyway, I hope to get back to doing these with regularity . I’m going to try to do them on the 1st of every month for as long as I can. I’ve heard from people that they like the idea of it, and it really does give a chance to show off who has been active lately and get their stories out there.

While I’m at it I want to take the change to plug Losenis and his commissions here, take a look if such a thing interests you so this mans can finally afford some new video games:

I leave you now with a Kikimora, because I like them.

Radikikis are always good. Art by .less

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